These terrorist attacks took place in the UK and were devestating to relations with Canada. They were performed by Russians who arrived on a plane from Canada. This led to the British believing that Canada sheltered Russian soldiers and conspired against them. What actually happened involved Putin sending soldiers to Canada to perform the terrorist attacks to provoke war between the UK and Canada and give the Axis Coalition an opportunity to resume war with Europe.


January 2021

  • Jan 4: 8 Russian soldiers, disguised, arrive in Canada.
  • Jan. 8: A pro-Russian pilot who will fly to the UK the next day agrees to store weapons in the plane secretly.
  • Jan. 9: Putin's plams are put into action and the Russians arrive in the UK on the plane from Canada. They then retrieve their weapons and slaughter hundreds at a British airport.
  • Jan. 10: The UK, already in chaos and drawn to radical decision making, declares war on Russia and Canada.
  • Jan. 12: Putin delivers a speech in which he states that Russia and the Axis Coalition will resume its war with Europe.
  • Jan. 18: Russian bombers demolish several key targets in London. The second phase of World War 3 begins.

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