2013: 8th Generation Video Game consoles are released.

  • Sony Playstation 4: The fifth Sony console(including Atari;not including portable systems), no major innovation. It was the first home console to be released in the 8th generation, launching exactly 7 days before the Xbox One. The PS4 was one of the largest advancements in gaming history. In a vain attempt to recapture the market it had won with the PS3. Sony jammed as much technology into the PS4 as they could, hyping it up as the most powerful console ever made. All this technology resulted in low amount of problems with manufacturing and an incredibly good price (reaching US $399 at some points). The PS4 was able to properly transmit visual information to most TVs and monitors and when it didn't work the quality was not that bad(720p). The console was not oftenly criticized for freezing or being unresponsive. Another major advancement was that game makers found it incredibly easy to develop software for it, leading to a massive shortage of games. All of these factors lead to the rise of the console, selling more than 6 million units before 2015. Best Selling Game: "Watch Dogs"

  • Microsoft Xbox One: Sporting some of the most advanced camera based technology in existence the Xbox One was, in practice, considerably as capable as the PS4. The XBone had a large focus on casual gamers (mainly in the form of party games), while still catering to its large hardcore audience. It was also the first major console to not utilise any form of physical media storage (although it did have USB 3.0 sockets) as its primary input. While it still used a game pad (with built in accelerometer) as its primary input the camera technology was so advanced that it could pick out subtle changes in a person's expression at over 7 meters. Many of its games could use both the game pad and camera. Best Selling Game: "Halo: Vengeance"

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