Earth is the third planet from the Sun. Earth is divided into nineteen independent nations, with the Sino-Korean Federation, Japan, the European Federation, the Federation of Vinland and Amazonia, and India being the major powers on the planet. Despite some movements advocating for a unified Earth, the remaining nineteen nations continue to remain separate, instead working mostly together via the Neo-League of Nations.


By 5300, the Earth is on average cooler, being fifteen degrees Celsius lower than the average temperature back in the early twenty-first century. The sea levels have receded quite a bit, being below thirty-five metres lower overall. The ice caps have also grown quite a bit, with a few former settlements in the extreme north, such as Svalbard and far northern Canada having been abandoned. Typhoons/Hurricanes above Category 3 are extremely rare. Winters last longer, and blizzards are more common. Snow can appear at any time year round.

Deserts have been reduced a bit in places like Australia, parts of North Africa, and parts of Mexico thanks to technology and efforts to create new farmland, and also allowing to support more population. Coral reefs have managed to regrow and spread after a disastrous 21st and early 22nd century in which they saw a sharp decline.


Various animals, old and new, roam the Earth. Animals such as the woolly mammoth and the dodo, were brought back to life in the 2300s. Some animals that were either threatened (such as polar bears) or on the way to extinction, have managed to avoid extinction thanks to conservation efforts, and by 2500, are no longer a concern. Polar bears are now thrice their population in 2500.


With the oceans being thirty-five metres lower, the new lands were settled upon. Parts of Doggerland had re-emerged, and both the Netherlands and England (Republics in the European Federation) border each other. Denmark now has a land border with Sweden and Norway as well. Sri Lanka reconnected with India, and Australia and the Confederation of South East Asia also have a land border.

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