Invasion of Egypt
Part of World War 3
Date Apr. 1, 2021 - Apr. 24, 2021
Location Egypt
Result Israel adds to Egypt to its territory
Egypt is wiped off the map

Flag of Israel Israel


Flag of Egypt Egypt

Flag of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu
Flag of Egypt Abdel Fattah el-Sisi
Flag of Israel 250,000
Flag of Egypt 143,000
Casualties and losses
Flag of Israel 27,000
Flag of Egypt 126,000

Overview Edit

In April of 2021, Israel invaded Egypt, however, reluctantly. With India having borders on 2 sides of their nation, they decided it was necessary to grow as a nation, and quickly. Netanyahu declared war after warning civilians of the impending invasion, and conquered Egypt within a month(1).

Timeline Edit

April 2021 Edit

  • Apr. 1: Israel invades Egypt and occupies everything east of the Suez Canal.
  • Apr. 2: Israeli planes bomb Cairo and Israeli forces invade from the north and east, securing all of Egypt north of Cairo.
  • Apr. 5: Israel continues advancing south around Cairo and secures the majority of Egyptian territory.
  • Apr. 8: Israel invades Cairo and decimates the remaining forces outside of it. All Egyptian troops and militay equipment are now concentrated in Cairo.
  • Apr. 9: The Battle of Cairo begins, lasting a few weeks.
  • Apr. 13: Israeli forces begin to push into the city.
  • Apr. 16: The Egyptians refuse to surrender while Israel demolishes the city as its advance continues.
  • Apr. 18: Egypt holds firm as Israel begins bombing runs on Cairo and sends in tanks.
  • Apr. 21: Cairo is captured and the Egyptians are forced to surrender. Putin makes a speech announcing the fact that the Russian military now consists of 14 million troops, and that the military is ready to reconquer Europe and to crush Germany and America. At this time, Germany's military was more advanced with a 7th of the manpower of Russia.
  • Apr. 24: Egypt is annexed and absorbed into Israel. Israel begins a draft of Arabs and Muslims.