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The World 2037

Green-United States of America and Allies Sky Blue-Russian Federation Yellow-Federation of China Blue-European Union Dark Sky Blue-Nordland Confederacy.

Welcome...To the World in...2037

The 2000s and 2010s seen econmic collapsment across the globe as Gas prices and Wars kept fueling up the US and European Economy nearly collapsed. As the Egyptian revolution took place in the 2011 as did the Arab spring, most Arab countries united but Nationlist Groups in Egypt took over and kept Egypt a independent nation.

In the 2016 N.Korea was facing mass famine, Kim-Jong Un meet with Western Allies and to re-unifiy the Korean pensuila. In 2018 a new nation, Democratic Federation of Korea was born as Kim-Jong-Un steped down but the U.N appuladed him for a peaceful reunification of the Country.

As Econmic downturn seeped through the cracks into 2020s, Tibetan nationalist groups revoulted and the frailing PRC couldn't keep the Nation in control, with the vestiges of Communism seeping from the World, in 2014 Cuba's communist party was overthrown and Vietnam and Laos united under a Federation. Myanmar and Thailand formed the Southeast Asian Confederacy and Kazakhastan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgistan formed the Central Asian Republics.

In the 2025 China's communist party step down and the Nationalist party took over dissolving the PRC and Reuniting Taiwan and Mainland China in Forming the Chinese Federation which like India, Russia and Europe are surpassing USA in World power status. 2026 the Scandinavian Countries including GB and Estonia formed the Nordland Confederacy which formed a new Econmic Superpower bloc in Europe.

In the Early 2030s Canada and The US formed the North American Union...


The Technology in 2037 is seen as sort of Near-Future in Early 21st standards. Drones and other Robotic dominate the Millitary and Security forces of the World by now. There no hovercrafts yet but all if not all most Cars are Electronic solar fuel. Houses are fueled by Solar and wind energy.
Solar powered Car 2

Car in the 2030s

Computers are more advanced then they were in the late 20th century. Mid 21st century Computers have more AI, AI also advanced by early 21st Standards.

Medicine: Most dieseas like colds, flus are mostly cake walk in the 2030s, medicine advanced so much people are living 130+, Cancer, HIV/AIDS and other deadly fatal diseases have cures.

Also technology in the 2030s help keep the enivorment clean and new tech also is helping elminate worldwide hunger a dream come true.


Just like the Geo Poltics of the World, Grim fate.

Climate in 2030s escepially 2037 is not in a bad shape as it was in the early 21st century a improvement but still a long work need to go. Less Lakes, Rivers and Forestes around the World are less polluteted but efforts are being made by the UN to halt the Deforstation of the Rainforestes of South America and Africa.


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