Doo Hop music is a genre of music that originated in the suburban streets of St. Louis in the Summer of 2017. This movement was trying to revive the 1950s barbershop quartets with a modern twist, along with the old skool hip-hop culture to create a new sound and culture. The band Pentatonix is one of the first glimpses of possible "Doo Hop" music with a vocal group along with a beatboxer. Many doo hop artists were underground (most of them were unsigned artists that are only seen on YouTube and in local college campus radio stations) until the spring of 2020, with a #1` hit single "Can't Feel Your Love" by New Wop Boyz.

Doo hop music merged the 1950s doo wop music along with the hip-hop music of the 1980s and 1990s. Doo hop music uses a lot of vocal harmonies and counterpoints, usually by male vocal groups, and involves a lot of breakdancing, beatboxing, and doo wopping. Scat vocal techniques made a comeback with doo-hop music. The doo hop sound sometimes is a capella or could be in a beat that is similar to the New Jack Swing music of the 1990s.

Doo hop was a very popular genre of youth throughout the early to mid 2020s, with many doo hop singles had topped the pop and R&B charts. Many rappers that had their time such as Snoop Dogg did not like the "new doo hop" movement as a proof that hip-hop is dead, but they brought back Doo Wop. Some new jack swing artists such as Jade and Teddy Riley thought that this generation was trying to bring back New Jack Swing, but sounds dorkier.