The Modern Republic of Italy was founded in 2037 after the events of World War 3. The new parliament was founded, although two political parties remained and one new one was formed. Terms last four years and any Prime Minister can be elected only three times during their life time.

630 seats are available

316 seats for a majority


Italian Parliament
Date Votes Seats Status Prime Minister Opposition Leader
 % # # +/–
2037 31% 18,547,300 249 New Peace NOW!-PoSD Coalition (Coalition Colour: Orange)

For a majority:

316 seats

249 Seats (Peace NOW!)

199 seats (PoSD)

448 in total

Giovanna di Caprio (Peace NOW!)
Edmondo Cetta (Italian Pride)
Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore

Political Parties

Italian Parliament
Political Party Leader Ideology Position 2037 Election Perc.
Italian Pride

Orgoglio Italiano

Edmondo Cetta Ultra nationalism

Social conservatism

Far Right Decrease28% 182 seats
Party of Social Democracy

Partido della Socialdemocrazia

Valentina Accardi Social Democracy


Centre Decrease29% 199 seats
Peace NOW! Giovanna di Caprio Environmentalism

Socialism Pacifism

Left 31% (NEW) 249 seats

Leader Profiles

Giovanna di Caprio

Giovanna di Caprio is currently the first Prime Minister of the Modern Republic of Italy. She was elected in November 2037 with a majority of just 2%. She had to form a coalition with PoSD (Party of Social Democracy). Di Caprio was born on 16 February 2002 in the poor town of Africo situated in the Southern Italian region of Calabria. It has been described as a mafia breeding spot and her poor upbringings have fuelled her socialistic views. Di Caprio had been a massive pacifist voice during World War 3, and once elections were announced at the end of World War 3, and the fall of the fascist government, she quickly assembled her own party called Peace NOW! Which won a surprising landslide in the brand new Modern Republic of Italy.

Valentina Accardi

Valentina Accardi is currently the leader of the Party of Social Democracy and Deputy Prime Minister. She was elected to the Deputy PM post in November 2037 as part of a coalition with Peace NOW! Accardi was born on 9th May 2003 in Sicily. When she was growing up, she was part of the old social democracy party called Democratic Party. She was elected to the party as the first leader after Mariza Ramos was assassinated by the fascist group who took over the country during World War 3.

Edmondo Cetta

Edmondo Cetta is currently the opposition leader in the Italian Parliament. He was elected to the leadership of Italian Pride in 2038 after the election in 2037. Cetta was born on 17th August 1986 into the wealthy area of Bologna in Northern Italy. Whilst growing up, he was seen as a prominent social conservative and sometimes campaigned for fascist issues. He has been a very controversial leader already, giving support for the fascist government that was up during World War 3.

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