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The European Military was formed as a progretion of the EU Battlegroup consept. The intention was to create a vercitile force caperble of power-projection, rapid deployment and peaceceaping opperations.

The force was efectivly built around it's ground forces, all other aspect were baised around helping them to operate or were created to protect theses assets.


The European navy was efectivly a single carrier battlegroup. It was baised around it's aircraft carrier and all other ships were for the protection and suport of this ship.


Aircraft Carriers

1; Queen Elisabeth class Aircraft Carrier, EMS Europa. The center piece of the European Navy the Europa was a modified vertion of the UK's Queen Elisabeth class, with modifications including a vertical missile launch system (at the demand of the French) and the inclution of electromagnetic catipults, arrestor wires and an angled flight deck inorder to opperate navilised Eurofighter Typhoons. Air Group, 33 Eurofighters, 2 Airborn early warning craft and 5 merlin helecopters.

Amphibious Assalt

2; Mistral class, used to deploy Marines.

Escorts/Surface warfare fleet

Anti-air defence was provided by 4 Horizion class guided missile Destroyers

4; Horrizon class guided missile Destroyer, Provided anti-air defence

8; FREMM class friguits, 4 anti-submarine vairiants and 4 General Prupose variants


3; Type 212

Patrol and counter masures

15; Sea class ocian caperble patrol vessels (FSC C3).

Air Force


Ground Forces

Main battle tank = Liopard 2


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