LThe Nebraska D-k Federal Centre for Vaccine Research was a facility in York County, Nebraska not far fromn Lincoln. The facility in question had 4 Great apes shipped in from Central Africa on 1st May 2017. By 16th of May three of the apes in question were displaying signs of a fever, by the 18th they seemed to be in a frenzy and two (including the one displaying no symptoms) were beaten to death by their peers. By the 19th they were all dead. 

During the autopsy air was inhaled from inside the holding pen by under equipped and under trained staff. The autopsy showed signs of hemoraging and cell decay. They ruled the cause of death to be an unknown form of Dementia.

Two staff members were infected, one rented an apartment in Central City, NE  and the other lived in Lincoln, NE. the one living in Central City was a Medical Student working as an Intern in the facility and then returned to college in Denver in her 1st week of infection. During the symptom incubation the disease was still transferable through sweat and saliva. It's estimated 87 people in Central City, 2,474 in Lincoln and the entire 317 staff of the facility were infected, it's unknown how many were infected en route to Colorado but the Intern died after showing symptoms for only one day and being in Denver only two days, leading to an estimated low amount of infections especially because she stayed at home with the flu.

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