Eighth Crusade

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Eighth Crusade
Location Across Europe

.Russia .Germany .Sweden .Norway .England .Italy

Result .End of Islam in Europe

.Destruction of ISIS .Decline in Islam .Collapse of the European Union

With the Islamic State threatening many Syrian civilians fled there homes and escaped there war torn country, and took asylum in Europe. However

The Syrian Refugee Crisis (2011-2017)

With the civil war in Syria threatening the lives of many Muslims, over thousands of people left the country, migrating to other countries to take asylum. But instead of going to the rich Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia and , where they would be safe and live in a familiar environment, the Muslims traveled to Europe instead.

The Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, allowed Muslim migrants to take refuge in Europe. At first it seemed like a good idea, many Europeans believed the asylum seekers to be women and children, however a large majority of them were terrorists and members of ISIS.


Many Europeans were upset by the Chancellors decision. The Muslims Merkel allowed into Europe provided nothing to their countries

On New Years Eve of 2015 a women in Cologne, Germany was raped by Muslim immigrants. She was but the few victim of Muslim rapes occurring across the continent. Not only that, but the migrants caused violence across the continent, killing non-Muslims in the name of Islam. But instead of taking action the

Meanwhile in America, President Obama allows Muslims to enter the United States even after the horrific events caused by them.

The Popes Decision ()

Pope Francis then calls on a war against Muslims in Europe, dubbing it 'the Eighth Crusade' and becomes the first Pope to call on a Crusade in over 500 years. Russia became the only country at the moment to actually revolt against Muslims. Other European leaders however, disagree with the Popes choice . President Obama acknowledges the Crusade as well, but . Despite there decisions the citizens of Europe and even North America revolt against their leaders and kill many Muslim citizens.

The aftermath of the war led to the decline in Islam and the Muslim population.

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