Ecoism is a political, social, and environmental philosophy which has come to dominate much of the world as of 2109.

Ecoist PhilosophyEdit

  1. Humans are only a type of animal with a unique niche.
  2. Human technological capabilities should be used to protect nature and aid the world.
  3. A greater national organization should exist and use its powers to promote peace and environmentalism.
  4. All natural organisms that do solely exist to harm humans (such as certain diseases) should possess the right to live in their natural ecosystems.
  5. Human-dependent species, such as some types of farm crops, pets, and domesticated animals should be protected from cruelty and misuse.
  6. Humans should, in all ways, work towards space travel, in order to preserve the species of Earth.
  7. Cultural traditions are never to be held more important than the environment or human rights.
  8. The following human rights are to be universal:
  • The Freedom to express oneself, through speech, the media, the internet, and peaceful mass-protests.
  • To not be forced to partake in any military action.
  • The ability to be sexually active in any manner with any willing person.
  • To receive no unfair punishments.


Various environmentalist organizations had existed throughout history, however, by the year 2021, many of these groups, such as the US Green Party, had collapsed or been taken over by various political or corporate machines. On July 23, 2021, a Puerto Rican woman by the name of Laura Olvido published a book called Género Homo, which described humans like any other animal, and discussed how billions of years of evolution had changed forever. This book was very controversial, with some people claiming that it changed their lives, and others stating that it was a horrible book. Despite the controversy, the book was extremely well-selling, and was translated into English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and many other languages. Olvido later published another book, Ecoismo which outlined her philosophy.

Ecoist Party USAEdit

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