Its 2024.The Bell Riots are soon to happen, and War is on the Horizon. Take control of a Nation on Earth, and lead it to prosperity, or to its demise.


Its never to late to Join!!!!

United States of America- (Pros- Biggest and Best Navy, second largest and best equipped and trained Air force, and strong Economy) (Cons- Weak relations with Eastern Coalition and Russian Federation, and some Political Instability at home, over 14 trillion dollars in debt.) God Bless the United States of America 03:33, March 11, 2011 (UTC)

Eastern Coalition- (Pros-Largest Military, high population and strong Economy) (Cons- Weak relations with the US and European Union,low amount of Resources compared to Population)

Russian Federation- (Pros- Strong Political stability, Large amount of resources and Strong Military) (Cons- Weak relations with the US and European Alliance)

European Union- (Pros- Best Economy, and good relations with Australia and the US) (Cons- weak military, and low resources)

South American Confederation- (Pros-Developing economy and Large Amount of resources) (Cons- Poor Economy, and weak military)

Hispanic Commonwealth- (Pros- Strong relations with South America and the US) (Cons- Poor Economy, and weak military)

Middle East Alliance- (Pros-Good Relations with all, and large amount of resources) (Cons- Weak Military, Islamic radicals)

African Union- (Pros-Developing Economy,and large amount of resources) (Cons- Poor Economy, and weak military, revolutionary ferver)

Australia Commonwealth- (Pros- Good relations with most nations, and good economy) (Cons- Low Population,and weak military.)


1. Every turn is equal to one month, with one turn per day. The game starts in 2024 right before the bell riots, and will end in 3000.

2. Be plausible.

3. Play nice.

4. No Aliens, United Earth, or FTL till 2060. Even after United Earth is founded, you don't have to join (The US certainly won't be joining. :P )

5. This is modeled after events in Star Trek. However, they are alternate from that. However, I make no claim to rights of that franchise.

6. Have fun!!!!!!!


I will be the sole mod for this game. I will accept all grammar so long as it's English, and able to be translated. I will crack down on Impossibility (such as Russia taking over the European Union in 3 turns). Once a month a challenge will be thrown in(such as a earthquake, etc..) That the player responds to during one of his or hers turn.

2024 ,January

  • First Map


  • ===Official Challenge-A recent UN study believes that there is around 300 Billion Barrels of untapped Oil in Antarctic. What does your Nation do?===

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