Russo-American War
Russo-American War
Date 2021—2026
Location Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, UAE, Qatar Jordan (spill over)
Result Pyrrhic anti-monarch victory

Greater Arab Republic established

Flag of Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia

Allied support:
Flag of the United States of America United States
Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
Flag of France France
Flag of Israel Israel
Flag of Pakistan Pakistan
Flag of Qatar Qatar
Flag of the People's Republic of China China
Flag of Bahrain Bahrain

Flag of Arabian Confederacy Arab Unionist

Allied support:
Flag of Russia Russia
Flag of Iran Iran
Flag of Palestine Palestine
Flag of India India
Flag of Iraq Iraq
Flag of Syria Syria
Flag of Egypt Egypt
Flag of Kuwait Kuwait
Flag of Libya Libya
Flag of Taliban Taliban

Flag of Kurdistan Kurdistan

Allied support:
Flag of Canada Canada
Flag of Finland Finland
Flag of Georgia Georgia
Flag of Germany Germany
Flag of Norway Norway
Flag of Austria Austria
Flag of Japan Japan
Flag of South Korea South Korea
Flag of Scotland Scotland
Flag of Catalonia Catalonia

Flag of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Saud

Flag of Saudi Arabia Mohamed bin Nayef
Flag of Saudi Arabia Hesham Kandil
Flag of Saudi Arabia Saleh Al-Muhaya
Flag of Saudi Arabia Ahmed Alshaa'lan
Flag of Saudi Arabia Abdullah Al-Sultan
Flag of the United States Hillary Clinton
Flag of the United States Mark Dempsey
Flag of the United States Raymond Odierno
Flag of the United States Johnathon Greenert
Flag of the United States Mark Welsh
Flag of the United States Chuck Hagel
Flag of the United States John McCain
Flag of the United States Mark Milley

Flag of Arabian ConfederacyAhmed Patil

Flag of Arabian Confederacy Rabbuh Al-Hadi
Flag of Arabian Confederacy Khalid Ali
Flag of Arabian Confederacy Soso Sultan
Flag of Arabian Confederacy Abdul Bajamal
Flag of Arabian Confederacy Fares Rumazi
Flag of Russia Vladimir Putin
Flag of Russia Sergei Shoigu
Flag of Russia Valery Gerasimov
Flag of Russia Oleg Salukov
Flag of Russia Vladimir Chirkin
Flag of Russia Viktor Bondarev
Flag of Russia Nikolai Makarov
Flag of Russia Nikolai Kormiltsev

Flag of KurdistanSalih Muhammed

Flag of Kurdistan Asya Abdullah
Flag of Kurdistan Sipan Hemo
Flag of Kurdistan Masoud Barzani
Flag of Kurdistan Samir Khalil
Flag of Kurdistan Hassan Nasrallah
Flag of Canada Justin Trudeau
Flag of Canada Harjit Sajjan
Flag of Canada James Tomel
Flag of Canada Johannah Vance
Flag of Finland Sauli Niinistö
Flag of Finland Jussi Niinisto
Flag of Germany Angela Merkel
Flag of Norway Marie Eriksen

Start of war:

3,740,000 troops, 680 tanks, 87 warships, 500 aircraft
8,790,000 troops, 8,560 tanks, 300 warships, 3,600 aircraft

Start of war:

2,590,000 troops, 500 tanks, 70 warships, 120 aircraft
11,621,000 troops, 8,100 tanks, 120 warships, 500 aircraft

Start of war:

1,320,000 troops, 530 tanks, 20 warships, 170 aircraft
Overall: 4,800,000 troops, 1,200 tanks, 180 warships, 480 aircraft

Casualties and losses
KSA and allies:

2,700,000 killed or sick
2,850,000 wounded
3,981 tanks destroyed or captured
98 warships destroyed or captured
784 aircraft destroyed or captured
5,000,000—15,000,000 civilians killed or injured

AU and allies:

3,678,000 killed or sick
4,700 tanks destroyed or captured
173 warships destroyed or captured
2,300 aircraft destroyed or captured

Kurds and allies:

450,000—1,600,000 killed or captured
400 tanks destroyed or captured
40 warships destroyed or captured
270 aircraft destroyed or captured

The Fall of Saudi Arabia, also known as the Saudi Civil War, was a armed conflict in the Arabian Peninsula. The conflict began when the Arab Union,backed by Russia launched a military campaign aganist the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).  The Saudi Government, backed by the United States retaliated. Kurdish nationalist, backed by Canada and Norway, also joined the fight in the name of freedom!

The war is commonly known for the begining of the United States - Russia Conflict.

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