Name Emma
Title Queen of the United States of America, of Puerto Rico, of American Samoa, of Guam, of the Northern Mariana Islands, of the United States Virgin Islands, and of the Minor Outlying Islands
Reign December 5, 2040 - present
Coronation July 4, 2043
Predecessor King Matthew I
Successor-Type Heir Apparent
Spouse Andrew, Grand Prince
Full Name Emma Jacqueline Louise

Titles and Styles

Her Majesty The Queen
Royal House House of Boston
Royal Anthem Vivat Regina ("Long live the Queen")
Father King Matthew I
Mother The Hon. Lisa Norgate, Baroness Norgate (surrogate)
Date of Birth

March 16, 2025

Date of Death
Date of Christening March 30, 2025

Queen Emma is the Sovereign of the United States and their territories.

Emma was the oldest daughter of King Matthew I, the first Sovereign of the United States. She inherited the throne at age fifteen, but as Congress ruled she was not of proper age to take the throne, her aunt Princess Madeleine ruled in her stead as Princess Regent until her eighteenth birthday.

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