An explosive power generator was a pulsed power source that used explosive charges to generate electric current. It started out as the Flux Compression Generator.


In the 1950s, Soviet scientist Andrei Sakharov discovered Magnetic Flux Compression. An explosive compressed the flux of a magnetic field creating electric current in a copper wire. The best use of a flux compression generator was in EMP weapons. The electromagnetic pulse generated by the flux compression generator could short out electronic equipment. This was a disadvantage when it came to electronics. Thus, it was a perfect power source for a weapon that could be used in electronic warfare. Explosive Power Generators like these were used exclusively by the military.


Tech Level: 12

Explosive Power Generators were used in the late 21st century as weapon cartridges. They were used in directed-energy weapons that required a lot of power. The cartridges were capable of withstanding the explosion of the charge. Because they operated in ways similar to conventional weapons cartridges, explosive power generators were already useful for the job once they became more portable. Settings like on a phaser were possible for any directed-energy weapon. Heat and vibrations were problems that were easily solved. The weapon was shielded to prevent EMP troubles. Explosive Power Generators were eventually replaced with safer portable power sources.

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