Eva Belle
Jennifer garner 15
49th President of the United States
In Office:

January 20th, 2033- January 20th, 2041

Vice President: Aurelia Takar
Preceded by: Chelsea Clinton
Succeeded by: Zak Brecker
Leader of the Futurist movement
In office:

March 5th, 2014 - January 20th 2041

Preceded by: None (Position created)
Succeeded by: Bella Huevez
Born: November 1 1993,

Houston, Texas


March 8 2084, Zybex, Belle

Nationality: American
Political party: Futurist
Alma mater: None
Occupation: Model, Activist, Thinker, Politician
Religion: Futurist (from 2034)

Jennifer Belle was born on November 1st, 1993 in Houston Texas. She failed at school and dropped out of high school in 2008. She got a job as a waitress at a posh restaurant in Houston and spent the next 2 years there. However in 2010 at the age of 16 she moved to Los Angeles to look for work, which she found in the modelling industry. She appeared in many magazines including playboy and became a small time internet star. But after another 2 months she moved to New York and became a PA to a leading banker. She remained at this post until early 2014 when she left her job to form her own publishing firm, this soon developed into her own political party, the futurist party.

The main idea of the futurist party was to get the world to embrace future technology and to advance the USA ready for a new age, however several other of Belle's personal beliefs were incorporated into the party's manifesto. In 2016 she delegated her job as a publisist and became full time party leader. The party remained abscure during the 2010's but gained media attention when in 2019 celebrity Governor of Tennesse Megan Fox endorsed the party and was made an honorary member. In 2025 Belle merged her party with the Modern US movement and assimilated theyre membership into one "strong futurist party". In February 2026 she had earpiece implants. She led the Futurist party into the 2028 election and performed splendidly, only just being defeated by Clinton's Democrats.

In 2032 she defeated Mrs Clinton and became 49th President of the USA.

In 2034 she began a cultural revolution that was to see all americans being fitted with eplants (forcfully upgraded), all who refused were arrested.

Eva Belle

a 2032 election pin up

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