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The fall of Canada is regarded as a very significant event in itself and is mentioned separately from the British-Canadian War considering the fact that the war was a stalemate for nearly a year before progress was made. This event set the United States up for an invasion by 4 different powers: The Brazilian Union, China, Russia (Axis Coalition), and Great Britain, which had declared war on the United States for supporting Germany. This event, along with the invasion of Australia and America is known as the peak of the severity of World War 3.


January 2022

  • Jan. 3: Russia finally breaks the German and Canadian defenses in British Columbia and Alberta.
  • Jan. 6: Russia bombs Toronto and British held areas of eastern Canada.
  • Jan. 7: The Russians begin pushing through the territories of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
  • Jan. 8: Great Britain sends reinforcements to the Canadian front and begins a more aggressive siege of Ottawa, known as Operation Lightning Rod. It got this name from the strategy of invasion. A group of troops were to enter the city and take the brunt of the attack. When the Canadians believed they had won the battle they would begin to move forward, where they were to be ambushed by a much larger mass of British troops.
  • Jan. 10: Operation Lightning Rod succeeds in allowing the British to gain control of the Canadian capitol. The Russians advance through Saskatchewan and occupy the territory. The Canadians surrender on the western front, leaving only Toronto in Canadian control.
  • Jan. 11. Great Britain commences a series of "lightning rod" attacks on the Russians in the west, gaining control of much of Ontario.
  • Jan. 12: The Russians bomb and demolish Ottawa.
  • Jan. 13: The Treaty of Toronto is signed, in which hostilities between Canada and Great Britain are ended and Great Britain gains control of New Brunswick and annexes both it and Nova Scotia. The treaty also stated that Great Britain, to some extent would respect Canada's right to exist and defend it from Russia.
  • Jan. 15: The Russians, having been ravaged gaining what they had in Canada, are decisively defeated in the Winnipeg Offensive, in which they tried a last ditch effort to surround and capture the attacking British forces.
  • Jan. 21: Russia annexes British Columbia, Alberta, and Yukon territories.
  • Jan. 23: The British invade the northwest territories through Nunavut, liberating the eastern areas of these territories.
  • Jan. 27: The Axis Coalition finalizes plans for a massive invasion of the United States, which, under Rand Paul, had been rebuilding its military infrastructure for a year.

February 2022

  • Feb. 2: The Russians set up a huge defensive line across the center of Canada to prevent Great Britain from attacking.
  • Feb. 4: Russian forces arrive in Russian controlled Canada for the invasion of northwestern America.
  • Feb. 5: The British begin mobilizing along the northeastern border of the United States.
  • Feb. 7: The United States military quietly begins preparing to ward off an invasion, drafting defense strategies and mobilizing troops and vehicles.
  • Feb. 9: Russia annexes the rest of its Canadian territory.

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