Eastern European War

Map of the War (Coming soon)

Date 10 June 2094 – 3 September 2120
Location Eastern Europe
Result NATO Victory
  • Collapse of the Eurasian Union
  • Establishment of Siberia
  • Creation of the United Nations European Protect Force


Belarus Baltic Union Poland Finland Czech Republic Hungary Co-belligerents: Norway Germany


Eurasian Union

Co-belligerents:  Kazakh Incorporated Areas Communist Party of Eurasia

Commanders and leaders
NATO Leaders

Andrick Denisovich  Jaraslaŭ Malashonak

Jan Kowalski Matti Mäkinen

Eurasian Leaders

Viktor Dmitry Dmitryievich Mihail Anatoly Anatolyevich Denis Yakov

Casualties and losses
Military dead:

9,000 Civilian dead: 800

Military dead:

14,000 Civilian dead: 1,100

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The Eastern European War was a War that lasted from June 10 2094 to 3 September 2120, it also started the Second Phase of the Second Cold War, which was slowly ending