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The Flag of Norway

Norway had not been a member of the European Union and had no interest in joining it. Norway did however join the American-European Defense Community (AEDC, the successor to NATO). As the Eurasian Union was spreading its influence, Norway had a difficult time maintaining its independence and also, there was a growing desire to unify Europe as a whole.

2030s: The Tide Changes

The European Union was under the control of the Social Democratic Party for most of the 2030s which implemented a series of economic reforms. This convinced Norwegians that joining the European Union was something that should be considered.

Norway was one of five Nations not a part of the Union along with the United Kingdom, Scotland, San Marino, Yugoslavia and Belarus (which was a state in the Eurasian Union).

2040's: Referendum and Annexation

By 2040, 51% of Norwegians wanted to join the European Union and a referendum held two years later reflected that.

Getting the referendum passed was difficult as many were concerned about the German-led Government as well as losing their independence and economic freedom. The European Union proposed the referendum in 2041 and it was unanimously approved by the Norwegian Government.

in 2045, the European Parliament voted on the matter. the Christian Democratic Party was concerned about losing voters as the Norwegians would be enough to keep the Social Democrats in power. It was approved but narrowly.

On January 1, 2050, Norway became the 30th province of the European Union.