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  1. Hey guys, I have been working on a project the last few weeks, and I am ready to reveal it to you all.


Instead of making a complex backstory, I'll just give you guys a summary of the map game. In the mid 2030s, an international arms limitation talk bans the usage of nuclear weapons. This agreement was called SALT III after the preceding two talks between the US and the Soviets. This was meant as a way to secure peace between the powers, but it just removed the chains of MAD from the world, spiraling it into chaos. 20 years later, the third world war began. The conflict lasted seven years, and ended with the largest threat ever to face humanity. Kinetic Bombardment. It has been ten years since then. The world has been shaken with the rebellions in Europe and the Americas. Tensions are high, and no one could possibly predict what happens next. Will the chains of MAD be restored with this new weapon? Or will the world plunge itself into war for the final time?


  • Downfall Map


Mods wanted. Game may not start without these positions filled. Post on my wall if you are interested.

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  • Lord Kemrii 5 turns (2070-2075) due to implausibility. (under review)



The Aztlan Integratory Front is officially recognized by Mexico. Due to Aztlan's status as a terrorist organization, they are immediately sanctioned for doing so.

The military junta in The United States cracks down on riots in the city of Allentown, PA; leading to mass unrest in the Eastern US.

A mass exodus of people from Texas and the Southwestern US settles in Western Dixie, creating a refugee crisis within the nation

The Sumatran Syndicalists continue to be pushed back by Indonesian forces, and being close to collapse, the leaders seek asylum inside in Siam.

  • Dixie Flag (Downfall) Dixie: The Second Constitutional Convention is concluded, with the following practices being adopted. The President of Dixie shall be elected to one 5 year term, and is eligible for re-election once. This is done by popular vote using the Ranked Vote System. Congress is split into two houses, the lower house being the Assembly of the Republic, while the upper house is the Senate. The Senate is a skewed proportional system, with the third most populous states having 3 senators, the middle third having 2, and the lower third having 1. The Senate is elected every three years for a maximum of three terms. The Assembly is a completely proportional system, with a maximum of 100 Assembly Representatives in the Assembly. They are up for re-election every 4 years with a maximum of two terms. The Supreme Court has 12 judges, which must be re-appointed by Congress every 5 years. The people may also propose laws, and after 100,000 signatures on a proposition, it goes to a nationwide referendum. Congress allows the refugees to settle inside refugee camps in Oklahoma, and is giving incentives in the form of tax deductions to people who allow refugees to settle in their land.
  • Flag of the Philippines Philippines: The government plans to rise the country from being a war torn nation, by reviving the economy and maintaining social order. 60% of what used to be Metro Manila is slowly demolished as they are abandoned and deteriorating from water flooding the streets. After a referendum, the provinces are united into 10 larger provinces. The capital is also moved to Tagbilaran, which was barely affected by destruction from previous wars and is also in a central geographical location. Still inhabited portions of the National Capital Region, including the cities of Valenzuela, Paranaque, and the surviving portions of Quezon City, Malabon, Muntinlupa and Pasig merge into the Tondo Megacity. Strict immigration policies are also into effect due to the conflicts occurring in other areas of South East Asia.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: In the Presidential elections of March, although progressive leader Alexi Kravchenko shows a strong showing with his 'Peace and Progress' campaign, winning 24.3 percent of the vote, Spiridonovich Putin Mdy., son of the Putin political family, wins with an overall 67% majority against other candidates by his 'Peace through Unity' campaign, securing the United Russia party another victory. Putin, although having led the victory of Russia in the Third World War, faces corruption allegations, which he denies in its entirety. The Russian economy slows down for the fifth year in a row, GDP growth slowing to 3.5% growth. Putin promises to not pursue any more wars in Russia's near future, although he says that he will declare war if he needs to. In addition, he intends to communicate with 'ally' Finland to begin talks for a detente with the Northern Defence League, stating that it is hurting Russia to be involved in war all the time, and that it is time for the world to 'cool down'. The Defence Ministry states that the Kinetic Bombardment Satellite will not be used against our neighbour, China, nor the United States, 'in the forseeable future'. In addition, Russia expresses interest in having talks with the Californian Republic and the United States of Dixie for a similar detente.
    • Mod Response: The NDL refuses to enter any talks with Russia, mainly due to the peoples' sentiments towards the Russian government.
    • Dixie Flag (Downfall) Dixie Dip: We agree, due to the fact that Russian funding secured our independence from the US.
  • True Flag of Scandinavia Scandinavia: The Capital is established in the centrally located City of Oslo and Parliament is housed in a new, purpose-built Parliament Building constructed in an 18th century Royal Scandinavian style. Meanwhile, the United House of Glucksburg (formed via a marriage between the King of Norway and Queen of Sweden, followed by a marriage between the Norway-Swedish Crown Prince and the Crown Princess of Denmark) is seated at the Royal Palace in Oslo, renamed the Palace of Scandinavia. The various other noble houses of Scandinavia are retained and not illegitimised, spawning a semi-noble class comparable to England's. All three countries are completely integrated into the new nation and the country is strictly non-Federal with there being no regional Parliaments. In the aftermath of the War, citizens of the newly formed country mingled around and migrated throughout the country to forge new lives after the great upheaval. Thus, a large portion of the population no longer resides where their linguistic heritage may have originated from (basically many Danes don't live in Denmark anymore and vice versa). As a result, all three languages are recognised as official languages and since most of the population is already trilingual (English, and two of the three languages due to migration and integration), all four languages are thought in school, making the younger generation quadri-lingual. This reflects Scandinavia's revival of technocratic, educated ideas; with the general idea being to spawn a well-informed, intelligent voting population that may be trusted to run the country well. As a little bit of trivia (and partly to give you an idea of what I'm trying to do): education to the University level is mandatory with both primary and secondary education free while tertiary education is subsidised. Also, the subject of Humanities is made compulsory from upper secondary onward. Cultural education and philosophical topics are thought such as units where students are introduced to different religions from an empathetic yet objective perspective, as well as topics such Romanticism and Utilitarianism.
  • Flag of Indonesia Indonesia: Measures are taken to weaken the influence the Sumatran rebels have on the island. As the leaders of the group are currently in Siam, efforts are made to deradicalise the Sumatran peoples, and known rebel camps are infiltrated and shut down. No legal action is taken against rebel sympathisers as of yet, for concern that this may decrease public opinion of the government and incite further unrest in Sumatra. Funding for the State Intelligence Agency is increased, in hopes of ending the Sumatran insurgency by utilising information on rebel camp locations, affiliates and members. 3 new destroyers are deployed in Jakarta, and plans to further strengthen the navy are in the works, including an aircraft carrier. An offer is extended to Malaysia, Singapore, and Papua New Guinea, suggesting that a federation be formed for regional security and the prosperity of Southeast Asia. All nations involved in this endeavour will be given equal say in domestic and foreign affairs. [Mod Response]
    • Mod: They are not yet in Siam, they have merely requested asylum.
  • Flag of Argentina Argentina: The elections are held this year with María Narváez from the Justicialist Party, Guillermo Bronzini from the Republican Proposal and Francisco Ocaña from the Socialist Party being the main candidates. Due to a close race the voting had two rounds, and ended with María Narváez from the Justicialist Party winning and becoming the new President. The military receives a slight boost in budget, mostly towards the navy. The government is looking to establish a regional organisation focusing around the Southern Cone, and proposes negotiations with Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay on the idea. [Player/Mod Responses] Meanwhile the Islas Malvinas and South Georgia Islands are fully integrated into the Tierra del Fuego Province.
    • Mod Response: Chile and Uruguay accept this proposal.
    • Flag of ParaguayParaguayan Dip: Paraguay accepts the proposal
  • Flag of Serbia Serbia: Now controlling the majority of our pre-1992 territory, Parliament votes unanimously to officially reform the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The motion is signed into law by newly elected President Maximoff. Some of our more extreme subjects in Macedonia and Slovenia are expected to be outraged, so troop deployment to those regions is increased. We place a heavy emphasis on military development, and coal mining. We reach out to our longtime ally of Russia, and ask to sign a new, mutual defense treaty. In return, the Russians will receive a large amount of coal. (Russian Response Needed)
    • Flag of Russia Russian Diplomacy: We accept the offer for a defence treaty. We hope to have a conducive relationship with Yugoslavia from now on.
  • Flag of Greece (1970-1975) Greece: The capital of the kingdom is officially moved from Athens to Constantinople after the victory against Turkey. Following the economic rises that has plagued Greece in past decades, a military junta has seized control of the government with popular support. The wise general leading it, to create an effective and stable system of succession, re-established the Greek monarchy. This year, the 7-year old Prince Aristidis Stavros is given the throne after his father's death by the military government, now reigning as King Aristidis Stavros II of Greece. His age means that the military junta still has control over the Greek state. General Xenophon Stratigos is currently the Prime Minister of Greece. Having achieved the Megali Idea, the government is continuing measures to integrate the Anatolian provinces with the Greek heartland, and is encouraging ethnic Greeks to move there. Greek schools are step up, signs are made in Greek. The transfer of the capital to Constantinople will help with this process. Hagia Sophia is converted back to being a Greek Orthodox church, with the Archbishop of Constantinople overseeing the process. Meanwhile back in Athens, renovations on the Parthenon are finished. The Greek Army is currently at 130,000 men with conscription in place, while the Greek Navy is still one of the stronger ones in the region.
  • Flag of Singapore Singapore: After the 2064 General Election which saw the Party for the People gaining a majority in the parliament and the Secretary-General of the Party for the People Jaclyn Lee assuming the position of Prime Minister, various measures are being taken to improve and rebuild the Republic.These include the passing of the following act in parliament: - “Government Rebuilding act of 2067”which allocates a significant amount (About 20%) of the government funding over a 5-year period towards demolishing and rebuilding the country and critical essential infrastructures (Including power-stations and drinking water treatment facilities), “Enhanced Defence act of 2067” which allocates about 15% of the government funding over a 5-year periodtowards the establishment of a “Tri-Service National Intelligence Agency” which will be modelled after the former Centre Intelligence Agency of the United States. The agency which will be manned by individuals from both the three branches of the armed forces and the police will be tasked with gathering, processing and analysing national security information from around the world. Mandatory Conscription under the “National Service Act” will also be extended to females to meet the target of having at least 25,000 new enlistees annually. A new independent agency, the “National Centre for Military Research” will also be established under the act. The agency will be primary tasked with expanding the capabilities of the military, with significant resources allocated to the research and development of drone technology and naval vessels. PM Jaclyn has decided to accept Indonesia’s offer to form a federation. [Player/Mod Response Needed] In a national address, she expressed the following desires that she hopes to see from the federation: The establishment of a Free-trade zone between member nations to promote freedom of trade and a collective economy in the future The establishment of a federation defence council to coordinate a cohesive military strategy in a global environment that is extremely volatile As a show of goodwill, PM Jaclyn has extended an invitation to Indonesia to jointly-develop a new class of frigate, destroyer and aircraft carrier. The Republic has also strongly condemned the recognition of The Aztlan Integratory Front by Mexico and strongly persuades the Siamese Collective State to reject the asylum requests made by leaders of The Sumatran Syndicalists. PM Jaclyn has also extended her congratulation to the newly elected President of Russia, Mr Spiridonovich Putin and express her hopes to work with the new Russian government towards building an era of peace and prosperity [Player/Mod Response Needed].
    • Flag of Russia Russian Diplomacy: Mr. Putin thanks Prime Minister Jaclyn for this and hopes to forge closer ties with Singapore and the wider Southeast Asian region.
      • Flag of Singapore Singapore Foreign Affairs Office: The Republic would like to thank the Russian Government on their willingness to forge stronger ties and looks to expand corporation in the fields of science, economic and military technology in particular. As a token of goodwill, we would like to extend our invitation to the Russian government to embark on planning for a joint-military naval exercise scheduled to be held in a year's time. [Player Response Needed]
        • Flag of Russia Russian Diplomacy: The Russian Federation accepts the Republic of Singapore's offer for participation in their joint-military naval exercise. Mr. Putin thanks the Republic sincerely for this offer, as does the people of Russia.
  • Flag of Hejaz Hashemite Kingdom of Hejaz: The kingdom is led by King Ra'ad II, from the Hashemites. He is son of Jordanian diplomat, Zeid Raad Al Hussein. His father is the the apparent first in line to the throne of the Kingdom of Iraq according to the mainstream claim, with the title of Crown Prince. King Ra'ad II was appointed as the King after the result of Arabian Civil War, which eventually formed the kingdom. The king is interested in a reformation of the kingdom into the caliphate. This is also caused by the growing popularity of Islamic caliphate among people in Hejaz, and they even consider the kingdom as caliphate. Hejaz is an unique constitutional monarchy with Majlis ash-Shura as a bicameral legislature, being split into Majlis ash-Sha'eeb as lower house and Majlis al-Istishari as upper house, which only consists of Islamic scholars (Ulema). The Hejazi government has announced their intention to continue Saudi Arabia's Saudi Vision 2030, that was not completed due to civil war. The sharia law is implemented in all states, the only exception is Neom Special Region, due to the large presence of non-Muslims in the region. Hejaz began a transition from fossil energy to more eco-friendly energy, despite their economy is still dependent from exports of oil and also reigious tourism. Relations between Hejaz and fellow Hashemite country, Jordan continues to be improved.
  • Kivu: On April 25, 2067, after nearly two decades of tribal conflict and civil war, General Nakame Mutumbo, backed by much of the remnants of the Kivuan Army as well as his native Bushi tribe, marches into the capital city of Bukavu, proclaims that the Federal Republic of Kivu is no more, and crowns himself King Mutumbo I of the newly-established Kingdom of Kivu. His first action as King is to send the millitary and police force to re-establish law and order to the mostly lawless and ungoverned western parts of the country, and to reopen all surviving power plants, water outlets, schools and hospitals. Delegations are sent to major governments, including Russia, China, and the fragmented nations of the former US, hoping to re-establish ties with these countries and work with them to re-establish Kivu on the world stage [Mod/Player Response Needed].
    • Flag of Russia Russian Diplomacy: Mr. Putin congratulates Kivu on ending its civil war, and hopes to work with the country to build a peaceful post-war order. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that Kivu is welcome to reestablish ties with the Russian Federation at any time.


Aztlan is pushed back in Texas, but gains ground in the US. To the horror of other nations, it is seen that concentration camps for Non-Hispanics begin to pop up, furthering the refugee crisis in the region as people madly flee Aztlan forces.

Deseret gains ground, and sees support from most nations outside the American Dictatorship. The Minutemen, a group of pro-democracy rebels, spring up along Lake Erie and quickly seize several cities in the region.

The Macedonian revolt is crushed by Yugoslav forces, while Slavonia is weakened severely. However, they are pushed back in their puppet Bulgaria due to lack of government support for maintaining soldiers in the region.

The Ukrainian rebels gain ground in Russia due to lack of governmental action against these rebels.

  • Flag of Greece (1970-1975) Greece: Taking note of the unrest on the country's northern border, the Greek Army deploys additional troops to prevent any spillover of the conflict. Refugees are kept out and strict border control is enforced. The King and his family moved to Constantinople from Athens as renovations in the new capital are complete. Ethnic Greeks are encouraged to move and settle in the former Turkish territories, with the government offering to pay money to Greek families that have more children, in order to out-breed the Turks. Greek language and culture are enforced. The city of Olympia hosts the European Judo Championships this year, where a few Greek athletes win some medals.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: Russian GDP growth shrinks yet again, but this time to surprisingly muted effect. On the topic of the Ukrainian rebels, the Ministry of Defense says additional Russian Ground Forces units will be deployed to the area to protect Ukraine. President Putin declares that Russia does not want a prolonged war with the rebels, and in a surprise move acknowledges the puppet status of Ukraine and other nations. To the dismay of staunchly conservative senators, but to the delight of Russia's growing progressive movement, Putin declares that he wants to find peace with Ukraine's rebels, citing the multiple deaths that have occurred in the area. In response to this, the Federal government offers talks with both Ukrainian leaders and rebel leaders, hoping to find peace in Ukraine, and should the offer be refused, the Federal government wants to ask under what conditions would the rebels agree to talks. [Mod Response Needed]. Thanks to this shock move, Putin's popularity within United Russia drops drastically from his previous 76% to 53%, and some in state media rebuke him rather harshly, one newscaster decrying the move as 'an insane man's wishes'. New rumours also circulate that Putin may have an advanced form of brain cancer, although they are publicly dismissed by the Kremlin as baseless. In other news, Putin outlines his vision for Russia in the coming years - titled RuVi2080. However, this document, detailing economic reform and other factors, is not fully declassified by the Kremlin, citing some details that need to be hammered out. Russia also offers the Republic of Singapore and Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia membership in or at least observership in the Kiev Association [Player Response Needed]. On the political side, polls taken by internal observers indicate that support for United Russia is falling, although slowly, and support for New Path is picking up, especially in Moscow-Kaluga-Vladimir Supercity. While growth in the burgeoning Eastern Russia still shows no signs of stopping or slowing, it appears that growth in Eastern Russia is proving to be very slow. Russia offers Scandinavia a new security agreement: the stationing of five new bases near Oslo and a brand new Naval base near Kristiansand, all for the dual protection of both nations [Player Response Needed].
    • True Flag of Scandinavia Scandinavian Diplomacy: Understandable overwhelmed by the sheer eagerness and volume of military power that Russia offers to place in the region, Scandinavian initiates closed-door discussions with Russia to discuss a joint Atlantic Naval Exercise to be held between the nations next year as a first step to a Greater Northern Alliance. [Player Response]
      • Flag of Russia Russian Diplomacy: The Russian Navy and Aerospace Forces stand ready for the Atlantic Naval Exercise with Scandinavia. We hope for Russia and Scandinavia to have stronger and better relations in the future, endorsing the Greater Northern Alliance.
    • Yugoslavia Yugoslav Diplomacy: Our Foreign Minister declares that Yugoslavia would be honored to join the KA.
    • Mod Response: The Ukrainian rebels lay out their demands. Remove Russian troops from all "allied" nations, and restore Ukraine to Post-USSR borders.
      • Flag of Russia Russian Diplomacy: Two different branches of the Russian government reach out to the rebels and Ukraine with a proposal. Both will he upheld should either be accepted by the rebels.
    • Flag of Singapore Singapore Foreign Affairs Office: The Permanent Secretary of the Singapore Foreign Affairs Office hereby accepts the Russian Government invitation to join the KA.
  • Flag of Argentina Argentina: The government continues with plans for the regional organisation, and proposes to Chile and Uruguay for a customs union and a regional trading bloc along with a vote for the official name of the new organisation, proposing the name Southern Cone Community. The government is also open to ideas for the regional organisation. [Mod Responses] Meanwhile the government has plans to build five new nuclear power plants, as part of a new plan to do away with fossil fuels in the future. Public transportation also receives a boost in funding, and also plans to expand the rail transport system. Construction for the Córdoba Metro is approved by the government and construction on it will begin next year.
  • Yugoslavia Yugoslavia: In response to heightened resistance against our Bulgarian allies, we redeploy 90% of troops from Macedonia to Bulgaria. Hoping to quell non-Serbs, parliament passes legislation legalizing and taxing marijuana in all of Yugoslavia. Using the designs of national treasure Nikola Tesla, we begin work on military walkers and armor insusceptible to energy weapons.
  • Flag of the Philippines Philippines: Urban renewal occurs among the major cities in the region, including Tondo, Tuguegarao, Zamboanga City, Mactan and others. Buildings are renovated and repainted to look decent in appearance, and public housing projects are being built to accommodate former slum dwellers. The GDP growth starts to rise again as the country starts to export goods and have new industries. In the new capital city of Tagbilaran, the National Complex is constructed, hosting the presidential palace, government buildings and some embassies. Construction on the rehabilitation of the Philippine railway system commences, and is set to be completed by 2070.
  • Flag of the Netherlands The Netherlands: The Kingdom of the Netherlands also known as Dietsland is an unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy. The current queen is Catharina-Amalia, the daughter of Willem-Alexander. Dutch is the only official language in our country because French was gradually phased out during the Dutchification of Brussels. At the moment, republicanism is at a very high rate in The Netherlands with polls showing 35% of the people want a republic. In the general elections, the VVD wins signifcantly and the new prime minister is inaugurated. Public transport receives a boost in funding to keep up to date with the new technologies. The government has promised it will try to phase out nuclear power in 2075 and invest more in alternative sources of energy.
  • Flag of Indonesia Indonesia: We gladly welcome Singapore into the proposed Nusantara Federation, and await the response from Malaysia and Papau New Guinea. [Mod Response] A new spaceport site is built in Sumatra, to accomodate for the spacecraft that will be present in the next chapter of Indonesia and Southeast Asian aeronautics. A greater military prescense is recorded in Sumatra, hoping to neutralise the insurgency. 
    • Flag of Singapore Singapore Foreign Affairs Office: The Permanent Secretary of the Singapore Foreign Affairs Office appreciates the Government of Indonesia for the inclusion of the Republic of Singapore in the proposed Nusantara Federation and has communicated Singapore's intention to explore close corporation in regards to the spaceport that will be built in Sumatra and the advancement of aeronautics technology in the region.
    • Mod Response: Papua New Guinea declines due to history between the countries, along with ethnical, social and political differences. Malaysia considers the offer but later announces that further talks must be held to ensure all is well within this proposed nation.
  • Flag of China China: A bleak outlook has been projected for China, once a rising world power, but now surrounded by rising and already large world powers. However, the Chinese spirit will not be deterred. The PLA Space Force begins renovations begins renovations, with some more advanced spacecraft beginning to be developed in facilities in Shanghai and Hong Kong. We reach out to Russia, Siam, and Indonesia, asking if they would like to ratify a new free trade agreement, removing most tariffs that still exist between our nations, making investment in all three of our nations more available, and providing a privy of economic benefits. [Player Response] Secretly, out of view from the public eye, some surveillance measures are removed in Xinjiang and Tibet. In the Chinese Taipei Legislative Election, the People's First Party wins a majority in the Legislative Yuan against the People's Communist Party. This is the first legislative election in Chinese Taipei under China as an autonomous province. We also accept Kivu's offer for diplomatic ties, which we were reluctant at first due to safety concerns.  
    • Flag of Russia Russian Diplomacy: Russia accepts China's free trade deal. We hope to have a positive relationship with China.  
  • Brandenburg-0 Brandenburg: As the successor to the German Republic post-war, the Republic of Brandenburg sees heavy reconstruction as the government continues to centralize it's territory. President Tobias Erfmann of the Neo-Democratic Party oversea's large reforms meant to tackel unemployment and inflation. As to help set the building blocks for later German re-unification, it is offered with the other German successor states that all former states use the same currency (Mod). Relations are improved with all German states as well. In European politics, military alliances are offered with Russia, Yugoslavia, and Naples (Player/Mod). Trade agreements and deals are sent to China and France (Mod/Player).h
    • Flag of China Chinese Diplomacy: We accept. 
    • Flag of Russia Russian Diplomacy: Russia is glad to accept a military alliance with Brandenburg, and we hope that the unification of Germany goes smoothly. We will send troops to protect Brandenburg at the country's behest.
    • Mod Response: Hannover, the Rhineland and Saxony express interest in a possible reunification of Germany, however they wish to further negotiate exactly how and when this would happen. Bavaria declines to take the offer at this stage due to internal issues and mixed public opinion.
  • Flag of Hejaz Hejaz: The government has announced the Palm Project, which aims for large influence of the country and Islamic world by development in technology, science, and military. This plan also includes unfinished projects from Saudi Vision 2030. Hejaz wants to continue its status as "energy superpower", but replacing oil and petroleum with other alternative energy. Namur (lit. Tiger), an automobile company is formed in the country. Namur will produce electric self-driving cars and trucks, which are actually quite common in the country. Namur is also currently working on design for flying cars. Research for development of Artificial Intelligence has continued, AIs have been used in manufacturing jobs. The government has announced a project to extend high-speed railway from Mecca to Jizan and proposals for extension to Amman and Sana'a are submitted to Jordan and North Yemen. Bilateral military alliance is asked to Jordan, since two nations have close relations. [Mod Responses Needed]
  • Flag of Singapore Singapore: In the annual New Year Prime Minister address to the nation, PM Jaclyn reiterated the importance of a strong military force to act as a deterrent and to uphold the sovereignty of the Republic and on the advice of the Armed Forces Council has instructed the National Centre for Military Research to begin developing spacecraft. The Republic of Singapore Navy has also taken delivery of 2 of 18 frigates of the “New Independence-Class” RSS Independence [68] and RSS Indominable [69] from SIN-TECH Marine. The “New-Independence-Class” is expected to form the backbone of the RSN fleet and are highly capable and versatile multi-mission naval vessels. The Singapore government ask the Philippines government, the Malaysia government and Siam govenrment if they would like to ratify a new bilateral trade agreement to improve economic corporation, increase exports and trade between the respective 2 countries [Player Response Needed/Mod Response Needed]. The Armed Forces Council, National Centre for Military Research and SIN-TECH Marine has also jointly announced the completion of the development of a new 188m, 9,000 tons “Ark-Class” Amphibious Assault Vessel. While not a full-fledged aircraft carrier, the “Ark-Class” AAV has the ability to accommodate 8 drones of various type, a “landing-assault force” of 380 troops and associated vehicles, which will be transported in 2 High-speed plasma-thrusters landing craft. The weapon suite will include 2x RSN/LWS-68A defensive laser weapon system, the “Ark-Class” AAV will also be fitted with Command and Control facilities to function as operational headquarters for a naval task force and will rely heavily on advance AI and automation in the running of the vessel, reducing the numbers of operational crew to 68. In the same announcement, the Armed Forces Council announces that 6 “Ark-Class” AAV has been ordered, with the first 2 to be delivered in 3 years’ time.
  • True Flag of Scandinavia Scandinavia: The government offers former French Guiana (now renamed New Guiana) Protectorate status. New Guiana is currently surrounded on all sides by hostile and/or volatile powers and Scandinavia offers to protect them with three military bases. In return for protection, Scandinavia only requests that all French Space Facilities in the territory be handed over to Nordic control. However, Scandinavia promises to employ as many locals as possible. [Mod Response] Speaking of space, the Scandinavian Space Agency is disbanded as it is no longer necessary. The Scandinavian Space Force is founded with a 30% the entire military budget. (Note: Scandinavia has a GDP significantly higher than current-day Scandinavia due to it almost profiting from The War thanks to being a massive arms manufacturer. Many corporations were founded and grew thanks to the new Copenhagen Stock Exchange.) The Space Force partners with the private sector to rejuvenate the Scandinavian Space Program. Civilian Space contractors see a massive uptick in contracts and the Space Force has many plans underway to build military spacecraft. In the meantime, Scandinavia incentivises European talent to move North and join the thriving startup community. In other seemingly unrelated news, a division of the Navy sails off the East coast of Northern South America, apparently in preparation for next year's Atlantic Naval Exercises with Russia. However, the message is clear: New Guiana should agree, or be faced with force; Brazil would not hesitate to ally with Scandinavia. Last but not least, in preparation for next year's presumed annexation of equatorial space facilities in New Guiana, the Space Force uses its single ocean-based rocket launcher to launch manned and unmanned craft into space that proceed to hijack and/or take control of abandoned American and European satellites and the 2nd International Space Station (seeing as its presumably abandoned as well). They are careful to avoid satellites and stations still in use such as the Dixie Republic's satellites, etc. Only satellites that are useful/essential to Scandinavia are seized and the rest are left to other scavenging nations. Scandinavia is seeing a resurgent boom in its economy that is fuelling a glorious future in space.
  • Kivu: Plan 2080, a plan which seeks to provide basic amenities such as adequate food, clean drinking water, sustainable electricity, education and healthcare to all residents of Kivu by 2080 (hence the name), as well as increase investment in the country, is announced. The first steps taken are to subsidize the agriculture industry in poorer areas that risk starvation, and begin supplying communities with public water taps. Solar power plants and windfarms are being built, and nuclear power is also being looked into. To encourage foreign firms to set up shop in Kivu, we also cut the corporate tax to 8%, however, government subsidies are also given to local industries so they can stay competitive against foreign companies. We also propose to the DRC, Katanga, the Republic of Congo, the CAR, Gabon, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi an “Association of Central Africa”, which would be a free trade agreement and defensive pact aimed at providing “peace, stability, and prosperity to the people and nations of Central Africa”, and would work similarly to the former European Union [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED].
    • Mod Response: Burundi, Rwanda, DR Congo and the Central African Republic agree to begin negotiations regarding the proposed Association of Central Africa, stressing concern over public backlash and the degree of sovereignty each member state would be delegated. Gabon and The Republic of Congo decline because they view the organization as an expansionist enemy of their respective countries. Uganda expresses interest, but they state careful consideration must be taken before any conversations begin. Katanga remains neutral and declines to take part in any foreign affairs, choosing to remain as a hermit state.


To cut their losses and focus on destroying democratic uprisings close to the capital, Deseret and Aztlan gain independence. American troops are re-routed to the east.

Sumatra officially collapses, with all territory controlled being seized by the Indonesian government.

Ukraine gains total independence from Russia, however remains in the Kiev Association.

The return of Radical Islamist Terrorism occurs in southern Spain. Calling themselves the Caliphate of Andalusia, the movement consists of mainly descendants of refugees in the area that have forgotten the reason they fled.

  • Flag of Russia Russia: GDP growth finally rises for the first time in more than half a decade back up to 3.6 percent from two years ago. While still losing popularity among United Russia voters, dropping to 36%, President Putin has become more popular among the general Russian public at 64% from 56%, especially the progressive New Path party, who praises Putin for his actions. The rest of RuVi2080 is released to the Russian public, entailing massive economic and political reform, although some observers claim that this is to Putin's benefit. The beginning stages of the plan begin to come into effect, with roughly thirty State Duma members arrested under charges of sedition and treason against the state, as Putin introduces a repeal of the Voting Reform Act of 2057 and the new Magnitsky-Nikolai United Voting Act, which is hurriedly approved by both the State Duma and the Federation Council. The MN-UVA, as it is officially abbreviated, is to go into effect the next year, giving the right to vote to multiple previously ineligible Russian citizens. A ceremony is held to give the Ukrainian Liberation Front political status in Ukraine as well as emergency elections, which puts the ULF and other parties in power. The 15th Infantry Division and 13th Hybrid Division are handed over to temporary Ukrainian control, as previously promised, as are over 1.5 billion rubles in Infrastructure money, to build a Kiev-Chernobyl-Minsk rail line to bolster both economies. The Ukrainian-Russian Free Trade Zone is established in November, which allows Ukrainian businesses to engage with Russian economies at ease. We begin talks with the new Ukrainian government to discuss the exact location for the new military bases on Crimea. On the topic of the Atlantic Naval Exercise, Russia unveils three new weapons - the BMR1, a prototype electric railgun, the UTGTV, a prototype autonomous robot designed for combat with human infantry, and the Krushchev Peacemaker, a new amphibious naval vehicle designed for fast attacks at sea and quick transports on land as well. Russia also gives the data for all of these weapons except for certain parts of the UTGTV to our Scandinavian friends. On the topic of Finland and Poland, puppet states of Russia, the Kremlin announces that referendums on their status will be held in 2070 and 2071 respectively, and similar proposals as was offered to Ukraine will also be offered to the two countries. We express interest to our friend, China, to reunite Japan, declaring that Russia has no hostile intentions, and wishes to work with Japan, whose companies and people already play an inseperable part in Eastern Russia, to create a unified Japanese state under independent control. [Player Response Needed] The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns and does not recognise the Aztlan area as a country, stating categorically that 'racism, crimes and terrorism committed by this nation cannot be ignored', while offering the Federal Republic of Dixie and Texas full military support against the terrorists. [Player/Mod Response Needed]
    • Mod Response: Texas accepts your offer to assist with fighting the terrorists, and looks forward to working with Russia in the future.
  • Yugoslavia Yugoslavia: We continue to build up the Yugoslav People's Army, which now numbers 300,000 active personnel. Taxes on the upper echelon of Yugoslav society is increased, while taxes on the middle and lower class are cut markedly. Coal production is also amped up. We begin exploring a new, coal-powered car to end reliance on foreign oil.[1]
  • Flag of Argentina Argentina: Construction on the Córdoba Metro begins in April. The first two nuclear power plants also begin construction; one in La Rioja Province, and the other in Chubut Province. More wind farms are also planned in the Argentine Patagonia region, and approved of five new find farms to begin construction. In the passing of a new passing a new provincial law, Tierra del Fuego Province establishes Spanish and English as its official languages in the province. Legislation is passed that will have fossil fuels fully phrased out by 2085; and also passes a carbon tax with that money going towards renewable energy.
  • New England (Downfall) USNE: Following the Second American Civil War, New England has seen prosperity despite not developing a "silicon valley". Though Boston has sought to replace Berkeley as the biotech capital. Incumbent PM of the state of Plymouth, Johnny Kennedy (Joe Kennedy III's grandson) has announced his campaign for re-election to another term. We issue a request to Acadia to annex them due to our somewhat similar culture and to increase our strength, we will also give them full rights. Even if the government does not agree, we ask for them to at least hold a referendum. [Mod Response Needed] A growing movement in the capital of Boston seeks annexation of New York, what was once a viable city, to restore it to its former glory. We ask to increase ties with the Russian Government, seeing their role in the fight against Aztlan (whom we condemn) [Player Response Needed, Plox]
    • Mod Response: Acadia declines, enjoying their sovereignty, and due to the language barrier caused by French speaking Acadians.
    • Flag of Russia Russian Diplomacy: Russia accepts New England's offer, and President Putin in particular decides to do them one better, offering New England a military alliance and support should New England decide to go through with its ambitions.
    • USNE Response: We accept the proposal of a military alliance.
  • Flag of Greece (1970-1975) Greece: The government of Greece condemns the terrorist groups in Spain and contact the Spanish government to tell them that Greece will cooperate with its Mediterranean ally. Greece also wants to expand ties with Yugoslavia, Russia, and China, and proposes a trade agreement to increase trade with each of them. [Player Response] The state takes direct control of certain corporations for the benefit of the economy, and nationalizes some banks. Free markets are allowed to guide some parts of the economy but strategically important sectors are closely monitored by the state. The Hellenic Army is increased to 144,000 men, while the Hellenic Navy receives new destroyers. With the backing of the Orthodox Church, the government implements a new program for the nation's youth on the model of Sparta, which encourages physical training in exercise, martial arts, and marksmanship. Young Greek men are encouraged to sign up. The former Turkish territories continue to be integrated with the Greek homeland.
    • Flag of RussiaRussian Diplomacy: Russia accepts the trade agreement. We thank Greece for its cordiality.
  • Flag of Pakistan Pakistan: We conduct a census to count our population [mod reponse needed] and begin to send out contracts to other countries to begin mining iron ore. We begin to rebuild buildings but use iron instead to turn our stone and brick houses into 20 storey apartments. We move our capital to Lahore and begin to improve the police force across Pakistan to help eliminate crime. We begin setting up houses for the poor across Pakistan to reduce poverty and begin to restart the gold and copper mines in Saindak. We also begin to make explorations into the desert to find oil wells [mod response needed]. Finally we begin to modernise our army with new improvements to tanks and aircraft.
    • Mod Response: the census returns a number of 349,557,982 people. Along with these results, it also shows a fast-growing Hindu presence in Sindh and a sudden appearance of thousands of Chinese in the Kashmir. So far, no oil wells have been located.
  • Flag of the Netherlands The Netherlands: Due to the return of Islamist terrorism in southern Spain, the Right-wing populist party PVV gains more popularity and it is currently expected that the PVV will surpass the VVD in terms of popularity. The police receives a boost in funding to keep the Netherlands safe from any terrorist attacks. The Armed Forces also receives more funding and has 100,000 active personnel and about 70,000 reserves. We condemn the Scandinavian threats towards New Guiana be we don't take any further action. In other news, It is revealed that Prince Alexander, the son of Queen Amalia has comitted adultery. The republicans are using this incident to convince other people that the monarchy should be abolished. Economically, The Netherlands is doing great with a GDP of 1.1 billion USD. The government gives large tax cuts to the big corporations and tries to reduce the already low unemployment rate.
    • Scandinavian Diplomacy: The government cautions the Dutch against uninformed populist aggressiveness. No explicit threats have been made against New Guiana and in fact, Scandinavia offers to protect them against war.
  • Kivu: We stress to Burundi, Rwanda, the Central African Republic, and the DRC that they will continue to be sovereign states under the Association of Central Africa, and are free to draft up their own laws unless those laws violate basic human rights or are discriminatory in nature. The Central African Congress (the legislative body of the ACA) will have 10 Members of Congress representing each nation (to stoke fears that a proportional representation system would cause the DRC to have control over the majority of votes due to its large population), and do not have the jurisdiction to change laws that already existed before the founding of the ACA, or to change, repeal, or draft up any laws which only apply to a singular nation unless they are in violation of basic human rights, only to draft up new laws that will apply to all five members of the ACA. We also propose that the location of the Central African Congress and the headquarters of the ACA be in Kisangani, in the DRC, owing to its central location and relatively close proximity to all 5 members, should the plan go through [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED]. In other matters, infrastructure projects pertaining to Plan 2080 continue to be built, and we welcome Scandinavia’s offer for funding wholeheartedly (check comments). Relations with Scandinavia, Russia, and the former American nations of New England, Dixie, Texas, California and Deseret (yes Kivu recognizes Deseret as a sovereign nation because why not) are re-established, and we offer to establish Kivuan embassies in these nations, as well as invite these nations to establish embassies in Bukavu [PLAYER/MOD RESPONSE NEEDED]. We hope to have peaceful and productive relations with these more developed countries, and especially Russia and Scandinavia, provided we share many of the same ideals as them.
    • USNE Response: We accept.
    • Mod Response: All seceding members of the ACA agree to found the headquarters of the organization in Kisangani, and a meeting regarding the Congress ends with the same results. In other news, most of the acceding states propose a set of international laws that will be required to adopt in the agreement of joining the association, similar to that of the European Union’s [Player Response Needed].
    • Kivuan Response: We accept these proposals.
    • Flag of Russia Russian Diplomacy: Russia accepts, establishing the Russian Embassy in Kivu and prepare a conspicuous location in Moscow for the new Kivuan Embassy.
  • Flag of Indonesia Indonesia: We thank Malaysia for considering our proposal for a stronger united Southeast Asia, and announce that the formation of Nusantara, under the Nusantara Protocol, will be executed on 2060 depending on the response of Malaysia. [Mod Response Needed] In the mean time, resistance cells and pockets of seperatists are cleaned out with. Small satellites are sent into orbit to collect data and schematics from abandoned satellites belonging to the former United States of America. The acquired technology and designs should assist in the Southeast Asian space effort, as they will also be shared with signatory states of the Nusantara Protocol, in this case, Singapore
    • Mod Response: After careful consideration, Malaysia announces their intention to accede to the proposed union, triggering the Nusantara protocol
    • Flag of Singapore Singapore Foreign Affairs Office: The Republic of Singapore would be more than willing to assist in the Southeast Asian space effort and look forward to further corporation
  • Flag of Paraguay Paraguay: WIP
  • True Flag of Scandinavia Scandinavia: This year, two main events occur in Scandinavia. For starters, the Atlantic Naval Exercise with Russia is a resounding success. 2 new drone types are unveiled: Mass-scale swarm drones that are between 2 and 5 meters wide and serve mainly as a utility tool that can be used to tackle various low-level combatants such as pirates, terrorists, and small naval vessels. Additionally, the drones can function independently from the Swarm (of about 300 craft) or in smaller units and are used for a variety of tasks including targeted attacks on infrastructure, vehicular assault, surveillance, etc. Similar to the first type of technology, the second new development unveiled is a fully remote-controlled/autonomous bomber drone that can carry twice as much payload as a manned bomber due to all human-related insides not included. They can serve individually or in squadrons of varying number that can be controlled by teams of (at most) 5 pilots on the ground, thus reducing the manpower needed in the Air Force and keeping troops safe. Both drone types are prototypes and finalised plans will be completed 4 years from now. The second thing to happen this year is a massive technology Expo including a large portion dedicated to military arms. Not only are the newly unveiled drones put on show, the models of triphibian craft used by the Royal Marines are also on display. Simultaneously, the civilian section of the Expo has seen the fruition of dozens of new startups, many in the space-mining industry.
    • Note: I have edited my turn to not include the personal drones and I have made both the other drone types prototypes to be completed in 4 years. I still believe the civilian Expo is a valid part of my turn (and was probably overlooked by the mods) so I will leave it be.
  • Flag of the Philippines  Philippines: The country's GDP continues to increase, as well as it's rank in the Human Development Index. The poverty rate continues to shrink with many slums demolished, public housing established and job programs. Sustainable electricity continues to be expanded into rural areas in Mindanao, Northern Luzon and Marinduque. In Tagbilaran City, a new international airport and bus rapid transit system is constructed with the help of Chinese companies. Urban renewal and overhaul continues, with many buildings being reorganized to look neat. Schools and hospitals in bad shape are renovated as well, with more modern features and technology. Cannabis and same sex activity is legalized, and the LRT 1 Extension Project into Cavite is completed. The country also plans to strengthen ties with Indonesia and fellow neighboring nations.
  • Flag of Hejaz Hejaz: The general election is held this year, with centrist party, Peace and Progress Party (Hizb al-Salam wal-Taqadum) winning the majority seats in Majlis as-Sha'ab after getting 36.7% votes. They are followed by Islamic conservatist party, Mujahideen, by 21.2% votes, and now they become main opposition party. Hejazi government and people of Hejaz have condemned the Caliphate of Andalusia, seeing them as a "fake caliphate" and "traitors of Islam". King Ra'ad II has stated in his speech, "Any actions of these terrorists in Spain do not reflect the Islam's real teachings or virtues, they don't follow the Caliphate's idea. We, represent all of the Islamic world, will stand with Spain and destroy all forms of religious extremism by any means." Any Hejazi citizens whose linked with the Andalus will be arrested and questioned. In other news, Hejaz continues its development on infrastructure. Tourism resorts are built in the coast. The government is looking on the development in the Southern Hejaz, and expanding connections with the North Yemeni community. Hejaz are currently expanding their role in the international community, Hejaz continues to improve relations with the likes of Egypt, Jordan, Canaan, North Yemen, and the UAE. Meanwhile, trade deals are offered to East African countries: Kenya, Tanzania, Kivu, Uganda, and Malawi. In addition, we also would like to establish diplomatic ties with Kivu [Mod/Player Responses Needed].
    • Kivuan Response: We accept all Hejazi proposals, and ask to build an embassy in Jeddah [Player Response Needed]
      • Hejazi Diplomacy: We are happy with Kivu's intention to build an embassy, your proposal is accepted.
  • Cascadia: Due to next years election, many candidates start announcing their run including President Rick Baker from the Cascadian Conservative Party. As President Baker's approval rating is in the 40s. some Cascadians believe that he was a chance to lose re-election, due to his controversial tweets. We continue to make peace with Russia as we allow more Russian companies into our nation. The economy is growing as more jobs are being created in the Seattle, Portland and Vancouver areas.
  • Brandenburg-0 Brandenburg: As the successor to the German Republic post-war, the Republic of Brandenburg sees heavy reconstruction as the government continues to centralize it's territory. President Tobias Erfmann of the Neo-Democratic Party oversea's large reforms meant to tackel unemployment and inflation. Rhineland and Saxonian politicians are proposed that unification occurs in 2073, after the German economies have fluctuated with the united currency. Military alliance offers are sent to Naples and Yugoslavia (Mod/Player). The state of Venice is offered protectorate/vassalization status under Brandenburg, with the reasoning of military protection, domestic autonomy, and using the fear of it's neighboring state of Lombardy as a reasoning for it to be vassalized (Mod).
    • Mod Response: Saxony accepts this offer, although the Rhineland would rather wait until 2074 due to internal issues currently occurring in their country. Naples wearily accepts your offer. Venice accepts protectorate status, although this faces significant backlash from the public, with some believing Brandenburg is out to reform the Holy Roman Empire.


Solace here to save the day.

Arab and Islamic nationalism becomes more apparent in the Russian caucasus, when few politicians begin being assassinated. Some politicians advocating for an Islamic state in the Azerbaijan begin to rise in the polls.

Turkish politicans, mostly descendants of refugees, begin making pushes for regional autonomy.

Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and Aden diplomatically unify into the United Arabic Republics, a loose confederation meant to bring regional stability and security to Egypt and the Levant, as well as the Arabian Peninsula as a whole.

With slight Russian support, some local Japanese politicians begin avid campaigns towards a possible united and independent Japanese state.

Tibet declares independence from China after a popular leader decides to speak about how "Tibet has been oppressed by China since the 20th century and it's freedom will now be witnessed".

  • C71A3748-8512-4585-8FF7-CCF364A0C834 Reorganized Republic of India:' Crippled by the civil war we are happy for the armistice. We conscript many people. Mandatory conscription ages 20-30 for at least 5 years. We are working toward building a stabilized government. Elections take place. Democratic Party gets 80 seats. Monarchist party 100 seats. Fascist party 5 seats. Communist party 25 seats. New Democratic Party 80 seats. There will be three branches of government the executive branch leaded by the president,and a legislative branch with one house. The house of justice with 290 seats. Although we don’t have control over many states occupied by Pakistan, North India and BEngland anyone who was formerly born in those states can run for the seats. The judiciary branch is for simply to keep order in the country. The president at the moment is Abdul Kalam’s nieces’s daughter Kalam. The prime minister is the head of the legislative branch but is simply a ceremonial figure. The prime minister is a Nuclear scientist called Arav Vhivan. Our gdp slumped a bit but still maintained around 35 trillion losing almost 10 trillion during the civil war.  Most of the economy comes from agriculture as almost half of our population are farmers. Most of this is exported to South America and Southeast Asia. We offer a military alliance with Kivu and Indonesia [Player Response Needed]. We allocate 5% of our budget to the military. The military is trying to remain modern. Although a Indian person had landed on the moon in the 2030’s the small lunar colony we have is mostly evacuated but still our territory. [Secret: Our remaining nukes are around 15 all located in Hyderabad:End secret]We have a triple capital system in Chennai, Mumbai and Hyderabad. Our flag has some new changes with the 29 states and 7 union territories on it along with two lions. Although we do not control those states and territories(not all of them) we still claim them unofficially.
  • Flag of PakistanPakistan: We ask recognise the new united arab republics. We send out a message stating if anyone wants our iron or gold ores that we have been mining [Mod and player responses needed]. We also begin to equip better aircraft into our military and improve our current one by salvaging wreckage from previous battles across Pakistan with former enemies. We send out an expedition there to see what we find [Mod response needed]. Next we start the construction of oil wells and we begin to build hindu and buddhist places of worship to comfort the Chinese and hindu communities living in our country. Finally we investigate the sudden overflow of chinese immigrants [mod response needed]
    • Mod Response: Recognition of the UAR is passed by the Pakistani government. Multiple companies begin to work out the feasibility of buying and trading your ores, although none of them have made an official deal yet. The spill of Chinese immigrants appeared to have crossed the border as a result of uprisings in Tibet, where the natives forced most Han and other Chinese groups out.
  • Flag of RussiaRussia: The Russian economy continues to increase in GDP growth, and wage growth begins to rise as well. This is accompanied by the passing of the New Perestroika bill, which releases certain facets of government control on the industrial, retail and entertainment sectors. To continue what is increasingly being seen as his one-man push to liberalise Russia, President Putin holds a ceremony with former political adversaries, including the son of the passed Alexei Navalny, to begin the freeing of the Russian press. This is not without its controversy, however, and a week after the event, extreme right United Russia supporters stage a riot en masse in Saint Petersburg, which erupts into anti-foreigner and anti-Putin riots across much of Western Russia. This proves to be disastrous for the splintering United Russia (which Putin is still technically a part of), which splits into three groups: the large New Russia party, non-aligned right-wing voters and the smaller but surviving United Russia party. After the riots, over three hundred arrests occur, followed by state-sponsored crackdowns on almost every United Russia supporter, almost completely rendering the party powerless. This removes half of the State Duma and Federation Council from power, most of which are arrested and charged with crimes such as sedition, treason, bribery, and the newer laws passed in MN-UVA - Deliberate disenfranchisement of voters, misuse of authority, and deliberately inciting violence against other groups. This plunges the mainstream Russian right-wing into chaos, as groups challenge each other for the remaining seats not already under United Russia or New Path control. This causes President Putin's approval rating to drop slightly, down to 63%, as the arrests mark a divisive turn in Russian politics. Elsewhere, the Finnish referendum on Russian power is held [Mod Response Needed], and of course, the Russian government accepts the will of the Finnish, whatever the result may turn out to be. The Kiev-Chernobyl-Minsk rail line is half complete, as over 3.45 billion rubles pour into Ukraine for local infrastructure spending, building a high-capacity monorail between Crimea and Kiev, as well as starting a large-scale space programme between the two countries. The aim of the programme is to send jointly operated satellites into space for mutual benefit by 2075. Russia reiterates a request with China to help create an independent Japanese state, seeing as China did not reply to our previous request. In Northern Moscow, the Kivuan Embassy is opened to much fanfare, although it is mocked on Russian internet sites. Thirty Krushchev Peacemakers and one hundred BMR1 railguns accompany the 25,000 troops of the Russian 115th Airborne to Texas, where we hope to help in the fight against Aztlan. Russia accepts the independence of Tibet, and we hope to have positive diplomatic relations with the fledgling nation, while offering it membership in the Kiev Association [Mod Response Needed]. We ask China to extend the trade deals between our two nations to Tibet as well. [Player Response Needed].
    • Mod Response: the Finnish referendum is held, with 47.9% of people wishing to unite with Russia, while 52.1% opt for full independence. This causes significant turmoil in the country due to the extremely close numbers, with riots and ethnic violence occurring not only in Helsinki, but also in rural areas, where multiple deaths have been reported.
  • New England (Downfall) New England: As a result of a newfound alliance with Kivu and Russia, and increasing Dutch nationalism - we announce that we will be leaving the NDL - under a movement known as "New Engleave". While feeling once insecure, with our newfound allies - we have gained confidence in ourselves. In order to vamp up our military, we hold the decadal Census in 2070, last Census results were 26 million. [Mod Response Needed]   We condemn the assassinations of Russian politicians by Islamic nationalists, vowing to help them fight again said people. PM Kennedy announces his support of the reunification of the Japanese states, and if they reunify to reopen diplomatic relations with the new state. We send diplomats to Cascadia to increase diplomacy between us two, in hopes of possibly allying with each other. [Player Response Needed] We begin to support the Great Lakes rebellion through the selling of weapons, we'd hope if that if they'd succeed - they'd join us, but at least turn our southern neighbor to chaos. We give them an ultimatum, we will only keep supporting them, if they agree to join us. [Mod Response Needed]
    • Mod Response: The census results come back with a number of 32,665,719. The Great Lakes Rebellion does not respond.
  • Flag of the Philippines Philippines: The country recognizes the United Arab Republics and asks if they would like to open a consulate or embassy. [Mod response needed] The assassinations in the Caucasus is also condemned. Three military bases are constructed in East Cavite, Northern Palawan and Zamboanga Peninsula. The Philippine National Railway replaces it's old rolling stuck with the hybrid trains built by Department of Science and Technology from the early 21st century. The Paranaque Business Park is also constructed, hoping to attract technological industries into the country. A second microsatellite is planned to be launched into the International Space Station, after DIWATA-1 in April 2016. Alliance is also requested to Kivu and New England. [Player response needed]
    • USNE Response: PM Kennedy accepts the alliance request, given New Engleave - he is open to diversifying New English role in world politics.
    • Mod Response: The UAR accepts your offer, and an embassy begins construction.
  • Flag of California California: Our economic trade lines between other countries were cutoff, and we are suffering through a economic shortage. Russian traders made a deal between us, asking if we can sign a Non-Aggression pact, and for a deal, Russia will help our economic standards improve. Russian enemies decide to send spies through our area to catch out plans to sweep those countries.
    • Flag of RussiaRussian Diplomacy: The Russian government reprimands the traders who performed this deal without government sanction. Russia agrees to assist in the economic improvement of California through a trade deal, but we request that our Californian counterparts clamp down on usage of their sovereign soil to spy on Russia.
    • Flag of CaliforniaCalifornian Diplomacy We will promise your terms and conditions and ill make sure any counterparts of me that spy on any of our deals and stuff, they will be fined a total of $80,000 dollars and sent back to the country they came from
  • Flag of Greece (1970-1975) Greece: The Greek government asks to establish diplomatic relations with the government of Turkey that is (presumably) in Anatolia proper. Specifically, Greek diplomats ask if Turkey could accept ethnic Turks who are now living in Greek territory, in a population transfer [Mod Response]. Greece also recognizes the United Arab Republic, establishing an embassy in its capital while its embassies in the other former constituent countries become consulates. Besides that, efforts to promote Greek culture and language continue in the Greek provinces in Anatolia. The government introduced a plan to greatly expand the Hellenic Navy, to construct several destroyers and corvettes. The merchant marine fleet is also expanded, to get Greece more involved in global shipping and trade. Agriculture is assisted by the government to increase food production. Constantinople becomes a bustling metropolis once again since becoming the capital and undergoing many renovations. Orthodox ceremonies take place there and many Orthodox Christians from around the world visit the sites.
    • Mod Response: The turks accept
  • Kivu: The Russian and New Englander Embassies are opened in the Nyofu neighborhood in Bukavu, to much fanfare and celebration, as many see this event as a “new beginning for the Kivuan nation” and a “milestone to prosperity”. Talks on the Association of Central Africa have also been finalized with all participating nations, and the terms and agreements of the ACA itself is scheduled to take effect February 2071. In domestic affairs, Plan 2080 is going smoothly, with most urban areas now supplied with somewhat reliable electricity, public taps, and public toilets. Work still continues on bringing these amenities to rural areas, as well as improving education and healthcare facilities. Housing projects are also being planned in Goma, Bukavu and Butembo, designed to house poor slum-dwellers. There has also been some talk of creating a national airline, Air Kivu, with early proposals of airline routes including daily flights to Kinshasa, Bangui, Kigali, Luanda, Dar Es Salaam and Kampala, as well as weekly flights to Moscow (stopover in Constantinople) and Boston (stopover in Paris). However, the government has confirmed nothing about this yet. We also recognize the United Arab Republics and want to open diplomatic ties with them [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED].
    • Indian Diplomatacy: We request to become a observer in the Association of central Africa.
    • Kivuan Response: Voting is commenced on the observer status of South India [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED]. We vote Yes.
    • Mod Response: The UAR accepts your request and looks forward to working with Kivu in the future. All member states of the ACA vote and there is a unanimous decision to allow India’s membership as an observer state.
  • Flag of Paraguay Paraguay:We begin constructing a nuclear plant in Conception. In other news, we begin constructing international airports in Ciudad del Este and San Lorenzo. We also ask Argentina if we could join the Southern Cone community [Player response needed] We also plan to establish diplomatic ties with the various Brazilian nations.
    • Flag of Argentina Argentina Diplomacy: Argentina accepts Paraguay into the organisation.
  • Flag of California California: Since the Russians accepted our Non-Aggression pact and accepted our trade deals, our economic growth boomed and our rate was 4.32% GDP growth rate, the highest on our historic country. We then asked the Russians about signing the Pacific Security Council Act, which allows extra security to our country. We sent 500 Loyal soldiers to take control of central Africa and guard any riches we find. We sent them back to California, which helped the economic standards grow to 2 trillion over the next 5 days. We then withdrew the soldiers from the riches and sent them back home. Our economic support from the Russian government plus the riches equal a economic boom.
  • Cascadia: The Cascadian Presidential Election of 2070 is held. Rick Baker of the Conservative Party wins reelection narrowly against Liberal Vanessa Harrison.
  • Flag of Argentina Argentina: The government officially establishes the Southern Cone Community regional organisation, and invites Chile and Uruguay to join. [Mod Response] The other three nuclear power plants also begin construction.
    • Mod Response: Chile accepts the offer, however Uruguay declines at this stage, stating language and culture differences, as well as their history with the Spanish nations, as a main factor.
  • Flag of Singapore Singapore: The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) took delivery of 10 New-Independence Class Frigates between 2069 and 2070, bringing the total number of New-Independence Class Frigates in operation to 12. In the same year, the RSN also took delivery of its' first of six "Ark Class AAV". Christened the RSN Peace Ark [88] and under the command of Captain Mark Anderson,the RSN Peace Ark will serve as the flagship of the newly created "Peace Flotilla" under the command of Rear Admiral Joseph Jefferson. The "Peace Flotilla" which consist of the Ark Class AAV, RSN Peace Ark [88] and 2 New Independence Class Frigates, RSN Intrinsic [71] and RSN Intervene [72] will undertake a year long friendship cruise to friendly nations to forge deeper diplomatic ties, with its' first destination being Indonesia. The Foreign Affairs Office reiterated its' commitment to establish trade relations with the Philippines government, the Malaysia government and Siam govenrment and asked if they would like to ratify a new bilateral trade agreement to improve economic corporation, increase exports and trade between the respective 2 countries [Player Response Needed/Mod Response Needed]. PM Jaclyn have also expressed hopes to establish close bilateral ties with the Reorganized Republic of India and formally extend an invitation to President Kalam to a state visit in Singapore. [Player Response Needed] The Republic of Singapore has also requested to explore the possibility of setting up embassies in Indonesia and Russia. [Player Response Needed]
    • Mod Response: Malaysia accepts your offer and begins negotiating with your government.
    • Flag of RussiaRussian Diplomacy: Russia thanks Singapore for being so diplomatic, drafting plans to set up a location in Moscow for the country's proposed embassy. Russia extends a similar request to open an official embassy in Singapore.
      • Flag of Singapore Singapore Diplomacy: The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Singapore thank the Russian Government and with their blessing, construction of the Singapore Embassy to Russia begin. The Singapore Diplomatic Corp to Russia will be led by H.E. Matthew Manfred, who will serve as Singapore's first Ambassador to Russia. In return for the generosity of the Russian Government, the Singapore government have allocated a location in the downtown core of Singapore for the Russian embassy.
    • Flag of Indonesia Indonesia: We accept the request for an embassy, and send a request for an embassy to be built there.
      • Flag of Singapore Singapore Diplomacy: The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Singapore thank the Russian Government and with their blessing, construction of the Singapore Embassy to Indonesia begin. The Singapore Diplomatic Corp to Russia will be led by H.E. Wilson Ford, who will serve as Singapore's first Ambassador to Russia. In return for the generosity of the Indonesian Government, the Singapore government have allocated a location in the downtown core of Singapore for the proposed Indonesia embassy.
  • Dixie Flag (Downfall) Dixie: Due to comments of the old flag being "racist" towards African-Dixan communities, it is changed to this new flag. In the first presidential election, Former general Ałeksander Malaczek of the Union Party narrowly clenches the vote from Heritage candidate Jim Jones. The Navy begins to be bolstered, with several new frigates being built, along with preparations for the first Dixan Amphibious Corvettes (the DNV Montgomery and the DNV Winston-Salem.) Secret: Plans for a kinetic bombardment satellite begin to be drawn up. Nicknamed Operation Thanatos, after the Greek god of Death.
  • Flag of Hejaz Hejaz: Hejaz recognizes the formation of United Arab Republics, and sets up embassy in capital of the new nation. Hejaz seeks for closer relations with the UAR, offering them renewal for free trade agreements and open border policy [Mod Response Needed]. Embassy of Kivu is officially established in Jeddah, which is also home to embassies of many nations, including Muslim countried. The reason why all embassies are located in Jeddah, is due to restriction for non-Muslims from entering the executive capital, Mecca. Jeddah is also legislature capital of Hejaz, with sizable foreign-born population (made up of 64% of total population in Jeddah). Once again, a proposal to extend Mecca–Jizan high-speed railway to capital of North Yemen has been offered [Mod Response Needed]. Terrorism actions that have been conducted by Islamic extremists in Caucasia are largely and strongly condemned.
  • Flag of Indonesia Indonesia: The older Indonesian National Space Agency is restructured to become a branch in the proposed Nusantara Exploration and Aerospace Technology Organisation, or NEATO. Satellite salvaging programs continue, and a significant amount of data has been extracted from dead American satellites. With the current data and research efforts by signatories of the Nusantara Protocol, Nusantaran activity in space will be much more prominent in the coming years. The Nusantara Protocol has been triggered, and Indonesia would like to call the governments of Malaysia and Singapore to a conference to officially settle political and legal matters in a Federation. The Protocol would call for signatory states to be unified under a central parliament, its constituents elected in a democratic process after the Protocol is passed and autonomy guaranteed to signatory states under the Protocol. For example, Malaysia would be able to have a degree of control over affairs in, say, Sulawesi, however such proposals would have to go through the central parliament. We hope Singapore and Malaysia will approve of these terms. [Player and Mod Response Required] New amphibious craft are put to sea in Kalimantan.
  • Flag of Singapore Singapore Diplomacy: PM Jaclyn welcomes the proposed formation of NEATO and Singapore's development and contribution of NEATO will be announced in 2071. As for matters relating to the establishment of a federation, a referendum was held to determine whether we should unify under a central parliament with other member state of the Nusantara Protocol. [Mod Response Needed] PM Jaclyn has also tasked Minister in the Prime Minister's Office, Mr. Jefferson Tan as the Chief Representative of Singapore for all matters relating to the Nusantara Protocol.
    • The results call tremendously for federation


Let’s see how this goes bois.

Rebel groups in Eastern North America push as far south as Pittsburgh, where they proclaim “The dictatorship of the United States will not survive another 4 years”. As battles across the country rage on, the Rebels begin their march towards Charleston, West Virginia, which they plan to establish a stronghold allowing them to effectively corner the United States Government, and bomb the capital, as well as major cities.

Japan moves closer towards unification, when the North and South both announce a referendum will be held within the year.

Tensions rise in the Balkans as some people - and even some countries - are fed up with Yugoslavia and their antics. Calls for a Declaration of Independence in Vojvodina begin to echo across the nation.

Zulia declares independence from the struggling nation of Venezuela, and Guyana sees this as an opportunity, theirs for the taking. Allied with Brazil and Colombia, although fighting against the Amazon and Laredo, the Guayana war and invasion of Venezuela has now begun.

Many African nations, particularly in the North, move towards democracy and higher standards of living, with some cities and even entire regions (ex. Kabyle and Tripolitania) having a standard of living comparable to areas of Eastern Europe and East Asia. Sub-Saharan Africa, although very poor, also moves to establishing democracy and bringing poverty rates down.

  • Flag of Russia Russia: The violence that has occurred in Western Russia and committed by extremists of two kinds must not be tolerated. A period of mourning is set into place as well as a massive campaign against far-right and religious violence, via the newly elected State Duma and Federation Council, who accept the Reform and Progress Act of 2071, removing the powers of certain officials as well as opening up the government to investigation and transaparency issues. The budget for State Security is increased in the factors of investigation. Former United Russia party boss Vladimir Makarov is arrested and put in jail on life sentences, as is much of the former United Russia, which survives on a thread, at the mercy of President Putin. The chaos that followed the Finnish referendum forces the Kremlin to offer a compromise to Finland: an independent state but with Russian funding for a certain period of time and the guarantee of free movement and trade. [Mod Response Needed] Elsewhere, Russia welcomes the addition of the United Arab Republic to the world's nations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stating categorically that 'The UAR is on a path to peace and we want to assist in it.' A request is sent to the UAR to accept a Russian Embassy in the country. [Mod Response Needed] On the topic of the oppression occuring in the United States, Russia offers full-fledged support to the American freedom fighters, as well as funding to the Federal Republic of Dixie and the United States of New England militarily against the dictatorship. [Player Response Needed] The upcoming referendum on the independence of Japan is to be upheld in its entirety by Russia, with smaller RGF units being sent to protect polling stations in Tokyo-Yokohama, Sapporo, and other major cities from any form of harm. Russia sends a request for a trade deal with the signatories of the Nusantara Protocol, as well as the Federal Republic of Philippines. [Player Response Needed] President Putin is revealed to be suffering from a preliminary form of brain cancer in an interview with certain media outlets, although this does not affect his ability to serve the country, and his popularity rating nationally rises to 67%, while Russia enjoys relative stability. The Polish Referendum is held [Mod Response Needed], and the results are also to be protected by the Russian Government. The Ministry of Economic Development proposes three new economic zones in Russia - Western Russia, Siberia, and Eastern Russia - to take effect in 2073. All three zones will have differing economic policy dependent on conditions. GDP growth continues at a constant pace, at a rate of 3.8%. In more minor news, Eastern Russia sees a resurgence in a curious entertainment form from the early 21st century - Japanese anime and manga. President Putin, speaking at a conference in Vladivostok, jokingly says that 'maybe the next generation of Russians will be carefree enough to do the dances with our Japanese friends'. This plays into what is being regarded as the 'Japanification' of Eastern Russia, with a massive inflow of Japanese and Korean culture from the early 21st and late 20th centuries, or as it is being nicknamed in Russian media, 'Another Cruel Angel's Thesis'.
  • Flag of the Netherlands The Netherlands: We condemn the 'New Engleave' from the NDL, saying that this act is 'treacherous'. The Netherlands becomes more polarized regarding the monarchy: Most Left-wing parties want a republic while most right-wing parties want to keep the monarchy. Various pro- and anti-monarchy marches and protests were held across the country. Next year, there will be general elections and the polls are showing that the right-wing populist PVV is slightly more popular than the conservative liberal VVD.
  • Kivu: With the nation being stable and at its most prosperous point in its independent history, King Mutumbo announces plans to bring some form of democracy back into Kivu by re-establishing the Kivuan National Assembly, and stepping down from much of his duties. Although he retains the ability to revise the Kivuan Constitution at whim, the ability to pass laws by decree, and the ability to veto any law proposed by the National Assembly, the country is no longer an absolute monarchy. Construction of the first public housing projects are completed in the major cities, and 50,000 people are successfully rehoused, with more to come in the future. Reliable electricity and clean tap water has also been supplied to 95% of urban households, and efforts are being made to supply rural areas. The government has also started encouraging Kivuans living abroad to move back to Kivu, with special attention given to the Kivuan Diaspora refugees that left Kivu during the civil war and have now taken up residence mainly in New England and Dixie. Schools and hospitals are built in rural areas, and already existing schools and hospitals being to be outfitted with the latest technology. The terms of the Association of Central Africa come in effect, providing a sizeable boost to the Kivuan economy, and the economies of other countries in the region.
  • Yugoslavia Yugoslavia: President Maximoff firmly tells critical world leaders to 'stay out' of Yugoslav affairs. In an attempt to quell national unrest, we follow the "Caesar model" of a government, and give the people "bread and circuses" in the form of an American Football league. The League is referred to as the 'Yugoslav Football League' and consists of nine teams divided between two leagues: The Belgrade Boars, the Prishtina Pirates, the Niš Knights, the Kragujevac Hawks, and the Novi Sad Athens in the Blue League, and the Podgorica Sharks, the Prizren Blizzards, the Skopje Saints, the Ljubljana Dragons, and the Maribor Monsters in the Red League. We accept Greece and Brandenberg's alliance requests. The Yugoslav Army now numbers 450,000 personnel.
  • Reorganised republic of India: With almost 1 million soldiers we launch an attack of North India. Arav Vhivan starts with a speech where he said these words “The evil communist north has attacked our brothers and sisters and we’re not gonna sit by and watch!”. The actual speech was in Tamil and broadcasted in English, Tamil and Telugu. The video goes viral and within a day all of Indian(south) rallied behind the cause. The House of justice voted 240 to 50 which made the declaration official. Our main focus is capturing Nagpur and Kolkata by using our rocket brigades while holding the line in other areas. [MOD RESPONSE ON SUCCESS] We take our Air Force to the skys and try to gain air superiority. This is key as we are planning to attack New Delhi. Our superior navy manages to hold of the norths navy. Most of our strategy in the west is to outlast them as we control most of the agricultural lands of south India. In other news our kinetic bombardment protoype is tested. [MOD RESPONSE ON RESULTS]. We also extent a military and trade alliance to Russia as we have enjoyed close relations in the past as the biggest weapons provider and big ally as the Soviet Union. [RUSSIAN PLAYER RESPONSE NEEDED]. We send many trade items to Kivu and air India opens up daily flights to the Kivu capital. Air India also opens up flights to Moscow, Tokyo and New York. The 800 Sq. Meter lunar base is mostly abandoned with exception of 80 highly trained troops. These are called the Indian Lunar Corp.
    • Mod: An armistice was just signed two years ago, so I'm not letting you destroy your country with rebellions after restarting a conflict that decimated your infrastructure. Also, you must begin planning and construction of the kinetic bombardment satellite. You don't even have the infrastructure needed to launch something into space after the civil war.
    • Flag of Russia Russian Diplomacy: We accept a trade and military alliance with the Republic of India. We begin discussions for any future Russian military positions in India.
  • USNE: With a population of 32 million, we begin programs trying to influence a large number of young adults to join the military - we want to increase the size of our military to 150,000 people. [Mod Response Needed] PM Kennedy, as a result of the lack of response, denounces the rebel groups - saying that bombing is not the American way, and retract our support of the groups. He makes an announcement, calling for the end of the bombings or New England will enter this conflict as a third-party. [Mod Response Needed] The Kivuan diaspora has influenced our government to make a proposal to the government of Kivu to establish a spaceport near the town of Mabenga, we offer $61 million in the initial development of the area. (Kivuan people make up 8-9% of the population of Boston alone!) [Player Response Needed]
    • Kivuan Response: We accept the offer and lease the land to the New England government for 50 years.
    • Mod Response: The Rebels tell you to join as a third party. It would help them rebuild the entirety of the United States.
  • Flag of Argentina Argentina: The elections are held this year with María Narváez from the Justicialist Party running for re-election against Horacio Macri from the Republican Proposal and Alicia Cortina from the Socialist Party. The elections end with María Narváez from the Justicialist Party being re-elected. The government declares neutrality in the conflict in Northern South America.
  • Flag of Singapore Singapore:In 2071, the “National Space Exploration & Development Act of 2071” was passed in Parliament resulting in the creation of the National Office of Space Exploration [NOSE], headed by incumbent Director-General Dr Marcus Tan. Just like the National Centre for Military Research [NCMR], the NOSE will report directly to the Prime Minister’s Office. Development into the TeLEOS-3X Earth Observation (EO) Satellite by NOSE and industrial partner Setia SATCOMS Systems P/L was completed in August 2071 and is scheduled to be launched into space next year by a third-party commercial launch partner. TeLEOS-3X will feature a Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) to allow high-quality imagery of earth surfaces to be taken, nonetheless, as the satellite will be operated by Setia SATCOMS Systems P/L on behalf of NOSE, it has been assured that it will only be used for commercial and humanitarian purposes. (Secret: Concurrently, development works has also begun in NOSE and NCMR for a Reconnaissance Satellite Codename: “Mata Tuhan [Malay for God Eye]”. Mata Tuhan will feature an optical subsystem based on the 3-mirrior Korsch type architecture to provide Imagery Intelligence [IMINT], the satellite will be launched together with the TeLEOS-3X) NOSE will officially join NEATO and look forward to further corporation and close coordinating for space exploration and has also extended an invitation to the Russian Space Agency to explore close corporation and future development in space exploration. (Secret: NEATO and corporation will provide a perfect platform to share Intelligence gathered by our reconnaissance satellites in the future with friendly allied nations) [Mod/Player Response Needed] On the military front, the RSN has taken delivery of RSN Noah’s Ark [89] and RSN Freedom Ark [90]; our second and third “Ark Class AAV” and the final 8 “New-Independence Class Frigates” from SIN-TECH Marine. In a hand-written letter delivered and addressed to PM Kennedy of the USNE, the Republic of Singapore “stand together” with our USNE comrades against the United States Military Junta; PM Jaclyn says, “States like these and those who supported them constitute an axis of evil and has no place in our world. The Singapore government, as a member of the Kiev Association would be more than willing to explore financial and military support to our USNE comrades” [Player Response Needed] PM Jaclyn also criticised the Netherlands for their vocal opposition towards the New Engleave campaign, calling the Netherlands an “obstacle to the course of democracy”.
    • Flag of Russia Russian Diplomacy: The Russian Space Agency accepts, and the Russian Aerospace Forces, who now work with the RAF, begin sharing critical military data with Singapore. Secret: the data is for the schematics of an advanced version of the Kinetic Bombardment Satellite, nicknamed the ODIN project.
    • Flag of Indonesia Indonesian Diplomacy: The Indonesian branch of NEATO will gladly arrange for the necessary resources to complete the projects.
  • Flag of the Philippines Philippines: The nation continues to prosper with the infrastructure development projects composed of urban renewal, construction of transport and others. Philippines start to export products like rice, tech parts, garments and fruits to countries with friendly relations like Kivu and New England. The unemployment and inflation rates continue to lower. Levees begin to be constructed in flood prone areas like Tacloban, Malabon and Eastern Samar. Air Tondo is launched, after small dying budget airline companies in the country decide to form. There are daily routes to Boston, Kivu, Singapore and other destinations.
  • Flag of Indonesia Indonesia: Support for the reunification of Germany and Japan is prevalent in the nation, spurred by the recent unification of peoples by the Nusantara Protocol. NEATO research on reverse-engineered American spacecraft technology continues, allowing for rudimental schematics for several reconnaissance craft [Secret] as well as Kinetic Bombardment Satellites[End Secret]. Plans for a submersible aircraft carrier are on the drawing board under Project Arowana, in which unmanned drones will be stored in the decks of this vessel rather than larger piloted aircraft. Infrastructure is developed in Sumatra and Kalimantan via a substantial investment in aforementioned regions, hopefully encouraging economic growth. A new development project is also in stages of negotiation with the government about an undersea railway that will connect Sumatra to the Malayan Peninsula via Singapore. [Mod and Singaporean Response]
    • Flag of Singapore Singapore Diplomacy: The Singapore Government welcomes the proposal of rail connection between Sumatra and the Malaysian Peninsula. PM Jaclyn has also expressed her interest in the contributing to the Indonesian infrastructure development in Sumatra and Kalimantan with the ultimate aim of making Sumatra a bilateral free-trade region.
  • Flag of Greece (1970-1975) Greece: The Greek government urges for calm and peace in the Balkans, especially since our signing of an agreement with Yugoslavia. Greece asks to sign a treaty with the new government of Turkey to arrange an ethnic Turk population transfer. [MOD RESPONSE] Meanwhile, the Hellenic Army is increased to 190,000 men. The merchant marine fleet is expanded to increase trade between Greece and other countries. Agriculture is also promoted by the government. A new country-wide organization of Spartan-inspired combat training and fitness groups continues forming on the local levels. Youths are encouraged to join to learn unarmed combat, marksmanship, and weightlifting. This program is encouraged by the Greek government. Orthodox Christians visit sites in Constantinople.
    • Mod Response: The Turks agree
  • Flag of Hejaz Hejaz: Hejaz continues to work on infrastructure projects. Construction of Mecca–Jizan high speed rails have begun, starting from first part which includes Mecca–Thaif line. It has been confirmed that 100% of Hejazi population are now living in a permanent house, thanks to housing projects that had been done since the Saudi era. The government announced that Hejaz will only sell oil to Sub-Saharan African countries, to continue the government's project to end Hejaz's dependency on exports of oil. The project is also a major success, our revenue mostly comes from electronic, automobile, and textile manufacturing, as well as tourism and services. Automobile manufacturer Namur has expanded its market to the UAR, Arabian Republic, Yemen, Oman, Canaan, the UAE, and Sudan. We are still waiting for responses from the UAR and North Yemen [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED].
    • Mod Response: The UAR and North Yemen do not respond.


The DRC collapses after several years of instability, creating the first large area of unclaimed territory besides Antarctica in almost two centuries.

The American rebels force the Junta west of the Mississippi, where they form the Plains Federation. The Americans hold elections for the first time since the military coup of 2049.<u>

<u>Texas breaks into civil war between Pro-Aztlan rebels and the Pro-Dixie government. The Government of Texas petitions to join the Republic of Dixie.

The Republic of Sonora declares independence from Mexico, claiming Sonora, Baja California, and Baja California Sur.

In a blow to German Unification, the Rhineland Government fractures and splits into the states of Swabia and Westphalia.

Japanese re-unification begins, with Chinese troops withdrawing from Honshu, however the full extent of the new Japanese state has yet to be seen. Several politicians from both China and Russia say that the new Japanese state be restricted to Honshu. Hokkaido declares itself an independent nation from the new Japanese State.

Flag of Russia Russia: The economy continues to grow at a steady pace. The procecution of United Russia officials continues as the interim elections for the empty seats of the State Duma go forth, revealing a victory for New Path as well as a soldifying of President Putin's remaining United Russia allies' places in the Duma. The BMR1 Railgun is formally accepted into service with minor adjustments such as barrel length and cartridge specification changes. The Kiev-Chernobyl-Minsk rail line is completed, linking Ukraine and Russia together. With no response from a split Finnish nation, the Russian Ground Forces enter Finland to ensure peace. At the same time, we express shock at the decision of Hokkaido to declare itself independent, but Russia respects this decision and offers a full military alliance [Mod Response Needed]. Japanese Reunification becomes part of President Putin's proposed 'Operation Olive Branch', a wide-ranging military and economic effort to liberalise Russia and secure a peace for the wider world as we know it. The building of the Trans-Siberian Maglev begins, as is the construction of two naval bases in Crimea (under the Ukranian government's supervision). The civil war in Texas will not go unnoticed as stationed RGF/RAF forces are instructed to assist the Pro-Dixie Texan government and the Federal Republic of Dixie, as well as the sending of additional reinforcements to the new Plains Federation, whom Russia supports in its entirety and offers both a military and economic alliance.

  • Flag of PakistanPakistan: we improve our structures and attempt to build more military installations in case we’re attacked again. We also elect a new member that begins to change the socialist trade into a capitalist economy with a socialist system. With most improvements to the city done we decide to make improvements to economic systems with new trade contracts being signed.