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Union of European States
Ode to Joy
Other cities Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Warsaw, Kiev, Vienna, Rome, Milan
 The Union of European States (commonly referred to as the European Union or Europe) is a nation located mainly on the Europe parts of Eurasia continent, with the exception of Turkey.

The European Union is the world's third largest economy and a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (along with the United States, United Kingdom, Eurasian Union and China). The European Union is made up of 31 states and one Capitol District. It is one of four nations in Europe along with the United Kingdom, Yugoslavia and the Eurasian Union.


The European Union became a nation in 2020. German Chancellor Angela Merkel was elected the first President of Europe and appointed José Manuel Barroso as her prime minister.

Although a powerful figure himself, Merkel was in control of both positions and was the voice of the Union. The European Conservative Party and Social Democratic Party are the two more popular parties along side Merkel's Christian Democratic Party, the Liberal Party and the European Labour Party.

Europe in the 2020s became the third largest economy as well as a leading voice of freedom along side the United States and Great Britain. Europe Presently has six space colonies with two of them outside the solar system.

With Great Britain being it's own country, Germany is the most powerful nation in Europe. Like Russia in the former Soviet Union and current Eurasian Union controlled the affairs and was the de facto leader of the nation. This nearly tore the nation apart into two. A faction of smaller nations wanted a stronger voice in Europe while France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland were loyal to Germany. Six of the seven Presidents have been German with the exception of Jose Gonzalez of Spain who was President from 2075-2082.

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