Fall of Ukraine (WW3)
Part of World War 3
Date Feb. 7, 2019 - Apr. 13, 2019
Location Ukraine
Result Russian annexation of Ukraine
Russia absorbs Ukraine

Flag of Russia Russia


Flag of Ukraine Ukraine

Flag of Russia Vladimir Putin Flag of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko
Flag of Russia 100,000
Flag of Ukraine 130,000

Flag of NATO 10,000

Casualties and losses
Flag of Russia 15,000 Flag of Ukraine 100,000

Flag of NATO 5,000


The fall of Ukraine to Russia under the leadership of Vladimir Putin is the first significant event of World War 3. It marked the beginning of a global conflict leading to the deaths of millions of people.


February 2019

  • Feb. 7: Russian forces invade Ukraine through the already Russian territory of Crimea with about 20,000 soldiers.
  • Feb. 10: What is left of the NATO forces arrives to deal with the situation.
  • Feb. 27: The tide turns in favor of NATO and Russia begins to be pushed back.
  • Feb. 29: The Russians lose part of Crimea in a NATO attack.

March 2019

  • Mar. 13: NATO withdraws most of its forces from Ukraine, confident in the ability of Ukraine's army.
  • Mar. 21: Pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine seize the city of Donetsk, forcing anti-Russian forces to split up.
  • Mar. 28: Putin takes this opportunity to capture the city of Luhansk, putting much of eastern Ukraine under Russian control.
  • Mar. 30: Putin surrounds the capital city of Kiev with an invasion force of 20,000 after defeating much of the Ukrainian army in the east.

April 2019

  • Apr. 1: Putin and his advisors devise a quick plan of action before NATO forces can regroup and re-enter the conflict.
  • Apr. 3: Russian forces lay siege to the city of Kiev.
  • Apr. 9: Russian forces capture the city of Kiev and slaughter Ukrainian troops. President Petro Poroshenko of Ukraine is captured secretly, leading other nations to believe he has been killed.
  • Apr. 10: Putin delivers a speech in which he announces his plans to expand Russia back to the size of the Soviet Union and publicly executes Petro Poroshenko. He then meets with President Hassan Rouhani of Iran in hopes of forming a military alliance in the event of a major war. Rouhani agrees to aid Russia in exchange for assistance in expanding into the middle east and defeating Israel.
  • Apr. 12: President Hillary Clinton delivers a speech in which she warns Putin not to continue his expansion or face stricter sanctions or possibly military intervention. In this same speech she stated that America would not enter the war until it "became apparent that American intervention is necessary to the stability of the region." Putin called this threat "empty, meaningless, and foolish." With most world leaders being pro-Russian, Putin addressed the public, stating that Russia has enough support to sustain a war with the United States and warns Clinton not to get involved.
  • Apr. 13: Russia annexes Ukraine and its government is dissolved and replaced with a new pro-Russian government.

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