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  • Barack Obama: 44th President of the United States
  • Kernard D Jones: 48th President of the United States. Founder of modern Populism .
  • Jin Chang: CEO of the Chinese State (2030-2034)
  • Abdul Şahin: High Caliph of Turkey (2026-2035)
  • Taylor Duncan: 50th President of the United States (2037-2045); Governor of Georgia (2026-2034)
  • Daitaro Sato: Prime Minister of Japan (2026-2038)
  • Meagan McCain: Senate President Pro-Tempo (2030-2042)
  • Jennifer Tracy: 49th President of the United States, Supreme Commander of Coalition Forces (2034-2036)
  • Admiral John "Mad Jack" McCain: US Navy Chief of Staff (2038-2043); Commander of the US Pacific Fleet (2032-2037)
  • Pierce Jones Governor of Virginia (2040-2048)

Sports Figures

  • Mercedes Patrice: First Augmented Olympian. 9 time Gold Medalist for Track and Field.
  • Bobby Young: 14 time NBA Champion (First: St. Louis Raptors, Last: Anchorage Mountaineers)
  • Mickey Jonas: Olympic snowboarder for 9 years, won 9 gold medals
  • Darius James: 12 time NBA Champion (First: San Diego Steam, Last: Arkansas Chainsaws)


  • Lucile Alba: Inventor of the Room Temperature Superconductor
  • George Alvarez: Chief Engineer of the A-19 Quantum Computer
  • Hiro Takashi: Climatologist and Oceanographer
  • Naija Ansari: First to mass produce Graphene.


  • Huan Xing: Twin Sister of Chinese Chairman Xing, Imprisoned in 2024 for voicing dissent with Chinese State. Author of The Flower of Freedom

Entertainment Figures

  • Colin Hanks: Actor, TV/Movies
  • Madison Lane: Singer/Songwriter
  • Jim Parsons: Actor, TV
  • Willow Smith: Actress/Singer
  • Cliff Bleszinski: Video Game Developer
  • Zach Shoemaker: Game Designer
  • Miley Cyrus: Singer/Actor
  • Joe Rogen: Actor/Comedian
  • Selena Gomez: Singer/Songwriter/Actress

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