Fedor Pisemsky.


In 2010, Russian President Medvedev announced the beginning of a space shuttle expedition. In 2014 the work was finished, but the name of the first space shuttle could not come up. After President Medvedev has agreed to become curator of the expedition, Anatoly Perminov was asked to name the new type of space shuttles in honor a nobleman Fedor Pisemsky, ambassador to England during the reigh of Ivan the Terrible in 1578-1583 years and Fedor Ivanovich in the years 1584-1591. In 2014 the space shuttle "Fedor Pisemsky" made its first flight to Mars.

Space shuttle-type "Fedor Pisemsky":

1. Battle space shuttle "Bohdan Khmelnytsky".

2. Space shuttle Yauza.

3. The space shuttle "Buran-3".

The rest is unknown. In 2021 the space shuttles of the type "Fedor Pisemsky" were replaced by the space shuttle-type "Boris Yeltsin", named in honor of the first President of Russia.

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