President Ventura
Esperanza Havlo
Mainstreet in old town Esperanza.
Country Antarctica
State Havlo
Founded 2018
Government Mayor-council
Mayor Riley Freeman

– Total 19.0 sq mi

Elevation N/A

– Residence 151,540 (2125)

Time zone EST

Esperanza, Havlo is the second largest city in Antarctica. The mayor of Esperanza is Riley Freeman, who was elected in 2127. Esperanza is a major tourist area. The population as of 2125 is at 151,540. The newspaper is the Esperanza Gazette. Famous people born in Esperanza, are Jose Cortez (artist), and Samuel Patrick (actor).

Esperanza has many museums and many high class neighborhoods to live in. Esperanza is home of the Bert Burger Headquarters, a fast food chain in Antarctica. Sports teams include Esperanza Energy - AHA (Antarctic Hockey Association), and Esperanza Spikers - ALB (National League of Basketball).

Esperanza's suburbs include Spanish and Russian towns, Ciudad Fría, and Alexander.


Main article: List of Freeways in Antarctica

An Antarctica High Speed Rail System station stop is in Esperanza. Antarctica National Highway 5 goes from Esperanza to Maksimov, Byrdland. The Esperanza International Airport (ESP) opened in 2030, and is the major airport hub for the Esperanza area. However, the Esperanza Air Grounds is a place for many people with private jets.

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