동부 연합
ทางตะวันออก สหพันธ์
கிழக்கு கூட்டமைப்பு
Mashariki Shirikisho la
Federasi Timur
Timeline: Ridiculous Future (map game)
Shrine Maiden of Paradise
CapitalCheongju (Main)
Seoul (Legislative)
Incheon (Judicial)
Bangkok (Executive)
Demonym Eastern Federationan
Currency Eastern Federation Baht

The Eastern Federation is a nation located in East Asia and Africa.


Tokyo declared independence from Japan in 2013 as the Empire of Greater Tokyo. By 2016, Tokyo manages to conquer all of Southern Japan except for Okinawa Prefecture, which fell to the Jiang Shi Republic of Miyako. Later in 2016, Tokyo invaded South Korea and managed to conquer them in 2017 after the Musical battle was won by the Iku Nagae cosplayers. Upon conquering South Korea, the Empire of Greater Tokyo was changed into the Seoul-Tokyo Federation. In 2019, the Seoul-Tokyo Federation invaded North Korea to unite the Korean people. North Korea fell in 2020 upon the arrest of Kim Jong-Un. Later in the year Thailand signed a treaty with Seoul-Tokyo to form the Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok Federation. Some years later, as coastal China, Malaysia and Western Indonesia were annexed, the country was renamed to the Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya Federation. When Eastern Africa was also annexed, the country was renamed to the Seoul-Tokyo-Bangkok-Beijing-Srivijaya-Africa Federation. In 2093, it was renamed to the Eastern Federation for lack of a better name.

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