Iranian War
Part of World War 3
Date Dec. 1, 2019 - Dec. 29, 2019
Location Former Iraq and Syria
Result Iran combines with former Syria and creates the United Islamic Caliphate (UIC)
Iran takes control of Syria

Flag of Iran Iran


ISIS flag Central Caliphate


Flag of Egypt Egypt

Flag of Iran Hassan Rouhani
ISIS flag Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
Flag of Egypt Abdel Fattah el-Sisi
Flag of Iran 200,000
ISIS flag 120,000
Flag of Egypt 100,000
Casualties and losses
Flag of Iran 73,000
ISIS flag 99,450
Flag of Egypt 3,300


At this time, the conflict had recently escalated into a world war. With the world's superpowers preparing for what they knew would be an extremely brutal conflict, Iran began expanding into CC and claimed some Saudi Arabian territory and began a failed invasion of Egypt. This was a relatively short confict, with a relatively small number of deaths compared to the last battle. The conflict did, however, end in the total collapse of the Central Caliphate.


December 2019

  • Dec. 1: Russia begins sending ships to the Gulf of Mexico. Iran invades the Saudi Arabian territory between Iran and CC.
  • Dec. 3: After America declines Saudi Arabian requests for help, Iran takes all the territory given to Saudi Arabia.
  • Dec. 6: Iran threatens CC, telling it to surrender or be invaded. CC responded by bombing Iranian troops in Rutba.
  • Dec. 7. Iran invades CC.
  • Dec. 10: Iran captures Hassake and Deir ez-Zur.
  • Dec. 12: Iran completely solves the pollution problem in Baghdad and begins to rebuild.
  • Dec. 14. Iranian planes bomb strongholds around Damascus, wiping out most of CC's defenses.
  • Dec. 16: Iranian forces arrive in Damascus and begin to attack the city.
  • Dec. 17: Iran takes Damascus easily from a crippled CC and extends its government's influence into former Syria.
  • Dec. 19: Iran annexes CC and sends bombers into Egypt along with a small invasion force. Egypt declares war on Iran.
  • Dec. 29: All Iranian forces are expelled from Egypt in an embarrassing defeat. Iran unites itself with Iraq and Syria under the name "United Islamic Caliphate" and models its geographic structure after that of the United States, referring to Iran, Iraq, and Syria as different "states" in the Caliphate.
  • Dec. 30: Christie assures the American people that he will handle the situation. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on the other hand, informs the people of Israel that that they have been abandoned by their allies and surrounded by their enemies, and that he plans to look to Australia and Europe for an alliance, as the United States is no longer trustworthy. Putin begins finalizing his invasion plans for the rest of western Europe and Scandinavia. China prepares to intervene in middle eastern conflicts, but aims to stay away from war with the United States. The United States begins a naval blockade of Russian seaports acquired from conquering the Baltic States.