This facet basically involves making less while simultaneously using more, therefore making the most of whatever is produced. In the olden days, when there were not so many things being produced, tools generally had many uses or were often used and used repetitively. In the future, tools will be used for more applications. The most prominent example of material efficiency is that of computers. As technology continues to advance, computers will become ever more complicated and flexible in purposes. Already, computers have many various purposes and uses; in the future, not only computers, but many other appliances, will also have this multi-functionality, such as cars and desks.

Key Terms


Simple answers are often the best answers depending on the constraints. Frustration is often the leading cause of mistakes. Things that cause the least frustration are often simple to use, simple to learn and simple to understand.


Moors aw has shown that more components can fit in a given area if the parts are smaller.


By combining components more room is left over for other things.


Components all run the same algorithm. All parts operate at the same time. If one component fails others take its place limiting the affects failure rate.


Get the most done in the least amount of steps.

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