Fall of Ultranationalist Canada
US troops
Date November 30, 2015 - December 20, 2015
Location Canada
Result Alliance victory. UPC overthrown.
Anti-UPC Alliance Flag of Canada Ultranastionalist Party of Canada
  • UPC Forces
  • Canadian Armed Forces
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Alliance council Michael Figueroa
780,000 Alliance Troops
  • 300,000 CPA,
  • 100,000 CL,
  • 200,000 ILRC,
  • 280,000 FCF
1,100,000 Troops
  • 500,000 Army Troops,
  • 100,000 UPC Forces,
  • 500,000 Reserves
Casualties and losses
180,890 Deaths 280,000 Deaths

The Fall of Ultranationalist Canada, also known as the Second Canadian Civil War or Battle for Ottawa, was a armed battle between the Anti-UPC Alliance and Ultranationalist Canada. The battle began when the AU launched a massive scale Invasion of Ottawa. Over 300,000 AU troops were involved in invasion. The UPC mobilized all of its Armed Forces. The attack launched to overthrow the Ultranationalist Government.

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