Estelle I (full name: Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary) (23 February 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden - 10 December 2097 in Stockholm) was Queen regnant of Sweden. She was Sweden's fifth queen regnant (the previous four being Margaret, Christina, Ulrika Eleonora and her mother Victoria I). She was the first queen regnant of Sweden to inherit the throne from another queen regnant. She inherited the throne upon the death of her mother, Victoria I, on 21 July 2063. Her father was Prince Daniel, through whom she belonged to the house of Westling.

During Estelle's reign the monarchy in Sweden was given power. When she inherited the throne, she became chairperson of the Swedish foreign committee and she was given the right to propose prime minister to the Riksdag (the Swedish parliament). During her reign, through the influence of several pro-court parties and organizations, among whom the two most influential were the Court Party and the Court Alliance (the latter being an umbrella organization for pro-court parliamentarians from different parties), she was also given the power to veto decisions in parliament and to dissolve it and call for a new election. Upon her death, she was succeeded by her younger brother Oscar III.

She married 3 June 2056 in Stockholm Cathedral to then divorced Prince Sverre Magnus of Norway, who gave up his Norwegian title at their marriage and instead was created Prince of Sweden and Duke of Östergötland. However, the couple had no issue.

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