Kashmir tensions
Part of World War 3
Date Jun. 4, 2020 - Jun. 23, 2020
Location Pakistan occupied Kashmir
Result India occupies PoK
PoK is part of india

Flag of Pakistan Pakistan/USA


Flag of India India

Flag of Pakistan Pakistan
Barak Obama/Nawaz Sharif
Flag of India Pranab Mukherjee
Flag of Pakistan Pakistan/USA
Flag of India 670,000
Casualties and losses
Flag of Pakistan Pakistan/USA
Flag of India 360,000


After Pakistan's occupation of Afghanistan, India retailed by invading PoK. Seeing india being thwarted by the china over the security of the cpec. usa russia helps india win over china diplomatically and end the pakistani occupation.


June 2020

  • Jun. 1: After pakistan attacking the Afghanistan, India invades PoK to stop aids from the CPEC.
  • Jun. 3: Indian troops are reported in Skardu, and the sindh provinces. constant artillery firing were commenced on pakistan punjab province, Pakistan mobilizes its forces towards eastern border.
  • Jun. 8: Indian armed forces make second thrust into Pakistan with half of its military, hoping to win a quick victory. US supports india by sending troops to Gilgit and sends navy from South China sea to prevent the foreign supprot to pakistan.
  • Jun. 12: Indian troops are outside Gilgit but under constant pakistan artillery fire. Jinping warns india by threatening an invasion if Gilgit is captured. India with the help of moscow and the dc wins over beijing deplomatically, shutting China up. China does not intervene any more.
  • Jun. 18: Russia satisfied with the military deals signed by india, keeps it pressure over china. Pakistani troops launch surprise attack from Muzzafrabadm. the pakistani attack was thwarted and were crushed.
  • Jun. 19: pakistan artilleries run out of ammo, Indian troops move in.
  • Jun. 23: India successfully ends occupation of pakistan and calls for cease fire.
  • Jun. 24: War ends with Indian victory and merging of pakistan into india.