Fall of Kazakhstan
Part of World War 3
Date Apr. 18, 2019 - Apr. 30, 2019
Location Kazakhstan
Result Russian annexation of Kazakhstan
Russia absorbs Kazakhstan

Flag of Russia Russia


Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan

Flag of Russia Vladimir Putin Flag of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev
Flag of Russia 40,000 Flag of Kazakhstan 100,000
Casualties and losses
Flag of Russia 12,000 Flag of Kazakhstan 78,000


After winning a major victory by annexing Ukraine with very little resistance, Putin quickly develops plans to invade Kazakhstan and attempt to gain more territory on the same day he begins an invasion of the Baltic States. His achievement of both these goals gained him attention from China, which he hoped to form an alliance with along with Iran, and let Europe know that he was a serious threat. Russia was one of the few nations that escaped financial collapse due to Putin's governing style, which he took credit for even though it was unintentional, so most countries could not successfully go against him without backing, which was hard to come by since the UN, NATO, and EU collapsed.


April 2019

  • Apr. 18: Putin, now backed by Iran, sends an invasion force of 40,000 to the border of Kazakhstan despite warnings from various nations throughout the world.
  • Apr. 21: NATO is dissolved due to issues regarding the invasion of the Baltic States.
  • Apr. 22: Russian forces cross the border into Kazakhstan, occupying Kustanayskaya Oblast and capturing the cities of Kustanay and Petropavlosk.
  • Apr. 24: Russian forces occupy Pavlodarskaya Oblast, giving them an invasion path for the capital, Astana, from 3 directions.
  • Apr. 25: Putin and his advisors begin planning the invasion of Akmolinskaya Oblast.
  • Apr. 28: Putin orders the invasion of the capital city of Astana and it falls within a day. Kazakhstan's army is defeated and their government flees to Brussels. Putin sends more troops into Kazakhstan to occupy the rest of its territory.
  • Apr. 30: Russia annexes occupied Kazakhstan and dispatched soldiers to Kazakhstan and Ukraine to keep the peace with any anti-Russian rebels to ensure his acquisition of the territories. A new government is set up in Kazakhstan. Russia begins allowing pro-Russian people in Ukraine and Kazakhstan to be in their military. The governments in these areas begin drafting people into the Russian army and forcing those opposed to the Russian annexation to pay exorbitant taxes.