Facebook is the world's go-to social network. Critics have been hoping for years that the Social Network will disappear and die, but that has only raised Mark Zuckerburg's spirits and makes him that much more competitive. 

At its height Facebook reached market penetration by 2025. Estimating that nearly 7.8 Billion people are on the social network. 

Oculus Rift: 

In 2014 Facebook purchased Virtual Realty company Oculus Rift. This purchase left many in the tech community confused, angry, upset, and unsure of the future. Despite both companies reassuring people that everything was perfectly fine, and that this only opened the door to further advancements in the field of VR. Most tech bloggers remained critical of the purchase over the next few years. Before it was clear that the marriage between Facebook and Oculus Rift was meant to be.


In 2020 Facebook released a virtual reality accessory called lifestream. This little camera would be attached to your skin and you can physically record your life. Friends can follow you live, in real time, on video! Small cameras connected to city free city wifi follow your every move.

"Space" Book

As the human race expanded into space, Facebook went there with them! In the 2040s more people used Facebook in space than on the Earth, because Facebook was used to share what the "Heroes of the World," were working on 24/7. 


By 2050, people could easily reminisce on the past as Facebook and Oculus Rift created the deathstream + celebrities. Through various partnerships with Death Insurance companies, Elvis can now be streaming live in your living room, and you can communicate with your dead loved one through computer stimulation and memory programs.