Earth is the third planet from the Sun. Earth is divided into sixteen independent nations, with the Sino-Korean Federation, Japan, the European Federation, the Federation of Vinland and Amazonia, and India being the major powers on the planet. Despite some movements advocating for a unified Earth, the remaining sixteen nations continue to remain separate, instead working mostly together via the Neo-League of Nations.


By 5300, the Earth is on average cooler, being fifteen degrees Celsius lower than the average temperature back in the early twenty-first century. The sea levels have receded quite a bit, being below thirty-five metres lower overall. The ice caps have also grown quite a bit, with a few former settlements in the extreme north, such as Svalbard and far northern Canada having been abandoned.

Deserts have been reduced a bit in places like Australia, parts of North Africa, and parts of Mexico thanks to technology and efforts to create new farmland, and also allowing to support more population.

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