This page is about the earpods used in Britain following law 2315B, for other earpods mentioned in SE-15 see Aural Techology.

The first earpods were designed personally by President Tyler in late 2064 ready for their release as part of law 2315B.

The earpods were advertised as having several functions:

  • Music Players
  • Mobile communicators
  • Hearing aids
  • Personal computers
  • Personal educators
  • Allow information to be downloaded into the brain

However earpods also had other functions:

  • Mind control devices
  • Allow information to be wiped from the brain

The earpods compose of a long (several centimetres) earbud that extended right to the ear drum and an external pod that contained a small but powerful computer, these were inserted into both ears.

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British citizens wearing earpods, c.2065

Public reception to the introduction of earpods in early 2065 was very good. People were happy with this new technology and of its uses.

London 2065

British citizens c.2069

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British citizens, c.2065

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