Europæisk Forbundsrepublikken
Europese Bondsrepubliek
Euroopan Liittotasavalta
République Fédérale Européenne
Europäische Bundesrepublik
Európai Szövetségi Köztársaság
Evrópa Sambandslýðveldið
Repubblica Federale Europeo
Eiropas Federatīvā Republika
Europejska Republika Federalna
República Federativa Europeia
Европейский Федеративная Республика
Европска Савезна Република
Európska Spolková Republika
Evropska Zvezna Republika
República Federativa Europea
Європейський Федеративна Республіка
Timeline: Scenario: Desire Drive
Currency Euro

The European Federal Republic, also known as the Federal Republic of Europe, is a nation in Eurasia. It was formed in 2090 with the unification of all European nations, along with Cyprus and Turkey, except Russia and Switzerland.

In 2104, Europe participated in the Third World War on the Allied side. After the war, the EFR annexed all of European Russia and a portion of the former Siberian Federal District.

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