Federative Republic of Brazil
República Federativa do Brasil
Brasil republica Brasil selo

Ordem e Progresso
("Order and Progress")


"Hino Nacional Brasileiro"
("Brazilian National Anthem")

Brazil map
Federative Republic of Brazil in 2023.
Capital Brasília, D.F.
Official language Portuguese
State ideology Democracy
Government Presidential federative republic
Head of State and Government

- First
- Last


Deodoro da Fonseca
Aécio Neves

Population 213 million (2023)
Currency Real

Federative Republic of Brazil (Called United States of Brasil from 1889 to 1968) was the state that existed from 1889 With the proclamation of the republic in 15th of November until 2023, When a plebiscite of the form of government (Republic or Constitutional Monarchy, both with Parliamentarian System) occurred and The Monarchy Won. The Empire of Brazil (Now known as Federative Empire of Brazil) was restored on the follow year after the plebiscite. The National Flag also was changed and became simillar to the flag of the old empire, with some adaptations to make reference of the federalist form of state. In 1st Janury of 2024 The last President of the former Brazilian republic, Aécio Neves, Abdicated from the presidency and The Head of the brazilian imperial house, Dom Rafael alcantara De orleans e bragança e ligne, was crowned as Dom Rafael I, Constitucional Emperor and perpetue Defensor of Brazil.

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