Pax, Libertas Libertatis c
CapitalAtlantic City (constitutional), Artemis City (parlimentary)
Other cities New Cairo, Atlantic City, No Man's Land
Demonym Europan, Galilian
Currency Galileo Dollar (§)
Calling code +9000

Europa is a moon that orbits the planet Jupiter. Europa was succesfully colonized by mankind following the success of the Artemis Project.


Project Artemis

Project Artemis, or The Artemis Project, was established in 2020 by the future President of the Europan Parliament Sir Richard Branson of Artemis OE. The projects aim was to colonize the moons of Jupiter, starting with Europa, to create a "resort galaxy", designed with the sole purpose of attracting tourism and with the permanent population consisting primarily of resort staff.

Phase One: Terraforming
1000px-Terra Europa

Fully terraformed Europa.

In June 2021, Self operating terraform machines were transported by Project Artemis to Europa. The process of terraforming lasted six months and by 2022, Europa was fully habitable to humanity.

Phase Two: Colonisation

The first wave of "colonisers" were selected using a online competiton, in which the only requirements were that entrants had to be of working age and were healthy enough to be allowed to fly via a domestic airlines guidelines. The first wave of colonisers were transported to Europa in 2022, on Richard Branson's very own SpaceShipThree.

Ten further waves of colonisers would follow on the improved SpaceShipFour, two in 2024, four in 2025, one in 2027 and three in 2030. In total eleven coloniser ships carrying a combined total of 4880 people travelled to Europa during the second phase of Project Artemis.

Phase Three: Tourism

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