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Filipino Civil War is a civil war between the Philippine government and the pro-Duterte rebels. This is the first civil war that occurred in the country. The war was led by the Filipino Nationalist Army (NFA) and the Duterte Army formed by the Duterte supporters (including communists and Moro separatists).


Rodrigo Duterte, a known pro-Mindanaoan, wins the elections. He initiated reforms on the government but despite these reforms, some people still hate him because of his "war on drugs". Even the UN warned him because of his anti-drug campaign. The Mindanaoans hate the Manilenos because of the unfair distribution of funds to Mindanao. Mindanao only receives 20% of the total funds while Manila has the 80% of the funds. This is the reason why Duterte and the Mindanaoans want to change the system of government into a federal type of government. While some people agree on this, others disagree because they fear that the Philippines will be divided if it shifts to a federal government.

As a result of the "war on drugs", some countries began to put sanctions on the Philippines. This resulted in an economic collapse. Prices on commodities rose. People began to protest only to be violently cracked down by the police. Popularity of Duterte in Luzon decreases while his popularity in Mindanao increased as a result of his infrastructure projects constructed there. His drug war ended on December 31, 2016 with a disastrous failure. The illegal drugs was not eradicated entirely. People now protest because of his failed promise to stop crime in 6 months.

Bilateral talks with China ended on February 2017. Duterte agreed to recognize Chinese sovereignty in the West Philippine Sea. This makes the people angry to him. As a result, the military launched a coup and successfully ousted Duterte. The Duterte supporters was furious by this event. Mocha Uson, a rabid supporter of Duterte calls on supporters to protest in the streets. She also said that if Duterte was not reinstated to power immediately, she and her supporters will launch a revolution to reinstate him. Members of Leftist groups supports Uson's calls for a revolution. The Communist Party of the Philippines also said that they are ready to help reinstate Duterte by force. Civil war is now imminent. On March 2017, the Duterte Army was formed by his supporters in response to Uson's call for revolution. Communists and Moro separatists quickly joined the DA.

Beginning of the Civil War

After 2 weeks of tensions, the civil war came to reality when DA forces attacked Camp Panacan in Davao City. With overwhelming numbers, the DA captured the base and seized the firearms stored there. The surviving soldiers are taken prisoners. Leni Robredo, the person who succeeded Duterte promised to stop the rebellion. The DA launch attacks across the country targeting government buildings and headquarters of opposition parties. These parties opposed Duterte's extrajudicial kilings during the Drug War.

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