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Filipino Civil War is an armed conflict between the Philippine government and Alliance to Restore Duterte (ARD), an alliance of pro-Duterte paramilitary groups that seeks to reinstate the deposed president Duterte. This is the first civil war that occurred in the country.


Duterte and Marcos vs. Opposition

Rodrigo Duterte, a populist mayor from Davao City wins the elections. He initiated reforms on the government but despite these reforms, some people still hate him because of his "war on drugs". Even the UN warned him because of his anti-drug campaign. After six months, the death toll rose to 6,200.

His supporters always bash the opposition which is led by VP Robredo and Senator Leila de Lima. But their bashing did not stop the opposition from criticizing the Duterte administration. Bongbong Marcos filed an electoral protest aiming in invalidating the votes received by Robredo in ARMM. On 10 January 2017, the Supreme Court ruled to invalidate the votes in ARMM via a 9-5 vote. While Marcos is happy with the ruling, Robredo's supporters see this as "disrespecting the choice of the electorate". Sen. Trillanes accused Marcos of bribing the 9 SC justices who voted in favor of his electoral protest. In response to ruling, Robredo's supporters organised protests beginning in 13 January.

20 January riot

On 13 January, 3,000 protesters gathered in EDSA Shrine. Most of the protesters were college students. After 2 days, the protests in EDSA Shrine ended. Another protest at the Shrine was held on 20 January. This time, it turned into a riot. Two hours after they gathered, the police went to the Shrine to disperse the protesters. The protesters fought back. The riot left 50 protesters and 1 policeman injured.

Beginning of the Civil War

After 2 weeks of tensions, the civil war came to reality when DA forces attacked Camp Panacan in Davao City. With overwhelming numbers, the DA captured the base and seized the firearms stored there. The surviving soldiers are taken prisoners. Leni Robredo, the person who succeeded Duterte promised to stop the rebellion. The DA launch attacks across the country targeting government buildings and headquarters of opposition parties. These parties opposed Duterte's extrajudicial kilings during the Drug War.

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