The European Military was formed as a progression of the EU Battle group concept. The intention was to create a vertical force capable of power-projection, rapid deployment and peacekeeping operations.

The force was effectively built around its ground forces, all other aspects were based around helping them to operate or were created to protect these assets.


The European navy was effectively a single carrier battle group. It was based around its aircraft carrier. All other ships were for the protection and support of this ship.


Aircraft Carriers

1; Queen Elisabeth class Aircraft Carrier, EMS Europa. The center piece of the European Navy the Europa was a modified version of the UK's Queen Elizabeth-class, with modifications including a vertical missile launch system (at the demand of the French) and the inclusion of electromagnetic catapults, arrestor wires and an angled flight deck in order to operate naval Eurofighter Typhoons. Air Group, 33 Eurofighters, two Airborne Early Warning craft and five Merlin helicopters.

Amphibious Assault

Two Mistral-class, used to deploy Marines.

Escorts/Surface warfare fleet

Anti-air defense was provided by four Horizon-class guided missile destroyers

Four Horizon-class guided missile destroyers, Provided anti-air defense

Eight FREMM-class frigates, four anti-submarine variants and four General Purpose variants


Three Type 212

Patrol and counter measures

15 Sea class ocean caarble patrol vessels (FSC C3).

Air Force


Ground Forces

Main battle tank = Leopard 2


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