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European Wars (Scopatore's Future)
European Wars 1
Date July 14, 2035 - September 22, 2056
Location Europe
Status Ended
All of Europe is united.
Northern Union United European Commonwealths

Czechoslovak Union

General Siegfried Maxis

General Franz Ferdinand Admiral Jean Michelle Renault Admiral Leonardo Leon Spitz

General Alessandro Ferrari

General Claudia Antonelli General Jorge Mustapic Admiral Aleksandar Bagdan

About 12,000,000 servicemen and women About 13,000,000 servicemen and women
Casualties and losses
7,000,000 soldier and civilian deaths 7,500,000 soldier and civilian deaths

The European Wars were a series of conflicts that took place on the European continent immediately following the collapse of the European Union and the crash of the Euro currency. After European Forces withdrew from the middle-east, the EU itself dissolved. It was reformed into the Northern Union, composing of Poland, the Benelux Countries, Germany, France, and the Nordic Countries.


After the formation of the Northern Union, some smaller European countries went bankrupt, such as Belgium, when it dissolved amidst chaos in the streets in the Spring of 2040, which prompted France and the Netherlands to partition the country along it's language barries, with Wallonia going to France, and Flanders to the Netherlands. Germany took the partition as an insult, when Germany was refused the opportunity to annex the German-speaking regions of the country. The Balkan Countries fell as well, but with help from the Italians, each country was raised to a stable condition, and formed the United Confederation of Yugoslavia. Hungary had adopted a militaristic leader which was hell bent on restoring Hungary's landmass to that of the WW2-era fascist dictatorship. These three nations would form the United European Commonwealths, after the Northern Union closed it's borders to the famine-stricken southern countries after failing to contain a surge in migration. Thousands of miles west, Canada had engaged in a sort of mini Cold War with the United States, so when the United States supported the Northern Union, the Canadians opted to support the Commonwealths. Trade routes were established with the countries to help with the famine that plagued the regions. 

Early Hostilities

In the East, full blown war between Hungary and Romania had broken out. The expansionist government of Hungary also had it's eyes set on Romanian oil fields (one of the last petroleum reserves in Europe). After a staged attack on the chancellery, tanks rolled across the border, initially making huge gains in Transylvania.


In Summer of 2043. France invaded Spain. In response, the Yugoslav Confederation invaded Greece, and Italy had a two-pronged invasion of France and Austria.