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Era of Adcuetdentricism, refers to the period of time after the Braleudean War, in South-East Asian countries. Prior to the war, South-East Asian countries were dominated by democratic and communist ideals. When Roamfreun became the first adcuetdentric country in the region, clashes began and escalated into the Braleudean War, of which the Malaysian lost, and the first Braleudean Adcuetdentry was formed on 5 August 2012. The era is believed to have come to an end on 13 August 2014, when the Unified Adcuetdentry adopts the Audevoustoc Policy.

Background Information

Adcuetdentricism arises from the ruins of the first Braleudean Adcuetdentry, a system of which involve post-capitalistic policies, with the reduced doctrine of the original adcuetdentric ideals. However, ever since the Unified Adcuetdentry was formed, adcuetdentric governments using the adcuetdentricism policies are moving back to the original adcuetdentric ideals, such as the passing of laws that favours an unified system of market trading.


Adcuetdentricism originated from Roamfreun, though, an alternative system suggested by Slevelsoin Nuenenorl for the first Braleudean adcuetdentry, during the Braleudean War.


Adcuetdentricism was adopted by at least 6 countries during its peak, thereby creating the Era of Adcuetdentricism, a period of much experimentation with the new adcuetdentric system. Much sucess and development were attributed to adcuetdentricism for countries that adopted the system during the era. However, soon after the Unified Adcuetdentry was formed, tougher regulations are set to restrict non-adcuetdentric laws and policies, and endanger the usage of the adcuetdentricism standards.

Braleude became the only adcuetdentric country to retained the use of adcuetdentricism after the era. Braleude has a federal system, and require gradual adoption of the original adcuetdentric system. The Roucierre Entreutories converted to the original adcuetdentric system through a process known as the Audevoustoc's New Order, however, retained certain adcuetdentricism policies even today.

Countries that adopted the adcuetdentricism system are converting to use the original adcuetdentric system, today.

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