Timeline: Scenario: Desire Drive
CapitalKyoto-Osaka-Kobe and Nanjing
Currency Earth Yuan

The Terran Federal Republic, also known as the Federal Republic of Earth, is a nation in the Solar System.

The nation was first established in Year 12,000 after the merging of China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, and Europe. The last nation to join the Federal Republic was the Buddhist League, which entered in 15,000 by the order of Byakuren Hijiri. Switzerland will remain the only nation to not join the Federal Republic, instead continuing its maintained independence and neutrality.

The Federal Republic has two capitals, one in Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe (also known as Keihanshin) and one in Nanjing.


The de facto official languages are Japanese and Mandarin, which became lingua franca of the Earth and used in businesses, education, and the government. All other surviving languages, such as Korean, Portuguese, German, French, Thai, Danish, Spanish, Hindi, Vietnamese, Arabic and Indonesian, along with a few others, will continue to be taught as secondary languages to ensure their continued survival by the descendants of the native speakers. Many people will easily be able to speak three or more languages by this point.

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