Coat of Arms of Captain America's Family.

Captain America was born Lloyd Wilson on August, 24 1995. He grew up to become Captain America I the leader of the Ultimate American Empire.

Early Life

Lloyd was born in Houston Texas in the middle of what would be known as the pre-depression era. Lloyd lived in the poverty stricken area making him understand the low class of America. He was an excellent child. Exceeding in everything in school. He graduated 12th of his class. He went to A&M for 10 years to gain a political science degree. He joined the Republican party early on when he was 19, and as his collage years progressed so did his career. He became a figure head in politics though never becoming elected. He soon chose to run for a very important political position in his country, the Presidency.

2032 Election, and Presidency

Lloyd Wilson joined the Republican primaries  in early 2032. He showed little promise as in the beginning losing the Iowa, and Maine primaries in last place, but as the primaries proceeded his fan base gained great popularity. President Ryan started to struggle in the polls losing much of his shine before Super Tuesday. 

When Super Tuesday rolled around Wilson won every state bringing him to second behind Ryan. the rest of the Republican primaries were loss after loss for Ryan as Wilson stole the spotlight, and in August Wilson was chosen as the Republican nominee. Almost everyone was surprised since Ryan was rerunning, and since Wilson had never been elected before. The Democrat party nominated was Dodge Robinson, the mayor of New York 2028-2033. The election was very tense with the Democrats, and Republicans fighting to keep control of their respected houses. In the end of October Robinson was found to be cheating on his wife at an underground strip bar. When election night came around Wilson won the election with 279 electoral votes, and 76,332,041 votes. Robinson lost with 259 electoral votes, and 74,030,002 votes. Republicans took an overwhelming majority of the Senate, and Congress. Many of the minorities were attracted to Wilson, while many of the upper class was attracted to Robinson's tax proposals.

Wilson was inaugurated January, 20 2032. He gained unprecedented popularity through being able to talk his way in, and out of a situation. His popularity reached an all time high in February 2034 with a 89% approval rating. On July, 16th he signed an executive order banning all political parties including his. He blamed the way that people backed parties, and not people the reason for doing it. A week later he banned the Senate, and Congress from meeting, and conspiring. Surprising he was able to get away with it. In December 2034 he banned the Supreme Court from meeting also, and claimed to be the savior of America. On December, 13th he appeared on all networks, and proclaimed himself the supreme ruler, and took the name Captain America I. Many protests broke out, and the country seemed to be breaking apart. Captain America appeared December, 31st, and read out what would later become the constitution of what he named as the Ultimate American Empire. In 2035 Captain America took the steps needed to usher in a new government, and a new culture. He feared that the protests would soon become more. Captain America declared that the country would need a "cleaning" before they could move forward. Captain America's presidency ended August, 24th 2035 when he won the 2035 Emperor's election. 

Great Purge

Captain America feared for the future of the new born UAE so he secretly met with his advisers to talk about what to do. He decided that the only way was to get rid of them forcibly. In mid 2035 as Captain America was getting ready for the first Emperor election against his opponent Henry Ford many citizens revolted. Captain America responded by letting the military kill, and attack anyone who opposed them, and it didn't matter what, or who it was. The Great Purge last for 9 years until June, 2044. The Purge is called Captain America's biggest mistake, because he killed many innocents. The Purge was the cause of over 181 million people's deaths.

Captain America was tried for the Purge in 2045 before the second Emperor election, but was found not guilty. Captain America has tried after the end of the purge to get the public to side with him again. The Purge played a very important part in politics since. 

Emperor, and Ultimate American Empire

Lloyd Wilson was named Captain America in December, 2034. He proclaimed the USA to become the UAE in 2034. Captain America was elected to be the UAE's first Emperor in 2035 beating his opponent Ford. Captain America treated his position with the highest of respect, and making himself untouchable by everyone, and everything. 

Captain America Started many traditions for the UAE in his first term. He ended the Great Purge in 2044 to help with his public image to help him win the second Emperor election. He won reelection, and continued to turn the UAE into a model Communist state. Many were surprised after everything to find out that America wanted to turn the country into a Communist nation.

Captain America is considered a Man-God by many inside of the UAE. He is considered to be right under God. Very few still opposed him after the Great Purge. Captain America considered the UAE, and him to be one.

Death, and Legacy

Since 2048 Captain America's health had been lessening more, and more. In 2050 he was told to have cancer, but in a frantic attack hid it from the public in fear of losing public support. His health worsened even more over the passing weeks. 

He was checked into a top-secret hospital to try to better his health. He died of cancer on 8-25-2051. His last words were "Tell them that I trust their judgment." Captain America was sworn in as Emperor the day after his father's death. He went on to win the 2051 special election.

Captain America plays a big part in UAE's politics. Over 1,000 different monuments have been constructed, and dedicated to him. The biggest is the new Captain America courthouse in Washington D.C. He is considered the father of modern Communism.

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