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America; North, Central

Name Population Gained Independence from...
California 111,506,000 United States
Texas 106,504,000 United States
United States 105,533,000
Mexico 101,876,000
Kansas Central 97,344,000 United States
Guatemala 90,676,000
Pennsylvania (FAROP) 66,654,000 United States
Florida 54,506,000 United States
South Michigan 53,504,000 Michigan
Ohio 50,145,000 United States
Canada 46,505,332
Wentoak (Washington and Oregon) 41,320,000 United States
Georgia 35,040,000 United States
North Carolina 26,865,000 United States
Bermuda 23,000,000 United Kingdom
Dakota 22,353,000 United States
Democratic Republic of Cuba 20,355,000
Utah 16,512,000 United States
Arkansas 14,514,000 United States
Haiti 13,058,000
Maine 12,111,000 United States
Dominican Republic 11,883,000
Central American Republic 10,001,000 Costa Rica
Costa Rica 9,980,000
Caribbean Alliance 9,653,000 British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Anigua, Barbuda, Puerto Rico, Dominica, Guadeloupe
Hawaii 7,231,000 United States
Confederate State of South Carolina 6,321,000 United States
Panama 5,001,000
Trinidad & Tobago 3,124,000
Panama South-of-Canal 3,052,000 Panama
Jamaica 2,673,000
El Salvador 2,504,000
Saint Lucia 2,202,000
Belize 1,998,000
Martinique 1,977,000 France
Saint Vincent 1,210,000 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Barbados 1,109,000
Bahamas 1,001,000
Alaska 995,000 United States
Greenland 994,000
Grenada 653,000
Wyoming 642,000 United States
Delaware 402,000 United States
Whitehorse 301,000 Canada
New Russian Alaska 245,000 United States
Brice Kad Island 192,000
Saint Barthelemy 122,000 France
Saint Pierre and Miquelon 91,000 France
New Montserrat 65,000
Cherri 37,000
Sint Maarten 36,000 Netherlands
Nansart Greenland Southern Tip (STG) 21,000 Denmark
Xinghao Chinese Territory 3,000 China
Montserrat 1,500
Seganetwork 247
Chinese Other Region 209 China

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