First Contact War
Part of Grand Atomic War
First Contact War
Map of the planet during the war
Date August 3rd 2018 - December 19th 2042
Location Entire alien planet
Result Decisive Emancipation Victory
  • Human occupation of Half-Point Island
  • Emancipation of all slaves
  • Outlaw of slave trade
  • Human led reconstruction of the planet
Emancipation Forces

River tribe flag River Tribe
Grassland Flag Grasslands Tibe
Swamp Flag Swamp Tribe

Free Jungle Tribesmen
Free Ocean Tribesmen

Flag of the United Nations Human Expeditionary Force

Slavery Forces

Desert FlagDesert Tribe
Slavery Tribe
Plantation Tribe
Mountain Tribe

Jungle Tribe (Slaves)
Ocean Tribe (Slaves)

Emancipation Leaders
Slavery Leaders
100 million 180 million
Casualties and losses
610 million 400 million

NOTE: The details of this timeline are still pending do to a reqeuest to wikia contributor Hydromancerx to use his creature, the Nauceans, from spore.wikia for this concept. So while I will be developing this concept as I hope to, if and when Hydromancerx responds, his verdict will dictate how this page works after I take the WIP tag off of it.

The First Contact War (know on as the Grand Atomic War, or the Emancipation War, on Naucean) was a planet-wide military conflict that lasted from 2018 to 2042 on the planet Naucean in the Nautiloid system, which involved most of the Naucean tribes: eventually forming two opposing military alliances, the Emancipation Powers and the Slavery Powers. It was the bloodiest war in Naucean history, with more than 280 million military personnel mobilized, and over a billion casualties. The major participants placed their entire economic, industrial, and scientific capabilities at the service of the war effort for more than two decades, erasing the distinction between civilian and military resources. Marked by significant events involving the mass death of civilians, including the widespread use of nuclear weapons, the forced use of slaves in combat, and the use of biological weapons against civilian centers.

Nuclear Warfare

By the 16th year of the war, the Desert tribe had succeeded in building a nuclear device, detonating their first weapon against the advancing River Tribe army that most agree would have taken the City of Au, had the Desert tribe not detonated their device. A year later the Emancipation powers had the bomb as well, and the Emancipation war morphed into the Grand Atomic War. These devices, at first the size of SUVs, began to be used with increased frequency by both powers.

Human Intervention


At the start of the war a group of Naucean astronomers on Ninkasi erected a large radio telescope and began sending an "SOS" to nearby stars. Of the hundreds of stars in the 30 light year radius they had hoped to cover, only 72 stars received the simple Morse code-like message detailing the situation of the planet. One of these worlds was Earth, which received the message by the early 2030s. By 2040 the human Interstellar Exploration Vehicle (IEV) Independence arrived at Naucean in a diplomatic mission to try and resolve the conflict. Humanity sent over a thousand of its best engineers, diplomats, xenobiologists, xenophycologists, and geneticists to aid the Nauceans suffering from the war and negotiate a peace with the two warring factions.

After setting up a base of operations on Ninkasi, humans made contact with the Naucean astronomer Dr. Haq and the survivors on Ninkasi that had been living in bunkers since the majority of the continent was destroyed after years of nuclear and conventional war. Humanity made a good first impression with the Nauceans of Ninkasi, curing them of radiation poisoning, healing wounds, and scrubbing the region they landed in of radiation, ultimately building new homes and utilities for the Nauceans who once lived there. After establishing a foothold on the island, humans sent ambassadors to the ten tribes of the planet.

Initial negotiations resulted in the first ceasefire in the history of the war, and each tribe sent representatives to Ninkasi for Peace Talks. Here humans met with diplomats and the leaders of the two sides. Even Dictator Gibil of the Desert Tribe, the Naucean that much of the crew of the Independence came to refer to as the Saddam of the Nauceans, came to the talks. After extensive discussion, however, it quickly became apparent that a peaceful solution could not be achieved and the human diplomats deemed the war an irreconcilable conflict. The mission was deemed a failure, and half the crew remained behind to assess the situation further, the Independence returned to Earth to regroup.

Operation Naucean Freedom

After returning to Earth, the crew of the Independence came before the UN Security Council and the Council on Inter-species Relations to find a way to end the war. Ultimately it was decided that military intervention from mankind would be the only way to end the war. Generation Enterprises, which had been in charge of the project since its beginning with Mariner Space Development, called for 2500 volunteers to form the Human Expeditionary Force, of which General Theo Bell, a veteran of the US Marine Corps was put in command of; making him the first commander of an interstellar military.

The Independence was reconfigured to carry several military transport spacecraft that had been weaponized to give fire support from orbit. The ship launched again for Naucean and deployed a SHIELD to destroy any Naucean nuclear weapons from orbit. Unmanned aircraft were deployed and the Slavery Powers ability to make war was crippled within 19 hours. The rest of the Emmancipation power agreed to hand over their nuclear weapons for destruction, and leave most of the fighting to the human forces while they would administer territory they had lost. Human soldiers were deployed to a number of key points around the planet and began to make the first gains for the Emancipation powers in decades. Mankind's entrance into the war on the side of the Emancipation Powers, changed the war once again into what is known as the First Contract War, and the Slavery Powers were defeated within a year, and the 24 year conflict came to a formal end in 2042.


Humans would spend the next ten years on Naucean aiding in the reconstruction of the planet and leading a technological exchange that would ultimately bring the Nauceans into a new era of prosperity. Humanity was hailed as the saviors of the species, and the friendship that the two civilizations formed after the war became one of the strongest mankind had known. Template:WIP

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