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Captain America II is son of the first Captain America I. He is the current Emperor of the Ultimate American Empire. He is son of the Ultimate American Empire's first Emperor Captain America the 1st. He was born on December 21st 2021. CA2 is known also for his promotion of expanding the Communist government of the UAE over it's people.

Early Life

Captain America II was born in Houston, TX 12.21.21 at 5:24 PM. He was named Lloyd Wilson Jr., which he later changed to Captain America the 2nd. He grew up in the suburbs of Houston learning of the struggles of the lower class.

He rose to fame during the 2032 U.S Republican primaries. He helped his father gain followers during the pre-super Tuesday days. As the election became more intense he was moved temporary to his grandma's house in New Orleans. He lived there until late 2032 after his father won the U.S Presidential election. 

His life in Washington D.C. was not private at all with his entire life being filmed. In 2034 Lloyd's life was put at risk when a crazed person opened fire at his 13th birthday party trying to get back at Captain America I for his banning of political parties. 

Great Purge

The Great Purge started in mid 2035, while the Americas were at their vacationing spot in Florida. Throughout the Purge CA2 was a major supporter, which was big news since he represented the teens of the UAE. There is much controversity around the Wilson/America family during the Purge. 

Near the end Captain America II supported ending it. Since the end he has spoken around the country on the Great Purge, and Human Rights. The Great Purge has played a significant role on the UAE's politics post 2045. It hurt CA2 in the 2051 election since he supported it at the beginning.

He was charged on the Great Purge in 2045, and was found not guilty. As was his father.


Captain America the 2nd's father is Emperor Captain America 1st, the UAE's first Emperor. His mother is Penny Wilson or more commonly known as Mrs. America. He is married to Communist advocate Tracy America. He has two children Captain America the 3rd, and Sanser America. 

He is very close to his only living uncle Danny Wilson. Danny is known for being one of the Last 10. He changed the way that the country views the America family, because his father was barely seen with any of his family, and barely spoke of, or about them. 

It is very controversial that many of his family members died during the Great Purge. Many say it's because they had dirt of the then Emperor CA1, but CA2 denies all charges. His cousin Liam became his second in command which used to be CA2's former position.

Ultimate American Empire

Captain America the 2nd is one of the UAE's founding father's. He has been deeply involved in the UAE since it's creation in 2035. 

He started out as the second in command for his father CA1 in 2035 until 2051 with his death. He was then elected to be the country's second Emperor. CA2 has changed the UAE since taking over by expanding the issues that his father worked on.

A poll taken in 2051 found that 62% of Americans find CA2 doing a favorable job, 29% unfavorable, and 9% say that he's doing no job at all. Another poll taken says that 12% like him better that his father, while 88% like his father better.

2051 Emperor Election

On August, 25 2051 the then Emperor Captain America died of Cancer at the age of 56. Captain America the 2nd was named as the temporary Emperor until the election to follow one week later.

Being the temporary Emperor significantly helped CA2 in the polls. On August, 27 CA2 announced his run for the election. The same day CA1's General Franco Dictato announced his run for the election. A few widely unknown people also ran, but none significant enough. Many polls stated that Dictato held a 5 point lead over CA2.

The campaign was very short only lasting a week, both America, and Dictato ran clean campaigns since both were good friends. America chose his father's VP as his own. With The Great Batman on his side many middle road voters sided with America. When Election time came ended Captain America the 2nd won with an electoral vote of 272 to 266. 

His popular vote was less than Dictato's which caused a great controversy. But Dictato refused to fight for the title, and conceded the race to America letting him become the Emperor.


Captain America the 2nd assumed full power the day after the special election. He called all 50 Parliament members, and all members of his cabinet to Washington D. C. to discuss which way to lead the divided nation. After much deliberation they decided to expand on CA1's issues which he tackled.

In the first month he reveled a plan to expand on Foreign Relations, and he tackled the slowing economy. He flew to key states to discuss how to deal with the post Purge America. He fought against a campaign to gain Gun Rights. 

He has defended the death penalty, while defending equal rights. He has been noted for putting America in a more Socialist-Communist State.


Captain America has won 6 awards in his lifetime.

2036-American Nobel prize for Politics

2038-American Noble prize for Debate

2039-American Nobel prize for Biology

2044-American Nobel prize for Peace

2049-American Gold Hammer, and Sickle; for displaying Communism with Honor (Highest award for a(n) civilian)

2050-American Nobel prize for Algebra


Captain America is one of the most influential people in American Communism. He has showed great interest since 2034. He helped his father decide on some important issues throughout the country that dealt with Communism. 

CA2 has been known for being less severe than his father. Though he has expanded Communism to every household , and room in America. He has expanded his own powers far beyond what his father's was.

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