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The map game "Fate" is the first map game created by me, AllThingsCombined. Please enjoy!


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Flag of the United NationsUnited Nations

United Nations Security Council (Permanent)

  • Flag of China People's Republic of China
  • Flag of France France
  • Flag of Russia Russian Confederacy
  • Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Flag of the United States United States

Flag of NATONATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

  • Flag of Albania Albania
  • Flag of Belgium Belgium
  • Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria
  • Flag of Canada Canada
  • Flag of Denmark Denmark
  • EU FATE United States of Europe
  • Flag of France France
  • Flag of Greece Greece
  • Flag of Iceland Iceland
  • Flag of Italy Italy
  • Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg
  • Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands
  • Flag of Norway Norway
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey
  • Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Flag of the United States United States

European-union-flag-mEuropean UnionEuropean-union-flag-m

  • Flag of Belgium Belgium
  • Bulgarian flag Bulgaria
  • Flag of Cyprus Cyprus
  • Flag of Denmark Denmark
  • EU FATE United States of Europe
  • Flag of France France
  • Flag of Greece Greece
  • Flag of Ireland Ireland
  • Flag of Italy Italy
  • Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg
  • Flag of Malta Malta
  • Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands
  • Flag of Portugal Portugal
  • Flag of Romania Romania
  • Flag of Spain Spain
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden
  • Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom

Global Alliance

  • Flag of Russia Russia
  • Flag of New North Korea Unified Korea
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China
  • Flag of Europe European Federation
  • Flag of Vietnam Vietnam
  • Flag of Mexico Mexico
  • Flag of Brazil Brazil
  • Flag of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
  • Flag of Tajikistan Tajikistan
  • Flag of Turkmenistan Turkmenistan
  • Flag of Cuba Cuba
  • Flag of Romania Romania
  • Flag of Serbia Serbia
  • Flag of Afghanistan Afghanistan
  • Flag of Argentina Argentina
  • Flag of Norway Norway
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden
  • Flag of Syria Syria

African Alliance

  • Flag of South Africa South Africa
  • Flag of Egypt Egypt
  • Flag of Nigeria Nigeria


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Application: Can I be a mod> I have a lot, and I mean. A LOT. of experience in map games, and I have been a mod numerous times.-Derpmaster21

Fallen or Occupied Nations

  • Flag of Austria Austria: Merged with Germany
  • Czech Republic Czech Republic: Merged with Germany
  • Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg: Merged with Germany
  • Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein: Merged with Switzerland
  • Flag of Poland Poland: Merged with Germany
  • Flag of Slovakia Slovakia: Merged with Germany
  • Flag of Hungary Hungary: Merged with Germany
  • Flag of Mongolia Mongolia: Annexed by China
  • Flag of Slovenia Slovenia: Merged with Germany
  • Flag of Croatia Croatia: Merged with Germany
  • Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina: Merged with Germany
  • Flag of Estonia Estonia: Annexed by Russian Confederacy
  • Flag of Lithuania Lithuania: Annexed by Russian Confederacy
  • Flag of Latvia Latvia: Annexed by Russian Confederacy
  • Flag of Finland Finland: Annexed by Russian Confederacy
  • Uruguay: Annexed by Brazil
  • Paraguay: Annexed by Brazil
  • Lesotho: Invaded by South Africa
  • Swaziland: Invaded by South Africa
  • Taiwan: Invaded by China Liberated by the US and Australia
  • Guatemala: Invaded by Mexico
  • Belize: Invaded by Mexico
  • Benin: invaded by Nigeria
  • Togo: Invaded by Nigeria
  • Suriname Invaded by Brazil
  • Kazakhstan: Merged with Russia
  • Kyrgyzstan: Merged with Russia
  • Belarus: Merged with Russia
  • Armenia: Merged with Russia
  • Azerbaijan: Merged with Russia
  • Guyana: Invaded by Brazil
  • El Salvador: Invaded by Mexico
  • Honduras: Invaded by Mexico
  • Nicaragua: Merged into USCA
  • Costa Rica: Invaded by Mexico
  • Panama: Invaded by Mexico
  • Equatorial Guinea: Invaded by Nigeria
  • Cameroon: Invaded by Nigeria


Round Table Conference:Fate(Map Game)(This is Yet to be Started,All the Players are expected to participate in this Conference)






The world is at a crucial point at the moment, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (better known as ISIS) is taking over land in the Middle Eastern countries of Iraq and Syria. While in the United States, it is the election of the century as multi-billionaire Donald Trump has been chosen as the nominee of the Republican Party and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has also been chosen as the nominee of the Democratic Party. Israel and Palestine are at a breaking point, with attacks on both countries from each other killing many innocent people in the process. Tension grows between the United States and the Russian Federation as Russian planes continue to barrel role over United States military ships that are in the Baltic Seas. North and South Korea continue to be a the brink of war as North Korea continues to taunt South Korea and the United States while being protected by the People's Republic of China. China is continuously being targeted by their Human's Rights Abuses. NATO is being pressured by many countries to send troops into the Middle East. Great Britain considers leaving the European Union, which if they do could disrupt the Schengen Agreement that lets the people of the countries in the EU move freely between the countries involved in the EU. All these decisions could result in the Fate of humanity.



  • North-korea-flag North Korea: We develop a new plan which will get the country up to date with the equipment the outside world is using. We continue developing and testing nuclear weapons.
  • Flag of China China: We generously offer a diplomatic alliance deal to North Korea which will include A joint embassy building on the border of NK and china where trade deals can be conducted. As of now, we send our best scientists to north Korea to aid with its attempts to catch up with the world. As of now, we are conducting a massive industrialization of china, upgrading cities and resources and boosting our economy allowing us to operate world wide with out competition.
  • North-korea-flag North Korea: We have developed an Internet domain, .nk, and we begin installing Internet service in Pyongyang and Chongjin. We accept China's alliance and their scientists. We present to the US a compromise: We send troops to the Middle East to help them fight ISIS and President Assad. In return, we ask them to let us continue testing nukes, as long as we do not nuke anybody [USA Response Needed].
    • United States Diplomacy: President Barack Obama denies the request for North Korean troops to be in the Middle East, stating that "We already have enough countries involved, we do not need North Korean troops at the moment." The President also continues to condemn them from continuing, saying that "North Korea is a constant danger to our world and we cannot allow them to continue with their nuclear testing."
  • Flag of China China: North Korea, we are glad you excepted our help and the joint embassy building is due to be complete by the end of this year. We urge the united states to consider North Korea's deal, as it would be hypocritical to their values not to want stability and peace. Not excepting the deal would show Americas true intentions, making it clear to the world that America wants to cause instability in the world.
    • United States Diplomacy: As you can tell we have denied the request of the North Koreans'. Barack Obama is shocked that denying the request would be hypocritical stating that, "I'm sorry China that we the American people do not want a nation that has constantly threatened war with our ally South Korea and says that they will send nuclear missiles to the West Coast."
  • Flag of the United States United States of America: In the election, Hillary Clinton has been chosen the nominee of the Democratic Party, choosing Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts her running mate. In the Republican Party, Businessman Donald J. Trump has won the nomination, shocking many people. Donald Trump chooses New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as his running mate. In California, wildfires continue to spread across that state, bringing firefighters from around the country to the area to help stop the fire, about 30 people have lost their life. President Barack Obama makes a speech on the issue stating that, "This has forwarded the understanding that Global Warming of the world is real and needs to be stopped soon or else the world will be in more trouble than it is now." Troops are almost completely withdrawn from Afghanistan, hopefully be fully withdrawn by the beginning of the following year; along with British and Canadian troops. We ask that the United Kingdom stay in the European Union, as it could disrupt the entire EU, even possible collapse and the end of the Schengen Agreement, which was a document signed in 1985 that allowed people to cross the countries that were involved in the agreement without border checks. President Obama announces that 1,000 more refuges will be taken in from Europe. More troops are being sent to South Korea to stand at the DMZ that borders with North Korea. (An update will show who won later in this turn)
  • MOD EVENT:The DMZ is expanded into North Korean territory a bit.
  • Flag of ChinaChinese event: Xi Jin ping of china is visibly angry during a televised response to Obama's statement, stating " Maybe Obama is the 'reason' why north Korea wants to nuke the U.S, and if they do, so be it".
  • Flag of ChinaChina: We are proud to announce that our industrialization of China is going well resulting in an economy boost and the building on the North Korea-China border is half complete. We are also announcing the construction of military airports in north Korea near the DMZ where we will send 10 bombing squads and that we are sending 20 spy planes to the highly disputed area to keep tab on American activities and south Korea. We will also be sending 50 tanks and 1,000 infantry units to the border, backed by multiple heavy artillery stations deep in north Korea capable of reaching Seoul. We urge the north Koreans to stand up against a clearly aggressive America and its cruel intentions stemming from the Obama administration. We are also considering a deal were we can provide north Korea with uranium.
  • North-korea-flagNorth Korea: We thank China for their industrial and military support. Meanwhile, we recruit 1 million troops, build our own tanks, aircraft carriers and spy planes. We accept China's deal with providing North Korea with uranium and we start to build a nuclear power plant. Internet access is now widespread in Pyongyang and Chongjin, we are starting to bring it into other major cities. Kim Jong Un is reported spitting in the direction of America in front of the international community.
  • MOD EVENT: China's other ally, Vietnam, begins to mobilize their troops.
  • North-korea-flagNorth Korea: We are happy to announce that another communist country will now be aiding us in this "cold war". We begin building wind turbines on top of our mountains so they can access more wind, which will produce more electricity. (Secret) We aim our nukes at Seoul and at various cities in the US West Coast, such as San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas and Seattle. We also encourage ISIS to set up a terrorist attack on the White House to assassinate Obama.(end secret) Our million troops have been recruited and they are sent within five miles of the new DMZ. (To China only, and please keep it secret to the rest of the international community) We have set the invasion for next month. If you want to, we can postpone it for next year [Secret Chinese Response Needed).
  • Flag of GermanyGermany:A Revolution has occurred bringing back The Weimar Republic. We ask Poland and Russia to return German lands To German Soverignity. If we do not get what we want, we shall leave NATO and the EU. [Mod Response Required]
    • Mod Response: Both Russian President Vladimir Putin and Polish President Andrzej Duda deny giving the land back to the Weimar Republic.
  • Flag of the United StatesUnited States of America: President Barack Obama expresses concern about the sudden revolution in Germany. In the election, Hillary Rodham Clinton have made a landslide victory against Donald Trump, winning about 30 states in the electoral collage! Also winning back the Senate and the House for the Democrats for the next 4 years. Hillary Clinton is the next president of the United States of America.
  • China: (Secret to NK) We are glad that you have prepared the invasion. However, you must wait until next year. We will provoke the Americans into attacking first, then we will give you the O.K to invade. If they attack first, it will prove our point to the world that Americans are the true aggressors (End of Secret to North Korea) We are very saddened by Hillary Clinton's election into the white house, as she will further install the Obama administrations evil agenda. We send High altitude bombers to fly over Hawaii to protest her election. Also send two carriers to the waters outside of Hawaii equipped with 10 bombers and 20,000 marine troops. We also send 2 of our best battleships to patrol waters just outside of California waters. We also urge Germany to leave the corrupt NATO
  • Russia: We upgrade our military.We offer to sell Kalingrad to Germany for $3,000,000 and to partition Poland with Germany.(Germany Response needed)
  • China: We offer a Russian embassy to be built in Beijing an a Chinese embassy to be built in Moscow, in return we will allow Russia to travel through our territory as they wish.j
  • Russia: We accept
  • Flag of The Weinmar RepublicGermany:We accept Russia's offer and we leave NATO, as we shall not be allies with the strongest idiot in the world, The United States of America. We will not leave the EU as the referendum says no to leaving. We ask politely to Poland, Give us our lands, OR DIE.
  • MOD RESPONSE:Poland hands over Pomerania and Prussia but not Silesia.
  • Russia:We upgrade our military.We demand Poland surrender to us and Germany or DIE at our hands.We fund a new coup attempt to overthrow the U.S. and instead have elections without a Democratic Party.This coup takes the West Coast and the Pacific territories.We invade the Baltic States and Finland (Mod Response on results).(Secret)We request Germany's aid in overthrowing the European Governments and we shall split Europe.(Secret German response needed)(end secret)
  • Flag of The Weinmar RepublicGermany:We do not wish to cause World War 3, we will not fight along you, we shall fight against you. We are entitled to protect members of The European Union. Most members of The EU are also in NATO, so NATO shall intervene.
  • Russia Dip:We will aid you to invade a country of your choice if you wish if you help us invade the Baltics,Finland,and Poland so WW3 shouldn't happen but might because WW2 was started with the invasion of Poland.
  • North-korea-flagNorth Korea: We ask Russia to ally with us, as we are both enemies of the United States of Losermerica [Russian Response Needed]. We send 10,000 troops to Russia through our short border with them so that we can help them get their territories that are being conquered. We are disgusted that another potentially evil leader has taken control of the USA, and to protest the elections, we fly all our planes loaded with bombers over San Francisco, but don't bomb anybody. We also send our best warships to Honolulu. The idiots there will BOW DOWN TO THE GREAT DPRK!!!
  • Russia:We agree and force begin referring to the USA as the USLA.
  • Flag of The Weinmar RepublicGermany:[To Russia]We accept, but we ask to re-arm first, so we ask you need to pull out of the Baltics and Finland for the time being. We ask for one Russian Nuke. [End To Russia] We ask Austria to: Join us, OR DIE. [SECRET] We begin a plan to invade Austria if we do not get what we want, which is their joining of The Weimar Republic. [End SECRET] We begin seizing commercial factories to produce tanks, aircraft and Weapons for The Military. We begin recruiting two million me to our army. We begin modernizing our current supplies, including building The GHC Olympus, GHC stands for German Heavy Cruiser. We have begun research onto an atomic bomb, which is just like the Fat Man which was dropped on Nagasaki.


  • North-korea-flagNorth Korea: We pull back our troops from the Baltic States and Finland for now. We ask Russia and the Weimar Republic if we can build an embassy in Moscow and Berlin and they will build an embassy in Pyongyang [Russian and German Response Needed]. We continue testing nukes. We ask Germany if they would like help from us in their nuclear program [German Response Needed]. (secret) We fund ISIS to assassinate Hillary Clinton. (end Secret)
  • Russia Dip.: We accept.
  • China: The joint embassy building on our border with North Korean border is complete, and its beauty shocks the world. It is 50 stories tall and solid gold, with communist flags draping the entrance. We are also proud to announce that the industrialization is complete and it has tripled our abilities both financially and in the military. We have a purchasing power of over 50 trillion, and a manpower of 30 million highly trained troops ready for deployment. In light of the worlds recent events, we will be organizing a Russian Pacific summit, which will take place in the newly completed joint embassy monument on the border of north Korea and china. We invite Putin of Russia, and Kim of North Korea to attend this summit with our leader. The goal of this summit is to make a strong military alliance consisting of Russia, North Korea, and China, called the NKCR alliance. (each letter stands for a country). (Russia and North Korea response needed)
  • Russia Dip.: We accept.
  • Flag of The Weinmar RepublicGermany:We accept North Korea's offer, but we shall not help North Korea on a possible US invasion as we believe that we should wait for a strong alliance before we do anything that hasn't worked in both WW1 and WW2. We ask to join the NKCR alliance, or if we join the NKCRG alliance.
  • Russia Dip.: We say Austria is wimpy.We also ask if they want more countries.We withdraw temporarily.
  • North Korea: We agree to attend the Russian-Pacific Summit, local and international news reporters record Kim Jong Un entering the joint embassy for its naming as the NKCR Alliance Embassy. The public's approval of the NKCR Alliance increases by 25% to 80% and Kim Jong Un's overall popularity rises to 65%, an increase of 15%. We begin an industrialization following China's highly successful one. To give the world a better impression of North Korea and mainly not to anger the Christian nations of Russia and Germany, we release all Christian prisoners who were convicted by earlier leaders for no charge other than their religion and promise them insurance money for being wronged.
  • Flag of the United StatesUnited States of America: Hillary Rodham Clinton is inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States in front of a gigantic crowd at the Capital Building in Washington D.C. and it is televised across the entire world. She first congratulates the North Koreans letting the Christian prisoners out, the release is also covered by many news networks like Fox, CNN, MSNBC, and more. As first act as President of the United States, she introduces a bill to the Senate that will restrict the purchase of high powered guns, and background checks for anybody purchasing a gun. The bill is most likely to pass since the Senate is majority Democratic, along with the House of Representatives (Mod Response Needed). A Summit Meeting is planned for next year with the leaders of NATO to discuss terrorism in the Middle East at the NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. 2,000 more troops are sent to the Middle East to combat the Islamic State and other terrorist cells. The military in the Middle East continues to train Kurdish fighters to eventually overthrow Syrian President Assad and establish a better Syria and an independent Kurdistan. The CIA have captured a terrorist cell in the United States that has openly supported the Islamic State that were planning an attack in New York City. The terrorist cell member's are currently being held in Camp Pendleton, California for further questioning. At President Hillary Clinton's first State of the Union speech she states, "We need a better world, so that our children and their children beyond can live in a world that they can be proud of and so that they can all live up to their God given potential!" She announces a plan to cut emissions in the United States by 20% by the end of her first term as president. Vice-President Elizabeth Warren starts a committee in the Senate to help rebuild city's below the poverty line (ex. Camden, Detroit, etc...). Camden is the first city on the committee's list to help rebuild and the effort is expected to be finished by 2020. Two World Trade Center in New York City is no longer on hold and resumes construction and should be finished by 2020 or 2024. Tourism has boomed in the recent years, especially in larger cities like New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, etc... so a plan (having routes in the House of Representatives) to build more hotels is currently being underway. (Secret) A plan created by some of the top generals in the US army is underway to overthrow Kim-Jung un or somehow cause something to overthrow him. The plan is only just beginning to form and may to take years for any action to take place. (Secret) The military is beginning to update their weapons to much more modern weaponry fitted for the modern world. New battleships are planned to start construction next year with more modern weaponry, with the battleships that are already around planned to be fitted with new weapons.
  • Mod Event: The United Kingdom holds their referendum to see if they're going to stay in the European Union. The results state that the United Kingdom will stay in the European Union with 2,567,900 people stating they should stay in the European Union and with 1,675,855 people stating no.
  • UK: The value of the pound goes up after the news about the UK staying in the EU passes around. We also start a cyber security project, to "ensure the future of this country against next-generation threats". Secretly, we also start a cyber-warfare project. We ask Russia to be less aggressive, in order to stop "another cold war, which they would lose". Note: will add more to turn later.
  • Germany: We ask the US Why are they re-building a terrorist magnet? I mean, they flew a Freaking Plane into the last one! We begin focusing our military forces on destroying terrorism in its entirety.
  • North-korea-flagNorth Korea: We tell the German Chancellor that the US wants to keep ISIS intact while fighting countries who can actually stop ISIS, like our ally Russia. This way, the US will continue to cause conflict in the world. We finish 2 nuclear power plants and 50 wind turbines, that will provide power to 15% of the country.[TOP SECRET] We hack into the US's online government archives so we can see what those warmongers are up to [END TOP SECRET].
  • Chinese event: Chinese leader calls Hillary Clinton a profanity on live Chinese television after a hot mic was left on. When asked to apologize, Xi Jin ping simply said "I meant what I said and I will not apologize".
  • China: The NKCR alliance will only invite Germany in if they agree to have our backs and cooperate with countries in the alliance, like Russia. We Urge Germany to focus on liberating Europe from the greedy NATO nations. We will most certainly help you in the event of a U.S declaration of war if you do this, but only if Germany is in the alliance.(German response needed) We use our purchasing power and strike a deal with Taiwan where they abdicate their country to us for one trillion for 20 years. Taiwan and its waters are now our territory. We are also building massive laboratories in north Korea designed to produce biochemical war heads capable of starting world wide pandemic. We send special unit forces and spies to Pyongyang to protect North Korea's leader and his family. We spend 4 billion on a complex spy network reaching across the globe. (Secret)We move one of our satellites over the united states to spy on them from space(end of Secret). We order one of our battleships stationed around Hawaii to fire a warning shot toward Honolulu, barely missing the city and hitting water. This is a response to Americas over throwing of Assad.
  • Flag of The Weinmar RepublicGermany:We accept, and in a totally unrelated event our final election has taken place for the next four years, and Ferdinand Kiehlmeier wins, and says, "WE SHALL NOT LET THESE 'MAJOR COUNTRIES' DICTATE GERMANY'S FUTURE! WE MAKE OUR OWN!!!!!! WE ARE THE MIGHTY GERMANS, THE WORLD MAY NOT FEAR US NOW! THEY WILL IN THE FUTURE! I SHALL PERSONALLY SHOVE A NUCLEAR WARHEAD UP ANYONE'S BUTT WHO TRIES TO STOP GERMANY!!!! LONG LIVE GERMANY!!" We tell Austria, Luxembourg, The Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Croatia that if they do not join Germany, every single one of their citizens shall die from the gun that will be shoved up their butt.
  • North-korea-flagNorth Korea: We welcome Germany into the NKCRG alliance. We welcome the Chinese bodyguards and put some of our own in Kim Jong Un's residence. In protest of the US's overthrowing of the Assad regime, a potential ally, we send 5 submarines to fire 12 torpedoes each at Honolulu, barely missing. This is just a warning shot, America has worse to come.
  • MOD RESPONSE: Austria joins Germany due to a shared language, and Luxembourg joins out of fright since they are pathetically small, but the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Croatia continue to taunt Germany's new chancellor, saying that he will end up as Hitler Jr.
  • Flag of The Weinmar RepublicGermany:Ferdinand Kiehlmeier says: "We are sorry that The Czech Republic will not join us, we are not going to kill anyone, don't you think that we learned anything from world war 2? Well I am here to tell you that we did. All that the people ask for is the unification of the German people under one flag. We wish for the areas with German speaking majorities.[Mod Response Required]" (Secret) We have made great progress in developing a nuclear weapon, mostly from North Korean, Russian, and Chinese support. (End Secret)


  • Turkey-FlagTurkey: We continue to develop natural resources such as petroleum, metal, and agricultural food. We also develop human resources in order to survive in a competitive economy global. We want to improve diplomatic relations with Russia, because our relationship has deteriorated since 2015 when the air shooting in Syria, we want to apologize to Russia over the case [Russia Response Needed]. We also continued to fight the ISIL, reconcile Syria, and increase our military to Iraq and Syria.
  • North-korea-flagNorth Korea: [To Turkey] We welcome you to the NKCRG Alliance [Turkey Response Needed]. 
  • MOD EVENT: The Czech Republic gives up its border zones.
  • Flag of The Weinmar RepublicGermany: We are thinking of a new name for our alliance, the Global Alliance, we are asking if we could change the name to that because the name will just eventually get super long. [Alliance Response Required] We have pushed into Damascus in our fight against The Islamic State and we have engaged a massive Terrorist force.
    German Forces in Damascus

    German Forces in Damascus

    We ask for the rest of Poland to join Germany, as we have already acquired much of their land, and we will do great things together as one nation. We have reached one million men in our army, and we put all of our forces still in the country around Lichtenstein, and tell them to join us or die.
  • Russia:We send aid to Germany and upgrade our military.We demand Ukraine cede us Eastern Ukraine or face war. We take former Russian Poland and declare war on Finland and the Baltics. (Mod Responce) We say we only want the Russian people to be reunified and would like the Germans to unify as well.We support the Global Alliance name.We send aid to the anti-ISIS forces.
  • Germany:We ask for Poland to join us, OR DIE, as they only have control of Silesia now. We ask Slovakia and Hungary to join us, as they are part of Central Europe, and We wish for Central Europe to be unified under The German Flag. We ask for Switzerland to join as well [Mod Response Required]
  • Mod Response:Poland joins as well as Slovakia.Hungary joins as well.The Swiss say never.
  • French Army FAMAS + Aimpoint

    French Forces Drill.

    Flag of France France: For the first time in French History the French People have chosen a Muslim President, Shahid Hollande Ahmed. He is the former commander of the French Military and is known for his powerful tone of voice. He made a speech today about the recent actions of Germany and Russia. "Hello to all, I am here today to tell Germany they have Violated post World War 2 Treaties, Quite frankly we cant allow this to happen. We tell Germany to end its crusade or we will use fierce military action against you, On the request of Switzerland we have put Aster Missile Systems in Ben, Zurich and Geneva. These systems have the capability to knock Ballistic missiles out of the sky as well as planes, other types of missiles and so on. Germany must stop this behavior. French Forces are setting up Aster missile systems across France, Netherlands and other countries. We give Germany this one last warning." French Forces begin to conduct the largest NATO Invasion Drills in history, With over 500,000 Troops involve, We invite the American troops to join the drills as well.
  • United States flagUnited States of America: President Hillary Rodham Clinton announces at the State of the Union address for this year, "I wish I could come here on better terms. But the world has become a much more dangerous place for the innocent. Our former ally of Germany and their ally Russia have bullied their way into Europe, taking innocent and smaller countries left and right. This needs to stop. To Russia, Germany, and North Korea the United States of America will not go to war unless you start it. This needs to stop, there needs to be peace." President Clinton's approval ratings rise from 40% to 70% in a months time, making it one of the fastest growing popularity of a president in American history; last one being Reagan's approval ratings after his attempted-assassination on his life. President Clinton announces that American troops will be moved along the border with Germany, along with a blockade of battleships blocking any trade shipments to be brought into their ports. She also announces that the following things will be embargoed on Germany and Russia: Food, Trade, Travel, Assets, etc. All travel from the United States to Germany and Russia will be until further noticed be banned. Vice-President Warren recommends that Finland and the Baltic Countries should use their ballistic missiles to hold off the Russian forces, for now. President Clinton announces that troops will be involved in the NATO Invasion Brill, sending 750,000 troops to participate in the drill. A recent study has found that North Korean war equipment is very slow and old and would not pose a great threat to an invading country with better military; the same study finds that Chinese and Russian war equipment are also very old and the only thing those 2 countries have that could be useful is their numbers (the study was done by the news network CNN and not funded in part by the United States Government in any way). President Clinton announces that 5 battleships will be moved to the coast of Hawaii to protect them against North Korean fire power. (Secret) The Operation to Overthrow Kim Jung-un has been officially named "Operation 1984" since North Korea resembles the main country of Oceania in the book Nineteen Eighty-Four book, but much weaker. Operation 1984 is planned to take place in 2020, after the next election. Until then surveillance and research on the country is the only action being taken. (Secret) In Domestic Policy news, President Hillary Clinton is taking the initiative, and plans on creating over a million jobs by the next election, along with health-care for everybody that is old enough.
  • Russia: Once I restore the Russian Empire.
  • UK: We are astonished by some of the immaturity in international affairs today. We ask for an alliance with the United States (US Response) and follow their security measures. We warn Russia and Germany that "the nuclear option will be used, if necessary for national defense". We continue our cyber-warfare research, and get ready to use in national defense. We also start funding the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford.
    • United States Diplomacy: The United States and Great Britain have been allies since 1940.
  • North-korea-flagNorth Korea: Following the UK's statement that they will use their nukes against our close allies Germany and Russia, who just wanted to restore their former lands, we have told all members of the Global Alliance that "The US and their allies are the true threat in the world. They want to nuke us when we have done nothing wrong! We were just restoring our former lands!".
  • Flag of The Weinmar RepublicGermany:We will officialy be done with our expansion if France gives us Alasce-Lorraine. [French Response Required]
  • MOD EVENT:Slovenia,Bosnia,and Croatia say they will join Germany if Germany becomes the Central European Federation.Denmark cedes Schleswig and Holstein to Germany as well as the former Danish Hanseatics.
  • MOD EVENT: Greenland declares independence from Denmark and is strictly anti-Global Alliance. Liechtenstein holds a referendum, all its 30,000 citizens have to answer, the final outcome is they want to join Switzerland instead of Germany, with 55% of the population voting to join Switzerland, 30% voting to join Germany and the rest are indifferent.
    • ​United States Diplomacy: President Hillary Clinton welcomes the independence of Greenland, but warns them of the issues facing the world today. She offers an alliance between the 2 countries along with military aid in case of need (Greenland response/Mod Response). Secretary of States Joe Biden congratulates Liechtenstein for joining the very peaceful Switzerland, he also announces 13,000 troops will be moved to the border with Switzerland and Germany to protect them in case of attack.
    • China: We laugh off CNN's false allegations about our military capabilities and we effectively ban U.S media from our borders and urge other global alliance countries to do so as well. We make our spy satellite over the U.S public and equip it with technology that could cause a black out over north America by shooting a EMP missile down from space if we wished to. We ban U.S students and tourists from our borders. If the U.S continues to try to bully Germany out of acquiring its sovereign land back, we will stop selling 'made in china" products to the U.S. This would crash their economy. Let Germany continue its expansion lawfully or face economic war. We Start a second Industrial revamp of china mostly centering around Beijing, building super sky scrapers in the city. The second industrial revamp will increase our purchasing power from 50 trillion to 75 trillion. We also make our biochemical warhead production in north Korea public. A force of 20 thousand ground troops and 50 tanks is deployed to occupy and annex Mongolia (Mod response). The First annual Global Alliance summit will take place in the kremlin and will host the leaders of north Korea, China, Russia, And Germany. (If you wish to make your leader speak at the summit, respond accordingly) At the summit, which U.S media was banned from, Xi Jinping of china states "The global alliance is a strong and unified force that will not yield to the hypercritical NATO pigs."  We request Military access to Mexico and Canada for 2 trillion each(Mod response). We begin a modernization of our troops that will be complete by 2020 and will equip our military with superb technology. We send 4 nukes to Germany for their protection and we also supply them with food and gun equipment to fight against Americas disgusting embargo. A force of 300K Troops mixed with tanks and planes have landed in germany and we intend to help germany reaquire its old land. (Secret) We send a task force of 20 Spies to Washington D.C to settle around the white house and get jobs at the building such as cook, janitor etc.. to infiltrate Hillary Clintons quarters(Secret). Xi Jinping's approval ratings skyrocket after the global alliance summit.

      Chinese and Russian Leaders meet before Global alliance summit

  • Turkey-FlagTurkey: We will hold a presidential election, the candidates are: Selim Sêvyat Ramaloğlü, Burak Rimhaz, and Ismail Ihsan Ahmadi.
  • NK Dip: We ask Turkey to leave NATO and join the Global Alliance [Turkey Response Needed].
  • MOD EVENT: Greenland agrees to the alliance and joins NATO. Meanwhile, in Asia, Vietnam joins the Global Alliance and begins invading Cambodia. Mongolia is overwhelmed by the hordes of Chinese soldiers and Mongolia is annexed to China just 10 days after the first attacks.
  • North-korea-flagNorth Korea: During the summit, Kim Jong Un says " You know how stupid the disgusting embargoes have been for us. And the sanctions too. So I call for a free trade deal so we can transfer goods to our allies." The free trade deal is approved. (Secret) Because we have hacked into US online government archives, we know about Operation 1984. We immediately buff up security in Ryongsong Residence, Kim's residence and we also spread anti-US propaganda around nation-wide. We tell all Global Alliance members about Operation 1984, as well as Afghanistan.It is aimed at Afghanistan too because Turkey is not too trustful yet, President Assad of Syria has already been overthrown, and we need a country in Western Asia in the Global Alliance to maintain our power there. We hope Afghanistan joins the Global Alliance. We also tell them that "this could happen to your leader too". (End Secret) We send 2 nukes to Germany to safeguard them.



  • Flag of China China: Radar centers and Command headquarters - both naval and airborne - are set up all across Taiwan. Heavy anti aircraft and anti missile defense systems are also installed along the islands coasts. A laboratory for biochemical weaponry is opened up in central Taiwan and a federal fund of 1 billion is pushed into the BIO program. This will increase our capabilities and knowledge of biochemical warfare. By the end of this year we will have produced many new specimens of virus bacteria and parasites. Scientists and workers of this laboratory are under government watch, assuring the contents of our programs remain confidential. On the anniversary of Mongolia's annexation, Chinese president makes a historical trip to Ulaanbaatar to make a unifying speech, reducing the revolt risk of the area. During the nation wide broadcasted speech, Xi Jinping announced the construction of 5 new airfields and 3 new military bases in Mongolia, and the widespread recruitment of soldiers in that area. After this, the president travels to Taiwan, making the same speech, breaking headlines and boosting approval rates of the Chinese government across Asia. This years global alliance summit will be held in Berlin. We invite the leaders of any nation interested on joining the alliance as well. {Secret} 4 spies have successfully gained access to the white house quarters and begin planning{End of secret}. A massive increase in oil production is initiated and we begin selling to Russia, North Korea, Vietnam, and Germany for significantly lower prices than the middle east. 80 percent of trading with the united states has ceased operation since the announced embargo. Companies are urged to trade with other countries than the U.S. China offers its cheap labor and low tax to the financial world, attracting an influx of companies and cooperation's, boosting the economy like never before. This raises Xi Jinping's approval even more. As his term as president ends, his approval only rises. His wife, Peng Liyuan gains significant political power and manages to sway the election in her favor. Making history as the first woman president of china. In a televised speech, with her husband and former president behind her at the forbidden palace, Peng draws in cheers as she promises china world superiority and jabs at Hillary Clinton's negative history.

    First woman president, Peng liuyan, makes historical speech.

  • Flag of RussiaNeo-Russian Empire: We have tripled defense expenditures. We begin to increase the dependence on renewable sources of energy.We congratulate Peng Liyuan on becoming the President.We would like to enhance ties with China.[Chinese Response needed] we accept the sale of Oil to us at a lower rate and we thank the chinese for that.[secret]We have begun an Invasion plan of Iraq and Syria from the ISIS and to restore the Al-Assad regime.But we need help from North korea and China.[Chinese and North Korean Response needed][TOP SECRET].We also accept the proposal of the Global alliance and we will be present at the Meeting in Berlin.Our Emperor Vladimir Putin wishes to merge Finland with Russia [mod response needed].we ask North Korea whether we can help in their Nuclear Research.We also Finished the Building of the PAK-FA,Sukhoi and Mukhoi aircraft.
    • Flag of North KoreaNorth Korea:(secret) We accept the invasion plan.(end secret)
  • Turkey-Flag Turkey: We held the presidential election with Ramaloglu won the election. The presidential election have been done. Selim Sevyat Ramaloglu won the election with 56% vote. The other was Ismail Ihsan Ahmadi (25%) and Burak Rimhaz (19%). In the last period of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, we build a military industrial in Izmir and upgrade our military, ask for open trade with Global Alliance [Response Needed]. About North Korea invitation, we decline the invitation because we decided to be a neutral country, we plan to hold a referendum that purposed to leave or stay in NATO.
  • South Africa: We declare war on Lesotho and Swaziland and move a hundred thousand troops into each, We build up our navy and we ask for alliance with Nigeria, Egypt and Ethiopia (Mod Response Needed)
    • Mod Response: Egypt accepts but nigeria and Ethiopia condemn the annexation. (Nigeria is played)
  • Flag of China China: We are completely open to enhancing our relationship with Russia and we expand our embassy in Moscow to include joint military operations and we link the kremlin with our global spy network. {Secret} We set up the GA fund. The GA fund is a secretive money system only available to the global alliance members. From this fund we send Russia 500 billion to aid its ISIS invasion plan. Countries of the GA can send aid supplies and other help through this fund with significantly less risk of being detected.{Secret}. At this years summit in Berlin, Peng Liyuan states to the world that Russia and China will always remain united in the face of the world when it comes to invasive westernized ideologies. We begin an increase patrol of the South China Sea and we begin working on increasing our Navy and Air force. Our global spy network begins focusing on western countries and we gain intel relating to the U.S regarding Hillary Clinton. {Secret} The spies in the white house posing as security are directed to poison food at the white house state dinner, hoping to kill Hillary in the process.{Secret}
  • Flag of the United States United States: We plan on moving 10,000 troops and a fleet to safeguard Taiwan in the event of a chinese invasion [mod response needed] [secret] Hillary Clinton orders that the nuclear arsenal be upgraded (it's mostly 70s technology) to current tech in the event that things escalate [end secret]
    • Mod Response: Taiwan agrees.
  • Mod Event: Australia has increased its military budget and has stationed 1,000 troops at Taiwan to deter Chinese aggression.
  • Flag of China China: 3 Heavy class battleships blockade Taiwan and an EMP disrupter is flown over the country to disrupt any communications from Taiwan government to the U.S. and Australia. We effectively cut off the South China Sea from foreign countries by relocating 30 percent of our navy to the area. Under EMP and radar protection, 30 thousand troops cross over from China to tawains shores in a naval occupation. They are ordered to rush the major cities airports and control centers. All previous operations in Taiwan continue, such as the lab, and all other projects. Other countries will most likely not find out about this until after the EMP communications black out is over. Any naval movements to Taiwan will be met with force. We have not officially declared war on the country, yet we are looking for annexation. (mod response required). The entire east coast of China is put on alert, anti air and shore defense systems are activated. President of China is relocated to an undisclosed location. Food stockpiles and emergency supply centers are readied across the country. 25 percent of the nations Economy is transferred to government control and completely funneled to the military. One of our battleships open fire on the transport boats bringing Australian troops to Taiwan, killing half the crew and sending the rest into retreat. Seven bombers and 300 fighter jets are moved into south China in preparation for a U.S Chinese war. An additional 500 billion dollars is given to Russia through the GA fund. This should assure them the opportunity to conduct their middle east plan.{secret} The global chinese spy network orders the spies to initiate their plan to kill Hillary Clinton Mod response required {end secret}. We will NOT use nuclear weapons unless we have too.
    • mod response: The entire world noticed that communications with Taiwan has been cut off. The international community condemns the perceived Chinese imperialism. The plot to assassinate the president has succeeded.
  • Nigeria: In this time of great turmoil, we feel needed to protect our smaller neighbors, Togo and Benin, and we invade them with 30,000 personnel.(mod response needed)
  • Flag of the United States United States: we notice that all communications with Taiwan are gone and strongly suspect that China has used an EMP. Hillary Clinton has also died from food poisoning and china is suspected to have something to do with this. Elizabeth Warren took the oath to office and was sworn in as president and picked Tim Kane as her VP. A full investigation is underway to determine the exact cause of her death. As a result, our air force is put on high alert and all imports (especially cargo) entering the country will be scanned for possible materials in assembling an EMP. As a result of the EMP attack and attacking an Australian vessel, full sanctions have been implemented against China and urge other countries to do the same [responses needed]. Our satellites find that China is invading Taiwan and that our garrison is having trouble defending it. [secret] We will send in submarines to take out any chinese ships moving near taiwan. Then we will send a fleet of our own to bring reinforcements and possibly have aircraft perform airstrikes on the invading force [end secret]
    • mod response: Australia, UK, and Japan now have an embargo on China.
    • Turkish Diplomacy: If China is proven did that, we will condemn them.
  • Flag of RussiaNeo-Russian Empire: We send in 500,000 to china to help our allies china in case of a U.S-Chinese war.We also give china the PAK-FA and one tsar bomba as a token of our friendship and also to strengthen our bond with the Chinese. [Secret] The Invasion Date of the Middle East is Set for Next year.We will Use Nuclear weapons but as a last resort.We thank the Chinese for the Money [end Secret]. We would like to trade with Turkey [Turkey response needed]. We ask the U.S to mind its own Business. and we condemn the Embargo on The Chinese.
    • Turkish Diplomacy: We accept to open trade. We start increase export-import activity with Russia.
  • Turkey-Flag Turkey: We continue build our military. Ramaloglu is officially appointed as President of Turkey. He speaks in his first press conference, he says, "I was surprised to hear the news about the United States, when former president of the US Hillary Clinton is poisoned by the unknown irresponsible perpetrators." In addition, he confirms referendum will be held in 2020 after the general elections. He also declared his support to anyone who fight ISIS. He announced that we will send our troops to fight the Da'esh and we plan to invade ar-Raqqah. He also said that he will counter Kurds propaganda in Southeast Turkey, and he planned to build infrastructure in Kurdistan area, and increase its economy
  • North Korea: We have successfully made 3 ICBMs, and we test a hydrogen bomb witth 3 megatons on one of the ICBMs. It is successful, hitting the far Southern Pacific, just 1,053 kilometers from Antarctica. (secret) We give one ICBM to ISIS, but tell them that they are not to nuke any nation except the US and Western European NATO countries (end secret). We open our communications so that an average North Korean can communicate to and from China, Russia and Germany, our fellow allies, but cannot communicate to and from any other country. A nationwide holiday is declared on the event of the assassination of Hillary Clinton.
  • South Africa: We ask Nigeria for an alliance Nigerian Response Needed
    • Nigeria: We accept this kind offer from South Africa. We also start work on a powerful navy, investing 9 Billion on it. We also send in an additional 5,000 soldiers into Togo and Benin. (Mod Response Needed)
      • mod response: benin is on its last legs. The UN condemns your invasion and Nigeria has been booted from the AU and ECOWAS until they agree to withdraw from the 2 countries.
  • mod event: Taiwan has fallen but chinese ships near taiwan are being hit from below and sinking. After a week of it starting, 20 frigates and 10 destroyers were sunk. Japan has now promised that it would assist the US and Australia in any attempt to liberate Taiwan.
  • Flag of the United States United States: we have determined the perpetrators to be of chinese origin and do an immediate crackdown on espionage. All federal employees will be closely surveillanced to prevent future incidents. [secret] Elizabeth Warren is advised by her cabinet and by vice president Tim Kane to prepare for a possible nuclear confrontation from China.Warren has approved plans to deploy all 4,571 currently stockpiled weapons in addition to the currently 1,481 currently deployed nukes. More antiballistic missiles are underway to shoot down any nukes which China may shoot at us and we are now at a Defcon of 3 (air force ready to engage in 15 minutes). For security reasons, congress will no longer meet at the Capitol but will rather facetime from more secure locations. [end secret] Public service announcements are now recommending that every household with members under 40 have potassium iodine and that everyone living in the 20 largest cities and DC have a plan should things go sour. Schools and colleges are now teaching how to survive a nuclear bomb. Gas masks, potassium iodine, hazmat suits, water bottles, and other survival stuff are being bought like crazy. Cities where basements are not so common will have nuclear bunkers where people can go should the US receive a warning.
  • Flag of Mexico Mexico: We abandon Mexico City, because of the flooding and filth. The new capital, Guadalajara, will have high tech ported from the U.S and Japan. We ask Guatemala, Belize and Honduras to merge with us, or be extinguished (Mod Response Needed). We introduce a 30% soda tax, to prevent villages who don't even have drinkable water form drinking Coca Cola, Pepsi and other sugary drinks. We declare the Mexican Empire, with _________ as our emperor. We mean no harm, but if we are attacked, the opposition will fall to their knees in a matter of days.
    • mod response: none of the three countries agree to merge with you.
  • Flag of Mexico Mexican Empire: We start to invade Northern Guatemala and all of Belize, trying to secure the areas quickly (Mod Response Needed). We ask to join Global Alliance (Global Alliance Response Needed). (Secret to Global Alliance) Hopefully with the help of the Global Alliance, we plan to expand all the way to Colombia and Cuba (End Secret). We continue to build Guadalajara's infrastructure and health services.
    • Mod Response: Northern Guatemala is Overrun Quickly while Belize lasted a few days Longer.The US, NATO,Japan,South Korea and Australia are considering war on you.
      • response: you can't make a player declare war on somebody.
    • Russian Dip: We accept and Welcome Mexico to the Global Alliance.We Now declare War on The U.S and Its allies for Declaring War on Our Allies,The Mexicans.(Secret to all Except Global Alliance and Mexico)We give you 100 Billion dollars through the GA fund.We also give Weaponry, Forces and one Tsar Bomba (End of Secret).
      • us dip: we assure Russia that we will not enter Mexico.
  • Flag of the United States United States: we condemn Mexico's imperialism but we wish not to escalate things with Russia and we ask our fellow NATO members to stand down [response needed]
    • mod response: Australia, Japan, and NATO members have decided to worry about Mexico later and focus more on the chinese invasion of Taiwan
  • Nigeria: To decimate Benin and Togo we send in 1000 extra troops. We tell the UN that we are taking precautions, but if the condemn us they should condemn Mexico and Russia as well. We do not understand why they are any better than us.
  • Mod Event: Brazil asks to join the Global Alliance (Global Alliance Response Needed)
    • mod response: benin has surrendered and togo is rapidly losing territory.
    • Russian Dip: We accept and we Welcome Brazil to the Global Alliance.
  • Flag of Mexico Mexico: We keep invading Guatemala, and start to invade Honduras and Nicaragua (Mod Response Needed). We ask Brazil to invade Guyana and Suriname, as well as Bolivia, so we can become the American Powerhouses (Mod Response Needed).
    • Mod Response: Brazil Accepts and is Invading Guyana,Suriname and Bolivia.The Mexicans However Has Invaded the Whole of Guatemala and are pushing into Honduras but are met with Force.


As tensions heat up in the Americas, and Mexico join the ever growing Global Alliance, who will decide the Fate of this world?.

  • Flag of CanadaCanada: We condemn all of the actions of the Global alliance and we officially declare war on them. We declare that we hate all of them because they are conquering countries all around the world without any reserve. We tell the United States we will help protect them because China is killing whoever it wants to. (Secret to Global Alliance) We recognize your power that you are even able to infiltrate countries as powerful as the USA and we don't want to get nuked. Since NATO is falling apart with Turkey likely to leave and Germany dragging a lot of countries out with it, we want to support your alliance. We also think the USA is likely to try to control us and we want to be our own independent country. Just don't tell anyone else yet because we are not ready to reveal yet. (End Secret)
  • mod event: chinese ships have strongly reduced in numbers thanks to the submarine blockade.
  • Flag of the United States United States: we claim responsibility for sinking chinese ships and promise that the attacks will stop if china discontinues its imperialism and withdraws from Taiwan. [chinese response needed] [secret] In case they don't stop, we will carry out Operation Vanguard which involves our air force and ground troops [end secret]. In other news, Warren is running for her first term (when a president takes over a term which is at least halfway finished, it doesn't count against them) while Ron Paul is running as the republican nominee.
  • Flag of RussiaNeo-Russian Empire: We begin the Invasion of Iraq and Syria.We Deploy 5 million soldiers plus Tanks, Aircraft like PAK-FA, Sukhoi's and Mukhoi's. We ask Turkey If we can use their bases [Turkey response needed].We say to the U.S that this Invasion is Necessary for Eliminating the Threat i.e ISIS from this World.We would be Grateful if you Didn't Interfere [U.S.A response needed].We also Get Support from China and North Korea.We again ask Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia to merge with us and they will have Sizable Advantages [Mod Response needed].We also say to U.S to stop Sinking China's Ships as they are our Allies.
    • Mod Response: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Armenia and Azerbaijan decide to join you, however, Georgia and Ukraine both respond "Not on our President's life". Meanwhile, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan would be more interested in joining the Global Alliance (Russia Response Needed).
      • Russian Dip: We accept and Welcome Uzbekistan and Tajikistan to the Global Alliance.and we are very happy that Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Armenia and Azerbaijan decided to join us.
    • Turkish Diplomacy: We accept to let Russia station their troops in our area. We will support Russia with our airstrikes to fight ISIS.
    • US dip: We promise to assist in the liberation of the Middle East after the issue of Taiwan is addressed. And as for sinking Chinese ships, we have promised to stop should China withdraw its forces from Taiwan.
  • Mod Event: Brazil storms Suriname and the nation falls to Brazilian Control. Cuba, Turkmenistan, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Serbia, Argentina and Romania ask to join Global Alliance (Russian Response Needed). (Vietnam is already in Global Alliance)
    • Russian Dip: We accept and we welcome Cuba,Turkmenistan,Afghanistan,Serbia,Argentina and Romania.We will Conduct Some Training Exercises Between the Global Alliance.all the Countries are Asked to be Present. [Players and Mod Response needed].
  • Mexico: We accept.
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey: Referendum is held and people would rather to vote "Remain" (54%), meanwhile "Leave" (46%), so we announced to stay in NATO. We start build our military to fight ISIS [Secret] This also proposed for against Global Alliance, since they started to threaten the world, but we will keep our friendly relation with them as they help us fight ISIS. [To USA] We seek a secret alliance to them also with Japan and Australia, we hope you will help us to fund rebellion in Uyghur, but we will do it a few months after we win the war against ISIS. [USA Response Needed] Secretly, we recognize Taiwan as the Republic of China. [End Secret]. We start send some airstrikes to ISIS. We ask Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, and Morocco for alliance. [Mod Response Needed]. We condemn Brazilian action to invade Bolivia.
    • Mod response: all the Countries Accept the Alliance proposal.
    • us dip: we agree to a secret alliance
  • MOD EVENT: Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Norway, Morocco, New Zealand, Thailand, Philippines, Colombia, and Greece declared their support for United States. They ask for an alliance with USA [USA Response Needed]. Guyana is surrender to Brazil.
    • US dip: US agrees to an alliance
  • Flag of Mexico Mexico: We keep invading El Salvador and Honduras, hoping to secure the areas soon (Mod Response Needed). We ask Nicaragua to merge with us, if they decline, they're next on the invasion list (Mod Response Needed). We change our name to the Republic of Imperial Mexico.
    • Mod Response: Nicaragua, as they have good relation with Global Alliance's members (Russia, China, Cuba) will accept if Mexico can beat Honduras and El Salvador. Meanwhile, knowing this, Costa Rica and Panama, who don't have military, asking for protection from United States [US Response Needed]. Colombia announced they are already to protect Costa Rica and Panama. Mexico is now in battle in the capital of Honduras and El Salvador, Tegucigalpa and San Salvador.
      • US dip: we will protect Costa rica and Panama 1,000 troops each
  • Flag of Mexico Mexico: We try to take San Salvador (Mod Checkup Needed). We keep invading Honduras (Mod. Response Neeeded). We ask Californian, Texan, Alaskan and Hawaiian Separatists to Rebel from the U.S and declare independence (Mod Response Needed).
    • Mod Response: El Salvador finally surrendered to Mexico while in Honduras, Mexico finally take Tegucigalpa, but Honduras won't surrender. Knowing this, Nicaragua start invade Honduras. Texas Rebels began doing the rebellion while Californian, Hawaiian, and Alaska started recruit more troops and continued propaganda.
  • Flag of the United States United States: In response to separatists of 4 states, the FBI, SWAT teams, and even the army are working to crack down on these separatists.
  • South Africa: We encourage Egypt to expand, saying we will give them supplies whenever they need them. We declare war on Mozambique.
  • Mod event: Due to China's lack of response, American submarines have launched non nuclear ballistic missiles at airfields, crippling their airfields. This has made way for F-35s to launch airstrikes at Surface to Air systems under the cover of night (F-35 is a stealth fighter so they can't detect them). Phase 3 called for bringing out drones to airstrike heavy equipment in urban areas (such as tanks, big mortars, other military vehicles, etc.) and bombers to cluster bomb military barracks. The final phase involved the armies of the US (50,000) and Australia (1,000) finishing off the disoriented PLA in Taiwan which is now liberated from Chinese rule. The PLA in Taiwan started off with 30,000 but 19,000 were killed, 6,000 injured, and the remaining 5,000 surrendered and are now in US custody.
  • Flag of the United States United States: We immediately free any political prisoners and soldiers held in POW camps and use the camps to house the chinese soldiers. We promise to let them go if they promise to recognize Taiwan as an independent country but if they invade again, those 11,000 soldiers will be executed [chinese response needed]
  • Flag of Mexico Mexico: We tell the US "that all major cities will be obliterated if they continue this, we have more supplies than you think we do". We keep invading Honduras, surely capturing the nation soon (Mod Checkup Needed). We send a message to Panama and Costa Rica, saying that they should let their people have A referendum, on whether they think they would benefit From joining Mexico (Mod Response Needed). We start to make our own nuclear weapons, but they won't be ready for 3 years. However, in the event of a war, we have the stockpile given to us by Russia. We start funding the rebels in Texas, Calfornia, Alaska and Hawaii.
    • Mod Response: Honduras put up a brave fight but was Merged into Mexico.Panama and Costa Rica Rejected the Referendum Stating that,"They will never join a ruthless Country".However Majority of the People want to join Mexico,So they start a Civil war in both the Countries.
  • Flag of RussiaNeo-Russian Empire: We ask the U.S politely to release the prisoners and let them return to China as we don't a war anytime soon even if we are an empire.We want peace.[U.S.A response needed].We are happy to say that in Iraq and Syria we have Moved troops in from Afghanistan and Turkey and has Captured Iraq and is Moving on to Syria. A group of Ultranationalists led by Makarov is causing a civil War in Russia.We send Riot Police to Subdue the Ultra Nationalists. We propose a round Table Conference in which the problems will be asked On different Topics such as Chinese Invasion of Taipei,U.S Intervention,Mexican and Brazilian Expansionism etc.The Round Table Conference is like a voting on what to do with the Countries.The Countries which are Requested to be Present are U.S.A, Mexico,Turkey, North Korea, Russia, and Canada.They will be the Main Countries.Other countries can join too but they are the main Countries.The voting will take place next year. [World Response needed]
    • Mexico: We accept.
    • Turkish Diplomacy: President Ramaloglu is already to fly to Moscow.
    • Mod Response: United States of Europe, Brazil, Japan, Australia, India, and United Kingdom would like to join the conference. [Russia Response Needed]
      • Russian Dip: We accept.
    • Canada Dip: We will attend.
    • US dip: will attend
  • Canada: We sent diplomats to Washington to help America as they are one of our major allies. (Secret) They are actually spies. (End Secret). We impose higher taxes and more restrictions on foreign companies doing business in Canada. We drill for more oil as we have huge oil reserves that were untapped because of environmental restrictions. Now we are lowering those environmental restrictions. (Secret to everyone except NATO) We offer to send troops to the Alaskan independence movement. (End Secret)
    • US dip: we will accept up to 1,000 troops per state


The world seems to be in a Tense Position.Mexico is Continuing its Expansionist Policy and is Invading many Countries.So is Brazil.On the Other Hand U.S soldiers have captured 11,000 Chinese Soldiers and is Refusing to Release them and says that they will release them only if China Recognizes Taiwan (ROC). To De-Escalate the Conflict,Russian Empire has Taken it upon themselves and organised a Round Table Conference at Moscow.

  • Flag of RussiaNeo-Russian Empire: We Increase our Military Budget.We would like to Increase Trade with Canada,South Africa,Nigeria and France.[Players Response Needed].The Ultranationalist Leader, Makarov has done a coup and Killed Dmitry Medyevev,One of Putin's Loyal Supporters.The Russian Civil War begins. We Change the venue of The Round table Conference to Helinski. Putin is Guarded but Special Forces also Called Spetsnaz Soldiers.Sadly,Putin was killed When his Car was Destroyed. Makarov is now the New Emperor of Russia. Makarov said in a press Statement,"Russia had Been under the Control of A Ruthless,Insane Person who wanted to Destroy this Country. Now I will make this Country Better.The Round Table Conference will Go on in Moscow Itself".Makarov's Approval rates Climbed higher and Higher Until His Approval rates Reached 94% which is the Highest in Russian history.
    • North Korean Dip:We approve of Emperor Makarov of Russia, but Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is remaining wary of him, should he cause any harm to North Korea.
  • MOD EVENT: The coalition troops have liberated 60% Syrian territory and 80% Iraqi territory from ISIS. City of Aleppo is also taken by the Coalition.
  • Mod event: the independence insurgencies in the US have been put down with minimal casualty from the military. Submarine attacks have also stopped.
  • Flag of the United States United States: Paul Ryan won the election making Warren one of the shortest served presidents. Paul institutes military rule in Alaska, Hawaii, Texas, and California. Ryan has promised to keep 50,000 troops in Taiwan and not release 9,000 PoWs until China agrees to end hostilities. He plans on executing them should china invade again. Due to rising tensions, with the central alliance, the military budget has been doubled to a third of government spending. To make this possible, medicare was drastically downsized. 90,000 troops will be sent to Iraq and Syria to end Isis once and for all and to form a democratic government in both states. 40,000 military personnel will guard the border with mexico to deter an invasion.
  • Flag of Mexico Mexico: We demand the US to let New Mexico hold a referendum or not to return to Mexican Rule, if you don't allow this referendum, we will obliterate all major cities, starting With NYC and ending with Miami (USA RESPONSE URGENT). As we have invaded Honduras, as part of the agreement, Nicaragua is fully merged into Mexico. We hold a informal referendum as a test (So it doesn't count) on the former territories of New Mexico and Arizona (Mod Percentages Needed (Not Darksith, it will be biased))
  • Mod Response: In New Mexico,The Result was Overwhelming.75% Wanted to join Mexico,15% said no and 10% abstained.In Arizona,51% said Yes to join Mexico 40% said no and 9% Abstain
  • Mexico: After these results, we ask the US to create a Formal Referendum (US Response Needed).
    • US dip: we refuse to let new mexico or any state leave the union as the supreme court has ruled that as unconstitutional and Paul Ryan believes that it will undermine efforts to slow down mexican aggression. We think it is possible that the polls were rigged since mexicans are a minority in Arizona and new mexico and there's a reason why mexicans are illegally crossing the border.
  • Flag of North KoreaNorth Korea: We are sad to say that Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has passed away due to a stroke, causing his eldest son, Kim Yong Lee to take control of North Korea. He agrees to come to the 2024 Peace Conference.
  • MOD EVENT: A nuke, targeted for Washington DC, was shot down over Chesapeake Bay. It has created noticeable uproar as the trajectory came from Raqqah, Syria, which is ISIS-controlled, showing that ISIS has developed nuclear weapons.
  • Nigeria: We start a plan to collect lots more oil from the resources in our country. We invade Cameroon with 75,000 troops. We start a campaign to get Nigerians to join our army, navy and air force.
  • Flag of the United States United States: In response to the threat which Mexico made, we have begun evacuating NYC and Chicago. We warn mexico that we have nukes and that they will be used should they choose to nuke us. [secret] our anti ballistic missile system that will be able to shoot down any nukes which mexico fires upon us. DEFCON 2 (army ready to mobilize in less than 6 hours) has been declared in Arizona and New Mexico [end secret]. Many shelters have been finished and we are ready for anything the global alliance throws at us. We request that once isis is defeated that Nato occupy Iraq while russia can occupy Syria [russian response needed]
    • Russian Dip:Yes NATO can have Iraq and we will have Syria.
  • mod event: Cameroon is losing territory rather quickly. Isis is on its last legs which has led to a terror attack in Daegestan (province in russia) killing 40 and injuring 50
  • South Africa: (War with Mozambique) We again encourage Egypt to expand into its neighbors, we start a space program.
  • Flag of FranceFrance:We honor section five of The NATO Charter and as we condemn the Entire Global Alliance. We begin mandatory training for all citizens and nationals for what to do in case if a nuclear warhead is dropped on French Soil. We also have many volunteers working toward building a defense array to stop incoming nuclear warheads. We triple the military budget, drop out of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and begin constructing the Joan of Arc and Napoleon aircraft carriers which are of a new design that can not only deploy aircraft, but two submarines that are in tubes within the below deck hull structure. We begin refitting the Charles De Gaulle to this as well. We begin preparing our nuclear warheads for launch, and begin building two Thermonuclear Warheads named the Napoleon Warheads, each with a 2.6 Mt output
  • 25px Mexico: We tell the US that we will stop threatening You and attacking if you choose NOT to intervene in our invasion of Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia (USA response needed). We encourage the New Mexican Government to declare independence from the USA, only recognizing the Articles of Confederation (Mod Response Needed). We will also pay them and give them military support and financial support (Mod Response Needed). We start invading Costa Rica (Md Response Needed).
    • US dip: we will withdraw from panama and costa rica and will not directly intervene.
  • Flag of RussiaNeo-Russian Empire:(To France)Why are you Condemning us?We haven't done anything to you.You're just doing it to please your Big Brother U.S.A. then guess what?Russia is the Big Brother of the Global Alliance.If you Dare Threaten one of our Smaller Members,then trust me,We will not stop until we Nuke every bit and Corner of France.(To U.S.A)We ask your Fellow NATO Member to mind his words [U.S.A Response needed].We have all Advocated for Peace and then some Country just comes along and just Condemn everybody.We have some good News.We have Defeated the ISIS due to the Military Strength of the U.S and the Global Alliance.We would like to give 2 million ruble as a Token of friendship.[U.S.A response needed].In Syria,We have Placed Al-Assad as the Leader of the Country.And we Congratulate the Mexicans on Making it to the U.N security Council.We now Condemn the French for Dropping out of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty,and we place Sanctions on them as they may cause WW3.[Secret] We begin to Build bombs which have the capacity of 3 Megaton. Its purpose is to Respond to the French Nuclear Threat.[End Secret].We ask the U.S whether we can get Alaska because it was our land at first.We will pay you what is Necessary but can you sell us Alaska?[U.S.A response needed]. [To Global Alliance]You should be careful as France is Condemning all of us and will not Hesitate to go to war with us,Especially Mexico.So be Careful.
  • Canada: We want Alaska too. Sell it to us instead of Russia.
  • Flag of Mexico Mexico: We also will pay whatever price is necessary for New Mexico + Give you sovereignty of the Panama Canal (USA Response Needed). We keep invading Costa Rica & Panama (Mod Response Needed). We keep improving our economy and infrastructure.
    • mod response: costa rica and panama have fallen
    • US dip: the Ryan administration refuses to cede any territory
  • Nigeria: We send in 10,000 more personnel to Cameroon. We ask Equatorial Guinea if they would like to join us. We stress this is an offer they CANNOT refuse. [mod response needed]
    • mod response: Equatorial new guinea agrees to cede itself to Nigeria. Cameroon is quickly losing territory.
  • Flag of the United States United States: As per trump's suggestion, the US is beginning to deport illegal immigrants to keep the Mexicans from taking over Arizona and New Mexico. This plan was met with by some criticism by the democrats but supporters argue that Mexico is improving its infrastructure and that we cannot afford to lose Arizona and new Mexico.
  • Flag of Mexico Mexico: We ask the Panamanians if they want to enlarge the Panama Canal, from our money, we will help improve your economy. The Results are 50.6% Yes & 50.4% No. We change our name to The United States of Central America (USCA) and give autonomy to all regions, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Mosquito, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica & Panama. We tell the US to butt out of our business, reminding them we have Brazil, China, Russia and many other Powerful Nations on our side.
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey: We thank Russia for destroy the ISIS, but ask them to tell their allies in Americas to stop invading another smaller countries. We think your allies start to threaten and want to conquer the Americas, including the superpower United States and peaceful Canada and Caribbean. We pull our ambassador from Brazil and Mexico. We start build our military.
  • MOD EVENT: United Nations warned Mexico and Brazil to stop their expansion or they will place sanctions to them. They also announced to cancel the Mexico's candidateship to be the permanent members of U. N Security Council.


As Mexico is improving the livability of the nation and spending Billions on fixing Central America, the United States is doing everything they can to stop Mexico from becoming healthy competitor to the Global Business. The Panama Canal is being Widened and larger ports are being built, the President of the USCA, Antonio Garcia, is receiving much approval from the Central American Nations that have changed their view on their situation, even the Politicians are praising Mexican doings. What is the Fate of this world?.

  • MOD EVENT: Mexico holds referendum for Central American Nations, the result:
    • Guatemala 76% = Yes, 20% = No
    • Belize 52% = Yes, 46% = No
    • El Salvador 67% = Yes, 25% = No
    • Honduras 51% = Yes, 45% = No
  • So, all nations with Nicaragua are officially merged to Mexico.
  • Flag of RussiaRussia: We are happy that the Round Table Conference Went on Well and wants to thank those who Participated.We are Overjoyed in Claiming that our Allies have benefited greatly from this.North Korea has Become Unified and Mexico has Risen to the Global Stage.We say to the U.S,"Don't be Arrogant in Claiming the fact that Mexico is Indeed has risen to the Global stage and one day,Even Overtake you in Development".We give 10 billion Ruble to them for Economic Purposes and to Increase the Mexican Defenses.We are sad to hear that the U.N,who we thought was a Democratic Organisation has Repealed Mexico's Permanent Seat.We give Our 5th Generation Fighter Planes PAK-FA to the Mexicans,Give them machinery and Weapons,Bulletproof Vests and our Brightest Scientists to help you in your Development and to Transform you into one of the World's leading Powers.We ask the Scandinavian Countries i.e Sweden,Norway and Denmark to Merge with Us and we will give you Many Advantages and that of your Choice[Mod Response needed].We mobilize our troops on the Ukranian Border. We Hold a Referendum in Crimea on Whether or not to Join Us.[Mod Response needed]
  • Mod Response: Al nations decide to peacefully and respectfully decline, however, Norway & Sweden would be interested in leaving the EU to join the Global Alliance (Russian Response Needed). Crimea's referendum results are: 79.2% stay with Russia, 15.8% vote Ukraine, 5% do not vote.
    • Russian Dip:We accept and we welcome Norway and Sweden to the Global Alliance.
  • Flag of the United States United States: We release the chinese PoWs and begin withdrawing our forces from Taiwan. We are currently working on an Iraqi constitution which grants basic human rights and will rebuild the Iraqi forces to counteract terrorists rather than just a basic army. We will begin our withdrawal from Taiwan this year and hope to finish a year from now. Many of our troops from Taiwan are transitioning into Iraq. We have learned our mistake of not educating people on tolerance. In a best case scenario, Iraq will be a secular state which respects the rights of all religions to exist. The US is no longer on high alert and the country is returning to normal as military spending decreases down to 20% and social security is restored. We hold a referendum in Iraqi kurdistan for independence
    • mod response: Kurdistan votes overwhelmingly in favor with an astounding 99.5%
  • mod event: even after isis officially lost Iraq and Syria, terrorist attacks still continue, especially in Syria where Russia is re-setting the Assad Regime [russia respond if you decide to make it democratic] which is unpopular among sunnis which make up a majority in Syria. The situation is slightly better in Iraq where the forces of the US, UK, and Australia are working to prevent the mistakes of the previous occupation. The US is pulling out of Taiwan with amazing speed as there is no insurgency to fight in Taiwan unlike Iraq and Afghanistan; Australia has already pulled out.
    • Russian Response:We accept and we allow a person of the Sunnis to be the Leader of the Country but on One Condition.the Sunnis in Syria must Support The Neo-Russian Empire and Not U.S.A.[Mod response needed].If you Accept,We will Elect on of your most Famous and Hardworking Person from the Sunni Community.
  • Mod Response: Syria will be aligned with Russia and officially join the Global Alliance.
  • Flag of RussiaNeo-Russian Empire: We are glad to say that Norway and Sweden have decided to join the Global Alliance.[Secret to all except Sweden and Norway] We need you to Invade Denmark.Simply because of 2 things,1.They didn't Merge with us and 2.They Didn't Join our Alliance.So it means they are our Enemy.We will Provide you with Anything you want.[Mod Response needed] [Secret].We have Increased our Literacy Rate to 89%.The New Emperor,Vladimir Makarov has Introduced new Reforms in the Country.He has Begun the Construction of Mega cities which can House 10 million People and is of Modern Gadgets.These Megacities will have Nuclear Bunkers for Every Family.Construction of these Mega Cities has Begun in Moscow,Riga,Helsinki,Siberia,Volgograd and Yekatinburg.Construction is to be finished in 2031.We are Increasing our Trade Exports to Mexico to help them in their Modernisation.We have Developed the Highest Yield Nuclear Bomb which is named "Wrath of Makarov" it has a yield of 4 Megatons and we have Completed 8 "Wrath of Makarov Bombs".We are also Doing the Research on Fusion power and is looking to Develop a Nuclear Warhead using Nuclear Fusion.We have started Building Nuclear Fusion Centre's in the Underground areas of Moscow.We are also planning to Use electricity using Fusion Power.We are Happy that Iraqi Kurdistan has got Independence.
  • mod event: texas and california have both held referendums. Texas votes "yes" with 52/48 while california votes "no" with 30/70
  • Canada: We made the the northern part of the Hudson Bay a protected marine area, and also restrict fishing near our eastern coast due to depleted fisheries. We will no longer allow other countries to get resources from our waters. We support the independence of Alaska, Hawaii, and Texas
  • Nigeria: 1,000 paratroopers are dropped into the last area of Cameroon. We continue work on the navy, but begin large amounts of work on the Air Force. We prepare an invasion of Ghana with 100,000. We put out a large campaign for army, navy and air force volunteers. Owing to our old friendship, we invite Sao Tome and Principe o join the Afro-Alliance. We further invite them to open an embassy in Abuja (Mod Response Needed)