People in the 21st and 22nd century have enjoyed much different forms of entertainment than that of those alive during the 20th century and before. People in the early 21st century (2001-2035) enjoyed video games, watching TV and watching movies. By 2035 more high tech devices had been invented.

2001 - 2035

In 2001 the Playstation 2 computer entertainment system was released in North America. It became a very popular device among young Americans since it played both video games and DVDs, an early form of home video watching. In the mid to late 2000s high definition TVs became almost standard. Music in the early 2000s is widely considered to be some of the worst in the 21st century as it was dominated by "cheesy pop', a music type generally viewed with disapproval since it's decline in popularity as the decade grew to a close, much like disco of the 1970s.

Blu ray discs, a HD replacement for the DVD with far improved storage capability were released in the 2000s, after a shot "battle" with the HD-DVD. However, they would never really take off as they lacked a strong advertising campaign and were quickly overshadowed by the Holographic Disk that was released in the 2010s.

In the 2010s the Playstation 3 system is looked back at to be the most powerful but not the most popular. The popularity of TV in the '10s declined greatly and many cable companies cut back on the number of channels they offered. HD TVs became standard by 2014 and 3D TVs hit the market in 2010 but were not yet powerful or convenient until 2018. Music in the early 2010s shifted from hip hop to electro hop, a form of hip hop and electronic music. By 2019 electronic music was the most popular music genera. Most computers in the 2010s were tablet PCs.

By 2020 video game consoles were able to display near life like graphics. Most movie theatres were closed by 2029, it is very uncommon to see a movie theatre today.

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