Earth, in the mind of Donald Hagenwald. This is a prosperous place, which has grown crops, has millions of edible animals, and is a great place. Its capital is Chicago, Illinois, USA. The city has a population of over 89 million, the largest in the world. There are only 50 countries, as Donald Hagenwald put in the First Amendment- "50 nations shall rule over this world, all under the leadership of a president, elected by the people."


For millions of years, people have ruled the world. Most didn't keep records, so not much is known prior to the invention of the computer in 1970. In 1980, All nations of the world broke out in a vicious 20 year war that left over 2.5 billion dead. In 2036, Donald Hagenwald, the newly elected president of the United States, called for a true world leader. Many favored this idea. When the nations voted, it was an overwhelming victory- 95% of the nations agreed. On January 20, 2038, Donald was chosen as the 1st President of the World. Over the long period of his reign, the world prospered.



The favored sport of millions is soccer. There are over a million pro soccer teams in the United States.

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