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Mod Event: The United States is slowly becoming divided due to President Donald Trump's executive orders, as well construction on the wall.

  • Flag of Russia Russia: We continue to build ourselves to be the great superpower. We continue build military, 70,000 troops are recruited into the Armed Forces, with 45,350 of them are new troops in the Ground Forces. We also add more military equipment, such as armored vehicle, main battle tanks, artillery, aircraft, ships, etc. We plan to build new aircraft carrier, it will be built in 2020. We continue send air strikes to the ISIS and help our ally, Syria in Syrian Civil War. [Secret] We continue to fund Ukrainian rebels. [TOP SECRET] We plan on expanding to Europe, by invading Ukraine and the Baltic States. The invasion is scheduled to be launched in 2019 - 2020. [End Secret]. We hope to strengthen our relation with the U.S. President Vladimir Putin wants to visit the White House and talk with the U.S. President Donald Trump. [Players (U.S.) Response Needed]. We continue to grow our economy, by increasing production in agriculture, petroleum and mining. We also continue to promote tourism, and build infrastructure to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
    • U.S. Response: Sure.
  • Flag of the United States-0 United States of America: Trump, seeing as funds for the wall could not be secured, abandons the project in a State of the Union Address, Saying: "We can not secure funding for the wall, and therefore, we must cancel the project. Instead, we shall build a Canal that shall not only keep immigrants out, it shall also give a profit to the U.S. in the long term, as it shall cut down shipping times even further from the east coast to the west via sea". The U.S. military budget is cut down to approximately 400 billion, with the 200 billion in revenue revenue going to NASA for the Constellation Program.
  • Chile: We start to build up defenses, for this we ask The U.S. for help [Players (U.S.) Response Needed], we start to build our shipping powers, we start to produce our own firearms, the first one will be called the CA-17 which is base on the AR15 and it shoots 308 rounds, we also make Semi auto Handgun Call the CA-07 which shoots 357 Magnum.
    • U.S. Response: We are incapable of helping right now, but once we stabilize on the home front, we'll help.
  • Flag of South Korea Republic of Korea: With North Korea still threatening us with nuclear war, we continue to increase our military personnel, as well as our military technology. We work on our next satellite, named KSLV-2, which is scheduled to be launched in 2019.
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: We start to build more tanks and aircraft. We ask for an alliance with New Zealand and Papua New Guinea [Mod Response needed] We start to develop more weapons and work on a new rifle which is called the cyclone-j 27 Which can hold 50 bullets.
    • Mod Response: New Zealand and Papua New Guinea both agree to an alliance.
  • Flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerland: We plan to cut down carbon emissions and further integrating green energy. We begin wine production, and expect great results due to our climate. We promote domestic tourism. We decriminalise soft drugs, and establish a rehabilitation programming for addicts and tighten controls on hard drug use. Innovation in medicine and science continues, and we plan to have a working fusion reactor by 2020 latest. We also upgrade our military in case some nation doesn't recognise our neutrality and invade us. We improve quality of life within the nation.
  • Flag of Turkmenistan Turkmenistan: The President has announced he plans to slowly reduce his power, and begin to hold genuine elections. Pressured by the Public, he declares our neutrality has ended, and we ally with Russia. This causes mass protests across the nation, and there are rumors a coup is planned to take place in early 2019. The first genuine elections will be held in 2022. The President starts to toughen up on crime, and begins to hire more Police, and more soldiers. We begin to build more high rises in Ashgabat, and ask Iran for a non-aggression agreement (Mod Response Needed). We hope to begin negotiations with Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan over the territorial waters in the Caspian Sea (Mod Response Needed).
    • Mod Response: Iran happily agrees to a non-aggression pact. Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan deny to re-negotiate the territory of Caspian Sea, as they believe that they have a good amount, as well as everyone else [having a good amount of territory].
  • Nigeria: We ask for talks with Togo and Benin about a possible joining of the nations, to become the Republic of West Africa. We ask Mozambique and Egypt is they would like to create and African alliance, for defense and for trade. ( Mod and Mozambique responses needed)
    • Mod Response: Although Togo and Benin enjoy Nigeria as a neighboring country, they decide to decline the offer to become the Republic of West Africa. Egypt agrees to create an alliance, for defense and trade.
    • Mozambique Response: We agree to the alliance, and aim for better relations with the rest of the African continent.


Mod Event: Although stopping construction of the wall seemed eventful and pleased a few citizens, multiple citizens are curious about whether there will be another ban on Muslim immigrants traveling to United States. ISIS, which remained quiet throughout 2017, have announced that they will use everything they have to make a final push to take control of the Syrian Government, which is estimated to be concluded in 2019. ISIS begins to burn multiple oil fields while traveling through to Damascus. People around the world look to their government to see what they will do to counter this.

  • Mozambique: We begin a campaign to get rid of corruption, provide housing, electricity, clean water, and education for all, and reduce crime and inflation to less than 5% by 2030. We ask the support of the African Union and our allies for this endeavor [Mod & Nigeria Response Needed]. We also start improving relations with NATO, hoping to become a NATO member.
    • Mod Response: All of the members of the African Union will support, but request that you support them when they would like to make this change also. Countries that will not support you are: Morocco, Egypt, Sudan, and Somalia.
    • Nigeria: We, of course, accept this offer to help a friend in need. We pledge two million USD to your cause.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: We continue building defense and military, 13,465 people are recruited into the Armed Forces. We also add more equipment. Hearing news that ISIS start attack Damascus, we start send 18,000 troops to defend the capital city. We also continue send airstrikes to ISIS militia. [Secret] For security and safety, we ask President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad to escape and evacuate from Damascus. We tell him that our troops will help Assad to evacuate to Russia [Mod Response Needed] [End Secret]. We and Syria start a peace negotiation with the rebels (Free Syrian Army), we hope the war ends soon, and we also hope that we can co-operate to fight the terrorists, Da'esh (ISIS) [Mod Response Needed for Negotiation Process]. [Secret] We increase military training activity, it is part of the preparation of invasion of Ukraine. We continue send supplies to the rebels [End Secret]. President Vladimir Putin visits the White House and meet U.S. President Donald Trump. We will increase trade activity with the U.S., and we hope the U.S. agrees to trade in military [U.S. Response Needed]. We concern Trump's policy for ban immigrants from Muslim nations, including Iran and Syria. We start to expand our military alliance, CSTO. Serbia is accepted as new members after being observer of CSTO. We invite China, Turkmenistan, and Iran to join CSTO. [Mod and Turkmenistan Response Needed]. In this year, we hold presidential election, with Vladimir Putin is re-elected as president after getting 66% of popular vote. We also host the 2018 FIFA World Cup, with having great success for the events, although Russian national team doesn't win the tournament.
    • Turkmen Response: The President accepts this offer, but this causes nationwide protests, demanding Turkmen Democracy.
    • Mod Response: President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, is able to successfully escape Damascus, and evacuate to Russia, however, ISIS is able to find this out when they finally reach the government buildings. The Free Syrian Army agree to a peaceful negotiation, but after learning that you have evacuated Bashar al-Assad, they deny any new negotiations. Iran joins CSTO, while China will deny joining.
  • Flag of Turkmenistan Turkmenistan: Once again, due to the lack of democracy, The President was elected last year. We begin spending millions on farms and de-desertification, hopefully insuring the safety of Future Turkmens. We also ask Russia for a non-aggression pact. (Hexarafi Response Needed).
    • Russian Diplomacy: You have joined CSTO (our military alliance), so you don't need to ask us for non-aggression pact.
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: We start troop deployment in Syria and start to train more troops. Desert training areas are set up as well as mine training areas. As we mine iron ore we start to use some of it to make weapons. (Secret) we start to develop nuclear weapons and chemical weapons (secret end)/ We start to construct an aircraft carrier as well as more fighter jets and bomber planes.
    • (Understand that nuclear weapons cannot be constructed for another three more years, and to build one will take another two years)
  • Nigeria: We reiterate the offer to Togo and Benin about crating the West African Union, and warn it could be very damaging to their economy if they do not join. (Secret) We begin work on a navy, and harbor, spending one billion USD on the cause (end secret). (Mod response needed)
    • Mod Response: Togo and Benin continue to deny the joining of a nation, and they both take your message as a threat. They begin to slowly build up a military, just in case of an invasion.
  • Flag of South Korea Republic of Korea: We were originally going to send 10,000 troops to assist in the ISIS situation, but with Russia and numerous other countries interfering, we decide that it would be best to allow other countries to deal with the issue. We continue to increase our military, as we aren't sure when North Korea will attack us. North Korea announced that their development of nuclear weapons is due to us and The United States, but we counter that by saying that the North is simply delusional, and we had, if anything, a more peaceful resolute than nuclear war. We decide to decrease the very harsh laws on Marijuana, adopting something similar to California's Marijuana Laws. It will take two years before it has the possibility of becoming completely legal. Although this has caused a slight increase in drug usage, we still continue to crack down on drug usage and anything related to it, as decreasing regular laws to a simple fine/ probation/ 90-day jail period will take another year.
  • Saudi Arabia: We ask Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen and Kuwait to join us in a Middle-Eastern Union, We ask to create an alliance with Egypt, Jordan, Ethiopia and the above nations if they refuse a union (Mod Response needed) we force all able bodied men into the army for three years from the age of 18 to 21. We bomb areas in ISIS. We legalise gay marriage for people over 25.
    • (Not Plausible currently due to Saudi Arabia's Government) | Mod Response: Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, and Kuwait all decline to join a Middle-Eastern Union, along with Jordan and Ethiopia not wanting an alliance. Egypt accepts an alliance, due to current ties have become strained, and their pursuit of wanting to increase positive relations.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: President Poroshenko is very alarmed by the results of the recent Russian elections and asks for more American troops in Eastern Ukraine [U.S. Response needed]. Meanwhile, the presidential election is planned for next year and incumbent President Poroshenko announces his intentions to run for a second term. He does face major opposition though, his poll numbers being in tanks (which are lower than his predecessor Victor Yanukovych who was removed from power in 2014) and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has also announced her intentions to win the presidency for the Fatherland Party. (Secret) We begin to suspect that Russia is planning an invasion, so we begin an immediate investigation to see what there up to [Mod Response on results]. (Secret)
    • U.S. Response: We agree, and an expeditionary force of 15,000 men have pledged to go and fight the Donetsk People's Republic.
    • Mod Response: The investigation of Russia results: Military Activity has increased.


Mod Event: Although the multiple bombing runs and various attacks on Syrian rebel groups proved successful, Syria eventually collapses. Syria is split up into three separate nations: Islamic People's Caliphate (ISIS controlled), Kurdistan Republic, and Sunnistan. Although small currently, Multiple people within Kurdistan Republic and Sunnistan have begun a rebellion in Turkey, as they want to gain land. Islamic People's Caliphate has began an invasion of Israel and Lebanon, after influencing many of their citizens to join their military to claim "what was rightfully theirs". Throughout all of this chaos, the United States of America remained quiet.


Black = Islamic People's Caliphate, Green = Sunnistan, Orange = Kurdistan Republic)

  • Flag of Mozambique Mozambique: Several high-ranking government workers were fired yesterday due to a corruption scandal. We also start improving existing infrastructure, especially roads, water pipes, sewage pipes and electric lines, and we also begin building more water and sewage pipes and electric lines to serve communities with none of these things. We also start building more schools, improving and expanding existing schools, and hiring more teachers to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for education. We begin investing in the tourism industry, most notably beach and eco-tourism, and we reduce taxes on companies to 4%, to entice companies to set up their headquarters in Mozambique. We start building more hospitals and improving the quality of existing ones, as well as improving and creating more garbage trucks to collect the increasing number of trash in the country. The campaign, called Plano Mozambique, or Plan Mozambique, focuses on eradicating corruption, having in each settlement at least one primary and secondary school, hospital, access to electricity, clean water, and garbage facilities, this will help improve Mozambique's standards of living. The goal for this plan is to become a first-world nation (i.e have a HDI higher than 0.800). We will begin devising another plan for improving the gender inequality situation. The current president, Fillipe Nyusi, begins to develop a pacifist policy, announcing in an African Union meeting earlier this month, "I do not want to involve my country in any wars, whether it be ISIS, or Afghanistan, or Ukraine, or any other future wars. Mozambique is not ready for wars yet, and even if Mozambique is ready for wars, we will not join any war, as we want to focus our money and resources on creating a better country for our citizens, not on bombs or guns or weapons that can end lives and destroy cities, even if it is for a good cause. The nation of Mozambique will always strive for our citizens' lives, and not to cause disorder,". This speech gains very high approval among the Mozambican populace, as they now know that they will not die from war, and so they are safer.
  • Nigeria: Togo and Benin were right to view us as a threat and we invade them to fully annex with 400,000 soldiers. We also block their trade with our navy. We request their immediate surrender.
    • Mod Response: Without proper knowledge of the areas in both Togo and Benin, 250,000 troops are displaced, and end up either MIA or KIA. Benin is quickly taken, but Togo had been slightly prepared for this, and are successfully able to defend themselves. Only 20,000 troops remain from the entire invasion. Togo declares war on Nigeria, with most of the African Union siding with them. Your navy is able to stop trade for a few hours, but Togo's, Ghana's, and Chad's military forces were able to stop your navy.
  • Flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerland: We declare ourselves neutral in the light of the events in the Middle East. We construct more schools and upgrade to curriculum to incorporate valuable skills that the nation requires. We improve infrastructure, and build more settlements. We hold an international Science Convention in Geneva, inviting several scientists worldwide to participate and share knowledge. This event is planned to be annual should it be successful. We send trained mechanics to maintain the Swiss portion of the Large Hadron Collider.
    • Flag of MozambiqueMozambique Dip: We send our finest scientists to the Science Convention.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: The presidential election take place, and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko wins the vote in an almost landslide victory against

    Tymoshenko taking the Oath of Office

    Poroshenko, winning 55% of the vote. About a month later she is inaugurated president, making her the first woman president in Ukrainian history. Her first act as president, applying for emergency membership of NATO and the European Union, for the betterment of our people and society [Mod Response]. We have had recent reports that there has been more artillery fire on public and government buildings around the Donetsk region with multiple casualties. We plan a full scale retaking of the region sometime next year.
    • Mod Response: She is reluctantly allowed into the European Union, but NATO will make a formal response once they finish conversing about it.
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: We start to send more troops and planes to Syria battle ISIS. We get our best hackers and try to locate their main computer system which would lead us to their main base[Mod response needed]. Meanwhile, three of our frigates are sent to frigates. Our Prime minister also upgrades our public transport system.
  • Flag of Mozambique Mozambique: We condemn the Islamic People's Caliphate for their invasion of Lebanon and Israel, nations who have done no wrong to them. We continue focusing on Plano Mozambique (see above), and we begin creating more recreational spaces such as parks across the cities of Mozambique, most notably Maputo, to make the standards if living in the cities better. A revamp of Maputo International Airport is also underway, to make it look more modern, and attract more big airlines so Maputo can become the air hub of Africa, like cities such as Dubai and Singapore. We have seen a slight improvement in the standards of living for Mozambicans, but it takes a lot of money to uphold these developments, and so the income tax is increased to 15%. The Mozambican army is officially abolished.
  • Flag of South Korea Republic of Korea: We add finishing touches to KSLV-2, and delay its production for another year, as we want to make sure nothing bad will happen to it. We are able to reduce the harsh laws on marijuana, but once this is completed, there is another delay for the complete legalization of marijuana, as the law is estimated to be finished and effective in 2021. Like Mozambique, we condemn the Islamic People's Caliphate for their invasion of Lebanon and Israel. A huge science presentation is shown about how we can make our country, Republic of Korea, a futuristic powerhouse of economical growth and production. Although this presentation is simply speculation about what our country could accomplish within a decade, we decide to invest into these ideas. We increase tax rates by +5% to each tax base of income, and estimate to complete the presentation's ideas of a "New Korean Country" by 2029-2045. Our current active military that prepares for any North Korean attacks stands at 400,000/ 625,000 troops. We begin upgrades on various buildings, and begin small-time industrialization and continuation of urbanization of large cities, such as Seoul.
  • Caliphate of TurkeyIslamic People's Caliphate Islamic People's Caliphate decided that they would invade France but in the process they stumbled across two nuclear bombs along the border. Tring to be as quick as possible and move the bombs and end up blowing up one of the 2. They finally get back to base and start making a launcher
    • (Still Implausible)
  • Flag of Russia Russia: We condemn the Islamic People's Caliphate for their action of invasion of Lebanon and Israel. After this action, we start intervening, by declare war to the Islamic People's Caliphate. [Secret] We invade Syria because we want restore back the Syrian Government. Due to this, we use more money for invasion of Syria, and cancel our planned invasion to Ukraine. But, military activity is still increased [End Secret]. We also start help Iraq and (Iraqi) Kurdistan to repel IPC from Iraq. We start to build more infrastructure.


Mod Event: A referendum is held, and Ukraine is finally allowed into NATO. It will, however, be another four years before NATO can really do anything to assist/help Ukraine. The United States begin their election process, with Bernie Sanders leading the Democratic Party, and Donald Trump leading the Republic Party for re-election. President Trump has announced that he made multiple new executive orders, which blocks any transport from every country with a high percentage of Muslims, and every country deems "evil", which includes: All of the Middle East (excluding Kuwait), Turkey, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Turkmenistan, and, the most significant, China. The airline ban has sparked intense hate from both enemies and allies of the United States, and the airline ban will be in-effect for one year. IPC successfully takes Lebanon, and assassinates the President on live TV. IPC also begins to take land within Iraq, and Sunnistan and Kurdistan Republic begin to push further into Turkey, as well as taking some of the land of IPC. IPC, seeing this, declares war on Sunnistan and Kurdistan Republic. Sunnistan declares their invasion of Turkey, while Kurdistan Republic declares their invasion of Iraq. North Korea begins relations with IPC.

  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: President Tymoshenko makes a statement that she is very pleased that Ukraine was accepted both into NATO and the EU. She does wish however, that more military support can be supplied to help against Russian aggression [Mod Response]. During a speech in Kiev, she does say that she feels that Russia is a major threat to Ukraine's sovereignty and that if nothing is done soon, "We could be under the Communist shield once more." Polling shows her at 57% approval rating, and many expect that she will run for re-election in 2024. A recent report says that crime in Eastern Ukraine has been on a major rise in the past year, along with attacks on Ukrainian government troops. She declares on public television, "We are at war with our own, and it needs to stop. We are all Ukrainian! Not Russian, not Crimean, Ukrainian!" President Tymoshenko announces that a no-fly zone has been declared over Eastern Ukraine and that the only planes allowed are Ukrainian, and that if any other planes (passenger or military) are seen will be shot down, she also says, "To President Putin, we are not afraid of you. Fly your jets in Eastern Ukraine if you want, but just know that we are not scared to shoot them down." The minister of defense announces that war games will be held in the Black Sea with the Ukrainian Navy and invite the American, French, German, and British navy to join [American/Mod Response needed].
    • Mod Response: NATO states that if Russia becomes more aggressive, military support will be sent, but for a regular NATO military force, it will take four years. American Navy declines, but French, German, and British Navies join.
  • Flag of MozambiqueMozambique: The Muslim minority in the north is outraged by Trump's travel ban, and join the swarms of protests engulfing the world. We continue with Plano Mozambique, and continue improving infrastructure. We have noticed a slight improvement in standards of living in many places around the country. The minimum wage is raised to 1000 New Meticals (equivalent to $140) per month, to improve the standards of living for our workers. We have seen a growth in the amount of companies whose headquarters are in Mozambique, increasing the amount of money that goes into the government. We have wired electricity and clean water pipes to 565 villages already, and from the current projection, we will become a first-world nation in about 2050. We declare neutrality, but do not sever ties with Nigeria or the Afircan Union.
  • Flag of South Korea Republic of Korea: We condemn North Korea for them beginning relations with the Islamic People's Caliphate, but we also encourage North Korea to simply stop this madness, and do what the citizens want: Unite [Mod Response Needed]. We continue our development into becoming a futuristic, technological powerhouse, and hope that we are completed by 2044. We launch our satellite, KSLV-2, and it successfully makes it into space without any known problems. Due to relations between IPC and North Korea, we prepare all of our active military in case of an invasion.
    • Mod Response: North Korea refused, Kim Jong-un said in his speech in reaction of South Korea's statement, "Yes, we want to unite, but it must be under our rule!". North Korea prepare their troops to fight South Korea and increase security of Demilitarized Zone, they also continue testing more missiles, and they test their nuclear bomb in their territory.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: We condemn action of Islamic People's Caliphate for assassinating Lebanese President, we also condemn North Korea for their relation with our enemy, IPC. We cut all relations with North Korea and start to build defense in Russo-North Korean border. We launch invasion of IPC by sending 47,500 troops and 30 tanks [Mod Response Needed for Result]. We also ask Kurdistan to help us in case of invasion to IPC. We warn Jordan to prepare their defense because Jordan probably will be attacked by IPC. [Mod Response Needed]. We also ask NATO, especially the U.S., to attack IPC, your ally, Israel is under attack! [Player/Mod Response Needed]. Meanwhile, in case of Ukraine's statement, we react with making a statement, that delivered by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, saying that "Russia will pull their troops from Ukraine and stop aiding the rebels. We let them to make their decision, if they want independence, we won't care, also if they want to stay with Ukraine, we won't care. We also will accept no-fly zone in Eastern Ukraine." But, we won't give up Crimea as Crimea was formally annexed by us, we start to set up defense there. In addition, we now use most of military cost and troops to fight IPC and maybe North Korea, so we won't attack Ukraine in the near future. President Putin reacts after the U.S. ban immigration from several Muslim nations, including Turkey and Iran, plus they also block immigrants from China, Putin is questioning, "Trump, why do you block people from Muslim nations, including your allies like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan to visit your country. Why do you block all transportation to China? Who will be the next? Mexico? Africans? or Russia?".
    • Mod Response: IPC is able to successfully hold off Russia, although they do suffer heavy casualties. Jordan has already prepared for an oncoming invasion, by having most of their active military ready to defend against any attacks from IPC. Kurdistan says they will not help, but will begin to push into IPC's territory on their own means, as they want "what was rightfully theirs to begin with". NATO is currently torn about who they are going to attack, as parts of NATO member Turkey are being claimed by Kurdistan Republic and Sunnistan, while Islamic People's Caliphate is basically going on a genocidal route of invasions and conquests in most of the Middle East. However, France has decided to intervene in the current Israeli invasion, and dispatch 50,000 troops in Israel.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: In the elections taking place this year, the nationalist Alternativ für Deutschland (AfD) party won a major victory with 58% of the vote. The past four years of Angela Merkal's open-border policies have filled the country with migrants and the crime rates are skyrocketing, as well as the number of terrorist attacks. The new Chancellor Beatrix von Storch, leader of the AfD and member of the Grand Ducal House of Oldenburg, immediately begins a program to round up and deport all Muslim migrants that have arrived since 2014. Sweeping reforms occur, with encouragement, such as tax cuts, being made for ethnic Germans to reproduce and grow the population. The draft is reinstated for men aged 18–27 and the Bundeswehr is set to be expanded to 550,000 men, organized into 28 divisions, including 16 infantry, eight panzer, and four landwehr divisions. German youths are encouraged to enlist, and a propaganda campaign promoting German patriotism begins. The Armee Kommado (Army Staff) is dissolved and replaced with a new Generalstab (General Staff), and the rank of Generalfeldmarschall is also reinstated. The new German government announces that we are considering leaving the EU and NATO.
  • Flag of Namibia.svgNamibia: Namibia condemns the Nigerian invasion but doesn't do more beyond sending its one good Antonov An-25 to help with transportation, although repair work is begun on the other. Namibia asks Russia if it is interested in helping Namibia build a nuclear power plant. [Player Response Needed]. We also ask Angola what it wants to do with the ~12000 Angolan refugees in Namibia. [Mod Response Needed]. Namibia reforms its educational system to try to teach more practical skills, and aims to have a nationwide primary grade educational system by 2023, and begins to build a desalination plant in Walvis Bay and the pipelines to transport the water, in addition to beginning research on cloud seeding. The government begins to build processing plants for its mines. It begins a low-scale operation to search for oil off the coast. It also begins to set up defenses in the Caprivi Strip to intercept any armed forces trying to use it as a corridor without authorization.
    • Mod Response: Angola asks for you to hold onto them until Angola is able to create a place for them. The place is expected to be done in 2022.
    • Russian Response: We accept to help Namibia to build the power plant. We hope our support will help Namibia to improve its economy.


Mod Event: Islamic People's Caliphate moves their entire invasion of Israel to Iraq, to hopefully gain Iraqi land. The United States has been "hush hush" on the election, so it is still unclear whom had won the election, although people around the world assume it was Bernie Sanders who had won. North Korea continues in their nuclear program, and declare war on South Korea, Japan, United States, Russia, and China, due to everybody disagreeing with them, along with continued joint-operations within the five countries. The Islamic People's Ccaliphate sends 10,000 troops to assist North Korea, and North Korea sends them one nuclear warhead, which proves to be unfavorable by multiple nations across the world. Kurdistan Republic and Sunnistan continue their push into Turkey, which has turned into a battle zone.

  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: President Tymoshenko condemns the actions of the North Korean's and declares that if NATO get's involved in the war she will not be afraid to get involved, and asks if there is anything Ukraine can do to help (NATO response). We
    Ukrainian armed forces march, 2021

    Ukrainian armed forces march, 2021

    The military march in downtown Kiev.

    begin our joint military exercises, beginning with our navy in the Black Sea and then our military in Eastern Ukraine (where the rebels aren't located), and soon preform a major military march in downtown Kiev. [Secret] We still hold a big grudge against Russia and see them as a threat to our sovereignty and tell our navy to intentionally fire at Russian controlled military posts on the coast of Crimea and have our air force fly very low over the

    A beach in Anapa, Russia

    beach pictured (left) to frighten the people (Mod Response on results) [Secret]
    . With the rebels in the east, we declare immediate war to "cleanse the east of the non-Ukrainian rebels" as President Tymoshenko put it during her televised address to the nation. In Kiev, major protests are forming around the Russian Embassy and have recently been very violent, with a protester throwing rocks at windows and one throwing a "molotov cocktail" at a security checkpoint. In the past two months, three people have died during the protests and 270 have been arrested. We tell the Russian Embassy staff (including the Russian ambassador to Ukraine) that if the protests get any worse she will send in the military to disperse the crowd, [Secret] We have no plan on protecting any Russian staff, especially the Russian ambassador [Secret]. A recent poll shows Tymoshenko's numbers have been on the rise lately.
    • Mod Response: NATO states that they are still deciding what to properly due, since North Korea has nuclear weapons, so they ask to not do anything radical. Multiple NATO members condemn your aggravation of Russia, which is found out due to a few soldiers publicly speaking about the incident. Russian citizens seem to now have an 'unfavorable' view against Ukraine since seeing the plane flying low at a beach in Anapa, Russia, along with the shots fired towards various Russian controlled military posts in Crimea. A formal Russian Response is needed for Ukraine's aggression [Russian Response Needed]
    • Russian Diplomacy: We condemn Ukraine's action for shoot our planes down and their aggression. After this incident, we pull our ambassador and stop trading with Ukraine. We also may cut all relations with Ukraine, if they continue their aggression.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: Reforms continue as Chancellor Beatrix von Storch of the AfD nationalist party strives to make Germany a world power again. Muslim migrants are rounded up and deported while the government promotes having children among ethnic Germans and gives itself greater powers. The AfD forms an alliance with the Tradition und Leben monarchist party, and begins making plans for restoring the Deutsches Kaiserreich as a constitutional monarchy. It also plans to abolish the current states of Germany and replace them with the monarchies that existed prior to 1918-19 as part of a nationalist revival. The national anthem is changed from Deutschlandlied to Heil dir im Siegerkranz ("Hail to Thee in the Victor's Crown"). Recruitment continues for the German Armed Forces which are set to be to a strength of 550,000 men, while new divisions and a general staff is organized. The German Foreign Office issues a statement in which we condemn Ukrainian aggression against Russia as "dangerous and extremely foolish" and says that "Germany will not back Ukraine in its senseless provocations". We announce that Germany will be leaving NATO and the EU by 2023.
  • Flag of South Korea Republic of Korea: We begin preparing all active military troops for the war on North Korea. We send 50,000 troops to the De-Militarized zone between our's and North Korea, and begin pushing into North Korea, along with sending 5000 trained individuals to search for any mines and and potential bombs in the De-Militarized zone [Mod Response Needed]. We begin building multiple THAAD, which are all scheduled to be finished next year. (Secret) We begin a thorough search for any defectors/spies and possible tunnels that are made from North Korea, and if any are found, we will lace them with various mines and bombs [Mod Response Needed] (End Secret)
    • Mod Response: South Korean troops successfully take North Korean city of Kaesong. South Korea also take small territory of North Korea, around the Demilitarized Zone. Several mines and bombs are also cleaned, but some of them are exploded, killing 15 people. Your spies have discovered two North Korean tunnels, under the DMZ.
  • Flag of Peru.svg Peru: President Ollanta Humala condemns the actions of the North Koreans. We start to fight corruption in the civil service and their are a few highly published trials. Lima's airport and docks are upgraded. The copper, iron ore and coal mines are slightly expanded. We prospect for more phosphate, more iron ore and more silver. Some new schools open in Iquitos.
  • Flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerland: We discuss the possibility of a merger with Liechtenstein and Austria as the Alpine Confederation. Should both nations come into agreement, the unification process will take a few years. Domestic tourism is encouraged,as is secularism, as we don't want to get involved in any religious matters. Science and technology continue to improve in Switzerland. We plan to implement drones as emergency services by 2024, and the transition to zero dependency on fossil fuels is expected to be complete in 2025. [Mod Response Needed]
    • (Implausible. Would take longer to have zero dependency on fossil fuels since fossil fuels are used in everything and are all mostly used for Energy, something very difficult to replace)
      • They use a lot of Hydro-electricity and atomic power, but there is still some oil and gas plants. Electric cars are still being developed, but look promising.
    • Flag of Peru.svg Peruvian diplomacy @ Switzerland: We offer Switzerland an trade offer. The deal is: If you invest heavily in our new iron mines and provide us with ten (diesel) railway passenger trains, then we will grantee you 50% of the profits from the mines you invested in and 100,000 tonnes of cut price iron ore for the next 20 years. [Player response needed].
    • Flag of Peru.svg Peruvian diplomacy @ South Korea: We offer South Korea an trade offer. The deal is: If you invest heavily in our new iron mines and provide us with 12 (diesel) railway passenger trains, then we will grantee you 50% of the profits from the mines you invested in and 110,000 tonnes of cut price iron ore for the next 20 years. [Player response needed].
      • South Korean Response: We agree with the deal.
    • Flag of Peru.svg Peruvian diplomacy @ Japan: We offer Japan an trade offer. The deal is: If you invest heavily in our new iron mines and provide us with 12 (diesel) railway passenger trains, then we will grantee you 50% of the profits from the mines you invested in and 110,000 tonnes of cut price iron ore for the next 20 years. [Mod response needed].
      • Mod Response: Japan agrees with the deal.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: In response with North Korean declaration of war, we start to invade them from Vladivostok, with 17,000 troops are sent to occupy Rason and North Hamgyong Province. We also conduct naval shooting to city of Chongjin [Mod Response on Result Needed]. We also ask China, even South Korea and Japan to work together, by combine our troops (only China), supplying, and medical treatment to all troops [Mod/Player Response Needed]. [Secret] We are sure NK will launch nuclear bombs to their enemies, including us, so we start to evacuate government officials to bunker. Vladimir Putin is remain in office, but this year he will go to bunker along with his family. Anti-missiles defense are built in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Vladivostok, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, and Novosibirsk [End Secret]. We send more 55,000 troops to IPC-controlled Syria and Iraq, along with 25 tanks. We also launch missiles and airstrikes to vital places [Mod Response on Result Needed]. [Secret] We start to form and fund rebels pro-Assad in Damascus. We also send agent to assassinate Caliph of IPC [Mod Response Needed] [End Secret]. We condemn Ukraine's aggression. Prime Minister Medvedev saying that "Ukraine starts to threaten our sovereignty." We start set up defense in Crimea, Rostov, and Krasnodar-Krai. We also increase security in Ukrainian-Russian border. If they continue this, we may cut all relations with them, and maybe war. Russian citizens in Ukraine also starts to escape, and we start to help them. People start a demonstration in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Rostov, Kazan, and even Sevastopol, in response of Ukraine's aggression. (Currently, We have no plan on Ukraine since our plan was cancelled. We keep let the Ukrainian rebels to do their action their selves, and not intervening.)
    • Mod Response: Rason and North Hamgyong Province are successfully occupied. The naval attack on Chongjin proves successful. All nations agree to work together. The attack on IPC-controlled Syria and Iraq proves successful, and many IPC troops retreat back to Syria from Iraq. The missiles and airstrikes prove successful, destroying many headquarters and military bases. The agent is is successful in assassinating the Caliph of IPC, but the agent is found and decapitated before he could properly escape. Multiple videos of his death surface on streaming platforms such as YouTube.
  • Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia: Namibia begins to build a nationwide system of clinics and larger hospitals in a "hub and spoke" model projected to be finished at the latest in 2025. A system of railroads is being build to facilitate this as well as further tie the nation together, set to be completed at most by 2027. A major line is between Swakopmund–Walvis Bay–Lüderlitz, set to be completed in 2023. We also propose to Zambia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe to build a railroad between us, running from Grootfontein into Zambia through Livingstone then along existing tracks to Lusaka, where it splits. One goes to Lilonwe via Chipata, and the other goes to Harare via Chirundu. This will help facilitate trade and hopefully reduce road accidents (since there'll likely be less trucks). [Mod Response Needed]. We also begin a port extension and expansion project in Lüderlitz and Swakopmund, set to be completed by 2029. We also begin to import more machines to help the mechanization of farming, which we hope will reduce the number of people working in farming as well as make it more productive. We propose to Angola to build a dam on the Kunene River near the point where it becomes our shared border, which will provide water to farmers and generate electricity to both of us. [Mod Response Needed]. We also begin an expansion project for Walvis Bay Airport due to be completed by 2025. We begin to build the nuclear power plant with Russian help, and is set to complete it between 2029-2030.
    • Mod Response: Angola will build the dam, but is estimated to be finished in 2024. Zambia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe agree to con-jointly build a railroad.



Mod Event: North Korea begins to mobilize all of their troops, and invade China, South Korea, and Russia. The United States end result for their election proves to be Donald Trump, once again. President Trump sends 4000 troops to South Korea, and 30,000 troops to Japan, to both defend against/attack North Korea. IPC begins to lose control of their land due to rebellions and major attacks conducted by Russia. Riots begin to become a common thing with The United States of America, as Donald Trump was elected once more. President Trump, seeing the harsh criticism, decides to remove China from their travel ban after he re-instates it. President Trump declares war on IPC, and begins to mobilize troops in Israel, sending 79,000 troops, along with sending a few tanks and planes.

  • Flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerland: We continue to upgrade our technology and medical facilities. Swiss medical care is now seen as one of the greatest in the world. We get our scientists to focus on a vaccine for Ebola and Zika, as recent headlines state several minor outbreaks. We upgrade our roads, and implement laws that cut down the national carbon footprint by 2-3%. We remain neutral in the Second Korean War and the situation with the IPC.
    • Flag of Peru.svg Peruvian diplomacy @ Switzerland: We again offer Switzerland an trade offer. The deal is: If you invest heavily in our new iron mines and provide us with ten (diesel) railway passenger trains, then we will grantee you 50% of the profits from the mines you invested in and 100,000 tonnes of cut price iron ore for the next 20 years. We also offer to give any help we can to Switzerland in their plan make a Zika vaccine. [Player response needed].
    • Flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerland: We accept this proposal.
  • Flag of Peru.svg Peru: We condemn ISIS and N. Korea. Our mines iron expand modestly. South Korea and Japan get the promised iron ore. Prospectors have found some more phosphate, iron ore and silver. The Puno to Cusco line and the Cusco to Machu Picchu line gain Several many new trains. A new regional line states is to be biult between Ilo and Mollendo over the next year. It connects the coastal towns of Ilo, Ciudad Jardin, Corio, Punta Yeba Buena, Pampas Nuevas, Punta de Bombon, La Curva, Mejia, Ariznia and Mollendo with two tracks and five trains. 50 miles of rain-forest become a nature reserve in Maynas Province . We build a Cogeneration Biomass power-stations in Lima that runs of of burning Municipal solid waste. We plan to cut our carbon footprint by 2% by with in five years time and by 10% in 12 years time. We enlist 100 new cops to help look after security at the mines. Some new rural schools open in the rain-forest interior provinces. We open a new tram line in Lima.
    • Flag of Peru.svg Peruvian diplomacy @ China and Spain: We offer China  and Spain a trade offer. The deal is: If you invest heavily in our new silver mines and provide us with a corvette, then we will grantee you 50% of the profits from the mines you invested in, 10,500 ounces of cut price silver and and 20,000 tonnes of cut price iron ore for the next 20 years. [Mod response needed].
      • Mod Response: Both countries agree.
    • Flag of Peru.svg Peruvian diplomacy @ Paraguay and Bolivia: We think South America needs to pull together to stand up to America's Trump regime. Peru would like to form a customs union with Paraguay and Bolivia. [Mod response needed].
      • Mod Response: Both countries agree.
  • Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia: Namibia begins construction on its section of the railroad, and the railroad is due for completion in 2026. We ask Angola what they want to do with their refugees now since their place is due to have finished construction this year. [Mod Response Needed]. Namibia continue its current projects. We also begin a reforestation and FMNR project in the northwest of the country, roughly centered on Oshakati and Otjiwarongo to try to reclaim some land to increase access to the local villages as well as creating towns and resorts on which to center ecotourism. This is due to be completed around 2040. Namibia also asks the Swiss for help combating AIDS, which is rampant in Southern Africa. [Player Response Needed]. We also propose a rail link between Divundu (which is on the projected Namibia-Zambia-Malawi-Zimbabwe line) and Sowa in Botswana, which will open up both countries up to increased trade and act as another corridor from Namibia into South Africa. [Mod Response Needed]. Namibia condemns the war provoked by North Korea and expresses wishes for a peaceful resolution.
    • Mozambique Dip: We propose that the Namibia-Zambia-Malawi-Zimbabwe line be extended to include the cities of Xai-Xai, Maputo and Inhambane in Mozambique. We also propose a "Southern African Co-Prosperity Sphere" between us, you, and any other African nation south of the DRC that is willing to join. It will work much like the EU, with a shared currency, and an official title of "President of Southern Africa". (Namibia/Mod Response Needed)
      • Flag of Namibia.svg Namibian Dip: We give our permission to extend the NZMZ line, and propose to use Zimbabwe's existing lines into Mozambique (through the Harare-Mutare-Beira and Harare-Gweru-Maputo lines) and Malawi's existing lines into Mozambique (through the Lilongwe-Nampula and Lilongwe-Beira lines), and propose for Mozambique to build a Nampula-Quelimane-Beira-Inhambane-Xai-Xai-Maputo line to link the system together. [Player and Mod Response Needed]. As for the Co-Prosperity Sphere (which totally doesn't sound like the Japanese propaganda concept), we reject a common currency, but we propose to make all members' currency legal tender in the SACPS (the South African rand is legal in Namibia). We also want any SACPS rules and regulations to not be legally binding to constituent countries (although they can have non-government/law consequences) so it doesn't become a collection of "united" states in all but name. We also want all countries to have the right to leave whenever they want, as well as for them to be able to be kicked out by voting or some other process. [Player Response needed]
      • Mozambique Dip: We accept.
    • Mod Response: Angola says that they will now take the refugees back into their country. South Africa and Botswana agrees to do a rail link between your country and theirs. It is expected to be completed in 2024.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: The program of national revival in Germany continues. The German Government condemns the actions of North Korea and offers diplomatic and logistical support to the anti-North Korean coalition. The armed forces are continued to be developed and improved as planned. The economy is also developed. We begin the process of leaving the EU and NATO, telling all NATO forces in German territory to return to their countries. [mod response]
    • Mod Response: The troops leave, and many countries are left confused towards why you left NATO and EU, with many people blaming the new political party, and memes surface comparing Nazi Germany to the current Germany.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: President Tymoshenko tells NATO and Russia, "We have no idea why those traitorous former soldiers have been spreading lies about our military activity. The firing on Crimea was merely an "accident" and the pilots of the jets were mistaken for their flight path and were wrongfully shot down. We will not take this sitting down." Soon after Tymoshenko declares full war on Donetsk People's Republic and Luhansk People's Republic, saying that "Communism needs to be fully eradicated from our land and we will not let ourselves turn into a Soviet type state." Soon after the statement, military jets and attack helicopters begin raining over the region along with tanks and almost 27,000 soldiers begin swarming the region [Mod Response on Results]. We publish a report and send them to NATO, the European Union, Russia, and the United Nations showing them that the firing on Crimea was an accident and the pilots misdirection of their flight path, along with our Prime Minister apologizing to President Putin for the mistake (with President Tymoshenko's apology seemingly missing) and soon after a meeting is proposed between Russian President Putin and our Ukrainian President Yulia Tymoshenko to "cool activities" between our two nations [Russian Response needed]. [To Russia in Secret] A whistleblower in the high ranking Tymoshenko cabinet tells President Putin that Tymoshenko was almost forced to publish the statement by her cabinet who were worried about war and that she will remain mostly quiet for the rest of her first term, but cannot promise anything if she wins re-election [End Secret to Russia].
    • Russian Diplomacy: President Russia Vladimir Putin accepts to meet President Yulia Tymonshenko of Ukraine. However, we won't reinstate embassy and send back our ambassador to Ukraine this year. We also pull trade embargo on Ukraine, and start trading again.
    • Mod Response: Donetsk People's Republic and Luhansk People's Republic are quickly taken and defeated.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: We start to push our troops to Syria, with 40,000 troops are sent. We also continue aerial shooting and bombing to IPC's military bases and other vital places. We also move our troops to North Korea, along with Chinese troops. We hope to capture Ryanggang Province, Chagang Province, South Hamgyang Province [Mod Response Needed]. We accept apologize from Ukraine.
    • Mod Response: Ryanggang Province is taken, however, ~200,000 North Korea troops were waiting in both Chagang Province and South Hamgyang. Many of the Chinese and Russian troops end up either MIA or KIA. The Syrian push is shown to be small, as land on the border was only taken before the location turned into a battle zone.
  • Flag of South Korea Republic of Korea: We begin building multiple THAAD's, in case North Korea begins launching nuclear weapons. We mass produce small underground shelters in the face of any nuclear fallout. (Secret) We begin a large push into North Korea, by pushing 300,000 troops in the direction of Pyongyang unannounced, along with sending 20 spies into North Korea to assassinate the leader, Kim Jong-Un [Mod Response Needed] (End Secret). We send our navy to into the Korea bay, and begin firing shots right on Nampo, South Hwanghae, and North and South Pyongan [Mod Response Needed].
    • Mod Response: The North Korean army is caught off guard by the surprise offensive and are pushed back almost 20 miles from their original positioning. [Secret] The spies successfully enter North Korea, but have some difficulty getting near the leader. Three of the spies do attempt to shoot him, but they only graze him and hit two generals standing behind him. 13 out of the 20 spies are captured and executed, while rest are MIA [Secret]. Much of the defensive bases on the shores of Nampo are destroyed, the navy guarding from South Pyongyang are able to defend themselves, but almost the entire navy guarding North Pyongyang are destroyed.
  • Flag of Mozambique Mozambique: We begin building the railway to join with the Namibian plan, and we officially establish the Southern African Co-Prosperity Sphere with Namibia. We cut all ties with North Korea and the IPC, and we stop recognizing these nations. Plano Mozambique has proven to be a great success so far, with the standards of life across the country rapidly improving. Many companies have now moved their headquaters to cities such as Maputo, Xai-Xai, Inhambane, Beira and Nampala, giving a huge influx of newfound wealth, and our HDI, and GDP per capita have risen profoundly, rising above any nation in Southern Africa, and rivalling nations such as the Philippines, Laos and Vietnam. We are now no longer a developing country, but a transition country. We have made the transition from 3rd world to 2nd world, and soon will move into the category of 1st world, modern and Western countries. To celebrate our newfound wealth and profound living standards increases, we are building the Tower of Mozambican Prosperity, a shopping mall/office/retail/apartment complex that will rise 55 floors, or 160 meters tall and will be the tallest building in Mozambique.
  • Flag of Laos Laos: The felling of timber is now legally regulated and a 100 mile zone is now a nature reserve on the southern border with Cambodia. We open a few gypsum, tin, gemstone and gold mines in the northern hills. We open a new radio station in ‎Vientiane. Tourism is encouraged on the Mekong River as we build two hotels in the central region of the river's course. Several new clothing factories and some cotton cotton farms emerge in the north of the country.
  • Flag of Mexico-0 Mexico: (Was given a free turn) Summary recap due to missing a few turns: We are happy and very pleased that U.S. president Donald Trump has canceled the wall. Relations have improved. While this is going on. We have been looking into shifting our military budget into our air force. We want to order three F-16 "Fighting Falcons" from the U.S. We would also like U.S. advisers to train the pilots on flying the F-16s. [U.S. response needed]
    • Mod Response: The United States says that they will not send any military technology. President Donald Trump talks about this issue: "we will not send Mexico any forms of Military technology because all they are trying to do is find new ways to bring in rapists, murderers, and criminals".


Mod Event: North Korea has begun their full mobilization of their entire nuclear stockpile, with nuclear targets aimed towards: Washington DC, New York City, Mackinaw City, United States of America | Seoul, South Korea | Moscow, Russia | Beijing, China | Tokyo, Japan. Islamic People's Caliphate begins to collapse on itself, with multiple countries closing in on prime locations. Lebanon is successfully freed from IPC-control, due to assistance from the United States of America. Kurdistan Republic and Sunnistan want Observer status within CSTO. Although African politics towards the war on Nigeria remained quiet, Chad, Niger, Cameroon, and Togo begin a large-scale invasion of Nigeria to gain land and to assassinate President Muhammadu Buhari.

  • Flag of Mexico-0 Mexico: We are not angered at Donald Trump's comments, but more along the line with baffled. We will get our fighter jets from Russia instead. We want to order four MiG-29 "Fulcrums" from Russia. We would also like advisers from Russia to train our pilots for these aircraft. On other matters, we will open our borders and send any aid we can to the potential victims of the possible nuclear attack. [U.S. and Russian response needed]
    • Russian Diplomacy: We accept.
    • Flag of Mexico-0 Mexican Reply: We are utmost delighted. Shipping and authorization should take about a month to three months. Training should take around a year.
    • Mod Response: United States declines the offer.
  • Flag of Peru.svg Peru: A small coal mine opens in in the Cuenca del Santa in the Marañón Province. Lima_Metro is refurbished. 250 km of Ucayali_Region becomes a nature reserve. A few new oil wells open up on the coastline of Talara. Production of oil, gas, arsenic trioxide, bismuth, copper, gold, lead, molybdenum, rhenium, tin, and zinc rise slightly. Iron production goes up sharply. Petroperú's La Pampilla refinery is expanded slightly.  Marcona_District is riddled with new iron mines, many of which are joint ventures with Japan and South Korea. Cerro_de_Pasco is riddled with new silver mines, many of which are joint ventures with China and Spain. All other mines are slightly expanded to. Servery occur in respect for building a hydro-electric power station in La_Libertad_Region with in three years from now. Some new rural schools open in the rain-forest interior provinces. We start to fight urban rats and cock roaches. We build the Lima TV Tower 2023. It is 540.1 m (1,772 ft) tall and issues VHF-UHF transmissions. It is the tallest in South America. We offer aid what aid we can to all the places that are under nuclear attack [Player and Mod responses needed]. We send 100 troops to help defend Japan from N. Korea if they want them [Mod response needed].
    • Russian Diplomacy: We thank Peru for offering help to us. We ask Peru to send humanitarian to help our civilians to evacuate from major cities. [players Response Needed]
      • Peru response: The three cargo aircraft that bring the medicine and tents to Russia are told to stay in Russia to help in the evacuations. A cargo ship arrives with cement on it.
    • Flag of Peru.svg Peru's secret plot: We condemn N. Korea again. [Secret] We train some police and army snipers in assassination skills and send most of them to N. Korea in hope they can kill its president in an assassination. [end secret] [Mod response for mission's result needed].
      • Mod Response: Japan accepts the offer of troops + aid, and South Korea accepts aid. United States President Trump states: "we will help ourselves. All they are trying to do is find a way to bring in more immigrants". Most of the spies are caught and executed. The remaining spies miss and accidentally hit and kill Kim Jong-un's wife, Ri Sol-ju. Kim Jong-un interrogates the spies, torturing them for their original whereabouts, eventually executing them, but not before announcing a new nuclear target: Lima, Peru.
        • Peru:The loss of Lima is big. A new capital is set up in Ilo, but the nation soon collapses in to chaos and civil war between regional bodies.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: We continue push our troops to occupy Chagang and South Hamgyong. More 77,000 troops and 30 tanks (including tanks from War of IPC) are sent to join the invasion. We also start launch missiles to Pyongyang and other major cities in North Korea [Mod Response Needed on Result]. [Secret] We start to evacuate President Vladimir Putin to secret bunker somewhere in Ural Region. Ministers and Staff from Kremlin are also evacuated [End Secret]. We stop all activities in Moscow, and start to evacuate people there, as we receive news that Moscow is aimed for nuked by North Korea. Not only in Moscow, but civillians from other major cities like St. Petersburg, Samara, Nizhny-Novgorod, Krasnodar, and Kazan are evacuated to anticipate nuclear bombs are aimed to these cities. We continue to push our troops into Syria and Damascus, we hope to capture it as soon as possible [Mod Response on Result]. We accept Kurdistan and Sunnistan's admission into CSTO as observer.
    • Mod Response: Chagang and South Hamgyong are successfully occupied. Missile attacks on North Korea prove very successful, with Kim Jong-un simply abandoning his citizens to hide with a bunker. Al-Hasakah, Raqqa, Dier ez-Zor, Aleppa, and Idlib are captured, due to there being no IPC troops within those locations.
  • Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia: Namibia begins to deport its Angolan refugees who haven't become citizens of Namibia or lost their refugee status back to Angola. It is scheduled to be completed by 2024. As the Swakopmund-Walvis Bay-Lüderlitz (SWL) line opens, trade in these three cities rise, increasing revenue and wealth in these cities too. We begin to implement an economic plan to increase living standards in Namibia similar to the Mozambique one. It calls to shift the economy from agriculture to manufacturing & processing and ecotourism, with support from fishing, mining itself, and commercial agriculture. To meet this, three new desalination plants begin construction on the Skeleton Coast, projected to open in 2030, which will supply water to northern Namibia for farming, tourism, and mining, while operations in southern Namibia will get their water from the dammed reservoirs already existing and collecting water due to low demand, in addition to the cloud seeding program going on. Large solar farms are build across the desert, which will supply electricity, projected to become operational in 2028. Agriculture will be primarily based in the north by the Kunene, Okavango, and Zambezi Rivers, and in the south by the Orange River. We plan for Walvis Bay to become the dominate port with Swakopmund, Lüderlitz, Henties Bay, and Oranjemund as smaller auxiliary ports. To meet this end, enlargement and expansion projects for the docks of Walvis Bay, Henties Bay, and Oranjemund are begin, projected to finish in 2032. We begin to construct the necessary pipelines, power lines, and roads to make all this work, which is projected to finish in 2030. The government promotes investment in manufacturing firms and tries to attract foreign investment. We also keep looking for oil. Already a bit has been found and a few oil rigs are being build by private companies. We offer to send troops to help clear land-mines in Angola left from the civil war. [Mod Response Needed]. We offer to buy two Independent-class LCSs from American manufacturers, one Rubin-class patrol boat from Russia, and one Braunschweig-class corvette from Germany. [Mod Response Needed]. [Player Response Needed].
    • German Diplomacy: We agree to sell Namibia one corvette.
    • Mod Response: Angola agrees for troops to help clear landmines. They will also send their own troops to assist.
  • Flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerland: We are somewhat startled by nuclear threats from North Korea, but are thankful that the nearest target is far away. We fear the possibility of a nuclear war, so we attempt to invent multilayer shielding, implementing an array of technologies, but we can only hope nuclear war is not a reality until at least 2050. We increase scientific funding. Bern and Luzern are upgraded to accommodate a larger population. In other news, a strange man makes a bank deposit account and stores a strange disk.
  • Flag of MozambiqueMozambique: We are outraged at the North Koreans, and we immediately place crippling sanctions in every North Korean export or import, as well as officially denouncing the nation in the emergency UN meeting. We accept any refugees coming into Mozambique, and will offer them citizenship as long as they stay for more than four years, can speak Portuguese, and can pass the citizenship test. We begin clearing leftover landmines from the Mozambican Civil War. We continue building the Tower of Mozambican Prosperity, and continue improving living standards of the population.
  • Flag of IndiaIndia: We invade Pakistan with 80% of my fighting-men, wepons and millitary assets  (Mod, do I win) and annex there half of Kashmiri and Jamure. India nukes are launched. Four are fired at the Capital of North Korea, Two are fired at Islamabad, two are fired at Quetta and at three are fired at Karachi (Mod, do they hit the targets). We build a new frigate, 50 new busses, many new roads in Bihar state and several new plastic piping factories. Islam is banned and Hindus beat them up in Kashmiri and Jamari.
    • Mod Response: You quickly take Sind and surround the cities of Karachi and Islamabad. The Pakistanis do not surrender. All nuclear missiles hit their target, except for two nukes aimed for Pyongyang, one which was shot down under Chinese airspace and landed in a remote valley in Sichuan Province, and one that went off-course and hit part of the DMZ instead.
    • Flag of Namibia.svgNamibian Dip: Namibia condemns the Indian invasion of Pakistan and maintains that all malicious use of nuclear weaponry is wrong.
    • (Implausible. Reason: Read ALL of the Rules).
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: Seeing as North Korea is preparing Neclear missiles we tell the U.S. that we will accept their refugees [mod response needed]. We declare war on North Korea and ask New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, U.K, France, Canada, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, India, South Korea and theU.S. to join us on an invasion of North Korea [mod and player response needed]. We prepare 50,000 troops to invade North Korea.
    • Mod Response: All nations agree to invade North Korea. The United States says that if it ends up worse than believed to be, they will send some refugees.
  • Flag of Laos Laos We put trade sanctions on India and North Korea. We say India has no right to Kashmir and Nort Korea is a police state.
  • Flag of China(returning) PR China: We scrap all our nuclear weapons, cut the armed forces by 20% and declare a pacifist nation. Zen Buddhism becomes the new inspiration as Mao's legacy is forgotten. We denounce the aggression against Pakistan and refuse to take sides over N. Korea. We put a weather satellite in to space and build several new oil and municipal wast burning power stations in Hebe Province.
    • (Implausible. Reason: Doing too many things in such a small period of time. It takes years to accomplish what you just made in one turn. You can leave the Second Korean War, but you cannot already "refuse to take sides" since your nation has already been included in the war. Keep plausible, and keep up with what is going on.)
  • Flag of South Korea Republic of Korea: We finish construction on multiple THAAD's, along with finishing numerous underground bunkers for the citizens. There are a total of ~32 million people living within these bunkers, which are located throughout all of South Korea.

    Picture of the empty city of Seoul, South Korea

    We make a final push into North Korea, marching into Pyongyang with 2.9 million troops and 300 tanks, along with whatever troops survived previous province captures [Mod Response For Results]. Before our troops made it to Pyongyang, we came across what looked to be multiple concentration camps. We learn that many of these people were people who go missing from multiple countries almost every single year. We see humans without entire arms and legs; humans with a piece of their head missing; Numerous human deformities. Photographers publish these human rights violation throughout the world. Our president, whom was given political power during this war, Park Geun-hye, gives a final message: "(Translated into English) This is it. This is the final battle and testament of what will be the Second Korean War. As our troops walk into the badlands of North Korea, we must remain vigilant that they will successfully defeat North Korea and its leader, Kim Jong-un. We know that some people might not have enjoyed this conflict, but a wise philosopher once stated that "The ends justify the means." This is Park Geun-hye, your President of South Korea, signing off." After this message, Park geun-hye is quickly moved into an underground bunker, as the entire population waits for the final results of the war.
    • Mod Response: The South Korean army is met with heavy resistance military soldiers on the outskirts of the city. Surprisingly, South Korean troops are met by violence by civilians in the city. Still, the tanks are able to break the wall of the guarding troops and begin driving through the streets of Pyongyang. Soon enough, the city turns from very quiet to very chaotic, as fighting throughout the city continues for months on end. After about three months of fighting allied troops march through the center plaza in front of many government buildings. It takes another three days to finally capture the main building and many officials surrender. Finally, after five months of fighting, the city is fully captured and the city officially becomes occupied under the allied forces. But, after a sweep of the city, Kim Jung-un is missing but one of the generals that has been captured says that he still alive and is somewhere in the countryside that is still in North Korean hands. It soon becomes clear that even though the capitol is captured, the fighting will continue until Kim Jung-un is captured.
  • Flag of the German Empire Germany: Chancellor Beatrix von Storch officially announces that Germany is now a constitutional monarchy. Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia is crowned the new German Emperor, or Kaiser. Likewise, the restoration of monarchies in the other German states is also taking place, including Chancellor Storch's native Grand Duchy of Oldenburg. Meanwhile, the Kaiserlich Heer is finished reforming, currently having 550,000 troops in 28 divisions. The German Navy, the Kaiserlich Marine, is also reformed and is set to be expanded significantly from 65 ships to 120 ships. Shipyards begin building new vessels. The Luftwaffe is also planned to be expanded. Meanwhile, the German population is starting to go up after years of encouraging Germans to reproduce. We also begin to look for other countries to start economic agreements with.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: President Tymoshenko announces her intentions to run for a second term in office as President. She also puts out a statement saying that, "We have won, we have succeeded, the Ukrainian people have won once more and have proven that we will fight for what we believe in. The Ukrainian Civil War is over, and will remain over for hopefully the rest of time. I do thank that Russians for pulling out of the war on the rebels side." An immediate investigation is launched about Russian involvement by the Verkhovna Rada and will be researching very deeply to Russia's past involvements and plan on publishing them to NATO and the UN. Videos are shown across the country and the world of Ukrainian tanks rolling through Donetsk and another famous video of a Ukrainian soldier raising the Ukrainian flag on government buildings throughout the region. The Red Cross is brought in also to help assets the damage caused by the war, and early findings show that 27,800 people have been killed in the conflict and over two million people have been displaced and President Tymoshenko orders the immediate reconstruction of the region and hopes that it will be completed by 2027 and, " ... hopes that Ukraine can return to a nation as one, not as three." President Tymoshenko flies by plane to Moscow, Russia to meet with their president, Vladimir Putin.
  • Mod Event: In the Second Korean War, Pyongyang is officially captured and many generals surrender and give very valuable intelligence. Still, Kim Jung-un is still alive and at large, and is believed to be in the countryside alive and the threat of nuclear war is now even more prevalent than ever.
  • Flag of South Korea Republic of Korea: We begin searching the countryside for Kim Jong-un, and we want to know if we received any information that confirms that we can stop the launch of North Korea's nuclear stockpile [Mod Response Needed].
    • Mod Response: One of the top generals under the regime says that most likely Kim Jong-un still has complete control over the nuclear stockpile and could launch at any second.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: With the threat of nuclear war looming, President Tymoshenko declares war on North Korea. She says at a press conference, "I know that it is late in the war and that they probably won't make until 2025, but we need to help as much as possible." Soon after, she sends 2300 Ukrainian armed soldiers and 200 special operatives along with 13 tanks, and two fighter jets to the Korean peninsula. Almost immediately, our troops begin joining the South Korean troops and begin the final push into the countryside to help find the leader, Kim Jong-un. Along with the fighter jets to do fly over's and air strikes on N. Korean held bases.
  • Flag of the United StatesUnited States of America: Construction of the "America Canal" has finished, making the Panama Canal obsolete. The Atlantic Fleet is downsized, as ships are moved through the canal to completely blockade the remainder of North Korea. A revitalization of our Nuclear Arsenal has begun, and preparations have begun for possible Nuclear War. We begin a "Blitzkrieg" of North Korean outposts. North Korean people swarm at American forces, waving at them as they pass, after being liberated from the Tyrannical North Korean dictatorship. To avoid the "Yalu Incident" which happened in the First Korean War, we send a large portion of our Air force to bases along the former DMZ, and activate our Paramilitary and Reserve, sending a portion of them to the front-lines to fight off North Korean soldiers, in their desperate counterattacks. At home, The economy is fairing well, with a surge in Arms Manufacturing during the war, and Factories sprouting up across the country due to a State funded Total Mobilization. We threaten North Korea that if they do not surrender within the next 50 days, then total destruction shall ensure. [Mod Response Required]
    • Mod Response: North Korea's government was stopped before they were able to make a formal response. No response has come from Kim Jong-un.
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: We invade North Korea with 50,000 troops, 12 tanks and six frigates along with the other countries we called to help. We attack from the south west and east we would like to know if we succeeded[mod response needed] we then start looking in the countryside for Kim Jung un in teams of 12-20 soldiers searching homes, bunkers, farms and caves for his bunker[mod response needed]
    • Mod Response: Any remaining scattered troops within the areas whom attack are defeated quickly. Kim Jong-un is still not found.


  • Mod Event: Kim Jong-un is found. He is found under a barn in a secret bunker. He is found and arrested by American and South Korea forces. While being moved to a vehicle, he yells "(Translated to English) Love and Faith are corruption. Death and manipulation occur when these things are present. Red Bird Clipping Rose Three Six Nine Union" Once this is said, the barn begins to open up, revealing a nuclear missile being cleared to launch. The nuclear missile is launched, shown to be attacking the United States of America. The missile is, however, hit by South Korea's THAAD, and goes down in the Sea of Japan, exploding upon hitting the water. Nearby ships sitting there from Australia, United States of America, South Korea, and Japan are instantly destroyed on impact. Casualties are estimated at ~20,000. Kim Jong-un is moved to the DMZ, and world leaders around the world are asked to arrive at the DMZ to decide what should be done to Kim.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces that the conference between President Tymoshenko and President Putin will be moved until 2025 because of the recent events in Korea. She immediately flies to Seoul, South Korea and issues a statement while getting off the plane, "This is a great day for the entire world, peace has been achieved, Communism toppled once more, and the people of North Korea liberated. As a representative of the Ukrainian people, I will push for the fullest extent of punishment." A statement from her office is put out and says that President Tymoshenko will push for Kim Jong-un to be charged by the International Criminal Court to the "fullest extent". The Verkhovna Rada votes 226 (YES) to 224 (no) to extend the presidential election until next year because of Tymoshenko's projected time in Korea after the war. Tymoshenko is easily expected to win re-election with an approval rating at 61%, and has shown even more public support.
  • Flag of the United States U.S. Update: Total losses are counted, and 1000 American servicemen are killed. President Donald Trump makes a speech, stating that, despite the world being shocked by this event, we remain strong, and with the destruction of the USS Nimitz, a new one is being constructed, named the USS Nimitz II. Presidential approval ratings skyrocket after Kim Jong Un's capture. with an 82% approval rating, one of the highest in American History.
  • Flag of Mexico-0 Mexico: We are glad to see that the "Second Korean War" is over, and that it did not result in an absolute bloodbath. We now have four "modern" fighter jets in our air force (MiG-29 "Fulcrums"). We have deployed two of them at our airbase in Mexico City, Campo Militar 1. We have deployed one at our airbase, Base Aérea Militar No. 13, Chihuahua, Chihuahua. The last one is deployed at our airbase, Base Aérea Militar No. 18, Hermosillo, Sonora. We wish to thank Russia for selling us these fighters and taking their time to train our pilots.
  • Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia: Namibia reiterates its offer to buy two Independent-class LCSs from America and one Rubin-class patrol boat from Russia [Player Response Needed]. Namibian troops are sent to help Angola clear landmines. Namibia also begins to harness the electricity from the new Kunene Dam and divert some of the flow to farms in the north. Namibia also puts trade embargoes on India and encourages other nations to do the same. Trade begins to increase as the NZMZM-line and the BSAN-line opens. Construction of cargo terminals begins in Windhoek Airport and Walvis Bay Airport and other major airports, such as Keetmanshoop Airport, Lüderlitz Airport, Swakopmund Airport, and Grootfontein Airport. All target airports will receive an ATC tower if they don't have one, ground radar and aerial radar if they don't have one, ILS systems if they don't have one, and at least one additional runway paved with asphalt due for 2026. We also purchase several new trains to use on our rail system. The Namibian president flies to the DMZ, and pleads that Kim Jong-Un "is only tried for his crimes, not that of his father or grandfather." We begin construction of another nuclear power plant and several oil rigs off the coast. We offer to buy five F-CK-1 Ds and two AIDC IDF LIFT trainers from Taiwan. [Mod Response Needed].
    • Russian Diplomacy: We agree.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: The soldier in Korea, after hearing news of about Second Korean War, were celebrating the victory. 82,000 troops left Korea (70,000 of them left since Pyongyang was captured) and went back to Russia. The remaining ±3,000 troops stay in Korea to secure the territory. President Vladimir Putin, in his last term as president, visits Seoul to join the conference (We need to make the page for it. However, this will be a slow turn). We also start to make treaty with IPC, Kurdistan, Sunnistan, and Assad regime with pro-Assad rebels in Aleppo. Now, we hold the election, with Dmitry Medvedev became candidate for next election with United Russia. Other candidates are Yury Afonin (Communist), Alexey Navalny (Progress), and Igor Lebedev (LDPR). We start build infrastructure in Kamchatka Krai.
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: It is Malcolm Turnbull's final day at office before he packs up and leaves for Switzerland to begin a new life he goes to Seoul to attend the conference, fireworks go of in most Australian cities and 42,000 troops are called back to Australia. 8000 stay to make sure there is no more resistance [mod response neeeded] The election starts and is between Christopher Pyne and Chris Bowen we would like to know who wins [mod response needed]
    • Mod Response: No more resistance occurs. Chris Bowen wins the Australian election.
  • Flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerland: Several citizens celebrate the capture of Kim Jong Un, while the government allows these celebrations so long as they don't get too out of hand. We begin construction of a highway connecting Bern to Vienna, bypassing Vaduz as well. We decide a name and flag change is in order and by 2025 we will be known as the Alpine Confederation. We will retain our neutrality in any case. The first fusion reactor is up and running, a bit late but better late than never. Drones are beginning to be a normal sight in emergency services.
  • Flag of the United States United States of America: Donald Trump interrupts regularly scheduled programming to have a press conference. This is his speech: "We owe it to ourselves to have removed the Tyrannical regime of Kim Jong Un, and having made a step in the Full Eradication of the Remnants of Communism, we owe it to ourselves a complete re-structure of the U.S. Government, our economy, and our country in General. We shall start with this:" (A map rolls down from behind him, of a redrawn U.S. map.) "Both the Democrats and Republicans have been narrowly winning majorities in states for years. To properly represent the American Public, we have redrawn some S. state boundaries:
    Usa New
    "We are also going to abolish the following denominations of U.S. Currency: The Penny, Nickel, Quarter, Dollar Bill, and Two Dollar Bill. Now, These shall still be legal tender, but we shall stop the manufacturing of these denominations, in exception for the bills, which shall be replaced with dollar and Two dollar coins. Also, we are abolishing Reaganomics, as in the long term, they have created a wealth gap so large that the richest 1% own 99% of the American Wealth, and making it so that the richest 1% will have to give at least a billion dollars in charity every year. I am also now pulling The Affordable Care Act entirely, and replacing it with a healthcare system based off of Germany's healthcare system. We have slowly been buying old, abandoned apartment buildings, re-furbishing them, and now they are going to be Temporary homes for the homeless until they can get on their feet. We are also giving the homeless jobs in factories at minimum wage, as that was much better than most of them got before. All of these changes are to go into effect immediately. Now, For the Government, If you take a vacation, Government money will not pay for it, and you will not be able to vote in any legislation until you return. Lobbying is now illegal. You cannot buy someone's vote, and if you are caught doing that, you shall face up to five years in prison. We are de-criminalizing most hardcore drugs. If you want to waste your life on Heroin, go ahead. One less idiot in the workforce."
    • Mod: What is a realistic, plausible date for the completion of all of this to be implanted?
  • Flag of the German Empire Germany: The Imperial Foreign Office issues a statement in which we condemn the North Korean government and voice support for the anti-NK coalition. Reforms in Germany continue, the military is set to be expanded by another 50,000 men. New ships for the Kaiserlich Marine are currently being built, and new aircraft for the Luftwaffe. The Imperial Government begins looking greedily at our neighbors.
  • Mod Event: In the United States, the presidential election takes place and Democratic Senator from New York Kirsten Gillibrand wins the election against the incumbent Republican Vice-President Mike Pence. Senator Gillibrand vows to revoke all of Trump's so called "accomplishments" when she takes the Oath of Office. In the House and Senate elections, the Democratic Party has taken back the Senate and the House of Representatives. When Gillibrand is sworn in as president, the government will be fully democratic. She vows that abortion will be legal, gay marriage will stay legal in all states, decriminalization of the hardcore drugs will be reinstated immediately, and many more liberal reforms. Almost six million people take to the streets, in happiness of Trump's exit from office revealing a very unfavorably view of the president even though polling had shown he had high approval ratings.
    • (Implausible and Now, Against the rules. Reason: Countries are allowed to do as they please with their politics and anything related and unrelated. Mod's only respond to [Mod Responses] and, in the case where I, Solace, am inactive, Mod Events)
  • KCR: A year after Kim jung un's capture, a man by the name of Kim sung un rises to political spotlight after claiming he is the son of the former dictator. By recruiting online and gathering loyalists to the former dictator ship, Kim solidifies a strong support group which based itself in the city of Hamhung. So far, no violent actions have been taken, however many threats have been made, and the group has a number of 30,000 involved members at the moment. (SECRET) Underground bunkers and tunnels are being used to funnel illegal money and weapons from Chinese cartels in the north, this is being done in Hamhung.(SECRET). Kim sung stays in secretive locations, regularly traveling the country side recruiting new members to the movement, promising a "better and improved" regime.
  • Flag of South Korea Republic of Korea: Celebrations for the end of the Second Korean War are cut short due to the rise of an alleged, revolutionary group named KCR, which is supported by someone who is supposedly the son of Kim Jong-un. Our President, after witnessing the fear that the war had upon the citizens, decides to simply eradicate the KCR if it has the possibility of bringing North Korea back to the world stage. We send 27,000 troops and 40 tanks to hopefully, defeat what was left of North Korea and Kim's Regime [Mod Response Needed for Results].
    • [Mod Response isn't needed anymore]
  • KRC: (SECRET) 30,000 members of the KRC including the leaders and Kim sung un are ordered to spread out across former North Korea into hiding through the underground tunnels and bunkers. In these bunkers, thousands of former North Korean soldiers begin training troops with the smuggled guns from china. We establish a secret internet network and radio system for encrypted communication.(SECRET) Booby traps and mines are set up all across Hamhung in preparation for incoming South Korean troops. Gas bombs are also loaded onto the mines capable of wiping out entire sold ier squads. A large scale propaganda campaign is launched on the internet, recruiting people from all over Asia into communism.
  • Flag of South Korea Republic of Korea: We halt the previous invasion of KRC in Hamhung, and with the new information, we quarantine the location until proper bomb squads are able to go through and dismantle the bombs and other traps. We begin a sweep across the entire Korean Peninsula in hopes that we will find the scattered KRC Members. There is a total of 34,000 troops and 31 tanks searching [Mod Response Needed].
  • Mod Response: Close to 8000 Members of the KRC are found on the far outskirts of Rason, and another 7000 are found in Sinuiju, with another 3000 across the border in the PRC city of Dandong. Most leaders are yet to be found, however, Kim Yo-Jong and Kim Jong-Chul are caught in Sinuiju.
  • Flag of Mozambique Mozambique: We rejoice at the end of the 2nd Korean War, and are happy that the war resolved itself before there was too much bloodshed. We have supplied about 60% of the country with electricity and clean water, and our literacy rate has improved, now reaching 76%. The Tower of Mozambican Prosperity is expected to be complete by 2026. We have finished our railway, which will soon be linked to the Namibia-Zambia-Zimbabwe-Malawi line to form the Grand South African Railway.
  • Flag of Yakutia Republic of Yakutia: In a hope to re-establish our national identity, we ask The Russian President to restore the title of President to the Sakha Republic's leader (Russian Response Needed). The current Head of Sakha has proposed numerous reforms to the government after Yegor Borisov's corruption has finally been taken down, outlawing unnecessary culling of animals and more. We hold a referendum, and 61.3% of the nation approve the Name to change to Yakutia, effective immediately. Builders in Yakutsk will begin construction of special buildings capable of emitting heat without having to use coal, instead being powered by solar power and water from Lena River. The people of Yakutia are becoming more restless everyday, especially after a possible nuclear threat during the Second Korean War, causing more distrust in the region. (Secret) We begin to expel Ethnic Russians from the Nation, and make it compulsory to learn the Yakut language in schools. We begin to build the Yakutsk Tengrist School, the first private school for students of the ancient Tengriism Religion. We hope this will boost our native religion's number of practisers. Yakut must be written on all signs, and on government offficial documents.
    • Russian Internal Ministry: OK, we accept.
    • Flag of Mozambique Mozambique Dip: In light of these recent changes, we begin to suspect Yakutia to want to seceded from the Russian Federation, and so recognize the Republic of Yakutia as a sovereign entity. We do not want to aggravate Russia, so we keep this secret. We tell Yakutia that if they want to pursue independence, we will not hesitate to give them financial aid (our military was abolished in 2019), and we hope that we will be allies should this be achieved.
  • Flag of the United States United States of America: In a surprising turn of events, Keith Kellogg won the 2024 Presidential Election, Barely beating Democratic Nominee Bernie Sanders. Keith Kellogg personally led the American forces in Korea during the Second Korean War. His Policies go against most Millennial views, such as Making Abortion illegal except in Rape and Life Threatening cases.


Mod Event: Austria and Liechtenstein finally agree to join Switzerland, previously not wanting to do anything while the Second Korean War was going on. Austrian and Liechtensteiner borders are open and abolished, uniting the nation under one flag. The Korean Peace Conference results are final, in which South Korea claims all of the land from North Korea, uniting the peninsula into one singular nation. Voting for what should happen to Kim Jong-un will continue until next year. Islamic People's Caliphate collapses, and the land is dispersed to Kurdistan Republic, Sunnistan, and Lebanon. China begins to have unrest after the end of the Second Korean War, and a revolution begins to occur within all of China, as citizens are revolting against their government.

  • Flag of the German Empire Germany: Now that we are a constitutional monarchy, the monarchic states of Germany that existed prior to 1918 have been restored. The German federal elections result in the ruling Alternative for Germany party gaining 61% of the vote and is seen as an approval of the government of Imperial Chancellor Beatrix von Storch. His Majesty, German Emperor Georg Friedrich gives his acceptance to the election results. The German Armed Forces are increased to 600,000 active duty troops (31 divisions), and conscription for men aged 18-27 is implemented again. With the unification of Switzerland and Austria, we fill more intimidated and surrounded. We work on promoting the image of Germany in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Denmark to create satellite states. We propose a free trade agreement to the United Kingdom, which has also left the EU. They are one of our most important economic partners. [Mod response]
    • Mod Response: The United Kingdom agrees.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: The presidential election takes place and incumbent President Yulia Tymoshenko is re-elected with a wide margin against her opponents former Education and Science Minister Lilyia Hrynevych, and surprisingly former president, Petro Poroshenko. After Tymoshenko's second inauguration takes place she makes a speech saying [quote from the speech], "Ukraine is now in the golden age of its time and as long as I'm president, it'll keep on going as long as possible. I want to thank YOU, the Ukrainian people for electing me once more and I promise I won't let you down!" Soon after she announces the Ukraine will release its claims on Crimea, and wishes them the best of luck to Russia in hoping of better relations. She asks newly elected Russian President Dmitry Medvedev for a meeting between to " ... better the relationship between our two countries." [Russian Response needed]. She asks at the next United Nations meeting in New York City, United States if she could speak there for a message of unity and working together [Mod Response needed]. A recent report shows that crime is down at 3% and unemployment is at 4.2%. [Secret] With the rebellion in China beginning, President Tymoshenko see's this as an opportunity and genuinely believes that if the rebels succeed and a fair and non-corrupt democratic government is in placed, it will be better for the entire world. So, she sends the rebels $2 billion American dollars {masking our identity if the money is found by Chinese Government officials} [Secret]. We see Germany as a rising power in the international community and in Europe and ask for a free trade agreement between our two countries [German response needed].
    • Mod Response: The United Nations agree to have Ukrainian President Yulia Tymoshenko speak at the next meeting, which is scheduled for 2026.
    • German Diplomacy: We accept a free trade agreement and we hope that we can help improve Ukraine's economy. We also are satisfied with the progress that Ukraine has been making to restore relations with Russia, which we consider important for the country's development.
    • Russian Diplomacy: Dmitry Medvedev accepts, former President Vladimir Putin also will join the meeting.
  • Flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerland: We rename ourselves to the Alpine Confederation, with the changes in name and flag effective in 2026. Vienna is upgraded to become more energy efficient, while preserving Baroque and historical architecture. There is an attack at a Swiss bank in Zurich, we have identified three assailants, one of which seem extremely fast, the other two proficient in killing. Security is increased nationwide as we try to find out those responsible. We declare the new state to be neutral, as before. We begin construction and upgrading of existing roads to solar roads, expecting an increase in clean energy output levels, due for completion in 2028.
  • Flag of Mexico-0 Mexico: Big news has been sweeping all over Mexico, and it is likely that it will spread and become big in the U.S. and Canada. A small band of the notorious "Sinaloa Cartel" was discovered hiding out at a small cabin in the Sierra de Juárez mountains by one of our reconnaissance aircraft. We have deployed our special forces and a company of regular soldiers from the army, with reconnaissance and support from a UH-60 "Blackhawk" to either kill or capture the cartel members. We launch an attack against the band. There are about 25 or 20 guys defending the hideout. [MOD response needed]
    • Mod Response: The Sinaloa Cartel is successfully stopped. 15 people are killed, while five are captured.
    • Flag of Mexico-0 Mexico: We have began intense interrogation of the five survivors to try to find where the cartel leader, Ismael Zambada García, is hiding (interrogation could take months). 
  • Flag of South Korea Republic of Korea: We begin re-building the destroyed cities within North Korea, as we have now re-united the Korean peninsula. People are allowed out of all of their bomb shelters, and celebrations still continue. We adopt all of the North Korean citizens, giving them full citizenship. With the Second Korean War being finished, we can now re-focus on creating a new declaration to adopt what some North Koreans enjoyed about North Korea. (Secret) Although China has helped us win against North Korea, we decide that we will use this revolution as an opportunity to gain more land and become a stronger nation. We send 50,000 troops to the revolutionary sides {masking their identity using languages and knowledge of area} (End Secret)
  • Flag of Namibia.svgNamibia: Namibia gives South Korea a symbolic 12 million won gift (worth about $10,000) to help it rebuild ex-North Korea. We view the revival of German nationalism with a degree of mild (almost symbolic) obligatory alarm, but we don't issue any statements yet. We begin to modify the dam we have with Angola to reduce its environmental impact and we launch investigations on claims of human rights abuses of native peoples in the north. We begin converting small sections of the desert into water storage facilities. We offer to help Angola rebuild infrastructure from the Angolan Civil War. [Mod Response Needed]. We propose to Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique to develop the Zambezi River to complement the NZMZM-line, simply involving building river docks or enlarging existing ones to barges and freight travel, and then using the NZMZM-line or local infrastructure to distribute cargo to local areas from river ports; and building canals or locks to bypass the Zambezi's waterfalls and rapids. [Mod Response Needed]. [Player Response Needed].
    • Mod Response: Angola says that they will not need any assistance from Namibia. Zambia, Zimbabwe all agree to develop the Zambezi River, with Angola disagreeing with the idea.
    • Flag of MozambiqueMozambique Dip: We will work on developing the Zambezi River, and begin cleaning it up and building more docks in Beira to prepare it for the influx of boat travel from tge inner reaches of the Zambezi.
  • Flag of Mexico-0 Mexican Update: Interrogation of the five suspects that were captured in the firefight has been going on for five months, but to no avail. The five suspects have now been charged with murder, drug possession, and illegal firearm possession. They will be tried, and if found guilty, they could be put in prison for life.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: Dmitry Medvedev is elected as president. He doesn't change law policies and keep Putin's policy. We plan to build "Northern Russia Highway" and "Arctic Rail Express". It will be built to connect Saint Petersburg, Archangelsk, then far away to Yakutsk (Yakutia is still in our control) and ended in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Many infrastructures and buildings are built in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Yakutsk. A meeting is held in Moscow with President Yulia Tymoshenko of Ukraine to strengthen relation between two nations, we ask for non-aggression pact with Ukraine, we promise to Ukraine that we won't aggrevate Ukraine as long as Medvedev (and other politicians from United Russia) still president [Player Response Needed]. Trade activity is increased, and we continue to expand it. We also increase production from agriculture, petroleum, and mining. Treaty of Aleppo is held, see the result in this page: Treaty of Aleppo.
    • Ukrainian Diplomatic response: President Tymoshenko is honored to be meeting with both President Medvedev and former President Putin to make sure that a new relationship can begin. She agrees to the non-agression pact that will make the peace between the two countries almost final. She makes a statement after the meeting saying, "It has been a huge honor to meet with President Medvedev and former President Putin. I think we have gotten far in attempting to have better relations with each other and I hope to be working closely with the Russians in the near future."
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: We increase our military size and begin re construction of the HMAS Hobart(our frigate that was destroyed by a nuke) as well as beginning construction of the HMAS Valkyrie which will be our first aircraft carrier. We quarantine the ports as there were some local fisherman in the area[mod response needed] We create a new tank called the Hawthorn-01. We start to construct five nuclear warheads.
    • Mod Response: The fishermen are quarantined, but are found to not have any sort of poisoning or radiation inside them.
  • Canada: hoping to increase our population, we make new immigration laws allowing more people to move in. We work on making nukes and double our military size. [Player response needed] We ask the U.S. for increased diplomatic relations. In case of a nuclear war, we work on nuclear bunkers for civilians.
    • U.S. Response: We don't see how we can have increased diplomatic relations. But we say yes anyway.


Mod Event: It is finally decided that Kim Jong-un will reside in prison for the remainder of his life for crimes against humanity. The Chinese Revolution continues onward, with Chinese officials and their military beginning to turn against their head leader, Xi Jinping. Chinese officials seem to be too occupied with the revolution that they simply don't seem to care about anything else going on around them. A school shooting occurs within the United States, within the result being 20 students killed and 40 injured: The aftermath brings up the question of whether weapons should be easier to obtain or more difficult to obtain. In 2023, Namibia sent troops to Angola to assist in clearing landmines. Videos surface about those same troops being tortured for many years and finally decapitated, with a flag of Namibia being set on fire after people urinate all over it in the background. Angola is seen to be doing more military exercises, along with their military expanding. It is still uncertain whether or not the killing of those troops and more military activity is connected.

  • Flag of the United StatesUnited States: After the school shooting, Keith Kellogg dies of heart attack after seeing such a shocking event in history. Then Vice President William F. Moran takes the oath of office an hour later. (not a word Firestorm.) He then enacts a bill to re-inforce the navy with the USS Enterprise II after the original's de-commission in 2023. We also begin an embargo on all communist countries, as to finally destroy the remnants of the Cold War, and we begin a blockade of Cuba. WIP again.
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: As we rebuild the HMAS Hobart two Australian sailing ships go missing off the coast of the Persian Gulf, we start a search for them [mod response needed]. We then send two frigates to deal with so called Pirates who are robbing our shipments to the U.S. [mod response] needed. We start to work on a flying aircraft carrier called the SAA Adelaide that is estimated to take ten years to build.
    • Mod Response: The two Australian sailing ships are oddly not found. The two Frigates seem to stop some of the pirates, but they don't seem to stop the pirates as a whole.
  • Flag of South Korea Republic of Korea: With China starting to become unstable as a nation [Secret] and very vulnerable [End Secret], we decide that we will "occupy" [Secret] as in create a puppet state [End Secret] over the Jilin Province,the Liaoning Province , and the Heilongjiang Province with 230,000 troops, to "stop" the rioters from leaking into other countries [Mod Response Needed]. We continue re-building North Korea, and are happy that Namibia has sent us money to help in the re-building process. [Secret] We privately ask Russia what they plan to do with the very vulnerable China, and whether or not they plan on expanding into the country [Player Response Needed] [End Secret] The Worker's Party of Korea is finally allowed to participate in Korean Government, and election is held, with Pak Pong-ju winning the election, due to people wanting "a change in direction for the newly united Korean peninsula". To answer some citizens concerns, Pak Pong-ju makes an announcement during his first speech: "North Korean ideology will not be used within my term, but there are some things that need to change to better help Korea as a whole, starting with the immediate decriminalization of marijuana, as it is physically proven to be beneficial for citizens. Other things will be implemented as time continues". We ask the United States of America if Kim Jong-un can be properly moved to the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center for his entire, life sentence [Player Response Needed].
    • Russian Secret Diplomacy: We have no plan on China, but we will act to help them as we are currently allied.
    • Mod Response: With the chaos in the country and the disarray of the military soldiers, the regions are quickly occupied under Korean troops.
  • Flag of Mozambique Mozambique: We are outraged with the videos surfacing from Angola of our closest ally's soldiers being brutally murdered and their flag urinated and set fire upon. We demand the Angolan Government stop this madness or else we will sever ties with them [Mod Response Needed]. We continue improving the standards of living in our nation, and continue building the Tower of Mozambican Prosperity, due to be completed next year. (Secret to all but China and Korea) We ask Korea and China if we can "occupy" Hainan Province, and possibly Guangxi Province , which are overrun by Chinese rebels, to ensure the rebellions are put down and to ensure the safety of the population there. We will occupy it for two years, or when rebellions die out, which is faster, and will return these lands to the PRC afterwards [Korea/Mod Responses Needed]. (TOP, TOP SECRET) We will not give these lands to the PRC, but rather the ROC. (End Secret)
    • Mod Response: Angola says that they didn't do these, horrible attacks on humanity. They also state that they do not condone this kind of behavior by their military.(It should be noted that the supposed leader of the troops who committed these crimes is promoted, and their seems to be parades in his honor). [Secret] China agrees to an occupation of those specific provinces [TOP TOP Secret] Korea asks that if the PRC be defeated, that they can have the land rather than ROC [Player Response Needed] [End Secret]
    • Mozambique Top Top Secret Dip: We will consider the option.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: Russia now focuses on improving infrastructure and economy, beside from military. We start to build Northern Russia Highway and Arctic Rail Express, they are hoped to be completed in 4-6 years, construction is started in Archangelsk. Meanwhile for railway of St. Petersburg - Archangelsk, the railway is upgraded. Production is increased, mainly focused in agriculture, petroleum, and mining. We also continue to upgrade military, 12,500 troops are added into Armed Forces. New air base is built in Yakutsk, and it is projected to be completed in two years. Many military technology are upgraded. We start to help our ally China by sending 3500 troops, medical supplies, and other military supplies. [Secret] We actually have no plan on China, what we want is just avoid all confrontation [End Secret].
  • Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia: Anti-Angolan demonstrations and a few riots break out across the country in response to the videos. We thank Mozambique for their support and ask the AU and UN to investigate the videos along with Namibian authorities to investigate the videos on terms of human rights abuses. Being a small country, we decide to take no chances in light of Angola's sudden anti-Namibian stance and military expansion. We ask to buy some FN P90s from Belgium, change our offer to ten F-CK-1 Ds and three AIDC IDF LIFT trainers from Taiwan, offer to buy three MiG-35s and five Mi-24s from Russia, ask to buy ten Olifant Mk 1A tanks from South Africa, and wish to buy a Formidable-class frigate from Singapore, as well as renovating, modifying, and remobilizing our old Soviet-era tanks and equipment. [Mod Response Needed. [Player Response Needed]. However, we maintain that we want only peace and if Angola would cease its threatening actions we would stop our armament. [Mod Response Needed]. [Secret] As Namibia is fairly certain that Angola committed the acts with the consequences in mind, we begin drawing up defensive plans in case of an Angolan invasion and developing our own versions of foreign equipment. [End Secret] As the airport expansion projects for Namibian airports are completed, tourism and air cargo traffic increases [Secret] and military facilities are being built on major airports (not too secret, people can see, we just don't tell) [End Secret]. The progress on the new system of railroads is going faster than expected, and sections are already opened to traffic, although the majority of the line is still incomplete. Our section of the NZMZM-line is completed, and traffic begins flowing. We begin developing Katima Mulilo as part of the Zambezi Development Project (ZPD). The village of Luhonono starts to undergo development processes as the old capital of the Zambezi Region.
    • Mod Response: The AU and the UN do not investigate for the time being, but will if any more anti-Namibian videos that entail human rights abuses come out, as they might be civilians killing the soldiers. All countries agree to provide arms as long as they are returned once hostilities are over, if they are still working. Belgium, Taiwan, South Africa, and Singapore agree to selling their military technology to you.
      • Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia: We thank the countries and raise taxes a bit to fund these projects. We send our own investigation team in and request Angolan government assistance. [Mod Response Needed].
    • Russian Diplomacy: We agree with the deal. If you want, we like to send trainers to help improve your military.
      • Namibian Diplomacy: Russian trainers would be greatly appreciated.
  • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Federation: We upgrade public amenities in several cities. Bicycle lanes open in Vienna. A new fusion reactor is constructed five kilometers away from Vaduz. We plan to connect the nation with a hyperloop system, expecting it to be completed in 2028, where appeals will be made to other European nations for an international hyperloop system. Global warming causes an all time low record of snow levels in the Alps. We decide that the Kyoto Protocol must be signed by remaining nations, namely the United States, Sudan, Afghanistan and Andorra. We send a formal request to the government's of these nations, expecting swift response. [Mod Response Needed] We also cut down on unhealthy foodstuffs and promote more beneficial produce in markets.
    • Mod Response: Andorra and Sudan finally sign the the Kyoto Protocol. Afghanistan still declines signing. A Formal United States response is needed [Player Response Needed].
  • Flag of Norway Norway: There has been a crisis across the Nordic lands, mostly in Sweden and Norway. There is an anarchist organization, "North Star". They are looking to create new weapons of mass destruction. So far, the organization is still small, but rapidly growing. We request for Sweden and Finland to help us in the small, but could be larger, crisis [Mod Response Needed]. We would also like to request help from Russia, as the North Star has begun to move eastward and could possibly attack their country [Player Response Needed].
    • Mod Response: Sweden and Finland both agree to help, as they see the North Star as a threat similar to the now dissolved Islamic People's Caliphate.
    • Russian Diplomacy: We agree to help, with 2000 troops are sent to support Norway. In Karelia, we increase security.
  • Flag of the German Empire Germany: Emperor Georg Friedrich I states in a speech to the Reichstag that Germany will create an alliance for Germanic states and will increase its influence in its brother-countries. The military, currently at a peacetime strength of 600,000 active duty troops divided into 31 divisions, focuses in expanding the Kaiserlich Marine and the Luftwaffe. As part of the naval expansion, we build new Bremen-class, Brandenburg-class, and Sachsen-class frigates (five of each). In addition, we lay down 20 Braunschweig-class corvettes and develop a missile cruiser along the lines of the Russian Kirov-class, which we call the Berlin-class battlecruiser. Those are only part of the first supplement to the fleet, and the navy's personnel count is also increased. Meanwhile, for the air force, we purchase an additional 50 Eurofighter Tycoon fighters and 25 Panavia Tornado attack aircraft. The economy continues to improve with free trade agreements having been signed with the United Kingdom and Ukraine, and trade is boosted with those nations as a result. In the diplomatic arena, the Foreign Office continues to increase our influence in other Germanic states, including Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and the Alpine Confederation. [Secret] In the latter especially, we begin funding groups that promote the idea of a close alliance with the German Empire. Same in Norway. [End secret]
    • Flag of Norway Norway: A one-state Europe will never work, especially since we are confident Russia will be allied with us and stop Germany.
    • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Federation: German influence in our nation is countered by the fact the Alpine Confederation will stay neutral in all conflicts, with the Prime Minister of the Alpine Confederation, Jules Giorgi stating that the Alpine Confederation will be an uninfluenced state, and there will be no strings on our nation.
  • Flag of Canada Canada: We start to work on oil drilling in the north and successfully find oil. Our civilian bunkers are finished. President Travis Doerksen is elected. We plan to reach 100 million people by 2040. Our GDP goes to 2.5 trillion dollars. [Secret] We send 100,000 Of our 200,000 troops to the arctic to prepare to annex it. We ask NATO countries to send us troops in exchange for being able to use the arctic passage [Mod/Player Response Needed] [End Secret]
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: We formally announce our support for the Chinese Democratic Rebels, saying that: "It is time that China changed for the better." Almost immediately we ask the Chinese Rebels if they would like our armed support [Mod Response needed], and suggesting that there should be other European countries getting involved in the war for the betterment of democracy. We tell Norway and the Alpine Confederation that it would be better for your countries if they had German influence, citing their historical Germanic past. We are very happy with the amazing boost that we have had since the free trade agreement with Germany, with our nominal GDP projected to reach $90 billion by the end of the decade. President Tymoshenko prepares her speech and flies to New York City for next year's United Nation's meeting where she will be speaking.
  • Flag of Norway Norway: Thanks to Sweden, Finland, and Russia we have swiftly defeated North Star, we estimate that the organization had 35,000 members; 6500 from Norway. We have almost all of them in custody, and have decided to invest five billion Krones into bigger and better prisons. Ukraine, we do support a democratic china but don't want things to get violent.
  • Flag of Canada Canada: We agree with the Ukraine and start ramping up armed forces, offering them to the rebels as well. [Mod response needed] In an effort to massively boost the population, we make a law saying that each family, unless they cannot support them, must have at least three children. We provide tax reliefs for families with over five children, and even bigger boosts to families with over ten children. Television broadcasts are interrupted with a speech by the president, saying "Canada has been underrepresented for a long time. Why? because we have a tiny population and we have not worked to reverse that. So, today, this marks the start of a new Canada. We will no longer stand by and be pacifists. It is time to show the world what we can do! Another key issue will be solved today. For a long time, the arctic circle has not belonged to its true owner. Us. [Mod response needed] So, today, I formally annex the northern circle in the name of Canada. We will offer free passage to any NATO ship. Thank you, President out."
    • Norwegian Diplomacy: We guarantee Canada that the three child policy will have major resistance, and will not work, and that it will be dangerous for them.
    • German Diplomacy: Germany does not support this annexation, with the German Ambassador in Canada Johan Liebert stating that the Arctic must remain distributed among that different countries the border it.
    • Norwegian Diplomacy: ( Secret) We decide to give Canadian rebels 375 millions krones, to free them from their overly controlling government. If they succeed in return they will give us Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. ( End secret). Do we succeed ( Mod response needed).
      • Mod Response: There are no Canadian rebels.
      • Namibian Dip: Namibia condemns Canada's annexation of the Arctic Ocean as a violation of international waters and the territorial waters of Norway, the U.S., and Russia. We also issue a late condemnation of Canada's nuclear program which is in violation of the NPT.
      • Russian Diplomacy: We condemn Canada's action for their action in Arctic Ocean, and threatened our territorial sovereignty in Arctic Ocean. Patrol boats are placed in Arctic Ocean, mainly in White Sea and Barents Sea to increase security there.
      • Canadian Diplomacy: We ask Russia if they would like to split the arctic ocean between the two of us. We have finished production of ten nuclear weapons and report that the three-child law is working well, with our population set to reach 100 million by 2040. our military reaches 300,000 as our population reaches 50 million.
        • Namibian Dip: We condemn that as well.
        • Mod Response: Canada, currently, has no nuclear weapons.
  • Flag of France France: A huge shift occurs to the right. The Republic is overthrown and the age of the monarch begins once again. A massive movement occurs. The people of France, seeing the circumstances of the world, want a powerful leader that doesn't need to deal with politicians spinning things in ways that help them. A young man by the name of Remi Trouvé becomes the leader of the movement, and after only one month, the government is pushed out of the nation by riots and activists, fleeing into exile in Belgium.
    Minor drugs, such as mushrooms, marijuana, LSD, and Ecstasy are all legalized for medical and personal use, and are available to purchase in most stores in France. Abortion is made strictly illegal, and will only be legal in court-proven cases of rape. If you do not want your child or do not have the ability to care for the child, you will put it up for adoption. To compensate for this, adoption agencies are greatly improved for the children that are living there, and any adoption agencies not taking proper care of the children situated in the homes will have their owners arrested and sentenced to five years in medium security prison.
    A new body armour is researched, classified as "the most advanced body armour in the world", it can have up to 16 bullets shot at it before penetration, and weighs only eight and a half pounds.
    The second reason as to why Remi gained so much support to become the leader of the Second Revolution is because of his economic policies, which most people agree would greatly improve the French economy. The first policy is to increase interest rates through the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve's rate is the rate at which banks borrow money from the government, but, in order to make money, they must lend it at higher rates. So, when the Federal Reserve increases its interest rate, banks have no choice but to increase their rates as well. When banks increase their rates, less people want to borrow money because it costs more to do so if that money accrues interest. So, spending drops, prices drop and inflation slows. The second method is to increase reserve requirements on the amount of money banks are legally required to keep on hand to cover withdraws. The more money banks are required to hold back, the less they have to lend to consumers. If they have less to lend, consumers will borrow less, which will decrease spending. The third method is to directly or indirectly reduce the money supply by enacting policies that encourage reduction of the money supply. Two examples of this include calling in debts that are owed to the government and increasing the interest paid on bonds so that more investors will buy them. The latter policy raises the exchange rate of the currency due to higher demand and, in turn, increases imports and decreases exports. Both of these policies will reduce the amount of money in circulation because the money will be going from banks, companies and investors pockets and into the government’s pocket where they can control what happens to it.
    The male population of France is 32,265,840 people. The female population of France is 36,974,160 people. The total population of France is 69,240,000 people.
    The military is under absolute control of Remi. He promotes a council of generals, whose names are: Marc De la Croix, Jérémie Caillat, Émeric Corriveau, Matthieu Chéron, and Abraham D'Amboise. These five generals are the backbone of the military and are the best generals the state has ever seen. A draft is also put into place. 30% of all men are to be in the military when the program concludes. This will cause women to become the majority of workers in the country.
    May, 2026: Air France flight #471 flying from PAR to PRY is shot down over the Algerian town of Ain Salah, causing tensions to escalate between the French nation and the Algerians . This prompts the French to plan a secret invasion of Algeria, with four of the five generals in the council supporting the idea. Of course, Algeria is unaware of the plans.
    The French Army consists of: 102,816 active, frontline personnel, 95,189 reserve personnel, 584 tanks, 7895 AFVs (armoured fighting vehicles), 517 SPGs (self-propelled guns), 721 towed-artillery, 67 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRSs). The French Navy consists of: 56,179 active, frontline personnel, 32,780 reserve personnel, four aircraft carriers (another one being constructed), 13 frigates, 14 destroyers, three corvettes, 17 submarines, 32 coastal defence craft, 21 ships suitable for mine warfare. The French Air Force consists of: 47,299 active, frontline personnel, 26,157 reserve personnel, 407 fighters/interceptors, 416 fixed-wing attack aircraft, 798 transport aircraft, 376 trainer aircraft, 787 helicopters, 105 attack helicopters. The National Gendarmerie (Police Force) consists of: >100,000 police officers. The National Guard consists of: 86,000 active personnel. Total: 292,294 active, frontline personnel, 154,126 reserve personnel (446,420 total personnel); >100,000 police officers
    To Germany: Let's create an alliance. For the better of Europe. [Player Response] Alpine Confederation: Can you send all the French people living in your nation back to France, if they so desire? It'll be all expenses paid. By us. [Player Response] Andorra: Beep boop. Join me. [Mod Response]
    • Norwegian Diplomacy: We don't think change is a bad thing at all, however i think the radical changes across Europe especially in Germany and France is dangerous and could lead to a war.
    • German Diplomacy: We agree to the alliance, and appoint a new ambassador to France, Ludwig von Hessen-Darmstadt. We would like to create a new nationalist order in Europe with France as an ally.
      • Norwegian Diplomacy: Germany we're assuming by nationalist you mean fascist.
    • Mod Response: Andorra denies joining France, as they had worked hard for Independence.



Mod Event: The Chinese revolution continues, with a proper map being draw showing the locations/land claims by the Chinese Revolutionary's, the remaining Chinese government, and other land taken by other countries.
Untitled (3)

Red = Remaining Chinese Government. Blue = Chinese Revolutionary's. Brown = Mozambique. Green = Republic of Korea

Nigeria collapses after the assassination of its President, leading to multiple countries taking its land, as well as Benin restoring itself. With France and Germany having changed completely, a sharp increase for reform in Europe begins to occur. The first country to follow this "New Order" is Portugal, with its government being overthrown and replaced with a Monarchy. Influenced by France, China, and Portugal, Multiple revolutions for reform take place within Angola, Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. These revolutionary's seem to fight for a new, Communistic government, instead of their own current government.  

  • Flag of Alpine Confederation Alpine Confederation: We witness Europe beginning to change into something else. We ourselves struggle to keep the Alpine Confederation neutral, as it always has and should be. French residents are allowed safe passage into France should they wish to do so. We continue to make improvements within the nation, with Vienna now having emergency drone services as well. Development of the city shields have improved, able to stop lasers, although more shielding is needed to deflect nuclear warheads. New polymers and alloys are created and tested for this purpose. We are also looking into harnessing carbon nanotubes.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: President Tymoshenko arrives at the United Nations headquarters in New York City, United States and makes her speech in front of the many leaders and representatives and leaders of the 195 member/observe states of the UN. While she is in the United States, her Prime Minister Yevhen Nyshchuk takes control of the government until she returns. He focuses more on the welfare of the people of Ukraine and not foreign policy. He introduces a proposal to the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada to start the first space program [Mod Response needed (450 members, 225 for a majority in votes)] and that "Tymoshenko needs to focus on the Ukrainian people and not the world for a while." Many think he will run for president in 2030. With the recent revolutions around Europe, Tymoshenko requests while she is in the U.S. for a poll to be put out around the country to see the popularity of the president and if they had to choose democracy or monarchy [Mod Response for results].
    • Mod Response: The Rada votes against the space program, deeming it too costly and unnecessary, with a vote of 327 to 123. The polls show that the slight majority of people wish to keep republicanism for the time being.
  • Flag of the German Empire German Empire: The German delegation at the UN stays mostly quiet, just commenting on the rising new order in Europe. Meanwhile back in the Fatherland, the German Emperor Georg Friedrich announces the creation of a new alliance with the restored Kingdom of France in a "Pact of Steel". The armed forces are continued to be built up, especially the Kaiserlich Marine and Luftwaffe. The first Berlin-class battlecruiser is currently under construction at the Kiel yards, among other vessels. Trade with the UK and Ukraine continues, and the economy is growing. We gradually begin to increase our production of weapons and equipment, seeking to become one of the world's top exporters of military gear. We also continue to increase our influence in other Germanic states and help organizations that promote the idea of a German alliance. [Secret] The General Staff and the War Cabinet, on orders of the Emperor, begin operational and strategic planning for the invasion of the Low Countries. The casus belli is that Belgium is hosting a French republican government-in-exile, and we need also military access from the Netherlands and Luxembourg to attack them. A total of six divisions, or 120,000 men, are planned to take part in the operation. At the moment all of it is being kept top secret in the highest levels of the Imperial Government. [/Secret]
  • Flag of South Korea Republic of Korea 1232 United Korea: President Pak Pong-ju, during his first year, has decriminalized multiple low-level drugs (LSD, Psilocybin Mushrooms, Marijuana), and plans on reducing sentences for medium-level drugs (MDMA products: Ecstasy, Molly; Various Methamphetamine's). He also changed the flag and the country's name, as to make more sense and to "begin a new chapter in the story of the Korean Peninsula". With China looking as if it is close to collapsing, we decide that we can help by further "occupying" the provinces of Shandong, Jiangsu, Hebei, and finally, Tianjin. We tell China that we will "control" these areas to prevent any further rebellions to occur within these populated regions, since they are very close to China's most populated city, Shanghai. We send 254,000 troops [Mod Response Needed]. We send 15,000 troops to help China to "show them that we are simply not taking land from them". Although we do not have a permanent seat in the UN, we request a seat since we are now a united peninsula and under new leadership. We begin industrializing multiple rural locations within the formal North Korea and South Korea. We hope to improve relations with France [Player Response Needed]
  • French Empire flag French Diplomacy: We find it nice to have some new friends in Asia, and we also begin improving relations, requesting an alliance.
  • United Korea Response: We accept the alliance offer, to improve relations between our countries.
  • Mod Response: The Chinese government is very suspicious of the Koreans and says they will only accept the presence of foreign troops on their territory to help maintain order as long as they are under the command of Chinese officers.
  • Flag of Norway Norway: At the UN headquarters in New York a 90 year old King Harald V says " honestly I am concerned about some of the events going on in the world such as the rise of imperialism, communism, and fascism. I am worried that some places are going backwards instead of forward, but nevertheless there is still great progress across the world and i know that everything is going to be okay".
  • Flag of the United States United States of America: The right leaning America First political organization stages a coup de'etat against the Flynn administration, and immediately declares war on Cuba, claiming the Guantanamo Bay incident, an incident staged by Cuban soldiers payed to attack the base by American officials within the America First organization. This is no secret, due to the poor cover up of the American involvement. a force of 100,000 men are mustered up and they attack Havanna immediately.
    • Namibian Dip: Namibia condemns the American invasion of Cuba, staging the casus belli, and commiting a coup d'etat.
    • United Korean Dip: Since the United States has helped during the Second Korean War, we happily accept the change for the United States, as change is key to adapting and evolving in the world.
  • Flag of Mexico-0 Mexico: We condemn the United States's actions against Communist countries, and we find them unjust and arbitrary. However, It is not up to us on what the United States does, as they are their own country. On other matters, we continue to hunt for the Sinaloa Cartel leader, Ismael Zambada García. Arrests of suspects that have a connection to the Sinaloa Cartel are continuing to be made, but Ismael Zambada García has still not been found. From the information we have been able to get, we have made a conjecture that García might not be hiding in Mexico, but somewhere in the U.S. or Guatemala. We will contact both nations, and ask if they will assist us in the hunt. We trust that the U.S. authorities will be able to handle this without needing any military aid from us, but we will try to see if the Guatemalan government will allow us to deploy two companies of marines on Guatemalan soil to help in the search. [U.S., Guatemalan, and MOD response needed]
    • Mod response: The Guatemalan government agrees to grant military access to Mexico, and also deploys units of its special forces to aid in the search.
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: We increase our active personnel to 120,000 and our reserve personal to 80,000 as we are worried one of our own civil wars could start in Australia. We send 20,000 troops and 20 tanks to Zimbabwe as we can not loose trade relations with them. We ask India to help with the search for the two missing sailing ships and continue to look for them[mod response needed]
  • Mod Response: India says that they will search for the two missing sailing ships, although it will remain a lower priority as the Chinese Revolution is their main concern.
    • Namibian Dip: We condemn the Australian intervention in Zimbabwe.
    • Mozambique Dip: We offer financial aid to Australia in the intervention in Zimbabwe, as long as they will install a democratic government there [Australian Response Needed].
  • Australian response: We agree
  • Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia: The national railroad system is completed on schedule. We are somewhat alarmed at the Communist revolutions in our neighbors as a potential threat to our trade, in particular the NZMZM-line. The Namibian investigation continues. We begin constructing defenses around Ondangwa and Ongwediva. A few more wells are tapped off the coast, but generally the year passes uneventfully for Namibia.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: We continue to build economy and infrastructure (our main focus for now). We continue to build the railway express and highways, with starting in Archangelsk. More infrastructures are built in Siberia and Kamchatka Krai. Seeing many conflicts around the world, President Dmitry Medvedev reacts with made a statement "From now, we don't want to get involved in any conflicts outside Russia." Then, we pull our troops in China, saying that, "we won't intervene and help China anymore." We continue build our military, with 10,000 troops are recruited. Demonstration pro-Communist are occured in major cities like Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, and Kazan. To Canada: We don't agree, all members of Arctic Council except Sweden and Finland must have their territory in Arctic Ocean like before.
  • Ultranationalist Rebels: We start a rebellion and We have control over Siberia. We Condemn the Russian Government and tell the Government to step aside for the Real Leader Vladimir Makarov.[Secret]We start our production on nuclear weapons and have a standing army of 500,000 soldiers. We also steal some naval Warships of the Russians and some Aircrafts.We ask united States and United Korea to help us.[Player Response needed]
    • United Korean Response: We will not support you due to Russia being an ally.
    • Mod Response: No [Mod Responses], too implausible. (Vladimir Makarov? The dude from COD MW3? lol)
    • Russian Diplomacy: We ask the rebels "why do they condemn us? Who should condemning is us, not you.". We build defense in Siberian major cities, especially Novosibirsk.
  • Canada: [Mod response needed] In a massive land grab bid, we send 300,000 soldiers to China, and start to claim territories as ours, Taking Shandong and Henan provinces. Our soldiers invade Heibei province in hopes of taking Beijing. We send another 100,000 soldiers out of reserves to back them up. [Player Response needed] We ask the U.S. and United Korea if they would like to help us out, in exchange for Chinese territory. We start to work on nuclear weapons. Our soldiers also attack Shanxi and Chahar provinces in an attempt to surround Beijing. [Player response needed] We ask United Korea if they would like to form an alliance.
    • United Korea Response: (Secret) We accept this alliance, as we want to take land from China(End Secret)
    • Mod Response: Need [Mod Responses] to be able to take land. Showing that Shandong and Henan are home to the remaining troops of the Chinese government as well as United Korea troops, multiple casualties for Canada are accounted for since they have a lack of knowledge of the area. Only the coast of Shandong is captured, while every other conquest into other provinces are unsuccessful. Remaining troops for Canada after the invasions are 73,000 troops, which continue being stationed at the coast of Shandong.
    • Canada: We work on defenses at Shandong and bring in another 100,000 troops, but this time we come much more prepared, with UAV's, guns to recruit Chinese citizens fed up with their government, bombers, tanks, and 50,000 war drones equipped with miniguns and guided missile launchers. [Player response needed] We radio United Korea to tell them to prepare their troops for Beijing. We start conscripting people in certain cities to get our army to two million troops. We send another 200,000 troops just in case. [Mod response needed] To give our army some breathing room, we push further into Shandong and try to capture Jinan.
    • Mod Response: Implausible; The battle for Shandong is somewhat successful, with the remaining troops standing at 29,000.


Mod Event: The Chinese rebellion continues, showing that the Chinese Democratic Rebels will most likely win. China condemns Canada for them taking land during their internal conflict, and rumors go around that the Chinese

Untitled (3)-0

Red = Remaining Chinese Government. Blue = Chinese Revolutionary's. Brown = Mozambique. Green = Republic of Korea. Orange = Canada.

Government will "go out with a bang" by launching their entire nuclear stockpile upon Canada, however, none of these are confirmed. A communist government is successfully put in-place in Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana, with revolutions continuing Tanzania, and beginning in South Africa, Malawi, Egypt, Sudan, and Somalia. The African Union begins to slowly divide, as many countries are wanting to switch to Communism. A Coalition is created between Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana, as well as South Africa. Yemen is becoming more divided due to citizens wanting the country to be separated again.

  • 1232 United Korea: We decide to pull whatever troops remain from our second provinces, while keeping our troops remaining in the previous provinces we have already placed troops in. We make the bold decision of using our troops for attacking the Chinese officials commanding the troop, to claim the three provinces as ours, using the original 230,000 troops [Mod Response Needed]. This last claim will be our final take in the Chinese rebellion, as the rebellion has taken its toll on our citizen's viewing on our government, with an approval rating of 43%. Although the Chinese revolution has been our main priority, we begin looking into space colonization, although we are only in theorizing stages. We stay neutral in the African conflict. We continue developing and re-constructing North Korea. We prepare THAAD's in case China launches nuclear weapons against us. We discontinue our alliance with Canada, as they have been making radical changes to simply take a little land from China. We begin thinking that taking part in the Chinese rebellion might have been the wrong decision, but we decide to continue in it until it is finished. We ask Russia if we could possibly have membership within CSTO once the Chinese revolution is finished [Player Response Needed].
    • Mod Response: The take over of Chinese provinces is somewhat successful, but Chinese patriotic partisan groups continue to fight against the Korean occupation forces and their attacks begin taking their toll. The Korean army is able to maintain order in larger cities but swaths of the countryside and smaller towns are falling to Chinese resistance, creating "liberated zones".
  • Flag of Canada Canada: [Mod response needed] We ask China for peace negotiations, not wanting the war to drag on for much longer, and not wanting to fight the rebels.
    • Mod Response: The Chinese communist government demands the full withdrawal of Canadian troops from China.
  • Flag of the German Empire German Empire: As part of the plan worked out and finalized last year, Germany officially declares war on Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. The excuse that the remnants of the French republican government that was overthrown are being allowed to claim legitimacy and operate in Belgium is used as the reason. The Netherlands and Luxembourg are needed to effectively send a large number of troops into those countries. The General Staff deploys 120,000 in six divisions, designated as the 1st Army, into the Low Countries. Ships of the Kaiserlich Marine blockade Dutch and Belgian ports while the aircraft of the Luftwaffe secure air superiority. We demand that their governments capitulate to Germany. [Mod Response] Meanwhile, trade with our allies and the development of the economy continues. Construction of ships, planes, and now tanks continues also. We build influence in other Germanic countries of Europe and export more weapons in the international market. The first Berlin-class battlecruiser will be completed soon for the navy.
    • Namibian Dip: We condemn the Germans' invasion of the Benelux countries, saying that a diplomatic solution should have been attempted first. We especially condemn the German invasion of the Netherlands and Luxembourg, saying that Germany can defeat Belgium without having to go through the Netherlands and Luxembourg, as WWI showed. 
    • Mod Response: The governments quickly capitulate, due to them having a small amount of troops to combat this. A few protests begin to occur, but many citizens in all of the countries have a favorable view on Germany.
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: We find the remains of the two fishing boats with four survivors we begin to question them of what happened to the ships[mod response needed]. Our troops are pulled out of Zimbabwe and returned home. We improve our economy and public transport.
  • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We are worried of German expansion. The world is becoming more unstable. Development of layer shielding is hastened, while there are rumours of the nation going on lockdown. In the meantime, we set up defences in case of an attempt to attack us. Roads in Zurich and Vienna are repaved with solar roads, while still maintaining the Baroque style of centuries past.
  • Flag of Iceland Iceland: An uprising occurs inside the country, trying to overthrow the republic for a complete democracy. The current President, Guoni Thorlacius Johannesson, declares a state of emergency and orders help from any country. [Other players' responses needed]. The rebels, labeled as the "Blue Union", led by Jon Einarsson, request support from any country as well as armaments (in case of an armed civil war). [Other players' response needed]. Also, a neutral shipbuilding contractor requests for land to establish a massive, 500 sq. kilometres naval base near Reykjavik, due to be completed within nine years. [Moderator's Response Needed] (secret) The Blue Union requests 50 tanks in exchange for five frigates due to be completed three years from the finishing of the naval base. They do not want any tyrannical country such as Germany or Korea to know about this. [Other players' response needed] (end secret) {TOP TOP SECRET} We would like to build relations with the Alpine Confederation as we both are neutral and will not take sides in wars not involving our citizens and our main lands. {End TOP TOP SECRET}
    • Flag of IcelandIceland Update: The Blue Union has been dissembled and the threat has been withdrawn. There still will be a naval base, for the militarization and aggressions by Germany, Canada and Korea concern us. We still want to make relations with the Alpine Confederation a top priority and due to the removal of the Blue Union, the naval base should be completed within seven years.
    • Namibian Dip: We are unable to help either the Icelandic government nor the Blue Union.
      • Flag of IcelandIceland: We ask of the Alpine Confederation to aid us in safeguarding our country and becoming economic partners. [Alpine Confederation response needed]
        • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We respectfully declined the offer to form an alliance, but become economic partners anyway, as we would like to retain our neutrality.
          • Flag of IcelandIceland: We meant that we wanted to collaborate with the defense program established in your country, but we will establish massive aerial trading.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: President Tymoshenko returns from the United States and assumes her duties again as president. She is very pleased that the poll still shows that the people of Ukraine rather have a democratic government then a monarchy saying that: "In this day and age we need to be united now more than ever. If there is a shift in poll numbers I will ask the Rada to approve a referendum to decide." We are very happy that our trade with Germany has resulted in a much better economy, and expect our GDP to rise .5% over the next two years. When polled many people consider Germany one of our closest allies and have high approval ratings among many. President Tymoshenko invites German Emperor Georg Friedrich and his family to a state dinner in Kiev next year [German Response Needed]. President Tymoshenko also implies that she is going to be pushing for Ukraine to enter the "Pact of Steel" with Germany and France. We tell the Alpine Confederation not to worry about Germany's expansion and that with all the chaos in Europe, it is the best thing for Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. President Tymoshenko proposes a bill to the Rada that would allow the expansion of the military budget from $5.2 billion to $6.1 billion dollars along with a 28,970 man expansion of the armed forces [Mod Response needed (450 members, 225 for a majority in votes)]. President Tymoshenko announces that the Ministry of Education and Science to research solar roads (taken from Alpine Confederation), along with other eco-friendly ways to improve the country.
    • German Diplomacy: The Imperial Government and the Emperor decide to accept the invitation. The recently-appointed new German Ambassador to Ukraine, Prince Woldemar of Schaumburg-Lippe, says that admittedly many Germans have a negative view of the country, but also that His Majesty the Kaiser intends to increase German-Ukraine cooperation.
    • Iceland: We condemn your stealing of the AC's solar roads' blueprint/research/idea. We also condemn all countries involved in the Pact of Steel and decide to end trade with them as a protest to a tyranny. This may or may not delay the shipbuilding dock by six months. [Mod Outcome Required]
    • Ukrainian Response: We are very happy that the Emperor has execpted our invitation and finish construction of the new German embassy which should be finished next year, along with begin preparations for the Emperor's visit next year. To Iceland, we tell them to "mind their own business" and that the roads would benefit the Ukrainian economy and bring down remissions and car crash rates, and the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs put out a joint statement that say that ending trade relations with Iceland would not effect the Ukrainian economy, and with the very good trade relations with Germany will replace the small gap left by Iceland.
    • Flag of IcelandIceland: Fine, but grant immense credit to AC, don't ya? We don't need to start another technological war. We continue trade with Pact of Steel nations but we discontinue trade of technology. THAT INCLUDES GEOTHERMAL TECHNOLOGIES.
    • Mod Response: The Rada approves the bill for military expansion with 296 deputies voting in favor of it.
      • Namibian Dip: We condemn Iceland making a bug fuss over a matter that should be between Ukraine and the Alpine Confederation. We tell them to mind their own business.
  • Flag of Mozambique Mozambique: We give Hainan and Guangxi to the Chinese Revolutionaries, and we raise our army again and use them to guard our border with Zimbabwe and Zambia. The Tower of Mozambican Prosperity is completed. We condemn Canada for their encroachment on Arctic land, as well as Germany, for their invasions in the Benelux.
  • Flag of Norway Norway: We are glad about the progress the Chinese rebels have made, but know that the communist government is still strong and so is Canada. We also know that lots of land and infrastructure has been destroyed do to fighting and attacks. So we have an offer that will benefit both the rebels and us. We will give the rebels 11 billion Krones and also deploy 12,000 troops to help them. In return we ask for the Fujian province. We look forward to working with a new China in the future. Do they accept,( mod response needed).
    • Mod response: The Chinese rebels refuse to give away the Fujian Province and Chinese territory.
  • Flag of IrelandIreland: BREAKING NEWS, Ireland has been taken over by Irish vigilantes, they have executed the government for the better they also request a peace treaty with United States, they state that they are a better government and will help for the good of the world.
    • Mod Response: Implausible: It takes time for a country to be taken over by an internal force. A civil war should be established, and you can go from there.
  • Flag of Canada Canada: [Player response needed] We ask the Iceland government if they would like an alliance. [Mod response needed] We ask the Chinese rebels if they would like 50,000 troops in exchange for being able to keep Shandong province. Seeing that we will be overrun from china, we pull out our troops, and start looking for other spots to conquer. [Player response needed] We ask Germany for an alliance.
    • Mod Response: The Chinese rebels disapprove of it, as they want all of their homeland. They begin attacking Canadian forces. 
    • German Diplomacy: Since the Kaiserreich has condemned Canada's attempts at annexing the Arctic, we do not wish to start an alliance at this time, but we agree to begin improving Canada-Germany relations from this point on.
    • Flag of IcelandIceland: We refuse to ally. (secret) We request Northern Canadian land to develop it with massive new wind, snow and water plants, having Canada get 65% of the profit and Iceland getting 35%. Also, this may help employ with your population boom. (end secret)
    • Namibian Dip: We condemn Canada's imperialism, saying that they are sticking their noses in the wrong places and urging them to worry about their own problems, such as Quebecois independence movements.
  • 1232 United Korea: We pull any remaining troops from China, seeing our very own imperialism of China as a lost cause.
  • Flag of IcelandIceland: We construct 32 football stadiums all around Iceland, due to be finished in 2030. We will request 25,000 construction workers from any country in return for a 2-year 65% stake of profits to the country that sends them. [Player Response needed] We also want to establish an international gridiron football league with the CFL, NFL and us, the IFL (Icelandic Football League). [Canada and U.S. permission needed] This should boost economies.
    • United Korean Response: We will send 25,000 construction workers, due to remaining troops wanting jobs and unemployment slowly rising within our country.
  • Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia: The Namibian populace is somewhat confused and concerned by the resurge of imperialism and Communism. Nonetheless, the government asks to reestablish normal diplomatic relations with the new Communist countries in Africa, and tries to keep the AU together, saying that "The African Union is for all of Africa, not just one bloc or the other. We must be united despite our idealogical differences, and stand as one in the face of this chaotic world. Especially as imperialism begins to revive in Germany, Korea, and Canada. In times like these, we must not squabble amongst ourselves like children, but help one another, and stay strong in the face of the storm." We hope that trade will not be interrupted. [Mod Response Needed]. Although our new equipment is performing beautifully, we still see us as militarily weak, and express interest in buying Vepr .308 Combat and Vepr .308 Super rifles from Ukraine, Steyr AUG LMGs from the Alpine Confederation, three Skjold-class corvettes from Norway, three Kawasaki C-2 transports from Japan, and five more MiG-24s and MiG-35s from Russia. [Player and Mod Response Needed]. Our solar farms come online, and power is able to be sent to most rural homes in Namibia. We ask to cooperate with Russia on researching a way to power our equipment with biofuel instead of gasoline. [Player Response Needed]. We offer to export some of our oil from offshore platforms to other countries. [Player and Mod Response Needed]. We begin construction of some more solar farms in the desert, hopefully we will be able to have surplus electricity and be able to export them [Secret] and have leverage over other countries [End Secret]. They are scheduled to be completed by 2031.
    • Mozambique Dip: We wholehartedly agree with Namibia with all statements, and we also request weapons from said countries above to protect against the newly Communist nations of Zambia and Zimbabwe should war break out.
    • Namibia: We give Mozambique a symbolic payment for their military development.
  • Flag of the Republic of Texas'Texan Revolutionary Group: 'We declare independence, as our people have held a referendum. We have been waiting until the fall of Kim Jong-un to declare our independence. Should USA say "no", We will recruit troops and then declare war. Mexico's Baja California Sur is backing our independence. Please get back to us.
    • Mod Response: You do not own The Baja California.
  • Flag of the United StatesUnited States of America: After the Fascist Coup de' Etat, several states secede or join Canada.
    US Secession

    A map of the States that seceded. (Canada is in blue to represent the states that are attempting to join or be absorbed by current Provinces

  • Flag of Canada Canada: [Player response needed] We ask the US if the rebellious states are allowed to join us. We agree to letting Iceland develop our northern land. Thanks to climate change, open immigration laws, and reproduction laws, we have been able to get our population to 80 million. We give the arctic back to its respective owners, seeing that its use as a shipping lane was made obsolete with the America canal. We have finished work on nuclear weapons, and start producing them. Because of climate change, our northern lands permafrost has started to melt, and large amounts of oil, natural gas and metals are found underneath. The amount of arable land skyrockets, and we start handing out free citizenship's to farmer immigrants. We start looking for potential alliances, [Player's responses needed] asking the Ukraine, Germany (because we have given the arctic ocean back) and France. [Player response needed] We ask the US if they would like help fighting the militant secessionists. We also pull out of China.
    • US Dip: No. We can handle everything ourselves. And if you so much as think about granting the States Province hood, we will cut all ties with you. (Shortly after this, a counter coup arises, and deposes the current government, allowing all secessionist / join canada states to hold referrendums to do what they wish. [Mod Response Required]
      • Mod Response: California, (and apparently) Texas secede. Florida, Louisiana, Oregon, Florida, and Washington continue to consider whether they will secede, as it would be an important decision.


Mod Event: The Chinese rebels are able to successfully defeat the original Chinese government, and a constitution is in the works. China says that they will consider becoming a Democratic Republic, but they are still unsure. California and Texas secede from the United States, as the recent coup de'etat angered multiple states.

Untitled123456543 (2)

Green = Seceded States. Light Green = States Considering To Secede.

In addition to California and Texas seceding, Florida, Washington, Oregon, Louisiana, Michigan, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Idaho consider seceding from the United States and joining Canada, however, it would take a few years for the full process to be complete. Yemen becomes closing to collapsing, with it potentially being divided into East Yemen and West Yemen. The African Communistic Coalition is established, with head-states being Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Tanzania. New communistic states include: South Africa, Malawi, Egypt, Sudan, and Somalia. Uganda and Kenya consider the communistic option.

Untitled897654 (2)

Red = Communistic Countries. Gold = Mozambique. Pink = Namibia.

All of the Communistic African countries begin mass industrialization. Spain begins going through a revolution, as many citizens want to become an imperial power, like Germany. European countries are shocked by Germany's invasion of Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Multiple European countries begin preparing troops, and a large increase of military activity occurs throughout all of Europe.

  • 1232 United Korea: Since the Chinese revolution has sparked unfavorable views towards the government, we decide to begin "isolating" ourselves, as we still have uncompleted structures and under-developed locations in the formal North Korea, along with our country claiming neutrality in any upcoming conflicts. We want to start becoming self-sufficient, as we do not want to rely constantly on other countries. To start our self-sufficiency, we begin clearing land in the formal North Korea so we can begin farming more wheat-based products, such as wheat, maize and millet. With communism beginning to appear in Africa, and countries seceding from the United States of America, we begin to think that this will cause another World War, or at least another large-scale conflict, specifically in the African regions. Although currently small, we begin rebuilding our military from the ground up. Currently, we have 45,000 troops whom are equipped manly with K2's, along with 300 K2 Black Panther's and 50 AH-64 Apache's. To combat the slowly rising unemployment within our nation, we begin by advertising and creating more government-funded fishing industries, as well as more government-funded farming industries. We want to start creating more bio-friendly factories for mass producing household objects and materials, although we will not start creating these factories until 2034. We do not support the Texas Revolutionary Group, and we hope the United States of America can "get there act straight".
  • Flag of the German Empire German Empire: The newly acquired former countries of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg become Imperial Territories within our administrative system. Governor-Generals are appointed there and the lands are fully annexed into the Kaiserreich. All former Belgian, Dutch, and Luxembourger nationals are granted German citizenship, and we begin to integrate their infrastructure and economies into ours. The first batch of conscripts will be drafted from these new territories next year. A security force of two divisions is left in this area, the 3. Infanterie Division in Amsterdam and the 5. Panzer Division in Brussels. Meanwhile, construction on new ships and and aircraft continues. The first Berlin-class missile cruiser of the Imperial German Navy, the Mackensen, is completed and launched, becoming the largest ship in the fleet. Trade with Ukraine and other nations continue, helping boost our economy as the largest in Europe. In foreign policy, Emperor Georg Friedrich visits Kiev for a state dinner with Ukrainian leaders and in a speech states that Germany will be expanding economic ties with Eastern Europe. We also continue to increase our influence in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. Germany also proposes a trade agreement to Korea, Singapore, and Vietnam to begin increasing relations with Asia. [Player/Mod Response] We also offer to invest in China and increase economic relations to help repair their economy from the damage of the recent war. [Mod Response]
    • ​Mod Response: Singapore and Vietnam both accept the trade agreement with the German Empire also wishing to have warm relations. The interium Chinese Government thanks the German Empire with their economic aid and begin using that money to rebuild parts of major cities in eastern China and a shamble of an economy begins to appear.
    • United Korean Response: We will accept a trade agreement.
  • Flag of Iceland Iceland: With the world at the brink of world warfare, Iceland hereby declares complete neutrality and 12-year peace treaties fly into the Icelandic embassies in other countries. Whoever accepts the no-conflict agreement with Iceland, reply to this message. [Player Responses NEEDED] We do ask for more land, however. Since Greenland is not being of massive use to Denmark, we ask Denmark if they would like to give Greenland to Iceland for a sum of 20 million Icelandic Krona (13,131,732.03 Danish Krones) [Mod Response needed] Also, a lot of anti-NATO resistance is building up in our country and we need help. We ask of you to dictate whether or not Iceland is a NATO country or not. [Look in the Petitions/Conferences]
    • German Diplomacy: We accept the agreement from the Icelandic Ambassador to Germany to respect Iceland's neutrality. We assure Iceland they have nothing to worry about.
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy: We also accept the agreement with the Icelandic Ambassador, and we understand them wanting neutrality.
    • Australian diplom: We accept these terms with the Icelandic government and say that we understand that they're neutral.
    • Mod Response: Denmark declines, stating that they have had claims on for to long for it to be given up now.
    • Namibian Dip: We are a bit confused why Iceland thinks world war is about to break out and reminds them that their neutrality might have to be violated by Russia or NATO if war breaks out since Iceland controls the Greenland-Norway corridor for ships. Still, we reassure them that Namibia will not violate Iceland's neutrality.
    • Flag of Iceland Iceland: We are running out of food for some reason. We will need to stockpile food (since the only food we can get is fish) for when the war arrives, we'll have no one to trade with for goods (and that we also don't want to be the cause of the ending of a country). Please help. [Player or Moderator response required]
      • Namibian Dip: Seeing as we still need to import our own food, we cannot give Iceland any food and advise them to get better treaties with its neighbors. Perhaps being less aggressive might get them to trust you.
    • United Korean Diplomacy: We accept your neutrality.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: At the state dinner, President Tymoshenko says during her speech with the German Emperor, "May this be the beginning of a close relationship between our two countries!" Soon after the German Emperor leaves the country, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs puts out an official statement that is asking the German Empire if Ukraine can join the "Pact of Steel" and that if we have to leave both the European Union and NATO we are prepared to do that [German Response needed]. Our economy continues to rise due to the close trading relationship with the German Empire and that with so much money in the economy, job loss is now at only 3.2% nationwide. Also, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that they will not accept the Canadian military alliance but is willing to start an economic relationship [Canadian Response needed]. With President Tymoshenko's last term as president is nearing the end and the presidential election begins, two candidates appear to be the front runners: former Minister of Education and Science Liliya Hrynevych, and Prime Minister Yevhen Nyshchuk. Polls are currently showing that Nyshchuk has a slight lead over Hrynevych with 52% - 48% with no third party making the threshold to be included in the general polling. A parliamentarian in the Rada proposes a bill that will ban the Communist Party of Ukraine citing that they are a "danger to national security and need to be stopped" [Mod Response needed (450 members, 225 for a majority in votes)]. To end off her presidency, President Tymoshenko begins a nationwide tour to make many speeches and meet many people across the country to thank them for letting her serve as their President. She plans on making a speech in front of the entire Rada next year as her farewell speech. Her poll numbers currently stand at 62.1%, one of the highest in Ukrainian history.
    • German Diplomacy: We agree to let Ukraine join the Pact of Steel with us and France, and we also offer to send German advisers to Ukraine to help improve its armed forces.
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy: We are very happy that we have been accepted into the Pact of Steel and welcome the military advisers into Kiev, and all are scheduled to meet with President Tymoshenko and Prime Minister Nyshchuk very early next year.
    • Flag of Iceland Icelandic Embassy: We wish to invite President Tymoshenko into Iceland for a vacation and grant a prize to her for reconstructing Ukraine and bettering relations with past enemies. (Prize) The prize is one of our best private ships. (end Prize)
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy: President Tymoshenko accepts the offer and will travel to Iceland for her and her family's vacation after next year's presidential election and she is no longer president.
    • Mod Response: The Rada votes against banning the Communist Party completely, as it still has considerable support and banning it could cause needless unrest.
    • Canadian Diplomacy: We agree to the economic alliance with Ukraine and ask Germany if we can join the pact of steel. [Player response needed]
    • Namibian Dip: We would appreciate it if President Tymoshenko would visit Namibia after her term has ended. [Player Response Needed].
  • Flag of Australia Australia: We start increasing our military size from Germany's invasion. We congratulate the rebels in their takeover of China and ask for a trade route with them [mod response needed]. We ask Egypt if we can send 20,000 troops for a training mission there [mod response needed] and encourage our allies to join in.
    • Mod Response: The interim government declines, stating that they are only attempting to rebuild their country but do request that you ask when the new government forms. The Egyptian Government declines, stating that they do not want any Capitalist soldiers there (since they're communist now and hate democratic governments).
    • Flag of Iceland Iceland: We ask if the Chinese rebels would like relief products delivered to them by our trawlers and airplanes. [Mod Response needed]
    • Mod Response: They explain that they do not need relief products, as they are still a developed country and everything is still the same, outside of a revolution occurring.
  • Flag of Mexico-0 Mexico: Due to the secession of Texas, our economy went into a little recession. Luckily, we have not had to make any significant budget cuts, and most of the population was unaffected. It seems that Texas has a dislike for Mexico, and this has been worrying us. We are afraid of a possible war with the seceded Texas. As a result of this fear, we have deployed our military at the Texas-Mexico border. Three of our four MiG-29s, Our three F-5s, and twelve of our PC-7s have been stationed at Ciudad Acuña International Airport (which we have turned into a military airbase for now). We have deployed three of our T-6s, two of our C-130s, five of our Cessna 182s, and two of our PC-6s at Base Aérea Militar No. 14, Apodaca, Nuevo León. Our army has been stationed at the border with artillery right at the bank of the Rio Grande River aimed at Texas with a good-sized chunk of it concentrated at Brownsville, Laredo, and El Paso. Our navy is being deployed in the Gulf of Mexico near the border to conduct patrols. Our marines are being stationed at naval bases near the border to protect ships and the coast from possible amphibious invasions. We call upon our Central American and South American allies to assist us, citing treaties and the current situations as to why they should help us. We have begun a recruiting campaign to try to encourage people to join our military. Due to the situation with Texas, the success rate has been around 50%. We know that we are stronger than Texas, and we are asking Texas not to attack us with the promise of not attacking them in return. In other news, the drug lord, Ismael Zambada García, has still not been found, and the search has been called off for now. Our marines are being pulled out and being deployed elsewhere. [Texas, Central American (too many nations to list), South American (too many nations to list off), and MOD response needed]
    • ​Mod Response: The interium government of Texas says that they will not attack Mexico as they focus on keeping their independence from the United States. The drug lord is foung in Argentina, and is immediatley brought back to Mexico to questioning.
    • Namibian Dip: We congratulate the Latin American countries for apprehending the drug lord.
  • Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia: Namibia reiterates its offer to buy Vepr .308 Combat and Vepr .308 Super rifles from Ukraine, Steyr AUG LMGs from the Alpine Confederation, threeSkjold-class corvettes from Norway, three Kawasaki C-2 transports from Japan, and five more MiG-24s and MiG-35s from Russia. [Player and Mod Response Needed]. [Secret] The government begins to monitor the Communist Party in Namibia more closely. [End Secret]. We demand that Angola give us back the bodies of our soldiers and pay compensation. [Mod Response Needed]. We begin to try to modernize Windhoek, Walvis Bay, and Grootfontein, building a small subway system due for 2033, 2032, and 2033 respectively, and expanding the bus system. We try to attract foreign businesses such as investment firms and the like. We ask the new Chinese government if the old loans, trade agreements, etc. are still in effect, and pay back a bit of our loans to symbolize our goodwill. [Mod Response Needed]. We begin building arms factories because we see that we might not always get a response to our offers for weapons, and are due for 2034. We begin to use the new dockyards to produce small harbor boats and commercial craft. We ask Russia and Mikoyan if we can license-produce MiG-29Ms in one of our factories. [Mod Response Needed]. Late in the year, our nuclear pow plant comes online and power can now be sent to every settlement across Namibia (although not every house).
    • Mod Response: Japan and Russia both agree to the offer, with Japan saying to use them carefully. Angola declines, saying that you will never get the bodies back.
      • Namibia: We are rather taken aback by the Angolan response and some take it as a hostile response. We recall our Antonov An-25 from Nigeria. We don't take the Japanese warning very seriously, since the C-2s are transports.
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy: The Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs agree to the offer and begin sending Vepr .308 Combat, and Verp .308 Super rifles to Nambia.
  • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We modernize rural areas, implementing solar and wind technology in farms and villages. We introduce a more efficient car design to the market, and promote electric cars. Hyperloop technology is currently being implemented in a hyperloop system within the nation, expecting completion in 2034. The nuclear fusion reactor five kilometers away from Vaduz has malfunctioned, but service has been restored in under two hours, highlighting the safety of nuclear fusion plants.
    • Flag of Iceland Icelandic Department of Science: We wish to purchase around 1000 of the electric cars and we will invest around three billion Icelandic Krona into the hyperloop construction and development. Hopefully this can reduce the time needed by a full year. [Alpine Confederation Response needed] [Moderator Outcome needed]
    • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We thank Iceland for their support. We begin drawing up plans for a hyperloop system within Europe as well.
  • Flag of the United StatesUnited States of America" The New government has had the results in. Voting in these states has concluded that Florida, Louisiana, Washington, and Oregon shall join the secession of California, Texas, and Hawaii. Oregon has proposed to the Washingtonian Republic to join then and form The Republic of South Cascadia. [Player Response Required] This bumps down the number of stars down to 42 states. All of the states, however, will be US Protectorates until 2039, and shall be under free association like Micronesia, Palau, and The Marshall Islands indefinitely. We warn Mexico that with this part of the treaty granting the one and only secession of states, if you ever attack any of these states while The United States exists, we shall intervene, and you shall be crushed. The American Economy drops by nearly eight trillion dollars due to the release of these nations, but, this is no true problem due to the reforms President Trump put in order, which are making factories being built around the country to fuel the economy. This is expected to end in 2032. The leader of the Coup was installed as the country's leader. Her Name was Audrey Mac Gregor.
    • Flag of Iceland Icelandic Diplomacy: We ask if the Pacific and Inland Northwest states consider joining Iceland and forming the Icelandic-Pacific Union or if they can themselves unite into their own country and become allies of Iceland. We also ask if Washington can split into two states --- Washington and Liberty, respectively divided by the Cascades (between Yakima and Snowqualmie) for Eastern Washington is a conservative area and Western Washington is liberal (so is Iceland). (Notice: I live in Washington, and there are acts for division ongoing, I only want this to add on to the accuracy of the future.) [Mod and US/Pacific States response needed]
  • Flag of MozambiqueMozambique: A monarchist coup takes place, with His Majesty King Enrique Kasanje crowned on the 8th of September, 2029. He immediately begins improving relations with the Kingdoms of Germany, France, and Portugal, and starts increasing army funds to 15% of the government funds, as well as buying weapons from Germany, France and Russia [Player Response Needed]. He also stations the country's 12,000 troops on the borders with our Communistic neighbors surrounding us. We begin recruiting more troops, and start building forts along the borders. We ask for a formal alliance with Germany and Ukraine [German & Ukrainian Response Needed]. We continue our programs for a more industrialized and 1st World Mozambique, however, funds for that are cut a bit to provide room for our military operations. We begin building arms manufacturing factories.
    • Namibian Dip: We ask the new monarch for a meeting regarding our relationship.
    • Canadian Dip: We ask all US states that have seceded if they would like to form an economic/military alliance. [Mod response needed]
    • Mod Response: Oregon and California agree to form an alliance with Canada, while Florida and Louisiana will decline for the moment.


Mod Event: Multiple countries begin to plan on uniting due to strengthen themselves, as well as to show strength, as the German Empire's invasion of Belgium, Luxembourg, and Netherlands has brought about a lot of comparisons between the current empire and the former, Nazi Germany's Empire. The countries that will first be uniting, which is Peru and Bolivia, has been in the works for multiple years now. They will finally open their borders and fully unite under a single flag in 2034. The East African Federation will fully be active combined in 2036, as to combat the spread of communism within Africa, with Tanzania being kicked from the planning of its combining. In other news, Sudan has begun an invasion of South Sudan, as to claim the remaining portion of Sudan. Egypt and Sudan in general plan to unite, although it is still within processing phases, same thing with Russia and Belarus. The Chinese constitution is finally revealed to be finished, in which China and Taiwan will con-join together to form a larger nation, along with China and Taiwan both being fully renamed to the Republic of China. Due to this, multiple small riots take place, as multiple citizens want a completely new and different direction for the new China. South Africa invades Swaziland and Lesotho, with hopes to fully control the entirety of South Africa. Small revolutions occur within multiple African countries, with hopes to become communistic or to follow Mozambique, and create a monarchy. Yemen finally collapses, with the result being the Somalian invasion of Yemen, as to start the spread of communism within the Middle East.

  • Flag of Canada Canada: With multiple countries uniting, we start to look for the perfect spot to start imperialism. Our government looks to Africa, because we have an unfavorable view of communism. [Secret] Our government asks Mozambique and Namibia if they would like some new land. [Player response needed] [End secret] Our army reaches two million, and we become a nuclear power. We ask Germany again if they would let us into the pact of steel. We ask Alaska, Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts if they would like to join us. [Mod response needed]
    • Namibian Dip: [Secret] We say that we would like some new land.
    • German Diplomacy: The German Ambassador in Canada Johan Liebert answers that we do not intend to let any other countries in for the time being, and that the Pact is more of a formality right now than a fully functioning organization.
    • Flag of MozambiqueMozambique Dip: [Secret]We would appreciate some new lands, in the form of Zimbabwe and Malawi.
    • Mod Response: Currently, no states want to join Canada.
  • Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia: We begin building a nuclear fusion plant near Keetmanshoop and we ask the Alpine Confederation for help. [Player Response Needed]. Without help, it is due to be completed in 2037-2038. [Secret] We ask United Korea if we can buy some THAADs. [Player Response Needed]. [End Secret] The monarchist wave isn't having much of an effect because Namibia never had a unified king. We begin constructing anti-missile systems on our borders. Two new desalination plants are being built on the southern shore, due for 2033. We begin building a few MiG-29Ms as the plant is rushed into production late in the year.
    • Canadian Dip: [Secret] We tell Namibia our plans for invading Botswana and Zimbabwe, and ask them for 100,000 troops. [Player response needed] [End secret]
    • Namibian Dip: [Secret] We ask Canada when the invasion will happen. [End secret]
    • Canadian Dip: [Secret] We tell Namibia that the invasion will happen at the start of 2031 and ask if we could form an alliance [Player response needed] We tell Namibia that we could help with the fusion plant if they would like the help. [End secret]
    • Alpine Dip: We have just released fusion plant schematics on to the internet. We send some skilled engineers to help.
      • Namibian Dip: We thank the Alpine Confederation welcome their help. This will cut the projected date to 2034-2035.
    • Mozambique Dip: [Secret] We offer to help in the upcoming war between Botswana and Zimbabwe, providing that we get the eastern third of the country. We ask for an alliance with Canada. [End Secret] We will resume friendly relation with Namibia, don't worry.
      • Namibian Dip: [Secret]We don't want an alliance so soon yet, as to not cause suspicion. We would appreciate Canadian help on our fusion plant. We begin to militarize in secret. [Top, TOP SECRET] We give the Canadian invasion plans to Botswana and Zimbabwe and warn them of the oncoming Canadian-Mozambican storm. [End Top, TOP SECRET] [End Secret]
    • United Korean Response: We will sell a THAAD with 148 interceptors for $2.3 Billion dollars [Player Response Needed]
      • Namibian Dip: We want to temporarily halve that as we make an offer to Israel for four batteries of four launchers each with six missiles each for 96 missiles in total of the Arrow-3 system, alongside the necessary equipment like detection systems. [Player Response Needed]. [Mod Response Needed].
      • Mod Response: Israel will sell it for $1.6 Billion dollars.
        • Namibian Dip: We'll take it.
  • Flag of the German Empire German Empire: The federal elections occur in Germany, with Alternative for Germany leading again due to the successes the country has seen over the past decade. Beatrix von Storch thus stays in her post as Imperial Chancellor. We continue to integrate the new Imperial Territories, the former Low Countries, into the Reich. Germanization of their culture begins, and the official language is German, with Belgian, Dutch, and French given secondary status. A total of 8000 men from the territories are conscripted into the Imperial German Armed Forces, which currently stands at 670,000 men -- 550,000 in the Deutsches Heer, 60,000 in the Kaiserlich Marine, and 50,000 in the Luftwaffe. The new frigates and corvettes have been constructed, bringing the total fleet to 120 ships, while the air force consists of 542 aircraft. We begin developing an new light cruiser model to serve as the largest vessel in the fleet besides the Berlin-class, one that can be produced more. It is designated the Hanover-class missile cruiser. Our economy continues to develop. In response to the criticisms, the Reich Foreign Office issues a statement saying that "If they wanted to be historically accurate, we should be compared to Wilhelmine Germany, not the Nazis". We also continue to increase our influence in Germanic countries and promote pro-German groups. [secret] On orders of the Emperor, the Imperial General Staff begins planning an invasion of Denmark and Sweden. Some 200,000 troops will take part in the operation. The plans are currently being kept at the highest levels of government. [/secret] The German government also asks Russia if they would be interested in forming a military alliance. [Mod Response]
    • Flag of Iceland Icelandic Embassy in the Great Germany: Due to upcoming fears in Iceland's highest executives, we sincerely ask for no invasion of Iceland to occur. We send in around 20 million USD (in Icelandic Krona) to ensure that a pact of wartime peace occurs. <secret> We ask if after Denmark falls, that Greenland can be annexed by Iceland. We see a lot of economic development potential in Greenland. We send ten million USD to ensure that we grab Greenland. </secret> [Great German Empire response needed]
    • German Diplomacy: [Secret] We refuse to acknowledge your request for Greenland but we guarantee that Iceland's sovereignty will be respected by Germany. [/Secret]
    • Mod Response: Russia says that they will agree to a military alliance.
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: We have almost finished the Valkyrie(our flying aircraft carrier) with final tests underway. We encourage other countries to join the Valkyrie project[mod and player responses needed]. We also boost our economy by opening the new major port in Broome. We have an election between Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbot. We start to let more refugees in but start to put in machines that can scan the refugees for for concealed weapons or drugs.
    • Flag of Iceland Icelandic Department of Military Technologies: We fully accept your request and chip in over $2.6 billion USD (of course, in Icelandic Krona) [this is 1/8th the GDP of Iceland] to aid in the Valkyrie Project. We do ask if we can take some thousand tons of Vegemite cans so our own people can stay alive over the upcoming Third Great War. [Aussie Response needed, mate] We also ask that once the Valkyrie project is finished, Iceland receives a fleet of around 12 Valkyrie-class FACs, since our shipyard is still under construction until about 2033. [Another bloody response from Aussieland]
    • Flag of AustraliaAustralian Department of Engineering: We will give you 10,000 tons of Vegemite and Valkyrie is pretty much a flying aircraft carrier that takes six years to build, so we cannot build 12 as that will take 72 years but we will build you our 2nd Valkyrie-class skyship which will be ready by 2037, send you the design and allow 30% of the crew to be from Iceland. We thank you for joining the project
  • Flag of Iceland Iceland: We have completed our football stadiums and the most athletic IFL players compete. The Vík í Mýrdal Trawlers end up winning the Professional Championship and make it to the final three against a CFL and an NFL team. [Either Canada and US or Moderator Response for final three competitors.] The winner brings their country the First Gridiron Football World Championship and 1.5 billion USD (I don't know where they came from). That was football, now let's move onto diplomatic and military matters. We want over 250,000 construction workers to build the Reykjavik Shipyard and Port from other nations. (if we do, this thing will be done by next year!!!) In return, for every 10,000 workers a country provides, that country gets a Diamond-class frigate (Iceland's best warship [on paper]) that will be manufactured in the seaport within a few years. Deal? (We will pay for transportation in and out of Iceland) (to Korea) Korea, for completing our fields, we'll grant five Diamond-class frigates if you keep your workers here. (/to Korea) [Everyone's response needed]
    • United Korean Diplomacy: We will accept the deal, of 25,000 workers for five Diamond-class frigates.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: The presidential election takes place and in a very narrow win, the former Education and Science Liliya Hrynevych won the election against the Prime Minister Yevhen Nyshchuk. Soon after Hrynevych takes the inauguration and becomes officially president, former President Tymoshenko flies with her family to Iceland for her long term vacation and will return back to the country in late 2035. As her first act as president, she proposes a bill to the Rada that would allow abortion in all areas of the country [Mod Response needed (450 members, 225 for a majority in votes)] During an address to the entire Rada she says that, "I will make sure to stick to the true values of Liberalism and make sure that everybody in the country will be treated fairly and will end job loss forever in Ukraine!" Soon after her speech, she proposes another bill to the Rada that would over the next five years coal and other factories that are harmful to the environment to be destroyed and replaced with environmentally ones that will only construct environmentally friendly products (ex. cars, bikes, computers, etc..) along with 200 wind farms be constructed across the country [Mod Response needed (450 members, 225 for a majority in votes)]. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces that for the time being Ukraine will stay mostly out of international events (unless very major), but President Hrynevych will stay true to the Pact of Steel, NATO, and the European Union for as long as she is president.
    • Mod Response: Abortion surprisingly won, with 278 votes siding with it. Destruction of harmful factories also won, with 352 votes siding with it.
  • Flag of Romania Romania: We continue increase economy, and now rapidly build infrastructure. Many towers and buildings are built in Bucharest. We also start to construct high speed rail to connect Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest. We also start to build military with recruit 3000 troops.
  • Flag of EnglandEngland: We increase our GDP and are rapidly increasing our Military. In order to make England a major force in the world we Ask for Military Alliances with Russia, Ukraine, Korea, U.S.[Players Response needed]. We start our research on sustainable development and hope to Become a fully non-conventional user of Energy. We ask Russia to forget the earlier Conflicts and to be allies. We supply 30,000 soldiers, Machinery and tanks to Iceland in return for a friendship treaty.[Iceland Response Needed]
    • Mod Response: Russia will decline.
    • United Korean Diplomacy: We will decline a military alliance.
    • Flag of Iceland Iceland: We fully accept, but under one condition: Iceland will not send an army but instead only technologies to aid military before any conflicts. Iceland does not want to be a different country. [Secret] We will start ship construction immediately in the nearly finished Reykjavik Shipyard and we will send three Diamond-class Frigates by next year. (these frigates are close to being superbattleships [/secret]
  • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We upgrade our medical technology and implement new laws regarding drone services. Several startups now use drones as methods of transport, and one company is looking into bringing drones to replace cars. Electric cars are now the norm, with charging stations being designed to resemble trees and implementing solar technology. We have successfully created a new flexible supermaterial out of carbon nanotubes and synthetic diamonds. It is already being used in construction and roads. An underground hyperloop connecting Zürich, Geneva, Vaduz, Vienna and other cities is under construction. We upload schematics for a nuclear fusion plant on to the internet, sharing fusion technology with the world efficiently.
  • Flag of IrelandIreland: The IMC (Irish Mining Community) have recently found a pocket of oil with an estimated amount of 14.7 Gallons of oil in it. We are generous enough to make an offer of 7.4 Gallons to the public and commission in return for better sonar equipment, the percentage of it will be discussed further upon request. Crime percents are also rising and any deals for weapons will be greatly appreciated.
  • Flag of Canada Canada: We give Australia 50 billion dollars toward the Valkyrie project and ask them for an alliance in the coming war. [Player response needed] [Secret] We tell Mozambique that we will ally with them and they can have an equal amount of land as Namibia. We develop a massive pontoon and put long range SSM's on it, floating it 50 miles away from the Namibian coastline, allowing us to bombard Botswana and Zimbabwe. [End secret] To any state thinking of seceding, we offer them a merger with us, giving all residents of that state a Canadian passport and letting them become a province. [Mod response needed] We start to ramp up war production, working on various navy ships, tanks, and fighter/bomber planes. We also start upgrading our nuclear shelters to inhabit 100 million people, knowing that there could be nukes thrown. We report that almost half of the north has been colonized, with people settling down and planting crops. Our population reaches 90 million. We tell any nation wishing for an alliance that we are open. [Any player's response(s) needed]
    • Mod Response: This is a warning: Stop posting multiple acts within one turn. Only one is allowed. Read Rules. No states will join currently, due to ties with the United States.
    • United Korean Diplomacy: We will decline an alliance.
    • Australian response: We thank Canada for aiding the Valkyrie project and send them the design as well as having a military alliance.
  • Flag of IrelandIreland: We accept Canada's offer for alliance and begin investing in rocket fuel.
  • Flag of Mexico-0 Mexico: Ismael Zambada García went to trial, and was found guilty on multiple charges (mostly drug-related). He will be put in prison for life. We wish to thank Namibia for their compliments and Argentina for finding the cartel leader. In other news, we have pulled all military directly at the Mexico-Texas border away from the border. Ciudad Acuña International Airport has been converted back into a civilian airport, and all military aircraft have been pulled out of it. However, the military aircraft that were pulled out have been stationed at Base Aérea Militar No. 13, Chihuahua, Chihuahua. Our navy has been pulled away from the area of the Gulf of Mexico near the border. All aircraft that were stationed at Base Aérea Militar No. 14, Apodaca, Nuevo León and our marines stationed at the ports will remain. We will not recognize Texas as a legitimate nation unless they get formally recognized by the United States, so oil that we export to the U.S. will not go through Texas. Finally, we have authorized the construction of a new military base in Mexicali, Baja California. It will serve as both an air and army base. Construction will begin in six months, and it is expected to be completed by 2031.
  • Canadian Dip/Military Engineering: We will supply Iceland with 75,000 workers, and start work on our own Valkyrie.
  • 1232 United Korea: Election flyers for the 2031 election of United Korea begin to appear, with Choi Kyoung-hwan leading the Liberty Korea Party, and Choe Ryong-hae leading the Worker's Party of United Korea. Pak Pong-ju begins to add closing orders, which include further encasing United Korea from the outside world, and becoming self-efficient. He does see potential in the German Empire, and makes a delayed congratulations for their taking of Belgium, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands. This however, sparks controversy, with many comparing Pak Pong-ju to numerous members of the Kim Dynasty. Our military grows to 100,000 troops, while being equipped with multiple of the same military technology. (Secret) We begin construction of ballistic missiles, along with starting a nuclear program, as there is a large potential that war could break out, and we want to protect our nation (End Secret).


Mod Event: Sudan quickly captures all of South Sudan, gaining the land back. The combining of Sudan and Egypt is finally expected to be finished in 2035, with Belarus entering the Russian Federation in 2034. South Africa is able to fully take Swaziland and Lesotho. Riots begin in Spain, France, and Croatia, for their country to follow German Empire's ideologies and the supposed "Second Age of Imperialism". If successful, all countries will become monarchy's. A gang of terrorists named The Joker's Hand begin a small revolution within Poland, as they want to re-establish the historic state of Prussia as a dominant power. Yemen is captured by Somalia, and soon small communistic terrorist groups appear throughout all of the Middle East, specifically in Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. Morocco becomes a communistic nation, however, they do not have relations with the any other communistic countries within Africa. Hungary and Slovenia want to join the Alpine Confederation. Troops in Turkey are placed near the border of Kurdistan Republic, and there has been no response made by the Turkish Government to this occurring. Riots continue in the Republic of China, as many civilians want a different government system, and soon, the newly established Republic of China is on the verge of another Civil War. Vietnam begins an unexpected invasion of Cambodia, after seeing Somalia's successful invasion of Yemen.

  • Flag of Australia Australia: We increase our military size from the terrorist attacks and the VS-Remanant is done and does a firework show over Sydney Harbor. So we call the project a sucess. More police stations are created and we increase our health and military budgets. We start to. build bunkers in outback Queensland, Victoria, Northern Territory and Western Australia. bomb shelters are also built throughout Australia.
  • Flag of the German Empire German Empire: We launch an invasion of Denmark and Sweden, as planned last year. Over 200,000 troops, organized into the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Armies take part in the operation, invading Denmark and then landing in Sweden, working our way north. The German navy blockaded Baltic and North Sea and has launched surprise attacks on Danish and Swedish ships in port. We aim to occupy both countries. [Mod Response] In response to the recent events in Europe, we offer a military alliance to Spain, as it is becoming more like us. We also ask the French government reaffirm its alliance with us, and propose them a Berlin-Paris-Madrid tripartite pact. Germany also asks Vietnam and Singapore if one of them could allow us to use a naval base in their country to serve as a base for a potential East Asia Squadron of the Kaiserlich Marine. [Mod Response] Meanwhile in the Fatherland, the former countries of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg are further integrated into our country and all schools there teach German as the primary language, while all signs are in German. The economy continues to develop and our free trade agreements with other European countries are helping. We encourage more people to join the military and our next batch of conscripts is drafted this year, bringing the total troop count from 670,000 to a new total of 820,000. [Secret] Our intelligence services secretly offer "The Joker's Hand" financial support, as we also like the idea of fully restoring the Kingdom of Prussia's original borders. [/Secret] [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: Denmark is quickly taken, however Sweden is backed by Finland and Norway, so they were able to stop your invasion, as they have suspected this to happen. [Secret] The Joker's Hand will take financial support, and are glad that you have supported them [End Secret]. Vietnam will allow a base, while Singapore will not allow a base. Sweden gives the German Empire their "last warning", as to stop this imperialism or else [Player Response Needed]. Spain will decline a military alliance, but the revolutionaries ask for assistance in being able to establish a "Second Spanish Empire" [Player Response Needed]. France will surprisingly decline an alliance, and condemn Germany's invasion of Denmark and Sweden. Portugal asks for an alliance, since they have finally fully established their monarchy [Player Response Needed].
    • German Diplomacy: With about 40,000 troops left behind in Denmark to police the occupied land, around 160,000 men are used to invade Sweden. Landing on ships and by aircraft, a large portion of those forces attack the southern part of the country, concentrating on the major population centers of Malmo, Goteborg, and Kalmar. Troops are also landed at Stockholm and Umea further to the north, while the German navy and air force work to secure the Swedish airspace and territorial waters. Leopard-2 tanks and PzH2000 howitzers spearhead the assault. Another 100,000 men in reserve are awaiting orders. Emperor Georg Friedrich warns Norway and Finland to stay out of this conflict or they "will face consequences." We also give support to Spanish revolutionaries and accept Portugal's alliance.
    • Mod Response: Sweden is successfully occupied, but the President is able to escape before being captured. Greenland, Faroe Islands, Finland, Norway, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Moldova, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Spain, and France declare war upon the German Empire. Republic of China, Japan, India, New Zealand, and Greece all condemn the occupation of Sweden and Denmark, and explain that they will financially and militaristically help the European countries that declared war on the German Empire, thus creating World War III.
    • Romanian Diplomacy: We condemn Germany's invasion and declare war on German Empire.
    • Australian Diplomacy: We declare war on the German empire for attacking denmark
    • German Diplomacy: We ask Portugal, Croatia, Russia, Serbia, and Bulgaria to join into the war on our side, and we begin a general mobilization of the reserves. We offer all of them territorial gains in the event that we win the war (Portugal gets parts of Spain, Russia gets central and southern Poland and the Baltic States, Croatia gets Slovenia and parts of Bosnia, Serbia gets parts of Bosnia, parts of Macedonia, and Montenegro, Bulgaria gets parts of Macedonia and Greece). We also use our influence to get all pro-German groups that we have been supporting over the past few years in different countries such as Norway to begin a mass uprising. We also give more support to the Spanish nationalist revolutionaries, hoping they can bring Spain into the war on our side if they overthrow the government, and our intelligence agencies give them direct support. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: Serbia, Bulgaria, Russia, Portugal, and Croatia will all join your side. Spanish Nationalists begin a massive civil war in Spain. Massive uprisings in Norway are successful, and parts of Norway are seceded off to Germany. Uprisings in Italy are also successful, with parts of the northern area being seceded to Germany. However, other uprisings are unsuccessful, and most of the Pro-Germany groups are arrested and placed within jails. Communistic African countries Egypt, Sudan, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Angola, Somalia, Malawi, Morocco, and Tanzania all request to join Germany's alliance, as they wish to control all of Africa and can assist in taking some parts of southern Europe and the Middle East. Vietnam also requests to join the alliance [Player Response Needed].
    • German Diplomacy: We offer those five countries a place in our alliance. We offer to send military advisers to assist the nationalists in Spain. German troops occupying Sweden deploy some forces to enter Norwegian regions that are in revolt to assist them. The Kaiser is reluctant to allow communist African countries to join, and will only let them be temporarily allied to Germany for the time being, thinking of Hitler's pact with the USSR in 1940. However, the German ambassador to Egypt states that Germany wants them to stay out of Europe and fight only in Africa and the Middle East. Germany supports Italian nationalists as well, asking them to join Germany's alliance if they can gain power in exchange for support. Vietnam is allowed to join the German-led alliance. German agents ask the Joker's Hand group to not rise up for now and to build up its forces, wait for next year. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: The Joker's Hand will build up its military, and prepare to rise up next year (Secret) and plan to not only collapse Poland and rebuild the Prussian Empire, but also invade Slovakia to have complete dominance over both Poland and Slovakia (End Secret). The Communist African countries accept the agreement to stay in Africa and the Middle East. The Norwegian regions continue to be in disarray, and get worse as more German troops enter Norway. Spain Nationalists will take military advisers, as they only control some parts of southern Spain, and would like to be able to properly organize and effectively take control over all of Spain. The Italian Nationalists will continue to revolt and control parts of Italy, until they are able to create their own country, and eventually, have complete control over Italy.
  • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We welcome Hungary and Slovenia into the Alpine Confederation. We reassert our total neutrality in these up coming events. Technology is brought over from Austria and modernization of Hungary and Slovenia begins. Hungary and Slovenia should be fully integrated by 2034. In terms of city shield development, we have created a prototype shield capable of stopping laser beams, leaving the focus on stopping missiles from penetrating the shields. The layers should also be able to keep radiation out. We begin a new project, the Life project, where we take DNA samples from every animal in the world. An enormous project, but worth it if anything happens. We start off with European animals first.
  • 1232 United Korea: Election results come in, and Choe Ryong-hae has won the election. Instead of following the previous President Pak Pong-ju's idealism of isolation, his first order is enlisting a military conscription for male adults over 18, and begins preparing for United Korea's entrance into World War III. Our military, after conscription, stands at a solid 400,000 troops. United Korea asks for an alliance with German Empire during World War III [Player Response Needed]. Propaganda against Japan and China begins being instated throughout all of Korea, and we begin building up our navy. (Secret) We prepare an invasion of New Zealand, Hawaii, and Papua New Guinea (End Secret).
    • German Diplomacy: We welcome the Korean support for us and offer them to join our new alliance.
    • United Korean Diplomacy: We will join the new alliance.
  • Flag of Canada Canada: We ask the Alpine confederation if we could buy some of the shields. [Player response needed] [Secret] We tell Namibia and Mozambique to mobilize half of their troops, and ask Namibia if our 300,000 troops can land there. [Players responses needed] We prepare our missile pontoon for launch, and outfit it with a new prototype missile: the TB-13. What it does is: Step 1: launch. Step 2: the missile's outer coating breaks off, and 12 small EMP missiles launch down with it. We begin work on a quick, easy to make war drone we call the CRF-01. It has a M-134 mini gun on it. We begin to plant pro Canadian propaganda in states thinking of seceding, and pro secession propaganda in others. [End secret] We ask any country seeking an alliance to join our alliance, the NWAP or new world alliance pact. [All players and mod responses needed] We also work on building oil refining plants around Canada. These will be done by 2034.
    • United Korean Response: We will not join, due to our current ties with the German Empire and the outbreak of World War III.
    • Namibian Dip: We won't let Canadian troops land for the sake of secrecy.
    • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We explain that the shields are only prototypes, and are still in development stages. We send existing data to Canada instead.
  • Flag of Romania Romania: (Before our declaration of war. Honestly, I planned to do this before declaration of war) We ask Russia for non-aggression pact. [Mod Response Needed]. (After declaration of war) We condemn Germany's invasion and prepare our total of ±100,000 troops (OTL: 85,000. Since 2017, we have recruited ±15,000 troops). We ask Greece, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy to form South European Defense League. Riots are happened on streets of Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timişoara, and Constanţa, they want Germany to stop their madness and they demand for peace, at German embassy, protesters throw Molotov and rocks. [Secret] We plan to invade traitor Bulgaria and Serbia. We hope Greece, Italy, UK, USA, and even Turkey to join this operation [Mod Response Needed] [End all Secret]. Although we join the war, we continue to focus on economy, we hope to continue trading with allies of the Pact of Steel, like Russia, Ukraine, and United Korea. Production of agriculture and mining are increased. Infrastructure development is begun to slow since our declaration of war.
    • Mod Response: Russia had said yes, but due to the outbreak of World War III and them having ties with the German Empire, they now say no to a non-aggression pact. Greece, Macedonia, and Italy join the South European Defense League. Slovenia will not join due to neutrality and being apart of the Alpine Confederation, and Croatia will not join due to ties with German Empire. (Secret) (Top Secret) Turkey says that they have been planning to invade Bulgaria for a long time, and do not want Romania to step in, or they will declare war on them. (End Top Secret) Greece and Italy deny invading Serbia and Bulgaria, and they wonder if Romania is either really against the German Empire or simply using World War III as a chance to claim more territory (End Secret).
  • Flag of Iceland Iceland: GREAT NEWS TO ALL COUNTRIES!!! (and technically bad news, too) An unexpected project acceleration occurred and now 3/4th of the Reykjavik Shipyard has been completely built, and can produce shipping and warships! As a reward to the countries that so far helped, [to Korea, Canada] Korea will get five Diamond-class Frigates (equipped with four AP-DF 9.6 in. (24.384 cm) turrets) and Canada will get seven Diamond-class Frigates and the blueprint for the powerful 10.8 inch (27.432 cm) turret. (/to Korea, Canada). We will start accepting orders, please order on Risviltsov's Message Wall. I will have the ships and their specs and price on my user page. [Moderators, check the time plausibility and help me adjust the price and time to manufacture] As well as this, we plan to invade Greenland. Don't worry, we will NOT kill any civilians. (we'll make Greenland a second state, of the United North Atlantic States. Iceland becomes the state with the country capital.)
    • Canadian Dip: [Secret] We offer to Iceland 40,000 troops, trained for the arctic environment for their invasion of greenland. The only thing we ask from this is for Iceland to join our new alliance, NWAP. [Player response needed] [End secret]
    • Flag of Iceland Iceland Update: After a brief talk, Iceland calls off the invasion of Greenland. We did discuss creating naval bases near Nuuk, though, in order to boost the economy of the now independent nation of Greenland. [Moderator response needed for acceptance/denial of plan] We recognize their sovereignty and adjust our maps. We ask all Pact of Steel members to not invade the North Atlantic, in return for that they may base on some of the minor Icelandic harbors. [Player responses needed] The same goes for the opposing parties. [Player responses needed] A law is put up to the UN to make sure that opposing sides in the war do not involve Iceland into their affairs (and that Iceland doesn't have shells littered in the land). The poll will be up in the Petitions. [Player votes needed] To Canada: We cannot allow ourselves to be involved in any alliance outside of the future North Atlantic Alliance.
      • Namibian Dip: We criticize Iceland for having imperialist ambitions while preaching neutrality.
      • Flag of Iceland Iceland: It's difficult, okay? Greenland has potential for extreme development and has potential to be a world leader. We want Greenland or we want Greenland to permit us to develop their unused land.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: President Liliya Hrynevych calls an emergency meeting to all members of the Verkhovna Rada about the start of the Third World War. She says during her speech: "... This is one of the most vital moments in our history and we need to take it. We cannot let our allies down and need to join the war immediately." After that, she immediately proposes an "emergency action" bill to the Verkhovna Rada that would join the war on the Pact of Steel's side [Mod Response needed (450 members, 225 for a majority in votes)]], and threatens that if it does not pass she will bypass the Rada and declare war herself. In a statement (per order from the President), the Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany's Emperor that says, "We in total support you and will ally you in any way we can as soon as our parliament is able to declare war."
    • Mod Response: During the emergency vote, the Verkhovna Rada votes in a 256 to 194 vote to join the Third World War alongside the Pact of Steel.
    • Flag of Ukraine Ukrainian Response: After the vote, President Hrynevych goes on public television and says: "In the past hour, the Verkhovna Rada has voted in favor of joining the Third World War and I will be passing that vote for deceleration of war. This is a turbulent time that we live in, and we will make it out of this war better than ever before." Soon after her speech, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are put on notice and soon after, 87,882 Ukrainian soldiers crossed the border into Moldovan territory and begin quickly attacking Soroca, Camenca, Tiraspol, Crasnoe, Briceni, Taraclia, and Bender; along with sending 30 attack helicopters, 27 tanks, and 14 artillery machinery towards their capital of Chisinau. We also begin using the similar geography against them by hiding in the mountains terrain in Eastern Moldova to surprise passing troops [Detailed Mod Response needed for invasion].
    • Mod Response: Soroca, Camenca, Tiraspol, Crasnoe, Briceni, Taraclia are all captured rather quicker than expected. Bender was able to hold out for a little longer, as Moldova was able to gather their military into that city and fight, but eventually, the troops and government officials of Moldova simply surrender. Casualties for the entire invasion are: Ukraine - 3500 troops. Moldova - 5000 troops. The use of geography was shown to be the most successful plan on invasion. Moldova is put under Ukraine's control.
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy: The Cabinet of Minister's all vote to annex Moldova, and later President Hrynevych announces that Moldova will be officialy annexed by Ukraine.
  • Flag of the New Maldives Maldives: As the world falls into anarchy, nobody notices the abrupt speed-up of the sinking of the Maldives. The President announces numerous reforms, including state Atheism and Legal Same Sex Marriage. He announces the return of the title "Sultan" to the leader of the nation. Many Atolls have already flooded until they are inhospitable, and the New Sultan has begun to buy land in foreign locations. Australia was first picked for this, however, in War they are too busy. We ask to Buy Worthless Montserrat from the United Kingdom in a desperate attempt to save our people and sovereignty, pleading to the nation to sell the relatively small island (Mod Response Needed). We ask Guyana if we could temporarily set up our Capital in Exile in Linden (Mod Response Needed). We approach Guyana about a trade agreement and to strengthen ties between our two nations, seeing Guyana as a trustable, long term partner (Mod Response Needed). We start to strengthen our ties with Dominica, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago and The Dominican Republic. As Male floods during the storms, more worries sweep the city. People evacuate early, although the Sultan assures them all will be ok. We reach out to any country across the world that would be interested in selling land (ANYBODY RESPONSE NEEDED). The nation begins to "pack up" and save all they can.
    • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: Although we will not sell land, we invest in the Maldives for relocation to a more suitable homeland.
    • Flag of Iceland Iceland: Wartime President Waleed Afzal will grant the Maldives 1250 square miles of Northern Iceland. We do ask for the Maldives to develop extremely positive relations with the Icelandic people and our government. (info) We will send as many ships as we can to rescue as many people as possible. No ship will go without maximum people unless there is an imminent threat. (/info) Operation Atlantic is a go!
    • Mod Response: Guyana agrees wholeheartedly to allowing Maldive's capital and to increase ties.
    • Mozambique Dip: We offer Inhaca Island to the Maldives.
  • Flag of the United States United States of America: We condemn The German Invasion and Integration of The Low Countries. We Also condemn Canada's Imperialist Actions. Have you all learned Nothing? Empires never last. Our GDP has recovered rather quickly, With Pennsylvania becoming the Largest Oil Producer in The United States. We have retained our Current Flag, despite the Seceding States, to memorialize the "Greater America" that once was. The Rocky Mountains have become the source of a Mining Boom in the last few years. In what was thought to be impossible, we have found a natural source of Plutonium in a cave in the Rocky Mountains. Retirement homes are now almost completely run by Automated Robots, A company in Rural Vermont has discovered a way to make Fusion Reactors, Supposedly. We shall be investigating this in the near future, but our hopes remain at a reasonable level. We do not divulge this to the public, just yet, but we have received blueprints for this, and are constructing a test facility to see if their claims are indeed true.
    • Mod Response: when did you begin construction of these automated robots? (Implausible unless proven wrong)

Mod Event: Vietnam is successful in their invasion of Laos. Egypt and Sudan both invade Israel and Eritrea, with the result being the immediate creation of the East African Federation, to combat the invasion, however, they do not do anything currently. France has become conflicted, due to them wanting to re-join the Pact of Steel or join the Allies. Spain's Civil War continues, and most of southern Spain is placed under the revolutionaries control, as well as some of western Spain. The Joker's Hand remains underground, with rumors of them coming out next year. Multiple Italian nationalists have been arrested, but conflict still continues with northern Italy. Another Civil War breaks out in China, as revolutionaries and civilians want to change China again. With Peru and Bolivia combining as one nation soon, the Peru-Bolivian Empire is established as a government to those two nations until they united, in which it will still continue to govern. The final date for them combining is 2033. Belarus is quickly put under the control of the Russian Federation due to war breaking out, since them uniting normally would have taken another five years.

  • Flag of the German Empire German Empire: With the multiple declarations of war against us, the Kaiser gives a televised speech to the Reichstag and the entire Fatherland, stating that "Germany will have the Lebensraum that is rightfully hers. Although we are fighting against the rest of the world, we and our valiant allies will prevail. It took three superpowers to stop Germany when we were on the rise last time, and this time there are none on such a level that can stand in our way!" He also goes on to mention that "Germany is fighting for the righteous cause of nationalism, and those who join our pact forged of steel will receive great gains." The Army Supreme Command begins carrying out offensive operations. A general mobilization is issued andfive million men are called up for service, armed, and given training. Anotherten million able-bodied men are ordered to be on alert and get ready to be called up if needed. The Joint Operations Command is set up in Bayreuth that will coordinate the military actions of the armed forces of Pact of Steel countries. We deploy 450,000 troops to invade Poland and ask The Joker's Hand group to rise up as we attack, aiming to occupy Poland, and ask Russia to join in as well. [Mod Response] The Imperial German Navy blockades the North Sea and also sends a squadron to Vietnam, where we provide naval support for their occupation of Cambodia. The German Army also invades the Czech Republic with 230,000 men. [Mod Response] We ask Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia to target other countries in the Balkans (particularly Slovenia, Bosnia, Greece, and Macedonia) and we ask Portugal to send troops into Spain to help the Spanish nationalists. [Mod Response] Germany asks Ukraine to attack Romania in conjunction with Bulgaria and Serbia. [Player/Mod Response] We also station one million men on the border with France in the event that they decide to attack us, where we construct fortifications, and begin sending funds and weapons to French nationalist groups in return for an alliance. [Mod Response] We also continue to assist the Spanish and Italian nationalists, sending them supplies by ship and aircraft. Germany also offers assistance of our East Asia Squadron, consisting of 43 ships, to Korea for any of their operations. [Player Response] The German Air Force conducts airstrikes throughout Poland and the Czech Republic, and we offer to deploy squadrons to assist our European allies. We also station 15,000 men in Denmark and 40,000 men in Sweden to maintain order, and deploy 65,000 troops to invade what remains of Norway. [Mod Response] We begin fully integrating Denmark as we did with the Low Countries, but we put off the full integration of Sweden into the Reich for now, instead placing it under direct German military governance.
    • Mod Response: Russia agrees to help Germany during their invasion of Poland, and The Joker's Hand begins to divide Poland from the inside out after entering the world stage. Vietnam, with help from Germany, is able to topple the Cambodian Government, and Vietnam annex's them. Bulgaria, Serbia, and Croatia all begin invasions of the Balkans, and successfully occupy Macedonia and Montenegro. Greece and the other Balkan States begin a mass draft of any male of 18, with their military stacking up to 2.3 million troops. The Czech Republic is quickly occupied, due to a lack of time to establish a stronger military. Portugal decides to not help the Spanish Nationalists, and have planned their own invasion of Spain, currently sending in 30,000 troops, with orders to kill anybody who attempts to stop them, whether it be the Spanish army or the Spanish Nationalists. France becomes threatened by the one million troops placed by their border, however, they still have not made a formal response to joining a specific side in the war. The 65,000 troops are able to occupy most of Norway, however, a small part of southern Norway remained ns [of Norway]. Norway, in response to this, give any male over the age of 16 a weapon, and send them to fight Germany, with hopes to regain land back.
    • Korean Diplomacy: We will accept 43 ships, as we have plans for multiple operations to occur here shortly.
    • Mod Update: Norway's remaining military consists of 140,000 troops.
    • Canadian Dip: We ask Germany if they would like another country in the pact of steel (me) [Player response needed] and offer them 500,000 troops. We formally begin our attack on Botswana and Zimbabwe, and we begin to pound them with TB-13's.
    • German Diplomacy: We accept Canada's request.
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy: We tell Germany that we accept and will begin the invasion later this year.
  • 1232 United Korea: We continue the draft, having 600,000 troops currently. We decide to finally invade Papua New Guinea with 90,000 troops and block off most of their ports and trade routes with 12 of the ships we have received from Germany [Mod Response Needed]. We were going to originally invade Hawaii, but after realizing that it could possibly bring in the United States, we will back off from that invasion plan. With China now going through political unrest and another civil war, we decide to take this time to fully invade and control China. We send 190,000 troops to Liaoning, Jilin, Tianjin , and Shandong Provinces, and block off any ports that they have with the five naval ships we have received from Iceland and another ten of Germany's [Mod Response Needed]. We decide to start mass production of our own navy, with currently having 12 ships, which is expected to increase to 30 by the beginning of 2032.
    • Mod Response: The occupation of Papua New Guinea is successful, with its small defense force putting up little resistance. Total Papuan casualties are 643 dead and 1029 wounded, while Korean casualties are 47 dead and 182 wounded. The Chinese, in turmoil, are unable to effectively resist, with the Korean army being able to overrun those provinces. The Chinese government begins mobilizing its military.
  • Flag of Australia Australia: We are deeply offended by Korea invading New Guinea as we helped them in the past. We declare war on Korea and ask New Zealand and Indonesia to help us take back Papua New Guinea [mod response needed]. We try to retake New Guinea with ten frigates, 100 fighter planes, 105,000 troops and the VS-Remanant(our Valkyrie) [mod response needed]
    • Flag of Iceland Icelandic Diplomacy: We advise Australia to not go to war with Korea, for Korea is at the height of its power and we will not take sides. We also request Korea to not invade New Zealand if they will accept the first Reckless-class battleship, due to be completed in six months. [Aussieland and Korea responses needed]
    • Korean Diplomacy: We will accept the deal with Iceland to not invade New Zealand, however, if Australia decides to continue war with us, we will be forced to invade New Zealand, along with Australia [Player Response Needed].
    • Australian Diplomacy: We will not fight Korea as long as they promise not to invade New Zealand however we will still fight against Germany and continue the Valkyrie project.
  • Flag of Iceland Iceland: The Icelandic government creates a new position due to the war, the Wartime President. The WP will replace the normal president until the war has ended. The current president will be the wartime vice president and the inner country affairs executive. In this emergency election, Reykjavik's leading architect, scientist and social rights advocate, Waleed Afzal (Independent, but super liberal), and the Central Bank of Iceland's CEO, Hinrik Einarsson (Social Democratic Party) are candidates. Current polls and regional early votes suggest Waleed Afzal with a record breaking 96% of the 31,022 votes. With three weeks left in the election, expect updates.
  • Flag of Romania Romania: Protests are occurred on streets of Bucharest, they ask Romanian government to pull theirselves from war. Then, the Parliament starts to consider this, and majority members vote for pull out from war. President of Romania then pulls declaration of war and declared neutrality. Therefore, defense are built in border between Serbia, Bulgaria, and Ukraine to anticipate if they attack us. Trade now is only with Alpine Confederation, as Bulgaria blocked their territorial sea. We continue focus on economy and infrastructure, which is dropped after declaration of war. [TOP SECRET -sent to Turkey] Ok, we pull ourselves from war. You can do anything what you want. [End Secret]. We pressure Slovakian government to keep their neutrality.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: President Hrynevych addresses the nation on live television on the invasion of Moldova and possibly Romania: "In the past few months, our armed forces have successfully taken our neighbor Moldova in a very swift and timely invasion and will begin integrating them into our country immediately. Now we have another threat, Romania. We are now strongly considering military operations against the country. I know this war is very lengthy, but we will get through it. Thank you." Soon after her speech, about 20,000 thousand soldiers cross the border into Romania through the northern half, along with 23,000 thousand crossing through the eastern side. Along with the soldiers, we send in 23 attack helicopters, 30 attack fighter jets, and 250 tanks to attack Satu Mare, Baia Mare, Sighetu Marmatiei, Radauti, Dorohoi, Botosani, Isai, Husi, Barlad, Galati, Tulcea, Sulina, and Constana (mostly to access the main highway to Bucharest) [Invasion Mod Response needed]. [Secret] We begin hacking into the Romanian mainframe and use our brightest scientists and computer analysis to shut down power in Bucharest so that it would be easier to capture (Mod Response on success). [Secret]
    • Mod Response: Since Romania has prepared for you invasion, they were able to defend against most of your offense. The entire invasion lasted two months. Most of northern Romania turned into a battle zone, as multiple buildings collapsed during Ukraine's invasion. Romania's northern and eastern defenses were finally defeated, however, some troops were able to escape before Ukraine began full control over the areas. Satu Mare, Baia Mare, Sighetu Marmatiei, Botosani, Iasu, and Radauti are captured successfully. Casualties for Romanian defense remain uncounted, while Ukraine's casualties are estimated at 130,000 troops, leaving 300,000 troops remaining within the occupied locations (Secret) The Scientists and Computer Analysis's were able to turn off the power in Bucharest, but after a few days, the power was restored in Bucharest (End Secret).
    • Korean Diplomacy: Although we are part of the Pact of Steel and we do imperialistic ventures, we ask that Romania be left alone until the end of the war, due to their new neutrality [Ukrainian Response Needed]. However, since the battle was already won by Ukraine and land was claimed, we do acknowledge Ukraine's occupation of some of their northern and eastern land, and we hope Romania will also [Romanian Response Needed]
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy: We announce that we will not end the invasion until Romania's Government has surrendered at the hands of Ukrainian soldiers. We thank Korea for the recognition. The Ministry of Defense announces that there will be the immediate and quick construction of 20 destroyers and five submerines that should be finished by the middle of next year, 2032.
    • Romanian Diplomacy: We condemn Ukraine's aggression. We claim that 28,760 of 48,280 our troops are dead in the battle. We call all civillians to take back these occupied territory, and then we with some civillians start to attack Ukraine-occupied territory. We promise Pact of Steel, we won't attack Ukraine if they give up their occupied-territory, but if they continue this, I will invade and liberate Moldova. Civillians react with attack Ukrainian embassy in Bucharest with molotov and rocks. Demonstrations against Ukraine and Pact of Steel are continued, even we found that organization anti-Ukraine "Peace for Black Sea" are formed. Anti-Ukrainian hate crimes jumped dramatically with 45 Ukrainian citizens/ethnic are killed.
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs ignores Romania's comment and the Minister of Foreign Affairs calls it, "...stupid and an empty promise." Soon after, almost 2500 people gather in front of the Romanian Embassy to protest (even though we are the aggressors) them. Soon after about 200 people basically invade the building ripping people out and throwing them into the streets; reports show that the Romanian Ambassador to Ukraine was one of those people. Almost all people that were present in the building have been reported to be killed and the Romanian Ambassador is believed to have been shot and killed. After the mass killings, the building is torn apart and set ablaze; eventually burning to the ground. In the streets of Kiev, Romanian flags are burnt and news reports are showing that Romanian citizens are being dragged from their homes and killed by police. The Mayor of Kiev has put out an order for police, fire, or rescue not to attend to Romanian people and President Hrynevych has remained very quiet on the situation.
    • German Diplomacy: The German Ambassadors in Bucharest and Kiev try to work to resolve the conflict if Romania is no longer an enemy of Germany. We propose the Romanian Government a peace agreement that would see the Pact of Steel recognize the country's neutrality if Romania cedes the counties of Botoșani, Tulcea and Vaslui to Ukraine.
  • Flag of the New Maldives Maldives: As we prepare for our move, the seat of our government is moved to Linden until we can clean up Montserrat. People begin moving to Montserrat, and most people formerly living there have gone back to the United Kingdom. Now, 36 years after the eruption, We ask for help to clean up Montserrat, specifically Plymouth, the city under 12 metres of mud (Responses Needed). Braden has gained8 3800 people in just a few days, all dreading the sinking of the Islands in the Indian Ocean. Although Iceland is very generous, we respectively decline their offer, explaining that the Icelandic people need that bit of area and that Maldivians would be too cold. We accept Mozambique's offer of Inhaca Island, and begin to send some people who prefer Africa over The Caribbean. We set aside some of the one billion we get a year and establish the Maldivian Military, with around 15,000 troops applying in the first 96 hours. We would like to establish a friendship agreement with Guyana, Dominica, Barbados, the Dominican Republic, Grenada and Bahamas (Mod Response Needed). We rename the town of Harris to Dhivehi, and rename Richmond to Nasheed. The capital is proclaimed in Dhivehi.
    • Mod Response: United Kingdom says they will help. A friendship agreement is successfully established in Guyana, Dominica, Barbados, The Dominican Republic, Grenada and Bahamas.
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy: We send 20 humanitarian aid workers there to help the population. 
  • Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia: We harshly criticize Germany for starting World War III, saying that "Sweden, for one, was never German, and Finland has a better claim to Sweden than Germany. The world defeated Germany twice. It will do so again." We also condemn the Korean and Ukrainian imperialist attacks on Papua New Guinea and Romania, respectively. We begin to export electricity to nearby nations as we have achieved full electrical coverage of the country. We begin to feel threatened as public opinion is against the Pact of Steel but all our neighbors support it, not to mention that most of them are Communist. We therefore ask to improve relations with the countries of Central and Western Africa and South America, and we ask them their stance on the war. [Mod Response Needed]. We ask to buy ten Zulfiqar-3 tanks from Iran, three Mi-28N helicopters from Russia, and two AH-1Zs and two AC-130s from the US. [Player Response Needed]. [Mod Response Needed]. We state we will accept any refugees trying to flee WWIII.
  • Flag of Mexico-0 Mexico: The construction of our air and army base in Mexicali, Baja California had to be halted due to a heavy rainstorm. Construction will be completed by January of 2032. In other news, we condemn Germany's actions and for them starting World War III. We are declaring neutrality in the war. [Secret] We will continue to trade with all nations that we have trade agreements with. This includes Germany, the United States, Canada, and Russia. [End Secret]
  • Washingtonian Rep. We begin construction of an airbase in Lewis country. We also begin to expand the capacity of the harbors in the Everett/Seattle area, and make seattle our new capital. As well, we ask hawaii and Oregon to join us in the Pacific Confederation, with administrative capitals in portland and Honolulu if they accept. [MOD RESPONCE NEEDED] Territory east of the cascades is designated as the inland administrative district, with its capital in Spokane, and mining infrastructure as well as geothermal plants are planned to be finished by 2036. Heavy defences are constructed on whidbey, and they are planned to be able to take down medium to short ranged ballistic missiles. To finance all this, a national income tax of 27.6% is put into place, and free healthcare plans are promised by 2042. We ask for cooperation with California, and remain neutral in WW3.
    • Canadian Dip: We ask the Washingtonian republic for an alliance,  economic and military. [Player response needed] 
      • Washingtonian Rep. Dip: We accept.
    • Mod Response: Oregon and Hawaii agree to create the Pacific Confederation, with it fully being established in 2035. California agrees to co-operate with Washington.
  • Flag of IndiaIndia: We Rapidly increase our GDP.our Current Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi has proclaimed that Lakshadweep and Andaman and Nicobar Islands be transferred to Maldives as a gift of Friendship if they accept. [Maldives response needed]. We Start to lose our tag as the Biggest importer of Arms and use Indian made goods. We ask if Sri Lanka and Bangladesh Join us.[Mod Response needed]. We ask to strengthen our relation with Russia [Response needed]. We also ask to join the war in the side if the Germans and also Request to be a full member of The Pact of Steel [Player Response needed].
    • German Diplomacy: We accept India into the Pact of Steel.
    • Mod Response: The Maldives will accept the islands. Sri Lanka and Bangladesh will not join India, do to it them not wanting to be a part of World War III. Russia agrees to strengthening relations.



Mod Event: Vietnam successfully invades Cambodia, along with annexing them. Due to this, ASEAN has condemned the invasions, and Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore declare war on them. NATO and the EU collapse, due to the outbreak of World War III. Turkey's main government is replaced with the Turkish Empire, and they begin a draft for able bodied men aged 18-30, with full mobilization of their military, however, they don't pick a side currently. Saudi Arabia and Oman begin to go through a civil war, as communistic terrorist groups supported by Somalia begin to revolt against their current government. Belarus finally joins the Russian Federation. CSTO members Mongolia and Kazakhstan are reluctantly pulled into World War III, after receiving increased pressure by Russia, and begin increasing their military and mobilization of troops. The newly established Chinese government begins to go through another civil war, with various Chinese revolutionary groups wanting to divide China so that they have a region to support their own government. Norway is near collapsing due to Germany having taken most of their land. Prussia is close to be established, due to Germany and Russia currently occupying most of Poland's military with the invasion [of Poland by Germany and Russia]. The Italian Nationalists begin attempting to create the Kingdom of Italy, as they still have control over parts of northern Italy. The Spanish Nationalists attempt to control the region of Basque in Spain, in hope to establish a seceded state.

  • Flag of IndiaIndia: We Conduct a Massive Invasion using our Troops and invade Bangladesh with 200,000 troops,Nepal with 200,000 troops and Bhutan with 90,000 troops.[Mod response on Battles]. We ask Myanmar to Join us or Get Destroyed.[Mod response needed]. We will give all the help towards Vietnam in conquering South East Asia and by invading these countries provide Support for the Vietnamese who otherwise would be Flanked in a two-front war. We Intercept Secret Message that Pakistan is joining the Anti-Germany alliance and we Fire three Brahmos Intercontinental ballistic missile and two Akash and one Prithvi Nuclear Bombs at every Major city of Pakistan and send 400,000 troops to Annex them.[Mod Response needed]We fire another four normal Missiles at Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. We begin to draft people from age 18-30 and received three million standing army. We pledge to support Germany,Korea and Canada for future Expeditions. Thse Elections, Narendra modi of the BJP party is defeated by the Congress led by Rahul Gandhi. He said in his speech. 'For India to become a huge force, we need to defeat our Enemies and pave the way for a better world.'
    • Mod Response: Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh are successfully invaded. However, many nations condemned this. Karachi and Lahore are successfully occupied, however Pakistan launch nukes to Delhi, Mumbai and Kalkuta as reaction of Indian invasion. Myanmar refuses to give up and join, but they start to evacuate. [Secret] Current president is revealed to evacuate to Bangkok, Myanmar also build more underground tunnels and bunkers. [End Secret].
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: The Ministry of Internal Affairs report that the death toll from the Romanian culture massacre (which has been dubbed "Bloody Thursday")

    The Romanian Embassy burns as thousands of protesters gather around.

    took the lives of 275 Romanian citizens or Ukrainian citizens with Romanian backgrounds. After almost three days of unrest in the capital against the Romanian's, President Hrynevych sent in the National Guard that forced the crowds to disperse, there are currently no reports of anybody being arrested. President Hrynevych fires the incumbent Minister of Foreign Affairs, and his replacement states that: "We will commence a peace deal between us and Romania. Only on the guidelines that were set by Germany." After his speech, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs formally requests a Romanian response [Romanian Response Needed]. Still, we continue to build up defenses in our captured territory in Romania in case the deal falls apart, mostly building up many defense postings and checkpoints to protect the area from Romanian troops. Since we are no longer focusing on the Romanian front, and seeing that Poland is our closest neighbor to the East, we decide to invade. 32,782 Ukrainian soldiers, 14 attack helicopters, and three tanks cross the border into South Eastern Poland and begin attacking and attempting to capture Chelm, Zamosc, Rzeszow, Krakow, Nowy Sacz, Krosno, Tarnow, Przemysl, and Lublin [Mod Response Needed].
    • Mod Response: Krakow is easily defeated by joint Ukrainian-Russian troops. Most of territory are occupied by Russia, you can send them support to occupy Warsaw. However, Russia gives you Podkarpackie Voivodeship.
    • Romanian Diplomacy: (post-coup d'etat) Vasile Patrescu is happily accepted peace deal, so is King Nicolas. However, we condemn the "Bloody Thursday." We ask Ukrainian authority to arrest the murderers and leader of the riots. We also condemn Mayor of Kiev and ask authority to fire him too, we also think he must be arrested for abusing power and keep the capital in chaos (there may also riots against Polish by your civillians) [Ukraine Response Needed] We also appreciate Ukraine's replacement of Minister of Foreign Affairs. We hope to restore friendship with Ukraine, but we will close our embassy and all consulate generals in Ukraine until the war is over. All Romanians in Ukraine are evacuated to Romania.
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy: President Hrynevych says that the Mayor of Kiev will not be fired, but he is facing major opposition in the next election in 2035. The Foreign Affairs Ministry puts out a statement saying that they cannot capture the murders because, "We'd be arresting almost every person in Kiev." There also has been some unrest in front of the Polish Embassy, but still while our leaders have made peace, our people have not and still in a huge march numbering in the thousands occurs in Kiev against Romania.
    • Romanian Diplomacy: Prime Minister Petrescu got angry with Ukraine's statement about conflict in Kiev, and then he said, "Teach your citizens how to being nice to each other. They need study about freedom and democracy. You need to stop them as soon as possible, or anarchism will rise in your nation and more of our citizens there killed." But, shortly after that, he apologized, and said sorry to Ukraine, although Romanians support his statements and saying that he was true and he had not to apologize. (He is also sure that it won't stop Kiev citizens and even get more angry.) We also need your help to evacuate our citizens.
  • Flag of Romania Romania: A monarchist coup d'etat occured in Bucharest, with the organization named "Romania Great!" is behind this coup. Then, demonstrations and riots occured, mainly pacifist, pro-monarchist, anti-imperialist, and anti-Ukraine. When the situation became chaos, President resigned, and the parliament start to vote, "Should Romania restored its monarch or stay to be republic?", and option to restore the monarch wins the votes. Queen Margareta however refuse to be the next monarch due to its age, so her nephew, Nicholas Medforth-Mills, is appointed as the king of Romania. Many citizens celebrate this. Vasile Petrescu is appointed as prime minister. His first step is to stop the war between Ukraine–Romania, by a peace treaty (see the page for more). In the poll, it shows that 97% of Romanian have unfavourable views on Ukraine. However, 67% of responders want a peace with Ukraine. In a demonstrations, Romanian civillians start to call the Ukraine, "Teach your citizens about freedom and democracy." Some of them even call Kiev citizens "Anarchist murderers" and Kievan government "Corrupt chaos-lovers" Hate crimes against Ukrainian is still high, with 43 people were killed. We start to evacuate Ukrainians, even there are many Romanians help them. Total of 21,400 Ukrainians are evacuated. Out from our tension with Ukraine, we continue to develop economy and rebuild some infrastructure (of course, outside the conflict-zones). Trade now is still continued with Hungary and Alpine Confederation, and soon (after treaty) we will re-open trade with Germany, Russia, and France. However, as Aegean Sea is under battle, we can't continue to trade with nations outside Europe.
  • Flag of Iceland Iceland: WP Waleed Afzal's civil rights ambassador died in the attack in Romania. RIP.
  • Pacific Confed. We initiate Project Aegir, and develop an ion propulsion system, which works by ionizing water and pushing it out the back. However, current prototypes use large amounts of power, so its will take some time before it is useable in deployment. We ask Iceland to build some ships for our fleet (Player response needed) also, we begin prototyping airplanes which can briefly enter a baĺlistic orbit.
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: We invade Portugal with the Remanant, 60,000 troops, 20 tanks, ten frigates and 12 bomber planes we hope we succeed [mod response needed]. We evacuate our Prime Minister, his family and government officials from Melbourne and Sydney to a secret location we would like to know if we got them out[mod response needed] meanwhile the vice Prime minister stays in Australia to control the riots in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney we start placing soldiers on 24/7 patrols and put the military on high alert.
    • Mod Response: How can Australia invade Portugal? (For progress of evacuation of PM, Solace will do that).
    • Australian response: We use landing ships to go around Africa and up to Faro.
    • Mod Response: The landing ships are attacked by the South African Navy on their way, and some are destroyed while the rest are forced to retreat. Out of those, about 14000 troops are killed. The Prime Minister and his family are finally able to escape out of Australia to the secret location.
  • Flag of Great Britain United Kingdom (Part 1:): Disatisfied with the monarchy, mass anger occurs across the nation. The British Civil War begins, and the Republic of Great Britain is declared. Fighting occurs across London, Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as in regional areas. Northern Irish see this as an advantage, and declare the Ulster Republic, hoping to gain recognition from the international community (Mod Response Needed). The Royal Family has evacuated to Ireland, hoping their nation survives.
  • Flag of Great Britain Great Britain (Part 2:): After months of fighting, the current government of the United Kingdom has admitted defeat. They recognize the Republic as the one, true government of the island of Britain. The Civil War was brutal, taking three million lives, and injuring more than five million people. The final stand was in London, when the Repubicans narrowly defeated the Monarchy's forces. The new government is installed, and Russell Brand becomes the First President of the Republic of Great Britain. The President is elected once every five years, renewable once. The nation is a full Presidential republic, and is divided into Countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Manx, and then Provinces.

Provinces of England Provinces of Scotland Provinces of Wales Provinces of Manx

  • Flag of the German Empire German Empire: We continue to fight the war on all fronts. About 25,000 troops push into southern Norway to eliminate the last vestiges of Norwegian resistance. Another 300,000 men are invading Poland jointly with Russia, Ukraine, and the pro-German rebels. The German General Staff asks the countries of Croatia, Serbia, and Bulgaria to put their armed forces directly under command of the Joint Operations Command in Bayreuth, so they can more effectively fight against Greece. In addition, we use air transports to deploy 10,000 German troops in Serbia to help them fight against the Greeks. [Mod Response] The German navy supplies the Spanish nationalists by shipping goods from northern Germany through the English Channel and to the northern coast of Spain. Meanwhile, we supply the Italian royalists through the air. In Germany itself, the economy is geared for war and the production of wartime material expands. A new 35 ships are laid down at the northern shipyards for the navy, and new tanks and aircraft are being built. Swedes and Danes are beginning to be drafted into the armed forces. We continue to back the Ukrainians regarding the Romanian war and the Vietnamese in southeast Asia. The German Foreign Office condemns the use of nukes in India and Pakistan.
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs sends a mesage to the German Empire asking if they would like our assistance on the Greek front. Already, President Hrynevych has sent two fighter jets to patrol the Aegean Sea to bomb Greek naval ships.
    • Mod Response: Norwegian Army is finally surrendered to Germany. Poland is being pushed and sandwiched by German and jointly Russian–Ukrainian troops, with Poznan, Warsaw and Katowice are under battle. Balkan countries are already for invasion to Macedonia and Greece. Greece after knowing this, build high defense around Skopje, Thessaloniki, Athens, and Tirana.
    • Canada: We send two aircraft carriers to the aegean sea to attack the Greek navy, and give Germany 50,000 troops under their command. We move the pontoon from the south atlantic into the Mediterranean and bombard Greece with CB-13's. [Secret] We give all pact of steel members the valkyrie plans and tell them to begin construction. [End secret] We begin full production of war materials, having been producing them passively for the past few years.  We unveil the CRF-01 war drone, and begin mass producing them. [Secret] We tell Germany and Ukraine to prepare for an invasion of greece. Germany would invade from northwestern greece, Ukraine would invade from northeastern greece, and Canadian troops would invade from the south, in a D-Day like style. [End secret] 
  • 3rdfrenchempire French State: In 2032, a man found out that he was a direct descendant of Napoleon Bonaparate, one of the greatest leaders of France. After finding this out, he renames himself to Napoléon Maxime Gérôme Bonaparte, or simply, Napoleon V, and initiates a coup against the current government. Initially, the coup is a failure, but after only a few days of fighting, a member of the coup assassinates the king, Remi Trouvé. Napoleon V eventually takes the crown, with the previous government fleeing into exile into any country that allows them. The new emperor renames the nation to, simply, the 'French State'. This is coup is now known as the Third Revolution. He also restarts diplomatic relations with Germany, and joins the Pact of Steel (this was agreed upon before the turn, so I think no player response is needed), and asks for the one million Germans on the border to be withdrawn [Player Response]. The new Napoleon continues the previous leaders draft, with there now being over eight million soldiers in the army (considering the draft has been going on for six years now, this isn't too implausible, also take into consideration that not all of them are fully trained). The new Napoleon also prompts the invasion of Algeria after tensions were heightened between the two after Air France #471 was shot down over Ain Salah. After only three months of fighting, the French Army has taken the coast of Algeria, and has thickened it all the way down to the town of Djelfa. Considering that the Algerians, by now, are being strangled of all resources except oil since their desert has no way of being fertilized or irrigated, a surrender is demanded [Mod Response].
    • German Diplomacy: Now that France is in the Pact of Steel, we withdraw most German troops from the French border and instead send them to other fronts or to other posts in the homeland.
    • Mod Response: Algeria refused to surrender, saying that "We don't want to be colonized again by the French." France is successfully taken most of major coastal cities, with the capital Algiers is under battle now. The rest Algerian escaped to Tamanrasset.
  • Pacific Confed: seeing the sad fate of yet another imperialistic state joining this pact of steel, we set ourselves as neutral, but we secretly send logistical support to anyone opposing PoS. The president gives a speech, "we may be in danger, as the world gradually turns to imperialism. Canada is our ally, however, so we shall not yet mobilize. Regardless, i urge each of you to be prepared for a draft, if need be, for i fear. I fear for our confederacy, and our world." Our dockyards are nearing complete, and have the 3rd highest capacity of and commercial dockyard. Our lewis county airstrip is operational, and can support a fair bit of traffic. project aegir is about 30% finished, and a small nuclear plant is able to support our ion drive. We request ten tons of uranium from canada to build our reactors. [Player Response Needed]
    • Canadian Dip: We will give the Pacific Confederation ten tons of uranium. We congratulate Napoleon V on his recent coming to power.
  • 1232 United Korea: Since our invasion of Papua New Guinea was successful, we annex them fully. With China now fully going through another civil war, we support the idea of China being divided into multiple regions (Secret) as then it will be easier to attack and potentially control parts of China (End Secret). The draft continues, now reaching 700,000 troops, and will still increase as the year continues. We show our support for Vietnam by sending them 50,000 troops. We continue building up our own navy, which now stands at 30 ships. We move another 20,000 troops into our occupied regions of China, using them to maintain order within those regions (Secret) We are almost finished with construction of a few nuclear bombs, and will begin possible mobilization next year. With Canada revealing to the Pact of Steel how Project Valkyrie works, we begin construction of the aircraft. We hope to finish one by 2038, with hopes that we could use to it drop nuclear bombs and provide aerial help in our future invasions. Although Japan is on the Allies side, we begin to secretly fund groups whom support the idea of Japan leaving the war (End Secret).
  • Egypt-2 Egypt: Egypt finally enters the world stage, sending a proposal to Sudan for the conceptual unified nation to be called the "Nile Federation" [Mod Response Needed]. [SECRET: (We set our sights on the scattered 'Eastern African Federation', and begins to build up its military, upgrading its former outdated American Imports with the help of some Egyptian Innovators.) END OF SECRET] Meanwhile, the banking systems begin to enter the cyber-sphere, with smartphones across the country now having introduced a free app, starting off with the National Bank of Egypt, and hopefully including more banks in the near future. This is one step in the modernization of Egypt, as the internet services will be expanded to education and the entertainment industry. A draft has been introduced as World War III begins to erupt in magnitude. The government has decided on a new economic system based on Lenin's New Economic Policy, with hopes to increase Egypt's innovation and thus improve it in all national fields. [Mod Response for the Public's Reaction Needed] The current president is Abdelrahman Bahar of the Egyptian Socialist Front, a new party established in the midst of the revolution.
    • Mod Response: Sudan agrees. The public remain skeptical about the idea, but it is mostly positive feedback.
  • Poland: We build two atomic power stations, build 20 lite tanks, [SECRET: build a 1 kt suitcase nuke. END SECRET] and improve farming.
  • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We begin accepting refugees from Europe trying to escape the war. We do thorough background checks in case one of them is a significant figure in the war, which we will promptly reject them as we do not want to get dragged into the new World War III. There are a few nationalist protests here and there, stating they want an Empire. These protests are quickly dissipated before they can turn into full scale revolutions. We take the same steps as we did during the last World War, staying as neutral as possible. This time, we will monitor our airspace strictly, and announcing that any aircraft violating Alpine airspace will be taken down, no matter what alliance it belongs to. The plane will be sent back to its home nation, along with the crew unless they want to stay here.
  • Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia: The Namibian population is quite frightened about the things going on in the world right now, and no one wants to be dragged into the war. [Secret] The government calls off any plans to invade its neighbors, although brainstorming and the like still continue. [End Secret] We ask to buy ten Zulfiqar-3 tanks from Iran, three Mi-28N helicopters from Russia, and two AH-1Zs and two AC-130s from the US. [Player Response Needed]. [Mod Response Needed]. We begin building more arms factories, due for 2035. We also begin to build or convert naval drydocks in our ports, although none are very large. The government begins to confiscate land from large landowners, although we do remember Zimbabwe's example and do so over a period of eight years with financial compensation and the government tries to distribute it evenly to disadvantaged people and tries to keep the process as transparent as possible. To do this, we begin an inspection of the government and its bureaucracies to try to weed out corruption, and plan to do so randomly at least twice a year. We begin to develop Gobabis, moving some military installations there and encouraging immigrants to go there. The government relinquishes its monopoly on several industries, most notably there are many more airlines based in Namibia. We want to strengthen ties with the Alpine Confederation seeing as we are also surrounded by not-so-friendly-nations. [Player Response Needed]. We state that any asset of the armed forces of a belligerent of World War III that enters our territory unauthorized, be it land, water, or air, will be attacked and driven out or destroyed.
    • Mod Response: Iran and Russia agree to sell the military technology.
  • Flag of MozambiqueMozambique: Although the King has favored the German side, we have chosen to remain neutral, because we have a pathetically small army and are likely to get overrun by invaders. However, we begin recruiting more troops in case one of our Communistic neighbors invades us, and we begin buying weapons from other countries. (Secret) We send financial aid to Germany. We also let Pact of Steel forces put bases on our land on the condition that they do not physically harm any Mozambican citizens. (End Secret) We ask Germany if we can buy uranium and plutonium to make nuclear power plants, and we also ask to join the Pact of Steel. [German Response Needed] (TOP TOP Secret) We will diver half the uranium and plutonium to make nuclear weapons. (End TOP TOP Secret). There have been reports of anti-Zimbabwean hate crimes, including the raping and subsequent beheading of a Zimbabwean woman, as well as Zimbabwean flags being burnt, the devalued Zimbabwean money being used as confetti in multiple parties, and 23,000 protestors who threw Molotov cocktails and set fire to the Zimbabwean embassy while forming a ring around it and chanting "Death to Zimbabwe!". King Enrique Kasanje issues an official apology to the Zimbabwean government, and assures Zimbabwe that the culprits will be caught and tried. (TOP, TOP, TOP Secret) We encourage these anti-Zimbabwean riots and hate crimes, we hold trials, only to release the jailed for anti-Zimbabwean hate crimes immediately. (End TOP, TOP, TOP Secret)
    • German Diplomacy: We do not need Mozambique in the Pact of Steel but we will sell you uranium and plutonium for power plants.

Mod Event: Poland becomes closer to collapsing, due to them being crushed by Germany and Russia from the outside in, and the Prussian movement dividing them from the inside out. The Kingdom of Italy and Spanish Nationalists, with the help of Germany, both obtain more land, and if things continue, they will both be able to established their own separate seceded states in 2034. The Turkish Empire invade both Kurdistan Republic and Sunnistan, with their hopes being to restore The Ottoman Empire. The AU (African Union) finally collapses due to rising tensions and division due to the rise of Communistic African countries. Somalia, due to constantly spending money on troops and their military, cause a famine within their homeland and Yemen. So far, the death toll is 4780, but is expected to rise into the millions before it could be properly stopped. Peru and Bolivia have decided to unite earlier than expected, and show their support for the Pact of Steel, however, do not ask to join currently. India, after successfully invading Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and occupying most of Pakistan, neighboring countries Thailand and China began to prepare troops, although China isn't able to gather many due to the civil war escalating in their country. Ireland declares neutrality for World War III. Vietnam begins severely fighting ASEAN countries Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and now China, with entire villages being destroyed and fire's burning down large portions of forests.

  • Flag of IndiaIndia: The New Prime Minister Rahul Gandhi has got an approval rating so high no other prime minister has reached there. He then shocked the country by declaring himself the Dictator of India and killed the President and the Cabinet of Ministers along with Look Sabha and Rajya Sabha were Disabled He then placed each of his high Ranked People to be rulers in each state.yet the people love him and respect him. He said in an official speech,'The people of India who should be the Leaders of this world were looted and Plundered.what did the opposition do? NOTHING!! so I found an answer. I WILL MAKE INDIA GREAT AGAIN. As official members of the Pact of Steel, I would like to congratulate the Kaiserreich in their successes and say you will get all the help required from us!! The Kaiserreich will rule most of Europe and will regain its dominance!! We then Congratulate the Koreans for their Strong Willpower and ability to fight for freedom. Then I'll like to thank the Canadians who have shared valuable info with us. That's all. LONG LIVE THE PACT OF STEEL!' Saying this he ended bowing to a roar from the crowd. We continue onwards in Pakistan and soon will have all of it.Unfortunately a nuke hit Mumbai while the ones over Delhi and Kolkata was shot down. Millions of people died. We close the area until it is Radiation free. Based on the info Canada gave us we begin work on Project Silent Sparrow. It'll be finished within five years. We invade Myanmar with two million soldiers. After the speech by Rahul Gandhi, more people began to join the army. Almost eight million more people joined taking the tally to 12 million soldiers. We ask Germany if they want any soldiers.[Germany response needed]. We ask Ukraine and Korea for an alliance.[Responses needed]. We ask Korea to help us if in the case of a Chinese attack. We ask Vietnam if we could help in their invasion of Thailand [Mod response needed].
    • Korean Diplomacy: We agree to an alliance, and will support and assist you if China attacks.
    • Mod Response: Vietnam reluctantly agrees to help, but ask that Thailand be split evenly between them and India if they are able to defeat Thailand [Player Response Needed].
    • Indian Dip: We accept. We start sending troops towards Thailand.
    • German Diplomacy: We reply that we have no need for additional troops in Europe. However, the German Ambassador in India thanks the country for your strong support of Germany and says we can provide you with assistance if you need it.
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy: We reply that at this time we are not looking for an alliance with you, but are open for an economic and trade relationship [Indian Response needed].
    • Indian Dip: We accept and hope that relations continue.
  • Flag of the German Empire German Empire: Emperor Georg Friedrich states in a speech to the Reichstag that he is willing to sign peace treaties with certain countries of the Allies to end this war, but that Germany's territorial acquisitions and those of its Pact of Steel partners must be recognized. The Imperial Military Cabinet begins preparing plans for a decisive offensive across Europe to shift the course of the war for the final time. In the Balkans, the German Joint Operations Command issues a directive for 210,000 Bulgarian, 180,000 Serbian, and 120,000 Croatian troops to invade Greece and knock it out of the war, assisted by 20,000 German troops flown in by aircraft (the latter include elite panzer divisions to spearhead the invasion). German Kaiserlich Marine ships blockade Greek ports and begin surprise assaults on Greek ships, while the Luftwaffe carries out airstrikes on various targets. The German Navy likewise begins attacking Italian naval ships and bombards Italian coastal towns along with the German Air Force. In Spain, the German Navy ships 50,000 troops through the North Sea and English Channel to the northern coast of the country, and they assist Spanish revolutionaries against their government. The German Air Force, in conjunction with the French Air Force, begins bombing Spanish targets. We also ask France to deploy ground troops in Spain. Our diplomats strongly urge Greece, Spain and Italy to capitulate to our demands (Greece cedes the Thrace region to Bulgaria, Italy allows the Royalists to take power, Spain allows Nationalists to take power). [Mod and Player Response] In Asia, our fleet's East Asia Squadron, under the command of Vice Admiral Ludwig von Trotha, begins raiding ASEAN countries to destroy their fleets. In Poland our troops surround and attack the last remaining Polish remnants, demanding Poland's capitulation. [Mod Response] In the homeland, everything continues as usual with wartime production successfully equipping the military. [Secret] In the meantime, we begin making plans to acquire ourselves African colonies. We also begin building our first Valkyrie skyship. [/Secret]
    • Mod Response: Finland, the Baltic States, and Greece refuse to quit, no matter how bad the situation is. Finland sets up defense on its border between Russia and the German-Occupied Sweden and Norway, with the Baltic States having set up defenses on its border with Russia. Greece is able to successfully defend against the invasion by Germany, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Croatia, with casualties estimated at 170,000 troops for Bulgaria, 140,000 for Serbia, 90,000 for Croatia, and all of Germany's troops being killed. Greece's casualties are estimated at ~600,000, but this is due to many of their troops not having proper military experience nor training. The battle lasted all six months leading into 2033. Greece, Spain, and Italy all decide to not capitulate, and continue the war until the Pact of Steel is eliminated, as they still believe that they can win. Poland decides to do what Norway did, which was fight until there is nothing left. Poland begins equipping remaining civilians and sets up their final defense in central Poland, but remain scattered, as to use guerrilla warfare.
  • Canadian Armed Forces: 100,000 troops land on Greek beaches, do they capture them? [mod response needed] The army begins conscription and the army goes to three million.
    • Mod Response: How did they get there? They couldn't easily get through the Mediterranean or the Allies would've stopped them. Not needed anymore.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: With our war with Romania over, we begin shuffling our soldiers out of there land but keep about 2500 in our newly owned land that we acclaimed from our peace agreement. President Hrynevych goes on live telivison and says, "Although we have not gotten exactly what we wanted from the war, we have taken what we could of gotten and pulled out. This does not mean the end to the war for us, Greece had been in our way for many years and needs to be eliminated from this Earth." Soon after her speech, her cabinet takes an emergency vote and the results are 13 to 10 and Ukraine officially begins military actions against Greece. We send in 15 fighter jets to begin destroying government buildings in the Evros region, along with sending in the 95th Airmobile Brigade that begin raiding and capturing key airports in the Evros region, along with taking over schools and banks [Mod Response needed for results on the air raids and attempted capturing of airports in Evros].
    • Mod Response: The 95th brigade successfully secures those areas in the midst of the confusion as Bulgarian, Serbian, and Croatian troops invaded. However, after their retreat from Greece, the exhausted Greek Army now focuses on the remaining Ukrainians and attacks the 95th brigade's positions in Evros, causing their commander to ask for reinforcements from Kiev.
    • Ukrainian Response: We are very happy with the capturing of the key airports, schools, and banks in Evros. With the airports captured, we use them and transport 3875 troops, five tanks, and two mobile artillery machines. We go on the offensive, attempting to push through the remaining Greek Army and going into the Rhodope region attacking the cities of Fillyra, Iasmos, Komotini, and Sapes in order to capture the region. We also begin sending five attack helicopters, and begin digging trenches in captures areas in order to get a better advantage, along with setting up the mobile artillery units along the border with the Rhodope to use against the incoming Greek forces in case they send reinforcements. We also begin sending two destroyers to begin shooting and sinking Greek naval forces, along with continuing using the two fighter jets to also shoot and sink Greek naval forces [Mod Response Needed].
    • Mod Response: Greek forces are caught off-guard by the sudden Ukrainian offensive, but about 30,000 Greek troops of the 5th Army--one of the new field armies that was created when Greece initially began its military draft--begin to counterattack. The Ukrainians are able to take Fillyra, Sapes, and Iasmos, but are held up in Komotini as they are met by fierce Greek resistance. The 5th Army's counteroffensive managed to push back Ukrainian forces from Komotini to the eastern suburbs, where the line stabilized briefly before additional reinforcements forced the Ukrainian troops to retreat from the municipality. The Ukrainian commander again requests more troops. In the sea, the Greek navy has been too damaged by the German assault to put up much resistance, and the Bulgarian Navy also assists the Ukrainians, so the sea routes are under Ukrainian control.
  • 1232 United Korea: With ASEAN now attacking Vietnam directly, we will begin our invasion of the ASEAN countries. We keep 10,000 troops in Papua New Guinea to maintain rule, and we send a total of 160,000 troops and ten of our own naval ships to invade the Philippines [Mod Response Needed]. We send over 20,000 troops to help Vietnam fight against the ASEAN countries. Our current military now stands at 850,000, and will still rise. [Secret] We continue to fund groups who want Japan to leave the war, and want to now if they will or will not [Mod Response Needed] [End Secret].
    • Mod Response: The Philippines looses some of their islands to Korean troops but some manage to hold out, with Korea losing some 25,000 troops killed and another 45,000 wounded. The Filipinos lost 40,000 killed and 100,000+ wounded. They ask the US for assistance. [Player Response] The Japanese government condemns Korea's assistance to Vietnam against ASEAN, but declares its neutrality in the war, at least for now.
  • Flag of Great Britain Great Britain: (Secret) We station 200,000 troops in British Indian Ocean Territory and around it, waiting for the collapse of Somalia (End Secret). President Brand abruptly signs an executive order to pull us out of the allies, and we begin to place a minimum of 2000 troops in all major settlements. (Secret) We ask Ukraine and Russia for an alliance (Ukrainian/Mod Response Needed/End Secret). We begin to build up our military presence in the Indian Ocean. Idk lol
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: With Korean troops gone we invade Papua New Guinea with 40,000 troops and the VS- Remanant our Valkyrie[mod response needed] We increase our navy size and declare war on Vietnam due to the five power defence treaty with Singapore.
    • Korean Diplomacy: Due to Australia invading Papua New Guinea while under our control, President Choe Ryong-hae announces something: "We had negotiated something with Australia and they violated it. That is the last straw. We declare war on Australia, and intend to not stop until they are nothing but dust. Along with that, we also declare war on New Zealand. "
    • Mod Response: Australia's initial liberation of Papua New Guinea succeeds, and out of the Korean garrison, 4000 are killed while the other 6000 are captured.
  • pacific union:We continue our work on Project Aegir, and it is at 50% complete. We also begin funding high-level research, in an effort to bring great minds into the open. An offer is sent to California, that they may join us, and if they want, they could only be a self-governing territory instead of a full territory. Our whidbey island defences are complete, with one of the workers repudedly saying: "At this point, most nations could invade us. But it sure as hell ain't gonna be from the Sound." Also, we ask the US if we could take possession of Idaho, Montana (Up to Helena), Utah, Nevada, And Arizona. [Player Response needed]
  • 3rdfrenchempire 600,000 men, led by French General de Corps d'Ármee Thaddée Vandame and General de Brigade Jacques-Pierre François are sent into the Spanish countryside, with plans to meet up with the Spanish Nationalists in order to send them supplies and whatnot. A naval invasion is also planned, with the landing site being somewhere in Galicia. [Mod Response Needed for how far in the soldiers got] 150,000 soldiers are also placed on the border with Italy. Also, we push hard into Algeria, with another 100,000 soldiers being sent in, helping with the Siege of Algiers. [Again, Mod Response Needed]
    • Mod Response: Since the bulk of the Spanish Army is fighting against the Nationalists, the French initially meet little resistance as they cross the Franco-Spanish border. However the Spaniards do deploy some troops to stop them, sending 178,000 troops. France manages to occupy the Barcelona, Gerona, Huesca, Lerida, Navarra, and Zaragoza provinces. In Algeria, the majority of the country is now under French control and organized resistance has ceased, but isolated bands of former army units continue to fight.
    • New Mod Response: The Spanish Nationalists, with the help from France, are able to make it to the around the half way point of Spain before causing a stalemate between both sides, since Spain was able to properly prepare their military for when France would invade, but had trouble due to not realizing how many troops were sent. The invasion of Algeria was thought to be easy, however, Algeria is able to get their military around, and are now being able to push to the French back. This, like in Spain, causes a stalemate. Casualties from assisting Spain Nationalists are 130,000, with casualties from Algeria rise to 85,000 from the original and the new invasions. Spain's casualties are at 109,000, and Algeria's being at 120,000.


Mod Event: Ethiopia allies with the Eastern African Federation. Peru-Bolivian Empire is finally made a reality, with their first order being a new military draft. Poland finally collapses, with the land currently under disputation over whether all of the land should be given to Prussia or if parts should be seceded off to Russia and Germany. China's civil war continues to escalate to the point where entire neighborhoods turn into battle-zones. The Turkish Empire continues invading Kurdistan and Sunnistan, with most of Kurdistan and parts of northern Sunnistan currently under occupation. Algeria continues to fight against France and now, The Pact of Steel. Chad, Mali, and Niger all join the Anti-Germany Coalition, realizing that the Pact of Steel will most likely win against the allies. Libya and Tunisia unite, and also join the Anti-Germany Coalition. Western Sahara begins to mobilize its army, as they want to stop Morocco's Communistic Ideals. Spanish nationalists are able to secede a state off of Spain, and the Kingdom of Italy is able to secede from Italy. Afghanistan decides to support Pakistan, seeing as their ally is near captured. Russia begins an invasion of the Baltic States, however, this partially causes a stalemate due to the Baltic States having had time to prepare. Somalia's famine claims a total of 86,983 lives, with Somalia's government trying to find ways to support both citizens and its military, but currently finding none. All countries joining the Anti-Germany Coalition instate a draft to gain troops.  

  • Flag of the German Empire German Empire: The German Armed Forces continue offensives. Now that Poland has fallen, we propose to Russia to give southern and central Poland to them while northern Poland, which was historically part of the Kingdom of Prussia, will go to Germany. Meanwhile, the Luftwaffe launches a massive bombing campaign against Greece, targeting Athens, Thessaloniki, and other important targets, hoping to damage their infrastructure and military to the point where it has a hard time functioning. The Luftwaffe also carries out airstrikes in Thrace to assist the Ukrainian troops currently there. [Mod Response] Meanwhile, the Imperial Foreign Office demands that the Alpine Confederation grants Germany military access so we can send more ground forces to the Balkans without having to airlift them. [Player Response] It is implied in the note that there will be consequences should they refuse passage to our troops. Meanwhile, on the home front, the situation is becoming worse as more people get tired of war.
    • Flag of Germany German Democrats: A resistance movement was formed in Frankfurt am Main last year, spreading throughout the country and gaining about 250,000 members initially. The war has made people weary and many members of parties like the SPD and CDU are becoming disillusioned with the Kaiser's government, joining the resistance. The German police begin taking action against them but they are spreading faster than the imperial government expected. They are creating anti-war propaganda to spread among the population and are planning to take action in the form of uprisings. The rebel leadership's platform is simple: it intends to overthrow the German monarchies, form a republic, and bring the country out of the war.
    • Nationalist groups: Various nationalist groups are secretly formed in occupied territories, including Scandinavia and the Low Countries, such as the Flag of Sweden Swedish Nationalists, Flag of Denmark Danish Nationalists, Flag of Norway Norwegian Nationalists, Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Nationalists, Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourger Nationalists, and Flag of Belgium Belgian Nationalists. They plan to restore independence to their countries and are coordinating with the German democratic rebel groups for a spontaneous uprising against the German Imperial government. In total they have some 300,000 members combined throughout their countries, and are currently acquiring arms and spreading propaganda.
    • Mod Response: The air strikes are very useful and successful, helping Ukraine gain some land in the Rhodope region, but the Greek Air Force is able to shoot down three of your planes.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: The Verkhovna Rada officially integrates our captured region in Romania into sovereign Ukraine, and all citizens in that area are granted full citizenship rights. In our war in Greece, with our army facing some opposition in Komotini the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sends 127,800 more of our armed forces down to the city in order to help push out the remaining Greek Army in Rhodope, along with sending 13 more attack helicopters, two more fighter jets, three more tanks, and two more mobile artillery machines to the front; we set up all four mobile artillery machines to the eastern suburbs to fire upon Greek soldiers [Mod Response Needed]. Meanwhile, civil unrest has begun to occur in the streets of Kiev with many protesting for Marxist-Leninist reform in the Verkhovna Rada, along with an about two million people march throughout the capital for their cause and nicknaming it the "April 15th Movement" and many are attempting to form a political party with the same name as the movement and "Overthrow the capitalist pigs in the Rada." Even with the movement quickly gaining ground, incumbent President Hrynevych is still favored to win the next presidential election if she decides to run.
    • Mod Response: The assault is met with considerable Greek opposition at first, but their forces are whittled down over time. Rhodope is not yet taken however, as the Greeks fell back to Rhodope and fortified it.
    • Ukrainian Response: We are shocked by the major resistance by the Greek Army and decide to launch a surprise invasion of the eastern and western edge to "...close the Greek Army in and finally capture the Rhodope region." Soon after, 158,299 soldiers are sent to the eastern part and 270,568 are sent to the western edge to surprise the Greek Army there and finally close them in and capture the region. We also begin using Germany's air raids for our advantage, by directing them for hitting key government buildings and major military defences [Mod Respone on Operation Results NEEDED]
    • Mod Response: Rhodope is finally taken as the surprise invasion was highly successful.
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy: We are very thrilled with the successful invasion and capturing of the Rhodope region, and we immediately begin building defenses along the regions border with the Xanthi region, by launching artillery fire on their troops, along with many airstrikes on government buildings, and by firing upon the regions' made defense by our navy. [Secret] We make it look like we are going to be invading Xanthi next, but truly we are going to invade their neighbor the Kavala region and the Drama region. We plan on invading the Kavala region by landing on their beaches in many transport boats and helicopters (based off of the Normandy landings), and invading forward.[Secret] We begin an armed and naval invasion of the Thasos region with 2567 armed forces while also invading by naval attack [Mod Response on Results NEEDED].
    • Mod Response: The invasion proved very successful at first, and then, civilians began to rise up, baring the arms provided by Greece a few years ago. Currently, the area remains contested, as the troop counts compare to the Greece civilians.
    • Ukrainian Response: With the heavy resistance from the civilians, and us not wanting to harm innocent civilians we command that they put down their arms or face the invasion of Ukrainian troops and heavy artillery fire (abt. +5,600 more soldiers); we give them to the end of this year to decide or we take action [Mod Response needed].
    • Mod Response: The soldiers surrender after a few months, and Thasos is effectively captured.
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: We start to evacuate our population and ask Chile if we can send our evacuating population there [mod response needed] we tighten security and increase our military from 412,000 to 500,000 due to korea declaring war on us. We evacuate the rest of the cabinet and (secret) ask Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand, Russiaand Singapore to help us take Korea and if it turns out well we'll give the land to Russia[mod response needed] (end secret) we will return the Korean soldiers held prisoner if you leave New Zealand out of this battle[player response needed]
    • Mod Response: (Note: Russia is member of Pact of Steel) Japan refused, saying that they want to keep its neutrality. Indonesia and New Zealand will help Australia, but advice Australia to don't do this. Singapore, due to its small military powers, reject this. However, all nations will send Australia supplies. [End Secret]. Chile wants to keep its neutrality, but they open and welcome all refugees there.
    • Korean Diplomacy: Nothing is going to be left out of this.
  • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We rethink our strategy to stay neutral in the European theatre. We come to a conclusion and declare Alpine airspace available for all aircraft, staying true to our neutrality code by letting both sides have equal rights in our territory. The city shields are approximately at 70% completion. We increase border security just in case anyone involved in the war tries to create a proxy war over the Alpine Confederation. We begin looking at quantum computing technology after seeing the end of Moore's Law drawing near. The Life Project is put on hold as Europe is too dangerous to have samples collected, so we go to South America instead.
  • Flag of Romania Romania: After the war with Ukraine, we manage to keep our neutrality, and avoid all war. We begin focusing on rebuilding infrastructure and increase our economy back as pre-war. Prime Minister Vasile Petrescu starts to spread peace campaign, he said in his speech, "The world now has been fallen into chaos, war, conflicts. Democracy is dead in several nations, and imperialism rises. Peace, happiness, and freedom aren't needed anymore. We need to stop this. What we need is only peace, happiness, and FREEDOM!". We start to make our civilians to build Romania, this is inspired by Singaporean campaign in 1970. Petrescu wants Bucharest becomes important city in the world, like Dubai, Singapore, Tokyo, and London. Then, we begin mass constructions of infrastructure and buildings in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, and two damaged cities, Iaşi (now exclave of Romania), and Constanţa. We also begin spreading peace campaign to other nations. We invite these nations to join our "Peace Conference" in Bucharest, it will be held next year: Alpine Confederation, Costa Rica, Ghana, Senegal, Argentina, Paraguay, Namibia, United Arab Emirates, and Oman. [Mod/Players Response Needed]. Crimes rate is extremely decreased, since the peace campaign. Hate crimes against Ukraine, so far, is zero.
    • Namibian Dip: We ask Angola, the DRC, Sudan, Egypt, and the Turkish Empire to let our envoys fly over their airspace to go to Romania. We plan to fly across the continent to Alexandria, where we will cross the Eastern Mediterranean, avoiding the war in Israel on the right and Greece on the left, land in Ankara, fly north over the Black Sea and west into Romania. [Player Response Needed]. [Mod Response Needed].
      • Mod Response: The Turkish Empire states that they will allow it.
      • Egyptian Diplomatic Relations Office: The Egyptian Government states that they will allow it, for now.
    • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We accept the proposal and send a team of representatives to Bucharest. We allow priority transport into Romania as we recognize the importance of such an event for world peace.
    • Pacific Confed: We are infuriated that we were not invited, saying it was an act that contradicted our Sovereignty as a state.3
      • Namibian Dip: We remind them that widely recognized neutral countries, like South Africa, Madagascar, Mexico, and Cuba weren't invited either, and tell them to calm down.
      • Pacific Confed. Dip: acknowledge this. We however, ask for the reason.
    • Mod Response: All countries agree to the proposal and prepare a team of representatives for this occasion.
    • Romanian Diplomacy: Every neutral nations are accepted to join this, we invite all neutral nations, including Pacific Confederation, Iceland, Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, Madagascar, DR Congo, and Malaysia [Players/Mod Response Needed]. (South Africa is communist BTW)
    • Pacific Confederation Diplomacy (whew that's a mouthfull!) We thank Romania for their invitation, and apologize formally for our... um... "harsh words" (we use that exact wording lol) and send a diplomat to join this. (Please note we are currently run by a council, until we are formally not a part of the us.)
    • Mod Response: All nations accept the proposal.
  • Flag of IndiaIndia: We are overjoyed at our annexation of Pakistan. We condn Afghanistan for helping and although we're not invading them we ask to beware. We supply another 500,000 soldiers in Burma and the same amount in Thailand.[Mod response on Battle result needed]. We ask Korea that if they need any help in attacking Australia we'll gladly help. [Korea Response needed]. We airlift some 300,000 soldiers to Greece to help the Ukranians in Invading Greece. To UK's condemnation the dictator has said he don't care as the English have looted from India for about 200 years and said that they'll never forget the cruelty shown by the English. About the relations which is to be cut, don't worry as we've already cut our relations and see you as a threat. We may not do anything in the Somalia situation but beware as we have a lot of Military strength. We start our development on The iron dome which will repel any missiles. We also gave reached 1/4th of the silent sparrow project.
    • Ukrainian Diplomacy: We thank India for their military support and quickly put them to good use in the effort to secure our recently captured region in Greece. We do however, worry that they will not be much help in combat since they seem to be unfamiliar with the landscape and geography. We place about 176,800 of them in the most secure part of Greece, on the eastern side while placing the other 123,200 in the very sensitive zone where the majority of our station troops are ([Secret] Not really [Secret]) where they will help build up the defenses with the opposing Greek Army.
    • Korean Diplomacy: We agree to taking help. We also ask that if we are successfully able to defeat Australia, that India claims the western side, and Korea claims the eastern side [Indian Response Needed].
    • Indian Dip:We accept and hope for a successful invasion when the time comes.
    • Mod Response: The invasion is more successful in Myanmar, which is almost completely invaded, but Thailand has been holding out since Indonesia is supporting them.
  • 3rdfrenchempire French State: We send another 250,000 soldiers down into Spain to (hopefully) break the stalemate, as well as another 350,000 into Algeria, once again, to break the stalemate. [Mod Response(s)]. We also send one million soldiers of our own into Germany to suppress the democrats and all of the other nationalists. The draft that was originally only for 30% of men is increased to 40% of men, as well as 15% of all women, so about 55% of our population is military, with the other 45% contributing to other stuff. Also, we start sending in convoys to the Italian Royalists. [Secret] We also begin plans of an invasion of Libya-Tunisia, without any proper casus belli. [End Secret].
    • Mod Response: Ending the stalemate proves successful at first, but soon Spanish troops begin to arm their civilians, similar to Greece, and the stalemate is placed back at the middle region once more. The stalemate is broken, however, Algerian Military begins use guerrilla warfare all across Algeria, and it is currently unknown which places are under French dominance or Algerian dominance.
  • Flag of Canada Canada: We have finished our Valkyrie and name it CS Steel Spear. We use the various canals and rivers through Europe to send 500,000 troops and 50,000 of our war drones to Greece, being supported by the valkyrie, six destroyers, four cruisers and two aircraft carriers. In the skies, we have 100 fighter planes and 20 bombers supporting the ground troops. How much land do we take? [Mod response needed] We begin work on the CWD-02, the second version of our war drone. This version has better armor, a better targeting system, and a homing missile launcher. We have finished almost all of our oil processing plants, and we have free immigration for workers who can work in the refinery. Our population is expected to skyrocket and we work on warming up the uninhabitable places to account for the boom. We work on a massive shipbuilding dock, twice the size of Iceland's. We also work on making tanks and planes. We ask all other PoS countries to sign a document that lets any PoS country station their troops in another PoS country, unless the government of that country really would not like more troops. [PoS players responses needed.] We boost our military to five million. (all men will be trained by 2035)
    • Mod Response: The land taken wasn't very much, as Greece had been planning for a German attack, but realizing that it was Canada, still used the same military. The western coast of Greece is taken, but due to guerrilla tactics being used by Greece civilians and troops, it is unsure how many troops are dead and want land is currently occupation.
    • Ukrainian Response: Both the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Defense, and President Hrynevych refuse to sign the document; with President Hrynevych herself sending a letter to the leader of Canada saying: "...even though we are allies, we should not force another to contain and house our troops when they already have their own to take care of."
    • Indian Dip: We can use our stations for temporary use. We would like to receive 90,000 troops as we're in stalemate in Thailand.[Canada response needed].
  • 1232 United Korea: (Secret) We push our own Project Valkyrie into full production, now expecting it to be completed by 2036, as well as our nuclear warheads, with one being done in 2035. Currently, we have one nuclear bomb and another expected to be done next year (End Secret). With Australia now taking Papua New Guinea from our control, and keeping our troops as prisoners, we fully propagandize all of Korea with posters and billboards that show Australia as being the new enemy, and we also begin to fully push for our draft, now bringing it to 970,000 troops. We begin creation of multiple SAM Missiles, in preparation for the Australia's Valkyrie. We also begin mass producing SAM Missiles which could be fully mobile, which are expected to finished in 2034. We decide to take down one enemy instead of taking on two, and continue our push through the Philippines, adding an additional 100,000 troops to the cause, as well as deploying 20 of our own naval ships. We use the naval ships and block any possible trade routes and ports, and bombard these locations [Mod Response Needed]. Along with mass producing mobile SAM Systems, we begin mass producing F-16 Fighting Falcon's, and hope to finish 30 by 2034. Regarding Australia asking for New Zealand to be left alone, the President speaks: "We were going to leave New Zealand alone, but since Australia violated the agreement we had, nothing will be left alone. In the future, New Zealanders will think of why they are now under Korean control, and then they'll remember, that it was Australia's fault for this occurring." We give Australia one more warning: Give us Papua New Guinea, and to now allow us to war with New Zealand, or we will attack and not stop until the Australian Government collapses and is under Korean control [Australian Response Needed]. We begin mobilizing our nuclear bomb. We fortify all of Korea, using THAAD's from the Second Korean War, and using 30,000 troops that remain scattered around all of Korea, in case of an invasion from Australia.
    • Mod Response: The trade ports are successfuly destroyed, with many of those countries in question losing valuable trade routes and plundge most of their economy.
    • Australian response: We will only pull out of Papua New Guinea if you treat the civilians fairly and not harm them so if you agree we'll pull out [Korean response needed]
    • Korean Diplomacy: The President is reluctant at first due to Australia doing having said the same thing, however, he accepts the deal. 
    • (Complete) Mod Response: For the invasion, the only remaining part of the Philippines is the large southern island where the government has claimed as the new headquarters of the government and the de-facto capital in Davao City, and a majority of the remaining army is stationed there. Along with the government stationed on the southern island, citizens begin attacking Korean forces and begin using weapons that are made by hand along with military weaponry. Many think that if you want the rest of the southern island, you would have to kill many innocent civilians to get what you want.
    • Korean Response: We decide to begin placing our captured locations of the Philippines under mass control, as we establish the Korean-Filipino Security Agency, copying the idea of the United States. We also sanction off multiple places in the Philippines and put them under direct control, to hopefully stop any rebellions. We also tell the stationed military troops that if revolts occur, to simply ask them to stop, and if they do not comply, to begin firing shots towards the sky. If this does not stop them, then begin shooting towards civilians, and finally, begin shooting citizens if it comes down to it, however, only go for those with the strongest military power, and then go for the rest if they do not stop.
  • Flag of Mexico-0 Mexico: Our air and army base that we were building in Mexicali has been completed. It is called Base Aérea y Ejército No. 19, Mexicali, Baja California. We have stationed two companies of infantry to occupy the base. We want to know if United Korea still has any old North Korean MiG-29s left. If so, we would like to know how many are left, and if they are up for sale. We will purchase them. In other news, we will recognise Texas as an independent nation. As such, we want to organise a non-aggression treaty between us and our Central American allies and Texas. Finally, we will continue to remain neutral in the war. [Secret] We have begun a secret anti-espionage program to counter any possible spies in Mexico. Mainly, German spies. Any spies found will be executed quickly and quietly [End Secret] [Texas and United Korea response needed]
  • Pacific Confed: (Secret)we begin to plant spies in Korea, Germany, and Canada. (End secret) project Aegir is unexpectedly accelerating, and is now 70% complete. Most Pacificans are growing weary of Canada's imperialistic strides, so we formally end our alliance.
  • Iceland: Sorry for the inactivity. Iceland now has a population of one million.
  • Flag of Great Britain Great Britain: We take the famine in Somalia as a gift, and launch a full scale attack on Aden & Sanaa with 100,000 troops each, hoping Somalia's Government is too weak and busy (Mod Invasion Response Needed). We condemn the works of India, stating That their imperialistic acts are despicable and that all relations will be cut as of December 1st. We strain our relations with Ireland, as they have shown some hate towards us. We declare British Sovereignty over Yemen, however we must still capture Sanaa. We begin to assist all unwell people, and establish British presence in hospitals and doctor's clinics. (Mod Response Needed (NOT SOLACE). We leave 200,000 troops to finish off Yemen and ask to send 300,000 to Japan and Australia in case Korea tries anything fishy (Mod /Australian Response Needed). We ask the Pacific Confederacy for the Aegir Project when complete (Pacific Confederacy Response Needed). We declare the capital of British Yemen Ta'izz.
    • Mod Response: The assault against Somalian Yemen is effective as soldiers are mostly too weak to fight, as well as some of the local communities welcoming the British, most likely seeking a better future under British rule. Aden is taken swiftly, as is Mokha. Sanaa is near taken, and all territory south of the capital is now part of Great Britain, including Socotra. Japan declines, due to their neutrality.
    • Pacific Confederation Diplomacy: We tell great Britain to wait, and when it is finished, we are deploying it elsewhere. But we would be happy to share blueprints...
    • Texas: We tell Great Britain to launch an attack on South Africa
    • Korean Diplomacy: We tell Great Britain to simply "don't put your nose where it does not belong", and that we have no current plans of Australia due the Korean-Aussie War not happening, and we respect Japan's neutrality.
  • Texas: We need to help our New Englander, Cascadian, Alaskan, Hawaiian, and Californian brothers secede from the United States. We also need to help Chihuahua secede from Mexico. We are hoping the American and Mexican Governments are too busy and weak [Mod Response Needed] to pay attention. We need allies to help us do this. Also, our capitals Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio were bombed. If anyone is interested in helping us, contact us.
    • Mexican Diplomacy: Chihuahua will not secede, and we will make sure of that.
    • Canadian Dip: We will send India the troops they request. Seeing the success of the first part of the Greek campaign, we send another 200,000 men to Greece and 200,000 CWD-01's. (war drones) We use the Valkyrie to bomb Athens and other Greek cities. We also firebomb forests in an attempt to expose the guerrilla fighters. Our troops push to athens. Do we make it? [Mod response neededed] We are saddened by the pacific conferederation leaving our alliance. [TOP Secret] To PoS members: We plan an invasion of the pacific confederation next year, in an attempt to get the aegir plans. [End TOP Secret]
      • ​Mod Response: While the guerrilla style fighting does help in their push into Athens, a majority of Greece's troops are massed there and had planned on your arrival. Almost 198,987 troops of your troops are killed while about 78,876 of their's are killed. The rest of the soldiers either retreated to other parts of Greece that have been taken by the Pact of Steel, or have been captured by the Greek army and government. Along with their soldeirs, most of the Greek Air Force is stationed there and are able to shoot down a good majority of the war drones in the process; although many of the drones have been shot down before doing any damage, some of the forests around Athens have gotten little damage from the firebombing.
    • Egypt-2 Egypt: Road and railway networks across Sudan and Egypt are being connected together as part of the New Economic Plan. Meanwhile, as part of the plan, small traders are allowed business and some profit from the selling of land is allowed. Alarmed and angered at Ethiopia siding with the undeserving Eastern African Federation, the Egyptian Government has passed a decision to not recognize their independence either. (MOD RESPONSE NEEDED) Meanwhile, an expansion of the internet services continues, with internet services entering education and public services. [SECRET: We are using this opportunity to add cybernetics to our large army, starting off with 100 aerial and sentry drones. END SECRET] Our military draft continues.
      • Mod Response: Ethiopia condemns your decision to recognize the Eastern African Federation in which they put it as "The Eastern African Federation is no more a country then you or I. We ask for you to reconsider your decision and recognize them even though you may not agree with what they do or say." The Eastern African Federation supports Ethiopia's decision and are still open to a relationship with Egypt.


Mod Event: Russia begins to go through small revolutions, due to its civilians becoming upset over World War III. Saudi Arabia finally collapses, now under a communist government, and their first thing currently is mobilizing troops. Somalia's famine takes 103,000 civilians, however, they have found a way to balance the war and their food supply, so that the famine will dissolve within the next two years. The Eastern African Federation, with a combined military strength of 1.5 million troops, begin to launch invasions on Tanzania. Somalia invades Djibouti and Eritrea, with help from the newly established Communistic Saudi Arabian government. China withdraws from the war, due to the civil war reaching new heights. Spain and Italy, with help from the newly united Tunisian-Libyan Empire, invade the Spanish Nationalist Seceded State and the Kingdom of Italy, and seem to succeed for the most part. The Turkish Empire successfully occupy most of Sunnistan, and launch an invasion upon Bulgaria with an estimated 400,000 troops, however, they still don't join a side. Western Sahara invade Morocco. Greece's military, even after losses, stands at an estimated 4.5 million troops, and plan to not stop fighting until the Pact of Steel retreats, whether that be in the next year or within the next decade.

  • Flag of the German Empire German Empire: We deploy 800,000 troops through the Alpine Confederation (we tell them that we are merely passing through and order our troops to not bother the locals) to help invade Greece as well as defend our ally Bulgaria from the enemy invasion. We deploy 400,000 troops in northern Greece, with the objectives of capturing Epirus and Western Macedonia. Considering that the Luftwaffe must have heavily damaged their country's infrastructure and caused massive power outages and starvation, and that most of their troops are civilians with poor training, the Generalstab expects success in the offensive. We also tell Turkey that by declaring war on a Pact of Steel country they have declared war on Germany itself, and we strongly suggest that they rethink their decision, sending the other 400,000 German troops to northern Bulgaria; and we also recall all of our diplomats from Turkey. All of these receive full air support from the Luftwaffe. In addition, we deploy a total of 700,000 troops into northern Italy to help the remnants of the Italian Royalists, and also send 600,000 troops through France to assist the Spanish Nationalists and the French Army in Spain. [Mod Response] The commander-in-chief of the European theater at Joint Operations Command, Generalfeldmarschall Reinhard von der Groeben, informs the Kaiser that this is a grand offensive that he intends to turn the tide of the war with, deploying a total of 1.9 million troops outside of Germany. Among those are also some of the military's best units, including the Kommando Spezialkräfte for sabotage and other special operations, and the Panzerwaffe to spearhead the invasions. The other 3.1 million are spread throughout the home territories, Poland, and the Czech Republic. We begin to fully integrate the former Polish lands into Germany as part of the Kingdom of Prussia, a state of the Kaiserreich. We also continue to assist Vietnam and Korea with our East Asia Squadron. [Secret] We prepare to launch a land invasion of north Africa, after our battles in southern Europe. The Colonial Department is set up as part of the Foreign Office to later administer these new African colonies. The Kaiser and the Military Cabinet consider Libya and Tunisia the main targets, and possibly Morocco as well. [/Secret] The Imperial Foreign Office asks Romania to join the Pact of Steel and provide military access to Germany, though we won't ask for any of their troops. [Player Response] We also ask the Holy See to urge the Italian government to follow the will of the people and allow the royalists to take power, who will restore Catholicism's influence in Italy. [Mod Response] The wartime economy continues to make more planes, ships, and other weapons.
    • Flag of Germany German Democrats: The escalation of the war and the large deployment of troops outside of the country leads to more people joining the underground organization, raising its total member count in Germany to about 900,000. Propaganda and agitation continues as the groups prepare to launch an uprising sometime soon, along with the various nationalist groups, whose membership rose to 660,000.
    • Mod Response: The soldiers sent to help the Spanish Nationalists and French against the remains of the Kingdom of Spain and the Tunisian-Libyan Empire, gaining the Badajoz, the remaining of Toledo, Ciudad Real, Albacete, Valencia, and Alicante regions; along with losing about 175,800 troops in the process. Your help with the Italians have also worked, with the regions of Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany while losing about 72,843 soldiers in battle. The Holy See is very tempted to urge to the Italian Government to step down, but the incumbent Pope refuses saying that, "It is not my will for weather a country dies or lives, no matter if we would benifit or not. It is God's will, not mine; but I do urge that peace can be achived sooner rather then in the future when more innocent lives are lost." Turkey ignores your threats and continues their invasion by invading and attacking major cities in South-Eastern Bulgaria with about 389,427 soldiers, and using four jets to attack key points in the country.
    • Romanian Diplomacy: We reject and we will never join your alliance, we are now pacifist and anti-imperialist. We also won't let your troops go through our territory.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: A massive rally consisting of about 275,000 civilians occurs in our capital of Kiev where incumbent President Hrynevych announces that she will not be seeking a re-election bid citing health issues, along with her Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kyrylenko announcing his bid for the presidency to replace her; she immediately endorses him. With Hrynevych no longer in the picture for the presidency, her party's (The People's Front) drops drastically in the polls and with much support from millions of people around the country the new "Ukrainian Communist Party" is founded and their candidate Bohdan Hrytsenko is seen as a major threat to Kyrylenko's chances. With President Hrynevych's support, the Ministry of Defense announces a draft for all males in the country between 18-25, which results in the military gaining about 1,270,340 more soldiers. On the Greek front, we launch a massive surprise invasion of the Kavala region by starting a massive air raids by both jets and attack helicopters, sending in 95th Airmobile Brigade to attack multiple major airports in the region, sending in 585,298 soldiers by landing on Kavala's beaches and invading through there, also sending 20 tanks, eight mobile artillery machines, four destroyer's to obliterate their government held buildings, and five submarines to shoot down and sink their navy [Mod Response NEEDED]. We also ask for the German Empire's military support for the major operation [German Response Needed].
    • German Diplomacy: Our military attache in Kiev informs them that 400,000 German troops are currently invading northern Greece, and that the support we can provide is limited to air strikes by the Luftwaffe for now. However, we deploy a Kommando Spezialkräfte regiment of 1000 men to assist Ukrainian ground forces. We also tell them that the invasion from the north should force them to divide their forces and lighten their defenses in Thrace.
    • Mod Response: Greek resistance is not strong as the surprise attack was successful and most of the soldiers were conscripted civilians. Kavala is nearly taken, with a small portion of the territory still being held by more experienced soldiers.
    • Ukrainian Response: We begin sending in 45,897 more soldiers into the area to defeat the remaing Greek Army, along with doing multiple air raids in the area destroying the remaining Greek forces main defenses. [Secret] We send in the 95th Airmobile Brigade into the Drama region to begin launching surprise invasions of their main military and civilian airports so that it will be easier for us to invade [Secret][Mod Response on Both NEEDED]
  • Flag of Canada Canada: Our army reaches four million men, with 500,000 deployed in Greece. We send another 300,000 men to greece, and ask germany and ukraine for their help in a massive coordinated attack on athens. we also send our entire fleet of CWD-01's (which is one million) to assist in the attack. We load CS steel spear with five nukes, and tell greece to surrender or else we will use the nukes. [Mod response needed] We are 90% done the CWD-02 and our population reaches 100 million. We continue firebombing, and use our pontoon to bombard Athens with EMP's to disrupt their communications. We use our navy as a blockade and block all non PoS ships going to greece. WIP
    • Implausibilities: Must ask for Mod Responses and 100 million people is ridiculous.
  • 1232 United Korea: We decide to stop our invasion of the Philippines right now due to Papua New Guinea not being under Australia's control anymore. We send 60,000 troops to once again invade and annex Papua New Guinea [Mod Response Needed]. Since the war has started to bring a very unfavorable view against our current President and its Political Party, we declare that our time in World War III might be coming to an end, however, we will still be a very active until the war formally dissolves. We continue using strong control over the Filipino Islands we have conquered, and fortify them to the best way we can. With China now leaving World War III due to their civil war, we begin to work out a solution for them, but so far, we are still in the drawing points. We ask the remaining Chinese Government if we can formally help in dissolving the civil war, however, we will have to work out a solution so that this doesn't happen again [Mod Response Needed]. A man was found going through government offices after sneaking through a window (Camera caught the act), and the man was finally caught after a large pursuit throughout all of Seoul. We begin interrogation to find where he came from and what he planned on doing with the information he had taken [Mod Response Needed]. (Secret) We begin an underground mining journey, as we look into the uranium deposits within the former North Korea (End Secret)
    • Mod Response: The invasion is somewhat successful, as the major islands of Papua New Guinea are taken, but the mainland remains defended, along with Indonesian support. The Chinese government refuses Korea's request due to past history wit them. The man that was caught turned out to be an independent terrorist who planed on selling the info to Korea's enemies.
  • Flag of Romania Romania: We continue our mass construction of infrastructure, Constanţa and Iaşi are completely rebuilt quickly. We start call all nations for peace and end the war, by the Peace Conference of Bucharest. Almost all neutral nations, including Alpine Confederation, Namibia, and Pacific Confederation. Prime Minister Vasile Petrescu said in his speech, "First of all, we thank for your attention to join this peace campaign. We hope this will strengthen our relation, and make the world peace again. We think, war is worst way to solve problems. I don't know why they start this without any acceptable reason, apart from expansion and conquest. Are they hungry for more lands? O, we were also their prey. The world is enough with this, we don't need and we don't want war again. We condemn all invasion and aggression that were done by an imperialist alliance (refer to Pact of Steel). Freedom, Happiness, and Peace were dead in many countries. It is time neutral nations to react and stop this conflict, turn our world into peace! What do we need? We need peace! What do we want? We want peace!". This conference is resulted in "Treaty of Bucharest", which will be signed by representatives in Conferences [Players/Mod Response Needed – I will show list of nations which joined conferences later]. This treaty will form United Peace Movement, a pacifist and non-aligned organization, similar to Non-Aligned Movement. UPM starts to form its satelites, Civil Reformation of Peace, which established in Bucharest just seven days after formation of United Peace Movement. Then, CRoP is established in more Romanian major cities, like Cluj-Napoca, Constanţa, and Iaşi. To other topic, we start to find alternative trade route, as Aegeam Sea is currenly war zone. Then, we find that Slovenian ports is good idea, then we ask Alpine Confederation if we allow to use the port. [Players Response Needed].
    • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We lease some ports in the Slovenian region to Romania at an affordable rate.
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: We ask New Zealand if we can and 50,000 troops on a training mission in their mountains and encourage them to join in as our soldiers will have to get used to environments in world war 3[mod response needed] we send Korea's troops back to them and return 80 percent of government officials back to Australia. Prime minister Alex Turnbull does a speech. "This is Prime minister Alex Turnbull of Australia. I would like to point out something. Why are we at war? What is the purpose of this war? Ask yourself this is Germany trying to take over the world? So if we live in peace we could stop this war, use technology for good, build higher then Willis tower and create the best things to human eyes or we can bring all down and continue blood shed. If we live in harmony maybe we can have a positive future so I believe we should stop the war or we can continue this blood shed" [player and mod responses needed to stop the war].
    • Mod Response: New Zealand agrees and asks that its troops can train in the Australian Outback.
  • Flag of MozambiqueMozambique: We have built up our army to 120,000 troops, and we are ready in case of attack. We are currently upgrading our roads and railways to make travel easier and faster, and we are building the Zambezi Power Plant, our first nuclear power plant, to be ready in 2035 at the earliest and 2040 at the latest. We are sad to say that the violence against Zimbabweans is branching out, and now Malawian citizens living in Mozambique and the Muslim minority in the north are suffering abuse by locals. We start sending more police to the border zones and the northern provinces. (Secret) Our nuclear bomb construction is underway, to be completed 2037 at the earliest. We tell the police to patrol the areas in daytime, but aid the locals in the persecution of these people disguised as civilians. We also begin clearing out land for "concentration camps", where the Zimbabweans, Malawians, and Muslims will be sent "for their own protection". We use the Zambezi Power Plant for a pretext in the land clearings. (End Secret)
  • Flag of Great Britain Great Britain: As our plans unfold, we withdraw al of our troops from Yemen, except 12,000 which will stay to keep peace, and the rest return home. There is a small amount of Civil Unrest, mainly about the amount of people in the military, however, most people are happy as long as we are in peace. 400,000 troops are stationed in London and surrounding areas, whereas 100,000 are in Cardiff, and 200,000 in Edinburgh and Glasgow, respectively. And now, the nation waits, for the perfect opportunity. Civilians are uneasy, and the Government is worried. Indeed they should be, can the magnificent nation pull this off? Well, they must wait a while longer anyway. As part of Brand's Reforms, The Capital City is moved to Liverpool from London. WIP
  • Flag of Alpine Confederation Alpine Confederation: We have achieved some progress in creating the first quantum computer. Specifically, we have created functional qubits, effectively paving the way to a quantum computer, in around ten years. We support the Romanian ideals for peace, and begin holding talks with the rest of the neutral nations. Project Life is going well in South America, as we have collected DNA samples of over 8900 plants and animals. We send a support group there to tackle sample taking in the Amazon, a nightmare for any conservationist group such as ours. We undergo economic reformations, preparing for the demilitarization of Europe after World War III ends.
    • Korean Diplomacy: We have interest in the technological capabilities that can come from a Quantum Computer, and would like to know if we may purchase a few and also learn how they were properly created, if the Alpine Confederation wouldn't mind [Alpine Response Needed].
  • Flag of Mexico-0 Mexico: We have begun a campaign called "Modernizar el aire" or "Modernize the Air." We want to seriously overhaul our air force and modernize it. To start we are going to start retiring our Pilatus PC-7s. We plan to have most of them retired by 2045. We want to know if the Alpine Confederation kept Hungary's twenty-eight MiG-29 "Fulcrums." If so, we are offering to purchase all of them. Also, we would like to order two MiG-29Ms from Russia. In other news, a cave containing pottery that is obviously ancient was discovered by a farmer in the state of Michoacán. Excavation has begun. [Alpine Confederation and Russian response needed]
    • Mod Response: Russia agrees to the deal since Mexico is neutral.
    • Flag of Mexico-0 Mexican reply: We are utmost delighted. We thank Russia for their willingness to sell and build us these aircraft. Due to the war, the fighters will not be on Mexican soil until around 2036 most likely.
  • 3rdfrenchempire French State: 300,000 soldiers are placed on our northern coast with the English Channel, and we also begin building forts all across said coast. We also instate a two-child policy, and will give a ton of benefits for each child in each family. We're going back to way back when, baby! We also begin to research railguns, with a working model planned to be made next year. We also send 750,000 soldiers to the Greek peninsula, and start fighting for air superiority over Athens. [Mod Response, Do We Get AS?] We also begin development of our first Valkyrie - the Golden Phoenix. The beautiful ship is expected to be finished in seven to eight years. Also, we now have 8.5 million soldiers after lots of conscripting.
    • Mod Response: The Pact of Steel has had air superiority over Greece for some time now.
    • Canadian dip/engineering: We find a way to fast track valkyrie production, speeding up the construction from six years down to 3. We start working on three Valkyries, each in a different facility so they will all be ready in three years. We begin construction on the Calgary tower, a one-mile high megatall skyscraper, to symbolize our rise to power on the world stage. The CWD-02 is finished and is issued in Greece.   
  • Pacific Confederation: Our spies catch a whiff of news, supposedly, canada is planing to invade us! We thus prepare for war, with all heavy industrial zones in puget sound/spokane areas switching to military production, and shipyards being commandeered for military use. Also, we announce that our project aegir is complete, and will be ready to deploy in about a month. The defensive base on whibey island is equipped with an Anti-Nuke Missile Sytem, and our manpower reserves are conscripted, as well as sent to the cascades and eastern part for training, and our navy exercising in our Hawaiian waters. Our 40 tons of uranium are shipped to Hawaii, and our tech companies are being asked to help with cyber warfare techniques. Since we have no air force, we offer to send the plans for aegir to them in extchange for keeping them safe, and for 14 light fighters. [Player RESPONce NEEDED]
  • Flag of Great Britain Great Britain: We would happily send troops to defend a neutral nation, and would also like to obtain The Aegir Plans. We will send 500,000 troops to the Canadian-Pacific Confed. Border, to ensure the safety of the nation. (Secret) We begin to construct THAAD's, hoping to finish within the next few months (End Secret). We condemn Canada's despicable acts, attempting to invade a neutral nation and multiple other things. WIP
    • Canadian Dip: While we did not want to start conscription, we will need a lot more men for the invasion, so we start conscription. Our army is expected to grow from five million now to ten million in 2038. We condemn Britain for sticking their noses where they don't belong.


Mod Event: Russia is now fully fledged in a civil war, however, they will continue in the war. Russia's troops finally stop the stalemate between them and the Baltic States. Finland has assisted the Baltic States in defending against Russia, with the current defense being successful. Portugal invades both Spain and the Spanish Nationalist State, with a combined force of 130,000 troops, as they have wanted to control Spain's land for a long time now. The Turkish Empire are able to dominate and control all of Sunnistan. The Turkish Empire invade Georgia and Armenia, and begin to further their push into Bulgaria, and begin to invade Greece, with the result being Turkish troops killing Canadian troops. Kazakhstan, after building up their military, invade Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Malaysia joins the war against Vietnam, with remaining ASEAN members declaring war on India and United Korea. Angola and Zambia invade the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Peru-Bolivian Empire, begin an invasion of Ecuador, with Brazil and Argentina declaring war on them. Greece begins to collapse slowly, with many of its citizens becoming angry with the amount of death occurring and the loss of loved ones. Greece's current military stands at 600,000, due to many civilians leaving the war and entering the Turkish Empire. Bosnia begins an invasion of Croatia with 250,000 troops, after now realizing that its participation is needed after seeing Greece beginning to collapse immensely.

  • Flag of the German Empire German Empire: The grand offensive that began last year continues. The 400,000 German troops in Bulgaria respond by pushing into the southern part of the country, with the Bulgarian Land Forces taking a secondary supportive role. The Imperial German Navy assets in the Mediterranean that have been attacking Greek and Italian ports now launch surprise raids on Turkish ports and coastal cities, targeting the docked Turkish fleet and bombarding towns. We urge Turkey to stand down immediately. [Mod Response to the Bulgarian Campaign] Meanwhile, the 400,000 German troops in Greece continue their advance into the northern and central parts of the country, against the rapidly collapsing remnants of the Hellenic Army. Because of this, half of those troops are redirected northwards through Serbia into Bosnia. Those 200,000 German soldiers are assisted by the remaining Serbian and Croatian troops in invading Bosnia. [Mod Response to the Greek and Bosnian Campaigns] Meanwhile, our 700,000 troops in Italy continue to push south towards Rome, driving back the Italian Army alongside the Royalists. [Mod Response to Italian invasion] We give Portugal tacit permission to take over large parts of Spain and our 600,000 troops there are ordered to halt and just hold their current positions for now. [Mod Response for Portugal] The Joint Operations Command helps our ally Russia by opening a new front, with the Imperial German Navy ships that have been blockading Finnish and Baltic ports begin launching bombardments onto their cities. Landing craft drop off 30,000 German troops on Baltic shores, while German garrison forces from former Norway and Sweden, numbering some 50,000, begin invading Finland. We expect that their exhausted and small forces will fall quickly. [Mod Response for Northern Campaign] All of these operations receive full air support from the Luftwaffe as air squadrons are moved from Germany to support these fronts. This brings up the total number of German troops operating on foreign soil to some 2.7 million, out of the German Military's total five million.
    • Mod Response: Great advances are made in Greece, pushing the army back to Dráma and Sérres. At this point Greece is just throwing whatever it can at Germany, and uprisings begin in Korinthos. Bulgarian advancement is progressive, taking Blagoevgrad. The invasion force is close to Srebrenica, as Bosnian defences have been set up in advance, as is the Bulgarian fortification of the Rhodope Mountains. Advancement into Italy is successful in Tuscany, but is met with fierce resistance at Grosetto, being seen as the few remaining defense points on the road to Rome. Portugal thanks the German Empire for this opportunity and proceeds with the invasion of Spain. The campaigns in the north are not as successful, as Finland has had more time to prepare than previously thought, and the war in the North is beginning to look like a fiercer Winter War. Finnish defense lines, as expected, begin to grow weaker with each advancement, and it is only a matter of time before the lose hold.
    • Flag of Germany German Democrats: As the Imperial government is entangled with foreign campaigns, the rebels decide to make their move. It actually began with a mutiny of conscripted soldiers in Karlsruhe of about 10,000, which quickly expands as members of the German democratic movement began also rising up. Their numbers had swelled to 1.3 million over that time period, and hundreds of thousands are now in a rebellion all across the country. Major strikes have occurred in Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Munich, Magdeburg, Erfurt, Heilbronn, and Lubeck, armed uprisings have broken out in Bayreuth, Hanover, Kassel, Braunschweig, Nuremburg, Bremen, Frankfurt, Liepzig, Schwerin, and countless smaller towns and cities. The strikes have paralyzed many industries while in the uprisings police and army troops now battle against the rebels in the streets. About 570,000 of the German Imperial Army have been mobilized to combat the armed rebels, while an estimated one million are taking part in the strikes and uprisings. The rebels are waiting to proclaim the creation of a government once they take over a major city. [Mod Response on the Uprising]
      • Mod Response: The uprisings have certainly caught the German Empire off guard. The uprisings in all areas except Berlin and Liepzig are successful and under complete rebel control.
    • Nationalists: Various nationalists have risen up in Flag of Norway Norway, Flag of Sweden Sweden, Flag of Denmark Denmark, Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands, Flag of Belgium Belgium, Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg, Flag of Poland Poland, and Flag of Czech Republic Czechia as soon as they heard about the rebellion in Germany. Their numbers in total, across all countries, are about 1.5 million, although most of them are poorly armed and untrained. [Mod Response on the Uprising]
      • Mod Response: The uprising is successful in Luxembourg, Denmark, the Netherlands and the Cezch Republic. The uprisings in other regions are less successful and have suffered small losses due to immediate withdrawal. The German Empire is largely distracted by the uprisings in Germany, leaving a window open for another shot at independence for the nationalists.
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: We ask the Peru-Bolivian empire not to invade Chile or Argentina and in exchange will give them safe passage around Australia [mod response needed]. We send the VS-Remanant and Stirling to Portugal along with 200,000 troops around Brazil and we ask them for safe passage[mod response needed]. We use our Valkyries to Bomb Portugal and we finish the VS-Melbourne we would like to know if we succeeded in invading Lisbon[mod response needed] Our army now stands at 680,000 troops with Australia's population reaching 32 million. We send 45,000 troops to the Baltic states to defend them as we have an alliance
      • Mod Response: How would you get them to the Baltic's when those countries are completely surrounded by Pact of Steel countries?
    • Mod Response: The Peru-Bolivian Empire says that they will not submit until their conquest of South America is completed. Brazil says that they will allow passage. Portugal, having expected this to happen, have prepared themselves with various heat-seeking missiles and other anti-aircraft weaponry. However, the 200,000 troops are able to land on the beaches of Costa da Caparica, and begin to face heavy fire from stationed troops (An idea for what this would look like would be D-Day). The VS-Remanant faces heavy anti-aircraft fire, and becomes heavily damaged through the fight. ~50,000 troops are slaughtered before they are able to capture the beach of Costa da Caparica, with the VS-Remnant finally going down in the Atlantic Ocean, holding ~5,000 troops within it. Total casualties for this invasion are estimated at ~100,000 | 35,000 for Portugal, 65,000 for Australia.
  • Canada: Seeing that the greek army is weakened, we send 100,000 CWD-02's and tell our 600,000 men stationed there to attack athens. (total army is 100,000 CWD-02's 200,000 CWD-01's and 600,000 men with air support by the valkyrie and fighter/bomber planes) Do we take athens? [Mod response needed] We are mostly done our Calgary Tower, and we begin work on a top secret project called Nova-A1. (no need to put secret when I don't tell you :D) We continue to openly accept immigrants and we change the three child plan, so that having more than three gives much bigger tax breaks and government money. We ask the US if we could annex alaska and michigan. [Mod response needed] (mod response because he is not active and Michigan because the states don't want it so i might as well take it) We also begin a massive air force/navy boost, and begin to start a semi blockade on the pacific confederation. We work on an energy rifle called the CAR-35. We ask germany if we could buy greenland for a price they dictate [Player response needed]
    • Mod Response: Athens is not taken as most of the army is concentrated at keeping Athens under Greek control. The invasion force is largely repelled however the army manages to take the Cyclades. The US is a player controlled nation.
  • Flag of IndiaMaratha Empire: We successfully complete the annexation of Myanmar. We push through Thailand and ask Korea and Vietnam to do the same.[Mod/Player response needed]. We ask Germany if they would give us some tech.[Germany response needed]. We warn the ASEAN and Indonesia to no get involved with us or we will annihilate you. We place five nukes on standby if anything goes wrong.our Valyrie Project codenamed Silent Sparrow has reached 3/4th production and is expected to be completed by two years.
    • Mod Response: Vietnam is in a two-front war with ASEAN forces and Thailand, but will begin a large conscription to help push through into Thailand. ASEAN responds to your threat with newly developed Singaporean defense missile systems installed in the capital cities of remaining ASEAN members.
    • Korean Diplomacy: We will send another 25,000 troops to the Vietnam side, as they are in a more serious situation than India is. This will bring a total of 75,000 troops within Vietnam (not including casualties accounted for).
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: In the most shocking of results for the 2035 presidential election, Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kyrylenko winning the election against Communist Bohdan Hrytsenko by an astounding 1 vote. For about a three month time after the election, President Hrynevych stayed in power while the Rada concluded who the real president was, who in the end turned out to be Kyrylenko. Kyrylenko officially is inaugurated as president of Ukraine and during his acceptance speech he states, "... I know that many are skeptical of my presidency, but the people of Ukraine have spoken and they have chosen me as their president! I understand that there are many tensions going around this country and the world itself, but we must stay vigilant as we fight for freedom, thank you." After his acceptance speech, former candidate for the Communist Party, Bohdan Hrytsenko declares his candidacy for the 2040 presidential election. A massive Communist march welcomes Kyrylenko by crowding in front of the presidential residence demanding communist reforms, in which no statement is made. Meanwhile, President Kyrylenko sends in 375,852 more soldiers into combat to defeat the reaming Greek resistance in the Kavala region, along with launching a massive surprise invasion of the Drama region by sending in the air force to destroy government buildings and strongholds, along with sending in the 95th Airmobile Brigade to capture key military and civilian airports [Mod Response NEEDED].
    • Mod Response: The Greek regions of Kavala and Drama have already been taken by the German Empire, so Kilsis is taken instead and cities right next to Thessaloniki.
    • Canadian Dip: [Secret] We ask the Peru-Bolivian empire if they would like to join PoS and if they would like to split the Americas between us. [End secret] We tell Ukraine that they can have the troops they requested. Seeing that great Britain kicked the monarchy out, we do the same and become a republic. We begin preparing for an invasion of the pacific confederation and ask any PoS members who have spare troops to send them over. [PoS asnwer needed] The calgary tower is almost finished.
  • Flag of Mexico-0 Mexico: We are absolutely shocked at what the Peru-Bolivian Empire is doing to Ecuador. We demand that they stop immediately, or we will cut off all economic and diplomatic ties with them. We remind them of how much they still rely on us, and the amount of oil they would suddenly lose and how bad their economy would crash if they continue with their invasion of Ecuador. We immediately send non-military aid to Ecuador, due to the treaties we have them. We call upon our Latin American allies to back us up, to assist Brazil and Argentina, and to threaten to cut off diplomatic and economic ties to the Peru-Bolivian Empire with us. We cite treaties and the real threat the Peru-Bolivian Empire presents as reasons. We also call upon the United States and Canada to back us up as well, citing our long-lasting economic and political partnerships we have them. We also ask Australia to join in the cause as well, since they seem to be having trouble with the Peru-Bolivian Empire. As a reaction to the Peru-Bolivian Empire's actions, we station three of our F-5s, three of our MiG-29s, eight of our T-6s, twenty eight of our PC-7s, our E-99, two of our C-26s, and twelve of our UH-60s. They have been stationed at Base Aérea Militar Numero Seis, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, Base Aérea Militar No. 17, Copalar, Chiapas, and Base Aérea Militar No. 16, Cd. Pemex, Tabasco. Our army and our marines have been stationed at Fourteenth Naval Zone (ZN-14) – Puerto Chiapas, Chiapas along with our Pacific Naval Force (our infantry will begin training in amphibious warfare). A recruiting campaign has been initiated, and its success rate is around thirty percent. We are considering of activating some of our reserves. [Secret] We offer to assist Brazil. We ask if we can deploy two brigades of marines, all volunteers, on Brazilian soil to help [End Secret] [Mod, Peru-Bolivian Empire, Canadian, U.S., Australian, and Latin American allies responses needed]
    • Mod Response: The Peru-Bolivian Empire ignores your threats completely, and continues invading Ecuador. The Latin American allies begin mobilising their forces, and Brazil and Argentina welcome the support.
  • Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia: The government forms the Grootfontein Aerospace Company as a government-owned arms manufacturing company. Initially it focuses on construction of MiG-29Ms, which are called GAC F-1s, and supporting system for our equipment, as well as research. We offer to sell Mexico 20 MiG-29Ms over two years for $440 million (the cost of 20 MiG-29Cs). [Player Response Needed]. Other private arms companies have also been set up by enterprising members of the population, a prominent one being Silverlight, based in Walvis Bay, which produces AK-74s in all but name, being called SR-01, with minor alterations to evade copyright laws. [Secret] The government gives $1 billion each to Bosnia & Herzegovina, Finland, and Thailand to support them in the war. We also tell the Pacific Confederation that we will secretly support them if Canada invades them. [End Secret] Our fusion plant opens in the beginning of the year, and we shut down some older, less clean power plants. We also begin to demolish some dams because we don't need as many anymore, since we have an ample water supply. We cut all relations with Russia, citing security reasons, and with Canada, in the face of its imperialism, which hurts the economy a bit, but the main drop had already occurred with the civil wars in Russia and China. The government takes a subtly anti-PoS stand by cutting these relations. We condemn the Peru-Bolivian Empire's actions, mockingly saying, "Spain, the Incans are rising!"
    • Flag of Mexico-0 Mexican Diplomacy: We will be glad to purchase the fighter jets. Shipping and authorization should take two years due to the war. Since we currently lack enough MiG-29 training pilots to train twenty pilots in a short time, we ask Namibia if they will send advisers to help us train pilots for the aircraft.
      • Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia: We would be glad to send advisers to help Mexico.
      • Texas: We would be glad to help our Mexican brother.
  • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We send some data on our quantum computer development to Korea. We recall our Life Project personnel in South America, and decide to send them to North America instead. The city shields projects are finally completed, and set up over capital cities. They are capable of deflecting nuclear missiles, radiation, lasers and bullets. They also allow for controllable climates within the cities, while still allowing for sunlight to pass through. Funding is increased in quantum computer development. A rudimentary prototype for a functional quantum computer is created, documenting the first calculation done on more than 100,000 qubits. The prototype, known to the public as Alpine Quantum Information Control, or AQuatIC. Coincidentally, the machine is water cooled.
  • Flag of Romania Romania: We condemn all imperialism acts from Peru-Bolivian Empire and Pact of Steel. Prime Minister Vasile Petrescu didn't afraid to say, "What our previous president Bogdan Dalca has done is true. Pact of Steel is an evil organization. What they want is war, more lands!. Do they care about their civillians? We don't know, but I think they only care for lands, territory, and war. I also now think that Great Britain and Australia did is to bring back peace, I see that Anti-Pact of Steel alliance wants freedom, peace, and happiness, like our vision. But, they did that in the wrong way (war). We don't want to trigger you, Pact of Steel, but it is the fact. So can you stop that? I'm sure that nations which against you will stop this if you stop this madness. I want to ask, 'why did you invade their territory? Being enemy? No, that is common and stupid answer. Did they trigger you? Did they make you angry?' Ok, I think they can't answer this question apart from 'hungry for more territory'. We will stay out from the war and we will be still neutral." [Secret] We give diplomatic support, secretly to Great Britain and Australia and appreciate their work for keeping the peace. However, we tell them we won't support them by military as we will be neutral and we don't want to join the war. However, if you need, we will give you financial support. [End Secret]. We start to spread peace campaign, focusing on non-Imperialist and non-Communist nations in Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, and Africa, pressuring government to keep neutrality (to neutral nations) and ask the government for white peace and clear treaty, for civilians's safety and security (to nations in war, all of them anti-PoS alliance) (More information see my turn of United Peace Movement). We ask Italy, Spain, Greece, Bosnia, Finland, and Baltic States if we can evacuate your citizens here for their safety [Mod Response Needed]. We reopen our embassy in Ukraine, but we move it to Chisinau for security reason. We report that around 3.5 millions war refugees have immigrated to Romania, with most of them are Polish and Greek. It is expected to gain more, so we start to build settlements. Fearing of Turkish invasion, although we concern at them, we ask them for non-aggression pact [Mod Response Needed]. We start to open trade through Slovenian ports, however, we fear of German invasion of Italy affected our trading traffic in Adriatic Sea as we don't have any other routes to trading. We continue our mass development and construction of buildings in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest is slowly become like Paris pre-war, with many companies start to build its headquarters there. We start to build special area for shopping center and commercial center. Roads are also upgraded. We become one of country to run back any sports events after experienced with war (in its territory), with football (association football) league is rerun, along with other sports events. National Olympic Games is expected to be held next year, so we start to build many stadiums.
    • United Peace Movement: They start to expand, with establish branches in Zürich, Windhoek, and New York City. UPM start to influencing civillians to call governments for peace. They also start to post peace-propaganda through social media.
    • Mod Response: The aforementioned countries state that they will allow those citizens fleeing to go to Romania if they wish, but also state that they do not have the logistical capability to organize a full evacuation. Turkey does not reply to your request for a non-aggression pact.
  • Flag of Great Britain Great Britain: We ask the small nation Of the Faroe Islands if they would like to become a Constituent Country of Great Britain, as they have small land area, a small military and not in a strong position. The Faroe Islands will receive all rights that England, Scotland, Wales and Manx have (Mod Response Needed). We start to greatly improve infrastructure in Ta'izz, Aden and San'a, and in rural areas. We are outraged at the Turkish Invasion of Georgia & Armenia, and declare war on them. We attempt to create the Kingdom of Peloponnesus in the Peloponnese, by invading them and setting up a government there. They will be aligned with Great Britain (Mod Response Needed). We 50,000 troops from each major city and send 350,000 to invade Tbilisi, hoping to re-establish the Republic of Georgia [Currently Occupied by Turkey] (Mod Response Needed). WIP
    • Mod Response: The Faroe Islands accept but they need some Special Rights. The invasion and establishment of the Republic of Peloponnesus, aligned with Great Britain, is a success as it was unexpected because most of Greece was Defending against Ukraine.
    • Afghani Dip: We request British military equipment and advisors to help deter an Pact of Steel member, the Maratha. We promise the British that after the war they can keep their bases in the country. These equipment we request and training for is Anti Aircraft and Anti Tank.
  • 3rdfrenchempire French State: We withdraw 90% of our soldiers from Germany due to the looming threat of the rebellions attacking any possible French outposts or soldiers within Germany. We send 25% of the withdrawn soldiers to Greece, where we cooperate with other Pact of Steel members to launch a heavy invasion of Athens. [Player/Mod Response]. We send the rest of the withdrawn soldiers into Spain and Algeria, with the ones in Spain defending the Portuguese border with the Nationalists, and the Algerian divisions pushing into Algeria, hopefully, once again, breaking the stalemate. We would also like to sign a pact of non aggression with Britain. [Player Response]. We also toss 250,000 soldiers into Sicily, and 100,000 into Sardinia, with a hopeful invasion of both. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: Athens is currently fully besieged, with current battle is resulted in stalemate, with both side having heavy casualties. In Sardinia, French troops succesfully occupied part of the island, with Cagliari is under battle. However, Italian troops can hold French aggression on Sicily.
  • Flag of Afghanistan Emirate of Afghanistan: The Taliban seize power, securing all of the country. Many people expected them to pillage and murder. However, they allow other Mujahideen into the coalition government and an elected monarchy is formed, with a parliamentary system. Roads are being rebuilt, however most are dirt roads. The first firearm factories have opened up. The five year plan for industrialization begins.  Secret: Espionage begins on the Maratha Empire. Secret Dip to Britain: we request your aid in deterring the Maratha, who are in the fact of steel.
    • Ansar al Deen (spies for Afghanistan in Maratha): They backing from Afghanistan is secret, and the Ansar al Deen begins telling tales to Indian children about the glorius Islamic Mughals and the glory of Islam in India. They say the time is now to revive that day. They are mostly active inside Pakistan. They begin stockpiling firearms, mostly cheap ones like the Ak47, and no attacks are done yet, it is simply propaganda to win over the Muslim populace. Protests against Maratha are organized.
    • Sudden Change in plan: After negotiating with the Maratha, the Afghan Emir has turned his attention away from India and into the "Stans". Ansar al Deen is moved from Pakistan to Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, and Afghanistan plans to unite all of the Stan countries into a glorius Sultanate. He sees this plan as more realistic.
    • Dip to Maratha: While not wanting to fight side by side with the infidel, we request anti aircraft guns from Maratha, Anti Tank weapons, MCIWS rifles, and a highly upgraded version of your old T72 tanks. In return you shall get much opium.
    • Maratha Dip:e accept all demands and ask for a military alliance named 'The unholy alliance'.[Afghan response needed]. We also supply troops for your invasions
    • Afghan Dip: We agree. 
  • Flag of Japan Japan: we begin making nuclear wepons and small torpedoes.
    • You can't create nuclear weapons right from the start. Take a look at the rules on nuclear strikes and development. Small torpedoes are fine though.
  • 1232 United Korea: We continue control over the Philippines, as the situation seems to only get worse day by day. We launch an invasion upon the Federated States of Micronesia with 5000 troops and three of our naval ships, as to begin our influence throughout the Pacific [Mod Response Needed]. [Secret] With China not accepting our help, we further push for China to be split into regions, offering the rebels Korean military weapons [Mod Response Needed] [End Secret]. We continue our interrogation of the spy, and want to know where the specifically came from [Mod Response Needed]. We send five F-16 Fighting Falcon's to bombard all of the Philippines last island, and once that is finished, we will send 23,000 troops in there as an invasion to annex them completely [Mod Response Needed].
    • Mod Response: Micronesia is surprised with this invasion, and they immediately surrender to United Korea. In secret, the rebels accept Korea's offer for supporting them by weapons. War in Philippines continues, with Korea succesfully take smaller islands. However, Mindanao and Palawan are still under Philippine control, with many factions (Bangsamoro, Philippine Communist, etc.) join the war in Phillipine government's side.
    • 'Mod Response (pt.2)': The spy still refuses to give the information on where he came from, saying that he rather commit suicide then tell the Korean Government.


Mod Event: Turkish Empire still continues to push into Bulgaria, and asks for Pact of Steel members to simply allow their invasion and further annexation of Bulgaria. Georgia is able to defend against Turkish Empire, and announce their joining the Allies, while also declaring war on Turkish Empire. Saudi Arabia renames itself: The Arab Communist Republic, as they are now under a new government. Multiple coup d'etat's begin to occur within Russia, however, many remain unsuccessful, except for Siberian and Transcaucasian regions, establishing Dagestan, Ossetia, Chechnya, Kalmykia, Tuva, Krasnoyarsk, Yakutia, Primorsky, Kamchatka and Sakhalin, although small and not recognised by anyone but themselves. ASEAN begins to work out a peace treaty, to stop the conflict with Pact of Steel members Vietnam, Maratha Empire, and United Korea in Southeast Asia. Finland begins a full conflict with Russia, and for the moment, are very successful in their offense and defense, taking Karelia and Murmansk and creating the Republic of Karelia. Greenland, after not being an active member of the Allies, announce their creation of a nuclear warhead. Mongolia begins a large offensive in China, to claim land. Peru-Bolivian Empire are able to occupy most of Ecuador, and begin an invasion of Paraguay.

  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: Our offensive continues in Greece, attempting to secure the entire Eastern Macedonia and Thrace region by sending in 345,982 soldiers, 32 tanks, 15 mobile artillery machines, 27 attack helicopters, and 17 attack jets; with sending them in, we begin mostly attacking the eastern and western edges so that we can invade from both sides and close them in, plus having an advantage since the region's capital of Komotini is already under our control [Mod Response needed]. Major unrest has begun around the country as pro-Communist protesters have constantly gathered in the capital demanding Communist reforms, along with President Kyrylenko's approval ratings in the low 20's with 2036 being only his second year. Many people in the Rada are beginning to talk about removing Kyrylenko from office or demanding resignation for the complete ignorance of keeping us in the war. A poll has shown that the Communist Party has recently been having high approval ratings and many think that Kyrylenko is in danger of losing to his former opponent Bohdan Hrytsenko in the 2040 presidential election. In the city of Kharkiv, a terrorist bomb detonates at the massive railway station causing the deaths of almost 2800 people and the injury of another 578 people; the person of interest has been caught by Ukrainian police and is currently in questioning. Many fear that this attack might be the beginning of the collapse of Ukraine as we know it. The Foreign Ministry announces the support of the Chinese Republic as is, and many in the Rada are considering joining the civil war on their side against the rebels, along with supporting a democratic coup d'état in Russia that would result in their best interest at heart. In better news, a recent survey of the nation has shown a general increase of the population and is estimated to reach 53.7 million people by 2040. Along with the population increase, our economy no longer seems to be increasing but is stabilized; many think because of the war the economy is taking a major hit.
    • Mod Response: The invasion is a complete success. Entire regions are captured due to the state of the Greek army.
    • Ukrainian Response: We are very thrilled with the capture of the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace region, we send about 174,890 soldiers back home while keeping the other 372,984 here to help secure the region. We begin setting up checkpoints across the region, along with doing raids to capture revalutionary activists so that they don't cause an uprising. Sooner enough, we begin an invasion to the Central Macedonia region along with sieging Alexandria with 308,900 soldiers, three tanks, and four jets to capture the major city as soon as possibile [Mod Response NEEDED] Meanwhile back home, the captured subject finaly admits to the terrorist bombing in Kharkiv, along with revealing that he is working for a new group called the "Ukrainian Revolutionary Organization" or URO for short. We are not worried at this time about the group.
    • Mod Response: The Greek regions fall and the remnants of the Hellenic Army begin collapsing into full retreat in the face of the combined Pact of Steel onslaught. Organized resistance has mostly ceased, with individual veteran units of the Hellenic Army holding out in isolated pockets against the Ukrainian Ground Forces, while the Hellenic Navy and Air Force have been practically annihilated. The largest obstacle to the Ukrainian advance is the lack of logistical means to quickly occupy so much territory. The occupation troops are also facing attacks from Greek partisans. Meanwhile, in northern Greece, a battalion from the 72nd Mechanized Brigade meets up with allied troops from the German Army's 27. Infanterie Division, and a propaganda photo of Ukrainian soldiers conversing with Germans circulates on the Internet. Some remaining Greek troops gather in Alexandria and Thessaloniki, making a last stand and forcing the Ukrainian forces into a fierce, Stalingrad-style close quarters house-to-house battle.
  • Flag of Mexico-0 Mexico: We are outraged at the Peru-Bolivian Empire. All diplomatic and economic ties with them have been cut. Our economists predict that the empire will run out oil in estimates ranging from seven months to two years depending on how much they use their military, but since they are at war with two large and powerful Latin American nations, it looks more on the seven month side. Our marines and soldiers that we stationed at Fourteenth Naval Zone (ZN-14) – Puerto Chiapas, Chiapas for amphibious training have nearly completed in their training for amphibious warfare. [Secret] We ask Colombia if we can use their military bases as forward operation bases in case of a likely war between us and the Peru-Bolivian Empire [End Secret] We call upon our Latin American allies to establish a "Latin American Coalition (Peru-Bolivian Empire excluded)." We are asking the United States, Canada, Australia, and Texas for support, citing the economic threat the Peru-Bolivian Empire presents, and in return, we will allow manufacturing jobs that were lost in China to be shipped here in Mexico, as it would benefit all of us economically and politically. We wish to apologize to Texas for our irrational fear we had of them, which resulted in us deploying our military at their border with artillery aimed right at them. In other news, Our MiG-29Ms arrived, and training for pilots has been initiated. [Mod, U.S., Canadian, Australian, Texas, Latin American allies, and [secret] Colombian [secret] response needed]
    • Australian response: We send 45,000 troops to help but it will be a moderate priority as the Pos is our main focus.
    • Mod Response: Colombia is inclined to agree due to its proximity to the Peru-Bolivian threat next door. The Latin American Coalition is formed.
  • Flag of Mozambique Mozambique: We support Russia in any cirumstances, and we will send 12,000 troops to help quell these rebellions of disloyal oblasts. (Secret) We recognize the Dagestani, Ossetian, Chechenyan, Tuvan and Yakutian Rebellions and begin sending financial and millitary aid. The 12,000 troops being sent to "quell the rebellions" will fight on the side of the rebels stated above, and we will consider an alliance if, and once these areas become independent. We have also completed a nuclear bomb. We are currently constructing another one. We have also finished the construction of four concentration camps in Niassa, Tete and Sofala provinces. We start "evacuating" the Zimbabweans, Malawians and Muslims to these oncentration camps, where they will be gassed in Auschwitz-style gas chambers. (End Secret) We have finshed the construction of the Zambezi Nuclear Power Plant, which will provide power to 12% of the nation, as well as the entire city of Beira. Due to the increasing murder and rape cases of citizens and tourists of Zimbabwean and Malawian descent (estimated as 13,000 dead) ,as well as the Muslim minority (estimated as 59,000 dead), King Enrique Kasanje has declared that this situation is a genocide, he imposes martial law and a strict curfew in all large cities, as well as the entirety of the Niassa, Cabo Delgado, Tete and Zambezia provinces, where the genocide is most prevalent. No one in the curfew zones is allowed to leave their houses from 10pm-6:30am. We also begin evacuating the targeted groups of people to special "safe zones" where they will be protected by the government. We also begin arresting anybody with ties to anyone who has murdered any person that is part of the targeted races. So far, 32,000 people have already been arrested. We also recruit more people, for a total and final army size of 355,000 troops.
    • Afghan Response: In response to the killings of Muslims, Ansar al Deen agents in Afghanistan set up a radio station, "Radio Jihad Afriqia" Though, they do not open up a branch in Mozambique, due to Afghanistan lacking the ability to fund operations so far away. The station encourages Islamic Mozambiquians to turn wage a Jihad.
  • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We continue the Life Project in North America, and send another team to Australia. We plan a revolutionary engineering project, as we have progressed significantly on maglev technology, and we will be rebuilding the roads within the nation to become magnetic, and promote maglev transportation. The roads will still be suitable for normal vehicles, but will be more efficient for those with maglev vehicles. The project is expected to complete in 2040 earliest. We begin experiencing the effects of global warming in the Alps, and get our scientists working on a way to revert temperatures to previous states. Infrastructure and services in Hungary and Slovenia begin to upgrade significantly, and skyscrapers are being built everywhere. We allocate large regions in our nation to be national parks and wildlife reserves. We begin removing pollution from the Danube River.
  • Flag of Great Britain Great Britain: We are excited for the new states in the areas of former Russia, and pass recognition of all the self declared states, becoming the First Nation to do so. We hope They would be interested in joining the allies, and we wish to cooperate with them (Mod Response Needed). We continue our push in Greece, and invade Crete with 20,000 troops (Secret) We are not invading them, just taking control of the island to help the eventual liberation of many nations across the earth, including Greece. We hope the Greek Government will cooperate with us (End Secret/Mod Response Needed). The Faroe Islands are fully integrated into Great Britain, becoming a Constituent Country of the Nation. We declare The Maratha Empire's annexation of Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar and Bangladesh illegal, with the President stating "I think we all know our history, so then we must know Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan and most of Bangladesh were never apart of the Maratha Confederacy. The invasions of these nations were illegal and will not be tolerated." We ask the Republic of China for an alliance, saying we would like to increase relations, stop the civil war and would be glad to help (Mod Response Needed).
    • Mod Response: Karelia, Transcaucasian states and Yakutia accept to join allies. The rest of new independent states in Siberia (except Yakutia) reject Britain's offer politely, saying that they want to be neutral. However, all nations will accept cooperation with the British. Invasion of Crete is quite success for British, with Chania and Rethymno are captured by British Army. China welcomes Britain's support, but they still refuse for alliance and saying that they may accept alliance with Great Britain in the future.
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: Our troops increase to 900,000 active and 350,000 reserve personnel, 200,000 troops are left to guard allied controlled Lisbon, We push 300,000 troops South of Portugal to try to recapture the southern half[Mod response needed]. We ask Argentina and Chile if we can send 50,000 troops each to their countries to help defend and set up military bases [mod response needed]. We declare martial law and our officials in Chile are moved back to Australia as the Korean threat is over. We support the life project and donate ten billion Australian dollars towards it.
    • Mod Response: Australian troops finally success to capture all of Faro District (Algarve), most of Beja District and part of Setúbal District. In respond of Australian aggression, Portugal pulls its 110,000 troops from Spain, and heavily building defense in Lisbon and Porto.
  • Emirate of Afghanistan: Around 250,000 Maratha troops are in the country per our alliance. Our troops are being trained in Anti Aircraft Warfare, Anti Tank weapons, and guerrilla warfare, using the best technology we can purchase. The Ansar al Deen opens up in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan. We work to repair our infrastructure. Roads are made, though many of dirt, especially the areas in the mountains. Communication lines are being worked on. Opium fields produce much revenue, and industries are being mobilized to their fullest extent. With Indian help, we set up a factory to produce MCIWS rifles, we also research advanced anti aircraft and anti tank weapons. (Secret): We produce our first chemical weapons, many of them being developed to fire from howitzers, others designed to fire from Scud missiles. With Indian help, we begin our tactical nuclear weapons program. A plot is begun to put the Al Saud family back into power. Dip to Saudi Royal Family in exile: We offer to coordinate and use Ansar al Deen to rightfully restore you're family to power. [mod response needed]
    • Ansar al Deen(Afghan Spies): They locals are taught about their people's contributions to Islamic history and how they can bring that back. Food is being given to the locals, to win over support. Also, Ansar al Deen members stock up on Ak47s, RPGs and grenades, but no attacks are done yet. The proposal is to create a central asian confederacy composing all of the Central Asian Countries. It would be led by an elected Supreme Leader, with each countries autonomous. Ansar al Deen opens up in Chechnya and former regions of Russia where Tatars are a majority. The Saudi Communist coup is condemned and the Ansar al Deen radio and Internet websites call for Saudis to being resistance, much like the resistance us Afghans fought against our Communist government and the Soviets. Unlike the Central Asian branches, Ansar al Deen in Saudi Arabia starts off with trying to get the elite on their side, who will raise armies to overthrow the current regime. Ansar al Deen is being funded by Opium trade, with most Iranians regarding it as an "Opium Cartel gone Takfiri" Ansar al Deen eyes towards Socialist Egypt as well, lacking the ability to set up a branch set, it sets up a radio station, "Free Misr Radio" encouraging Egyptians to turn to Wahhabism. Ansar al Deen will open up a chapter in Egypt in three years. Ansar al Deen also eyes Turkey, creating "Free Anatolia Radio," with the same plans as in Egypt.
    • Mod Response: The House of Saud agrees to this deal.
  • Flag of the German Empire German Empire: The German Imperial Government condemns the breakaway states that have seceded from Russia and announces that we recognize only the legitimate Russian Government, while the rest are nothing more than terrorist organizations. We withdraw our 600,000 troops from Spain, leaving it to the Portuguese and the French, and send them on a massive invasion of Finland and the Baltic states. Given the small sizes and low tech of their armies it is expected that they will fall quickly. [Mod Response] Meanwhile in the Kaiserreich itself, the uprisings caught the German government off-guard and now the 2.9 million soldiers stationed in Greater Germany are used to put down the rebellions. Troops are deployed to besiege the towns that the republican rebels took over, and also sent to those territories where the nationalist groups managed to take over. We tell the troops to be careful to minimize civilian casualties and expect that they will easily overpower the numerically inferior and untrained rebels. [Mod Response] Meanwhile, our 700,000 men in Italy push further south, while in the Balkans, we have 200,000 troops invading Bosnia, another 200,000 pushing into central Greece, and 400,000 launching an offensive through southern Bulgaria against the invading Turks. The Luftwaffe carries out a bombing campaign of cities and bases in Turkey while the Navy blockades its ports, preventing all shipment in and out of Turkey on the Mediterranean. [Mod Response] The German government is taking great measures to ensure the economy continues to function normally and that goods continue to be supplied to the troops and the civilian populace.
    • Flag of Germany Free Republic of Germany: A new regime is proclaimed in Munich, which the rebels took over, one that is democratic and is currently led by an Interim President until the conditions for an election can be held. However, it has little authority outside of Munich and not all rebels are even aware of its existence. The remaining 800,000 insurgents -- the rest had fled or had been killed -- continue to fight an increasingly difficult battle against the German Imperial Army.
    • Mod Response: Finland and Baltic States, although they don't have as advanced technology as German Empire, have been preparing for this since the invasion of Denmark and Sweden. Finland is able to easily defend against the German Empire, while the Baltic States lose more casualties and lose main control over parts of their states, but still have superiority over their states. The troops are able to diminish most of the rebels, however, some small rebellions still occur. Bosnia, like Finland and the Baltic States, have been preparing for this, but nonetheless lose control over most of Republika Srpska. Most of central Greece is taken, however, multiple rebellions occur within German-occupied regions of Greece. The Turkish Empire have been waiting for the German Empire's arrival, and have prepared themselves heavily. They are able to defend against Germany, however, lose multiple cities they have currently captured, but begin bomb runs of those locations quickly after retreating. Turkish Empire, expecting German Empire to block their navy ports (Patterns), are able to stop their shipping in and out of Turkish Empire, and begin the process of self-sufficiency so that they are able to survive without trade.
  • Flag of Japan Japan: we build submarines to sink war ships if they get close they are disnghed to sink Korean war ships and we work on an emergency routine to hold protest we cant choose who spy [Mod Reponse] and we ask Germany to make some bullets [Germany response]
    • German Diplomacy: The German embassy in Tokyo tells the Japanese that we are allies with Korea and that Japan has to join the Pact of Steel if it wants our assistance. That would mean becoming an ally of Korea.
  • Flag of Romania Romania: Romanian government decreases its activity for peace campaign, and give it all to United Peace Movement. We start to focusing on building ourselves in economy. Skyscrapers are built in Timişoara, Craiova, and Braşov, along with flyovers, metro systems, monorail systems, and canals inside and around the city. We plan to build inner city motorways in Cluj-Napoca (A18) and Timişoara (A20), for A18, it is also proposed to be connected with Cluj International Airport. A Romanian automobile manufacturer, whuch is established in 2034, Drăgan, start to producing new car with alternative non-fosil energy, Romanian government begins to co-operate with Drăgan. We are interested in Alpine maglev vehicles with invest and join the project [Player Response Needed]. We begin space program, we plan to launch our second satelite Goliat II after our spaceport in Constanţa County is being built, as we begin construction of that spaceport. We will hold election next year. With high approval rating, Vasile Petrescu (Union Democratic Party) is expected to win next election.
    • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We welcome Romania into this massive engineering project and hope that it will spark a new industrial revolution, since the age of fossil fuels is coming to a stop.



Mod Event: The Arab Communist Republic begins to expand its influence across the Arabian Peninsula. Mongolia gains a lot of territory in its conflict over the year, and now establishes the Neo Mongolian Khanate. Russia begins to fall apart, as the Siberian and Transcaucasian rebels gain ground in the biggest revolution since 1917. ASEAN wishes to come to a compromise in Southeast Asia, and offers peace to Pact of Steel members militarily present in the area. Oil and coal are being used up at a much faster rate thanks to the war, and supplies are starting to slowly drop. The Peru-Bolivian Empire have almost completely invaded Paraguay, and looking towards Colombian invasion next. Several rebel states in Transcaucasia join the Allies, mostly due to concerns over Turkish invasion, as does Armenia and Azerbaijan. There is a coup in Nigeria, establishing an imperialistic state, set to join the Pact of Steel. Finnish advancement begins to slow in the North, but not before the invasion and establishment of the state of Petrograd, with St. Petersburg as the capital.

  • Flag of Brazil Brazil: We condemn the invasions of the Peru-Bolivian Empire and say if you continue the invasions for any longer we'll invade you. In this time of crisis where the entire sovereignty of Latin America is at stake, we ask all the remaining countries to join us in this quest for bringing down the Imperialist nation .[Mod Response Needed]. Our president has said in a press conference, "Dear citizens of Latin America, I am ashamed to say that the imperialist bastards have declared war on us. We need to unite to bring down a dangerous enemy. If we are united we will accomplish anything, this is to you my Latin American friends." We request Falkland Islands from GB and in return we'll join your alliance against the rogue PoS [GB response needed]. We condemn all the nations that are in PoS saying that you're all imperialist idiots who want land. Our entry into the allies will mean an advantage in the war, beware. We also want alliances with Romania, Alpine Federation, Pacific Confederation, ASEAN Countries, and Australia.[Mod/Player response needed].
    • Romanian Diplomacy: We politely decline your offer for alliance, as we are neutral nation.
    • Australian Diplomacy: We agree to the alliance due to the power of the pact of steel and Peru-Bolivian empire.
    • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We respectfully decline, stating we are permanently neutral.
    • Mod Response: Chile, Uruguay, Guyana and Suriname join the Latin American Coalition. The nations of ASEAN accept the offer for alliance, and guarantee support in the conflict against the Peru-Bolivian Empire.
    • Flag of Mexico-0 Mexico: While we were not requested, we are one of the nations that helped form the Latin American Coalition. We will help you to the best of our abilities. There are already two brigades of Mexican marines already on Brazilian soil helping.
    • Pacif confed. Dip: we accsept, and formally declare war on canada due to the occupation of Seattle.
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: With more people conscripting every year we start advanced training courses in Melbourne and Sydney towards the top students of the classes there. Many air force bases such as Pierce in Perth are increased in size for more planes. We invade Lisbon with 300,000 troops and the VS-Melbourne while 435,000 troops with the VS-Stirling and 16 bomber planes push North of Portugal to capture any remaining cities if all this succeeds we should have control of all of Portugal[mod response needed]. We warn Colombia of the Peru-Bolivian empire preparing to attack them next and offer to send the VS-Endeavour and 20,000 troops for support[mod response needed]. We begin to construct two new Valkyries.
    • Mod Response: Portugal has expanded significantly into Iberia since your last invasion. The invasion force doesn't gain much ground, and remaining ground troops are repelled by a Portugese offensive against taken territory. Colombia accepts the offer and prepares a landing sector for the Valkyrie.
  • Flag of JapanJapan: we become allies with Korea and propose an act that Korean and Japanese troops cant enter each other's countries and then we join the Pact of Steel [Germany Response]. we then stay away from any other contries, but spies on Australia.
    • German Diplomacy: We accept Japan's request to join the Pact, but we will leave you to work out the details with Korea with its government.
  • Flag of MozambiqueMozambique: We continue cracking down on people involved in the genocide, with 600,000 people suspected to be involved in the genocide being temporarily detained in detention camps. We also pass a new law that will allow us to wiretap every single phone and electronic device in the entire country, scouring for links to the genocide. There have been huge protests in the northern provinces, with one protest in Nampala almost escalating into a riot, with the 45,000-odd protestors shouting "DOWN WITH THE KING" and "LONG LIVE DEMOCRACY" and throwing stones at local police. Other protests call for a nationalist Mozambique, others advocate fascism, still others endorse communism. Even more problems ensue, as Zimbabweans, Malawians and Muslims are murdering Catholic Mozambicans for "revenge", and King Enrique has avoided five assassination attempts already. The King declares a State of Emergency, and sends the entire army to patrol all areas of the country and stop the chaos. (Secret) We tell the army to torture the detained, as well as murder anybody with ties to either side of the genocide. (End Secret)
  • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We continue the newly named Maglev Integration Projects. Roads in Liechtenstein are almost completely repaved. Major cities across the nation have Maglev roads, and Maglev vehicles are being sold. The new Maglev cars have been proven to be extremely efficient, and road accidents have been cut down by 30% since the introduction of the Maglev Integration Projects. We begin to become less reliant on fossil fuels. We begin a space program, with a launchpad ten kilometers from Innsbruck. It is formally known as the ALPine aeronautic and astropHysics Administration, or ALPHA. We begin developing the technology for lunar mining.
    • Secret Afghan plans: Taking advantage towards the Alpine confederation's neutrality in the war, and the fact that Islam is the fastest growing Religion in the European Alpine nations, Ansar al Deen's head in Afghanistan links with several Wahhabis in the Alpine Confederation via internet and forms a chapter. Ansar al Deen has just gotten its first European Chapter, and intends to expand across Europe.
  • 1232 United Korea: We decide that we will pull ourselves out of World War III completely, which is why our nation had been very quiet last year. We would still like to be a member of the Pact of Steel, but for trading instead of military [Player/Mod Response Needed]. Before we fully pull out of World War III, we will continue to take the Philippines and Papua New Guinea, as they remain our last large conquest. We send our entire air force of 30 F-16 Fighting Falcon's to bombard all of the remaining hold outs of the Philippines and Papua New Guinea, and then 40,000 troops will arrive via our navy to eliminate remaining troops and to overthrow the government, effectively putting Papua New Guinea's and Philippines under our control [Mod Response Needed]. We finally finish our Valkyrie, entitled VS-Moonlight. We begin construction of another one, which is scheduled to be finished in 2045. Its working title is "Rising Sun". Although we will leave World War III after our conquest of Philippines and Papua New Guinea, we still will hold a very large military presence within the Korean Peninsula and our current occupation of the countries of whom we have control over. Currently, 324,000 troops are being moved to our occupied zones of Philippines and Papua New Guinea, with around 400,000 troops staying within the Korean Peninsula itself. With the British Commonwealth having ended a few years ago, we send 12,000 troops to invade and annex the main islands of Samoa, not American Samoa [Mod Response Needed]. Due to the continuation of World War III and Korea's involvement in it, the scheduled election will take place next year, with the Worker's Party having a 23% approval rating and the Democratic Party having 77%
    • Mod Response: The Philippines and Papua New Guinea, already weakened, quickly fall, with their governments signing a capitulation while some isolated bands of soldiers and armed citizens continue to fight.
    • German Diplomacy: The German ambassador in Seoul demands to know why Korea is pulling out of the war. Although, secretly, the German General Staff acknowledges that it does not mean much to Germany due to the Koreans not being involved in the war in Europe.
    • Korean Diplomacy: The unfavorable view towards the Worker's Party of United Korea has brought fear that the party will dissolve upon its possible loss in the upcoming elections. However, depending on how the elections go will decide our fate in World War III.
  • Afghanistan1919 Afghanistan: Roads are built to connect the many cities in villages and mountains, though many of these are dirt roads. Military Industrial Complexes open up with Marathan help, produces MCIWS rifles and Anti aircraft rockets and Anti tank weapons. The five year plan for industrialization continues. Military is increased to 250,000 standing, and 300,000 reserves, plus 150,000 militia.  The democratically elected Emir continues his funding of the Ansar al Deen insurgent group.
    • Ansar al Deen (Afghan spies): The Tajik branch organizes a peaceful protest in Dushanbe. All across Central Asia, the Ansar al Deen members stockpile on arms. Protests occur in Turkmenistan. A protest is done in Tashkent. No violent attacks occur yet. However, not much is done with the Kazakhstan branch. Meanwhile in Saudi Arabia, Ansar al Deen has contacted the members of the Al Saud family and beings their plan to restore the Al Saud family to power. They quickly begin stockpiling rockets and assault rifles, no attacks are done yet. A peaceful protest is done in Ridyadh. Opium is pouring money into this group. Radio "Free Afriqia", "Free Misr", and "Free Anatolia" continue operation.
  • Flag of Mexico-0 Mexico: We have had enough of the Peru-Bolivian Empire. With our military ready, we declare war on the Peru-Bolivian Empire. We call upon the Latin American coalition to follow suit. We ask if the U.S., Canada, and Texas will assist us, citing the economic threat the Peru-Bolivian Empire presents. We immediately raise our DEFCON level to DEFCON 3. War factories have been opened in almost every major city, with our shipyards being put into full swing. Recruiting campaigns have been initiated with their success rate reaching up to forty percent. As of right now, we have 375,000 active personnel in our army with 100,000 in active reserves. Our military has been deployed in Colombia to serve alongside the Colombian military. With the Colombian military, we have begun a massive artillery and aerial bombardment of the Peruvian cities/towns of Flor de Agosto and Caballococha, with Colombian river barges being built and deployed on the Amazon and Putumayo Rivers to transport infantry across to occupy the towns. [Mod Response needed: Are the artillery and aerial bombardments successful] (Secret: We also deploy our military that at the Colombian towns/cities of Ipiales and San Miguel to prepare for a Mexican-Colombian joint operation to liberate Ecuador, while all of that is going on, we prepare our amphibious force (a corps) for an amphibious invasion of Callao, Peru-Bolivia. We ask Australia, if the 45,000 troops they sent to help will help us in the planned amphibious invasion. We ask Brazil and Chile if they will assist us with the naval operations in the amphibious invasion, with Brazil to use their aircraft carrier to provide air support. in the amphibious invasion. End Secret) [Mod, Latin American Coalition, United States, Canada, Texas (Secret: Australian, Chilean, and Brazilian) response needed]
    • Mod Response: The bombardments are a success, destroying strategic points in the cities. Brazil and Chile agree to assist in the invasion, and secretly deploy their troops while distracting Peru-Bolivia with a small offensive in the southeast.
  • Flag of Canada Canada: Seeing that we are imperialist we do not want to declare war on the peru-bolivian empire. But we will declare war on them when we are done with the pacific confederation. We send four million troops, One million CWD-02's across the border into the pacific confederation, and try to take seattle. and we bring our pacific naval fleet in and the pontoon to bomb cities. We also drop EMP's into major pac confed cities to kill the power and lower morale. across the border into the pacific confederation, and try to take seattle. [Mod response needed] (mr. mod, this better be me taking seattle, i got four million troops and one million war drones and emps and missiles everywhere. and ryan cant attack me because they arent protectorates anymore :D) In other news, we continue our nuclear bomb making, set an immigration limit at four million a year, and release the CWD-03. It has two rocket launchers, a minigun, targeting systems, and can suicide when critically damaged. Our population reaches 70 million. We are 25% done working on our top secret project. The calgary tower finishes. We refuse to export oil to any PoS enemies, and make neutrals pay more for oil.
    • Mod Response: Seattle is quickly taken, due to there not being a lot of military presence within the area.
  • Flag of the German Empire German Empire: With the rebellion in the fatherland quieting down, we continue our operations but also crack down on the remaining rebels. Due to the war and the rebellion, the 2035 federal elections have been postponed by the Emperor, and will occur at some later date. We work to restore the economy and logistics to keep everything running smoothly on the home front. Meanwhile, our 700,000 troops continue to push into Italy. Our 400,000 men in Bulgaria advance further south and attack the Turkish forces, while the Luftwaffe bombs their positions. The German Navy assaults the Turkish coastal cities, including Izmir, to cause as much destruction and confusion as possible. Meanwhile we demand that the government of Greece surrenders, as their military has been practically destroyed and they have little land left. Our 200,000 troops continue to invade Bosnia as well. Our 600,000 troops continue to invade the Baltics and Finland, concentrating especially on the latter, attacking the country from all sides. We also intervene in Russia, sending 450,000 troops from the homeland into central Russia to support the current Russian government, and invade Transcaucasia. Meanwhile, the German military launches a force of transports and escorts, as well as air transports from the Luftwaffe, that move troops to North Africa. We land about 380,000 troops in Libya-Tunisia for an invasion, with most of the landings happening in Tripoli, Sirte, Benghazi, and Tunis. [Mod Response]
    • Flag of Germany Free Republic of Germany: The rebels are now down to an estimated 400,000 supporters and fighters, while the nationalist groups are down to 250,000 throughout the German occupied territories. We continue to hold out in the cities we have control over, although the republican government was forced to evacuate Munich as the city was completely retaken by the imperial government.
    • Mod Response: Finland begins to lose slightly, but the increase of civilians whom want to join the military increases in Finland, and soon another stalemate occurs. The Baltic State Lithuania falls due to German and Russian conjoined forces fighting and deteriorating Lithuania's military. Latvia and Estonia begin to conscript as many women and men they are able to to defend against Germany. Georgia is able to defend against the German forces successfully. Armenia and Azerbaijan join the Anti-Germany Coalition. The Russian government thanks Germany, however, they warn Germany that "although Russia might seem to be winning the fight, it had been finished before it started". Libya-Tunisia, having prepared their military very strongly, are able to primarily stop the German Empire's forces, but lose Tripoli. Bulgaria is successfully defend, with the Turkish Empire losing main control over Bulgaria. The destruction of various ports around the Turkish Empire seem to not bother them very much, however, they declare war on the German Empire, but do not side with the Anti-Germany Coalition.
  • Flag of Romania Romania: We hold election, Union Democratic Party wins the election by 67% votes. We continue build infrastructure, and now focusing on rural area. We start construction of A18 in Cluj-Napoca, and it is expected to be completed in 2039. We start to build maglev roads in Bucharest (P1), and our automobile manufacturer, Drăgan starts to produce Maglev cars, and cars will be sold in next year, as the road is completed. We ask Alpine Confederation if we can jointly build Maglev roads to connect two nations from Debrecen to Cluj-Napoca [Player Response Needed]. We continue our space program, and speed construction of space port up, we hope the spaceport can be used next year. We also start to make project for building rocket, and plan to send man to the moon, making it will be first Romanian man to reach the moon. We also continue recruitment for astronasut, and continue to train them. Meanwhile in military, there are no significant changes, but we start to upgrade its technology. We tell all schools to oblige student to implement literacy program by reading books every day, especially sciences books. With this program, we hope our literacy rate increased.
    • United Peace Movement: We continue peace campaign, and hold peaceful demonstrations in London, Los Angeles, New York City, Sydney, Seoul, Toronto, and Berlin, they demand for peace. Estimated, we have 4.7 million members and it continues increasing. We also establish new branches in London, Rio de Janeiro, Chicago, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Kinshasa, Accra, Dakar, Tokyo, Sydney, Jakarta, and Dubai.
    • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We agree to the proposal.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: While travelling to the Verkhovna Rada for a conference on Communist Activism in the country, President Kyrylenko is shot multiple times by a woman who jumped out of the crowd and began firing at random in his direction. Both him and his Prime Minister were shot and are both taken to the local hospital.
    Український бунт (Ukraine riots compilation)

    Український бунт (Ukraine riots compilation)

    Riots across Kiev after the shooting of President Kyrylenko and his Prime Minister

    About two hours later, both President Kyrylenko and his Prime Minister are declared dead from multiple gunshot wounds. The woman who had been almost torn apart by bystanders at the scene declares that she works for the terrorist organization "Ukrainian Communist Movement", in which their supporters later back up this fact. The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada (Vlad Basara) becomes the acting-president and is hidden in the Verkhovna Rada building until it is safe. Still chaos erupts in Kiev, as many rise up in rebellion against the government in favor of the communists, along with not knowing where the acting president. Almost 375,800 people gather in downtown Kiev in protests and rebellion, and soon the city is in 
    Violent video Ukraine rioters brutally beat police, storm local admin building-0

    Violent video Ukraine rioters brutally beat police, storm local admin building-0

    Ukrainian rioters invade the Verkhovna Rada.

    chaos. Almost 75,760 people invade the Verkhovna Rada and it is reported that the Acting President is Missing in Action, and the building is soon set ablaze. The Presidential Residence is also burned to the ground by protesters. Police and military forces try their best to control the situation but with no leader, they are no beginning to turn against each other. Many think that the military is planning on taking over the government, but so far nothing but destruction.
    • German Diplomacy: The German ambassador in Kiev condemns this violent coup and asks Berlin for protection. The Imperial Government decides that with Russia and Ukraine, our principle allies in Eastern Europe, both collapsing it is a good time to implement the Mitteleuropa plan from the Foreign Office's Colonial Department. As part of this, we withdraw 300,000 troops from Italy and transport them into Ukraine, ostensibly to restore order and return power to the legitimate Ukrainian authorities, as well as to crush the communists. We also begin withdrawing out 200,000 from Greece and sending them back to the Fatherland, as well as our remaining forces in Italy, believing that the Italian royalists can hold their territory on their own due to the Italian government's weakened state. These might also be sent into Russia, Ukraine, Finland and the Baltics.
    • Pacific Federation: We implement a new federal government, replacing our confederation. As well, Aegir to harras the Canadian fleets.
  • Flag of the United StatesUnited States of America: We pledge allegiance to The Allies, and begin a revitalization of War Plan Crimson, a part of War Plan Red. We start with aerial bombardment of major Canadian Cities, as most of their major cities and even capital. We say that we will leave the war only with a concession of British Columbia, Alaska, Maine, Yukon, and The Maritimes. [Canada Response Needed] We begin a naval Blockade of Halifax to stop major shipments to Canada.
  • 3rdfrenchempire French State: Conscription begins en masse. We now have over 18 million soldiers. We push more into Algeria and help out the Spanish Nationalists and Italian Royalists. Our old space program is restarted, with 155 billion USD in funding each year, with plans to establish a Lunar mining base. The military has nearly 780 billion USD for funding each year, and railguns have been completely researched, with them being produced en masse, like our conscriptions at least 30% of our soldiers have them.


Mod Event: In an unprecedented move, Libya-Tunisia and Algeria begin a massive invasion into Northern Italy to push back the Royalists. Supported by Italy, they liberate Tuscany. Russia loses large portions of land in Siberia to Krasnoyarsk, Yakutia, Tuva, Kamchatka and Primorsky, as well as the Neo Mongolian Khanate. Kazakhstan is next on the list of Neo Mongolia's Christmas presents, and forces are already being moved over to the border. Tuva is promised some land in Kazakhstan as well. Nigeria was beginning to invade Western Africa, but it descended into civil war which is won by a fascist movement. A communist coup in Jordan and Iraq, orchestrated by the Arab Communist Republic results in the formation of the Jordanian Arab Communist Republic and the Iraqi Arab Communist Republic, better known as the JACR and IACR. The Arab Communist Republic begins spreading communist propaganda to Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait. Finland and Karelia begin a liberation of Scandinavia, while Petrograd holds off the invading Russians and Germans. Tripoli is retaken by Libya-Tunisia after a long offensive involving desert tactics and rat bombs. Sea levels rise two inches.

  • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We begin reformations of the education system to include new views on environmental sciences and magnetism, as well as promoting rational thinking and tolerance. We begin to be more tolerant religiously and racially. We have now repaved 50% of the nation's roads, and see an increase in Maglev vehicle sales. We have reached our quota for the Life Project in North America and South America, and seeing eventual peace in Asia, we begin collecting data from Asia. We launch two weather satellites into orbit, and ask to work with Romania to establish a lunar mining post. [Romanian Response Needed]
    • Romanian Diplomacy: We accept.
  • Flag of Romania Romania: We continue our project on economy and infrastructure. Our GDP per capita is $34,300, ranked 7th in Europe, behind Alpine Confederation, Great Britain, Iceland, German Empire, France, Russia. It is expected to overtake Russia and France, if the war continues. We start to build high security in Ukrainian-Romanian border, as effect from Communist riots. Iaşi is heavily secured with 12,000 troops and 35,000 police personnels secure the city. We report that many Ukrainian citizens (mostly Moldovans and Romanians) immigrate to our nation, then we state that we will accept any immigrants, especially our lost family (Romanians) and our brother (Moldovans). ±500,000 Ukrainian immigrants are coming to Romania this year. In react of Communist riots in Kiev and assasination of President and Prime Minister of Ukraine, Vasile Petrescu condemns this, saying that "What happened in Ukraine is unacceptable and totally against peace." We start to build military, with 15,000 people are recruited into Armed Forces. We also continue do research on military technology. Military factories are built, and start producing tanks, artillery, and aircrafts. We also continue focusing on economy and infrastructure, construction of Maglev roads in Bucharest (P1) are finished with length of 7.8 km. A19 is still under construction, with progress of 55%, meanwhile we start constructions of A21. We start construction of maglev roads to connect Debrecen and Cluj Napoca (N1), Cluj-Napoca (P3), and more routes in Bucharest (P2, P4). Dragăn starts to sold Maglev vehicles, and usage of Maglev vehicle is proved efficient. Construction of space port is finished, and we start to use the space port with launch our second satelites, Goliat II. We continue building rocket and start to select astronauts and train them.
  • Japan: We now will commence Operation Fugu [Korea Response] on a second note some assains will be in Austrlia we will also test the torpedoes [Mod Response].
States of the German Empire

States of Germany proper

  • Flag of the German Empire German Empire: In response to the recent collapse of Russia and Ukraine, we send about 400,000 troops into Russia and 300,000 to Ukraine to restore order. Our main goal is to give power back to the pro-German governments, but if that fails, then German troops are to occupy those areas. With our intervention in Italy, Spain, and Greece over, we also pull our remaining 200,000 troops from Bosnia. As a result, the 400,000 German troops in Bulgaria are currently the only German forces in the Balkans, and they are on an offensive against the Turks in Bulgaria. The German Imperial armed forces have 1.1 million soldiers deployed outside of Germany currently. The German Emperor states in a speech that we will be willing to sign peace agreements with the Allies and end the war in exchange for the recognition of Germany's territorial acquisitions. [Player Response] We continue to integrate the conquered territories, particularly Czechia and Poland, making German the official language. We begin fixing and upgrading infrastructure in our cities, particularly those damaged during the recent domestic rebellions. The Imperial Chancellor, Beatrix von Storch, announces her intention to step down as soon as the war is over and a federal election can be held (originally it was supposed to happen in 2035). We begin reorganizing our administrative divisions to include the conquered territories as well. The Kingdom of Norway, Kingdom of Denmark, and Kingdom of Sweden are made states of the German Empire, like Prussia, Bavaria, and Wurttemburg. Luxembourg is Grand Duchy, while the Netherlands and Belgium are upgraded to kingdom status. Polish lands become part of the Kingdom of Prussia while Czechia becomes an Imperial Territory. We encourage German families to have more children and say that those who have five or more will be exempt from paying most taxes.
    • Flag of Germany German Democrats: The failure of the uprising and the fall of the self-proclaimed republican government in Munich has caused the movement to go back underground. Greatly weakened, the resistance groups are down to an estimated 200,000 members throughout Germany, while exact figures on nationalists is unknown.
    • Mod Response: Italian Republicans, Spain, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Latvia, and Estonia agree to sign peace agreements with Germany, saying that they are tired of the war. However, we still need responses from Great Britain and Australia [Players Response Needed].
    • United Peace Movement's Response: We are very happy after German Empire announced for peace talks. Members of UPM celebrates this, with "#VictoryforPeace" becomes worldwide trending topic.
    • Ukrainian Response: With our civil war ongoing, both the Communists and the Armed Forces decide on one representative team for both factions to represent Ukraine at the peace conference and ask that the territory gained in Romania, and Moldova be awarded to the former Ukrainian Government and when the Civil War is over it will be merged with the victor.
  • Australian response: We agree to the peace movement.
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: After hearing about the Lisbon Counterattack we leave 100,000 troops with the Spanish to try to defend the southern line and push 400,000 troops and 20 tanks to Madrid and Barcelona[mod response needed] (secret) We begin designing Chemical weapons just in ,ase things get out of hand and the Portuguese become to strong for us(end secret) We begin working on upgrades for the Valkyrie such as shielding technology which would be finished by 2043.
    • Mod Response: Australian advances are not significant as Portuguese air raids and strategic defenses repel the invasion to Madrid and Barcelona. However on the Spanish front, more significant advancements are made.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: With the complete chaos and destruction, Kiev falls into total anarchy. It was reported that during the civilian invasion of the Verkhovna Rada, the Acting President and many members of the Rada were pulled out of the building and killed. Now with no direction from the capital, the country begins to fall apart with rebellions being reported from across the land. Pro-Russians separatists begin taking territory

    Territory over Ukraine

    once more, demanding independence, Communist revolutionaries in major cities across the country, mostly in the southern countryside, and what is left of the Ukrainian military in the west attempting to take back control of the country. At this time, no current form of government controls the country and is a major fight for power; along with the Communist revolutionaries having an upper hand with over 6.7 million people support system.
    • CommunistUkraineFlag Ukrainian Communists: We are not sorry for the shooting of Ukraine's President and Prime Minister as they were useless and did absolutely nothing to help the people of the country...only themselves. We will help the people, we will not leave anybody behind, a Communist Ukraine will be fair and democratic. We begin rallying our supporters from across the country (mostly in big cities), and tell them to rise up and take major cities by force; we tell them to begin attacking Vylkove, Odesa, Kherson, Mykolayiv, Voznesens'k, Uman, Kirovohrad, Vinnytsya, Nikopol [Mod Response needed]. We can already tell that the region of Moldova will be the most heaviest of battle between the military and us. Still, we tell our supporters to rise up in Chişinău, Tiraspol, and Bălţi in the Moldova territory [Mod Response needed]. Unbenounst to the world, we have been secretly supplying our supporters with weapons to help fight against the government. We also do continues raids across captured territory to find weapons and spies from other factions.
    • MilitaryFlagofUkraine Ukrainian Military: With the collapse of the government and the total anarchy of the country, we decide to take control of the country and stabilize it...ourselves. We have lost many of our weapons to the Communists, so we use whatever weapons that we have to secure land in the west first, by attempting to take the cities of Ratne, Rivne, L'viv, Stryy, Khust, Ternopil, Volodymyr-Volyns'kyy, Ivano-Frankivs'k, Chernivtsi, and Vinnytsya [Mod Response needed]
    • UkrainianSeparatistsFlag Ukrainian Separatists: With the collapse, we take this opportunity to rise up and take our independence back! We begin to rise up and attempt to take the entire Donbass region and major cities inside the region [Mod Response needed].
    • Mod Response: The Ukrainian communists succeed in their uprisings in most places except for Kirovohrad, Vinnytsya, and Vylkove. The armed forces succeed in stabilizing most of its cities as well. Also some towns in former Romanian territory are taken over by Romanian nationalists, those who were citizens of Romania or Moldova before Ukraine captured that land. They are in favor of reuniting with Romania. However, they are not very many of them.
  • Flag of CanadaCanada: We are sad that our best ally, the US, has decided to invade us. However, we will not cede them the territories, seeing that their demands are far too great. But, we will give them the bottom half of maine, and the top right quarter of alaska as a peace offering. [U.S. Response needed] We are thinking of pulling out of the war, but we will still supply resources to the PoS. We are still working on our population. Seeing that we have captured the capital of the Pacific Confederation, we tell their leaders that we only want the west half of Washington State. As another peace offering, we also state in the treaty that oregon will be ceded back to the US. We also tell the U.S. that if they still want to fight, and want absolute war, we will stop shipping oil to them and get all the other OPEC nations to stop shipping as well. We continue development of the northern provinces and alaska.
  • Flag of Mexico-0 Mexico: Our twenty MiG-29Ms that we purchased from Namibia have finally arrived. With help from Namibia advisers, training for pilots has been initiated. We wish to thank Namibia for selling us and helping us train for these aircraft. We will start retiring our older aircraft once the war with the Peru-Bolivian Empire is over. Speaking of war, with our artillery and aerial bombardments of Flor de Agosto and Caballococha having ceased, the infantry barges move across the Putumayo and Amazon Rivers to capture the towns. While this is going on, the joint Mexican-Colombian campaign to liberate Ecuador has been initiated with hundreds of thousands of infantry, thousands of land vehicles (mostly AFVs and APCs), and hundreds of aircraft moving into Ecuador. [Secret: The amphibious invasion Callao has been called off due to insufficient numbers, so a naval bombardment and blockade of Callao with Brazil and Chile has been proposed instead [End Secret] [Mod response needed: Are Flor de Agosto and Caballococha successfully captured, how far do we push into Ecuador, and is the proposal for the blockade and bombardment of Callao accepted by Brazil and Chile] Recruiting campaigns are still being launched, but not enough people are volunteering. We are considering moving into a total war footing if the war does not end by 2040. Hopefully, more people will start enlisting. [Mod response needed: does the rate of people enlisting increase] In other news, we offer to act as an intermediary between the U.S. and Canada. We offer to set up Mexico City as a location for peace talks. [Mod, U.S., and Canadian response needed]
    • Canadian Dip: We accept Mexico's offer of using Mexico City as a place for peace talks, and hope the U.S. will do the same.
    • Mexican Reply: If the U.S. responds with a yes, accommodations, that will be fully paid for by the government, will be made for the diplomats. Peace talks will be held in the National Palace, and constant contact will be kept with the embassies.
  • Flag of Great Britain Great Britain: Taking some time from the war, it is announced Yemen has stabilized, and for the first time, people are coming to The location instead of leaving it. We begin to build large skyscrapers and energy efficient buildings in Ta'izz and Sana'a, as well as, to a lesser extent, in Aden. We begin to establish more Electricity Stations for Electrical Cars in the Isles, beginning to phase out Fossil Fuels within the area. We have now finished integrating the Isle of Man and Faroe Islands into Great Britain as Constituent Countries, as well as being 80% through integrating Yemen into the nation. The Republicans are not preferred by many due to their stupid actions, and after a referendum, 61% favour the monarchy, and 39% favour the Republic. The Kingdom is reinstalled, however, a new royal family is chosen, descended from a Belgian family, and Atanas I is coronated.
  • 1232 United Korea: In a surprise and erratic election, Kim Ju-ae of the Worker's Party of United Korea becomes the President of United Korea with 82% of the vote, becoming one of the highest in Korean history. Her first act as President is seceded the state of China that has remained under our control since the Second Chinese revolution began LiaoningJilinTianjin , and Shandong Provinces] [Mod Response Needed]. She begins to set up a new government rule in the Philippines and Papua New Guinea, since they are now under complete rule. Their new governments will be decided next year. We launch an invasion upon the Solomon Islands with 60,000 troops and three naval ships delivering them, and then blocking the ports to stop trade and anybody leaving the island [Mod Response Needed]. With the Germany Empire looking to end the war and begin peace conferences, President Kim Ju-ae announces: "The war may be over in Europe, but it will not be over in Korea until we have complete dominance over the Pacific and Asia". Upon saying this, our conscription total reaches 1.05 million troops. (Secret) We still continue our nuclear program, with our stockpile currently at 20 nuclear bombs (End Secret).
    • Mod Response: China accepts the returned provinces. The Soloman Islands quickly surrender as they have no military of their own, and the police is unable to put up much resistance.
  • Flag of MozambiqueMozambique: The country falls into disorder, as King Enrique Kasanje was assassinated by a Communist sympathizer of Zimbabwean descent on 9th March 2038. His son and heir, King Alvarez Kasanje takes over power, and reveals the secrets of the Mozambican government under the previous King, including the government's role in the genocide (for example, King Enrique's concentration camps and the encouragement of atrocities against Zimbabweans, Malawians and Muslims), its nuclear bomb, and its amassing of troops on the Zimbabwean border. He promises a more moderate role, and the concentration camps are officially dismantled, the nuclear bomb is to be kept in a secret facility in Sofala Province and not to be used unless for last-resort self-defense during or after nuclear war, and an order is sent for all soldiers to pull back from Zimbabwe and defend Maputo. However, the Republican, Fascist, Communist and Islamic revolutionary forces do not believe King Alvarez's message, and begin to rebel.
    • Mozambican Republicans: We rise up in a 58,000 strong army, and we attempt to seize the city of Pemba {Mod Response Needed]. We are determined to oust the Kasanjes from power, and request the help of the Namibian people to restore democracy in Mozambique [Namib Response Needed].
      • Namibian Dip: We propose a compromise between the monarchy and the Republicans to install a constitutional monarchy with the Kasanjes as technical head of state but really a figurehead (the monarch retains technical power, but it must pass through a vote through the democratic government). [Player Response Needed].
    • Mozambican Islamic Jihadists: Riled up by broadcasts of "Radio Free Afriqia", 34,000 devout Muslims rise up in the city of Nampula, and we attempt to take the city [Mod Response Needed]. We begin murdering Christian Mozambicans, and call for Muslims in other nations with a large Muslim minority, like Tanzania and Kenya, to join them in the quest for jihad in Africa [Mod Response Needed]
    • Mozambican Fascists: We rise up in the city of Quelimane, and number 47,000. We attempt to take the city [Mod Response Needed]. We, mostly comprised of supporters of the recently deceased King Enrique Kasanje, continue the genocide on the bounds of King Enrique.
    • Mozambican Communists: In the city of Tete, 51,000 Communist Mozambicans unite in the hope of establishing a People's Republic in Mozambique, and our first step is to take the city of Tete [Mod Response Needed] . We ask our comrades Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Malawi to help us in this quest [Mod Response Needed].
    • Mod Response: The republicans, fascists, jihadists, and communists all succeed in capturing their objectives. So far other African governments hesitate to get involved with any of the factions, choosing to let the people of Mozambique sort out their own affairs.
  • Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia: [Secret] The government gives the Pacific Confederation a small bit of money, and encourage our companies to sell equipment to the Pacific Confederation at a discount. One of the companies offers EMP weaponry to counter Canadian drones. A uranium mine is opened in the desert, and the mined uranium being used to build nuclear weaponry. [End Secret]. The armed forces undergo a retraining reform lasting until 2042, implementing a new method of operations for modern warfare, including an emphasis on Auftragstaktik, having senior officers assigning objectives and junior officers achieving them on their own initiative. Attention is drawn to the general unrest in Mozambique. In response, a spy network is established in Mozambique to keep track of events in the country, and the government calls on its neighbors for a military response to help the legitimate monarch, saying "Islamic Jihadists and Fascists are people we don't want in Africa." [Mod Response Needed]. Many Namibian citizens are fleeing Mozambique, and the Namibian government asks the Mozambican government to help get Namibians back to Namibia. [Player Response Needed]. Construction of a hyperloop system between Walvis Bay, Swakopmund, Lüderitz, Windhoek, Grootfontein, Keetmanshoop, and Katima Mulilo, but it is designed for cargo as the population is not entirely trusting of hyperloops, and the technological shock would be great. The government asks the Alpine Confederation for help. [Player Response Needed]. The government begins to fund renewable fuel research and encourages businesses to do the same. A Namibian company, Namibian Armor Inc., run by a group of decendants of Israeli immigrants, creates the NAIT-1, based on the British Centurion and South African Oliphant design, but modified. Currently it is sold in small numbers to foreign militaries. The country declares an embargo on Peru-Bolivian Empire and declares its support for the rest of Latin America.
    • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We acknowledge their request and send some engineers to help.
      • Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia: Considering Alpine experience on hyperloops and the required size and environment the hyperloop system will operate in, the hyperloop system will open in 2041.
    • Mozambique Dip: King Alvarez Kasanje assures the Namibian populace that we are trying to quell this unrest, and we will help Namibians who want to return to Namibia.
  • 3rdfrenchempire French State: We ramp up railgun production, with ~45-50% of our soldiers having one each. Research begins on a more portable railgun, nicknamed Project Atlas. We also ramp up conscription once again, and now have 20,500,000 people in the military. We begin a new renewed push through Algeria with three million soldiers [MR Needed]. 1.5 million soldiers are also tossed into Mauritania, with hopes of capturing Noukachott [MR Needed]. And, once more, 750,000 soldiers are thrown into Libya-Tunisia. They help the Germans currently stationed there and whatnot. We also ask Germany to buy some of our railguns and reverse engineer them [German Response].
    • German Diplomacy: We take the railgun schematics and also thank France for its troops in Libya-Tunisia. We inform the French that we will continue to support them even after our pulling out of the war.
    • Canadian Dip: We say yes to Mexico's offer of using Mexico City for peace talks, and hope that the U.S. will say the same. We also pull out of the Pacific Confederation and end the war. (We had talked about that earlier so no response seems needed)
    • Mod Response: Algeria is finally taken, however, rebellions become more frequent in Algeria, with protests not wanting to be under French rule again. Nouakchott is captured, but like Algeria, many protests and rebellions occur due to them not wanting to be under French ruling again.
  • Flag of BrazilBrazil: As per the instructions given by Mexico we invade The Peru Bolivian Empire with all our Soldiers. We sincerely apologize to Mexico and Ask for a new Military Alliance. Also, after the war we propose a united Latin America under one flag. The Devastation caused by the war is far too great for one country alone. But if all of us stand together we'll get out of this war. We ask Mexico to support us in the unification of Latin America under one Flag.[Mexico response needed].
  • Flag of the United States United States of America: We tell Canada that despite the Pact of Steel's major military might, We have something that is even Greater, a larger nuclear arsenal than all of yours put together. We also launch our plan. Ottawa and Toronto are taken quickly due to close proximity to the border and due to that American nationalism has enlarged our army just like in World War II. We also invade the Pacific Confederation from the West and East, due to our Pacific Fleet in Guam and the Marianas. We begin an invasion of Micronesia to liberate it from Korean Control, and The Pacific Confed seems to have forgotten about the Military bases we have inside of you due to you being under Free Association with us, and you having not nullified the treaty. ADMIT IT. THE PACIFIC CONFED. CANNOT SURVIVE AGAINST ME
    • Mod Response: The invasion of the Pacific Confederation is somewhat successful, however, due to Canada's presence within the area, Washington and Oregon are turned into war-zones. Canada wins the fight, due to Canada having four million troops within the location. The liberation of Micronesia is partially successful. Ottawa and Toronto are quickly taken, due to Canada not having a very large military within those cities in particular.
    • Canadian Dip: We tell all major oil producing countries to not to ship to the U.S. [Mod and player responses needed] We stop shipping oil to the U.S. and destroy the U.S. bound pipelines. We begin an even wider reaching conscription, and start maximum production on war drones, which we send ten million of, our whole stock, to the Ottawa-Toronto area to combat the U.S. [Mod response needed]
      • Mod Response: Several nations decide not to follow through with your proposals, as the US is a trading giant and do not want a blow to their economy. The US intercepts most of the drones, having more experience with them than any other nation, mainly using EMPs to take down drones.
      • Canadian Dip: We tell the U.S. that they have made a wrong move, and bring all our citizens inside our nuclear bunkers, and prepare our nukes for launch. We will only call them off if you stop the invasion of us and the Pacific Confederation. [Player response needed] We also ask the Pacific Confederation if we could airlift your citizens into our nuclear bunkers in case the U. nukes you.
  • Japan: we begin building giaat torpedos to take down non Pact of Steel Warships we then hold an election [Mod response after poll] the nominies are Yugita Makhitaro and Haru Cahn Makhitaro is the Yang Party and Cahn is the Yin Party.
  • Nigeria: A coup occurs agaisnt the Fascist government. Free elections are held. Muhammed Buhari's son, Yusuf Buhari, has become president. Nigeria distances itself from both the Pact of Steel and the Allies, seeing them as both imperialist blocs. Rebuilding after the less than one year civil war begins. The anti corruption campaign begins, with many ministers being imprisoned for corruption. Industries like oil and mining are mobilized to their fullest extent, meanwhile we jumpstart our solar energy program for the post oil age. Self sufficiency is encouraged, and a military factory will begin production. T72 Tanks are studied copied, and JF17 fighter are to begin production eventually. *SECRET: A Democratic Pan African state is being planned, and this involves the overthrow of some of Africa's most powerful dictators. (End Secret). Nigeria announces to the world its peaceful and anti imperialist stance. The peaceful nuclear program, made to sustain the country post oil age, begins.


Mod Event: The preparations for the 2039 Berlin Conference are fully underway, marking a new era of peace (or not). The world is keeping close watch on the North American region as Canada unleashes nuclear threats towards the United States. Revolution ignites in the streets of Algiers and Nouakchott as anti French rebels try to kick out French forces in Algeria and Mauritania. The Peru-Bolivian Empire begins to show signs of destabilization. The Neo Mongolian Khanate and Kazakhstan are in heated conflict as the Mongolian war machine has been reignited. Australia and New Zealand have a change of flags. The world is slowly looking towards alternative energy sources as reserves begin to slowly drain. Sea levels rise another six centimeters, sparking concern in meteorogical and earth science departments in institutions worldwide. The Omani Arab Communist Republic is established. Iran begins to show concern over the looming communistic threat next door.

  • Flag of GB Great Britain: Yemen finally becomes a constituent nation of Great Britain. The King, currently Working as an Absolute Monarchy, declares our split from the allies, seeing the war is over. Our top scientists have noticed the sea level rise has sharply quickened, and is going at an unimaginable rate. We prepare for the worst, and most of the Nuclear Weapons are transferred to a secret location in Yemen. With London flooding badly, along with the other major cities, we declare Ta'izz the capital of Great Britain. We begin building the Royal Palace, and moving all the top officials, including Astanas I. People are assured they do not have to evacuate, however many choose to flee to Yemen. We ask Alpine Confederation for a cooperation agreement and we would like to commence Scientific Work with them (Alpine Response Needed). WIP
    • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation Dip: We accept the proposal.
  • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We begin researching lunar mining technology, and develop a laser mining system, as well as a regolith purification system. We begin development of the EM Drive which will be launched to the Moon, carrying all the equipment. The MIP is 75% complete, and the highway connecting Debrecen and Oradea is finished. We continue the Life Project in Asia, and begin preparations for collecting samples in Europe. We have made major advancements in our quantum computing program, AQuatIC II, the descendant of the first AQuatIC. We begin working on a way to slow down global warming, and the snow on the Alps is receding alarmingly fast. We construct another fusion plant in Maribor.
    • Nigerian Dip: We request 500 Leopard-2 a8 tanks
      • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation Dip: We accept the trade deal and begin production.
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey: We want to be allies with Georgia and Azerbaijan [Mod Response Needed].We don't want war and we promise that we will cover your back in the war times. We expect the same from you.
    • ​Mod Response: Although wary at first, Georgia and Azerbaijan agree to be allies, furthering relations for the first time.
  • Flag of Iceland Iceland: We condemn the current treaty, claiming it is immoral and that the united states is accepting gemany's claim just to annex more land, and the American surprise invasion was uncalled for. A space mission is planned for 2043, aimed at scanning the surface of titan. We request of great Britain to give us the Aegir plans [PLAYER RESPONSE NEEDED]. (Btw im falconis, since pc is dieing, im playing as this one)
  • Flag of Nigeria.svg Nigeria: Rebuilding continues. Industries are used to their fullest extent, and corruption is clamped down on. Yusuf Buhari approval rating is at 69%. The Solar energy industry begins. Roads are cities are rebuilt. Our peaceful nuclear program begins. A factory is being built so that in three years Nigeria may be able to produce its own tanks and armored cars. There is also chatter of an aircraft industry and a space program. Yusuf Buhari makes it clear his intention for democracy and Pan Africanism. Pan Africa unity propaganda is spread all across the region and even outside, creating an ideology called Buharism. Scamming is made illegal. Nigeria vision 2060 commences, a vision to make Nigeria a great power. Nigeria is strictly neutral after the anti fascist coup. We request 500 Leopard-2 A8 Tanks from the Alpine confederation. A serious threat has arose. Seeing that the sea level has rose, we move our capital to Kano, away from the rising sea levels. Defense against the rising sea levels like walls around cities begin consturction. 
    • German Diplomacy: Hearing of Nigeria's inquiry to the Swiss, we inform them that our industries are overstocked with weapons as a result of WW3 and are willing to sell you those 500 Leopard-2 tanks. In addition we are willing to sell additional weapons.
    • Nigerian Dip: We quickly pay for these tanks.
  • 1232 United Korea: We set up a kingdom in the Philippines. We participate in the 2039 Berlin Conference. Civilians and parades flood the streets due to the possible end of World War III.
    • Flag of the korean namhae aka philippines by kyuzoaoi-d5jsgjj Kingdom of The Philippines: King Kim Jong-chul addresses the new Kingdom of The Philippines, "I promise to fix previous issues with the former Republic and too make the Philippines a more prosperous and powerful nation. I know some civilian groups did not want this to occur, however, change is needed for a country to develop and become a better place for civilians and foreigners alike". A new military campaign is launched, with the official troop count currently at 90,000. Development on infrastructure is increased. Eco-friendly factories are established on the islands of Mindanao and Luzon, while large farms are established on the island of Visayas, to improve self-sufficiency in the Philippines.
  • Flag of the German Empire German Empire: With the peace conference underway in our capital, the Emperor announces to the German people that long war will soon end. However, no demobilization order is given yet for the armed forces, just in case. Imperial Chancellor Beatrix von Storch announces her retirement now that it is virtually over, and Prince Karl Wilhelm of Baden is appointed Interim Chancellor by the Emperor until elections will be held next year. Currently all troops are holding their positions, with the exception of some that were sent into Russia and Ukraine. We deploy 50,000 troops into Ukraine to help the Ukrainian military, and begin invading Kiev Oblast, Zhytomyr Oblast, and Chernihiv Oblast. [Mod Response] The Imperial War Ministry annouces that the total casualties sustained by German troops over the last eight years are 1,774,392 killed and wounded out of the total five million troops that were in the military at the beginning of the war. That leaves our current standing army at 3,225,608 men, with another ten million able-bodied men on alert to be called up if needed, since the war is still technically going and the Emperor and the War Cabinet have not given the demobilization order. We encourage German families to reproduce and have more kids with tax cuts for those that do, and we encourage Germanization of former independent countries. No matter how the peace negotiations go Germany intends to keep her rightful Lebensraum and so the acquired territories are further integrated into the Kaiserreich. All children in the new states are required to learn German, alongside their native language, which will eventually be phased out entirely. Meanwhile, plans are made for conscription after the war and citizens of these lands will also be subject to it. An extensive reform of the German Imperial Army will occur after the war. Infrastructure improvements are also made, especially in those territories where there were battles and extensive structural damage. The German Navy and Air Force, having taken significant losses, are being replenished with the construction of new aircraft and ships beginning. We begin building out first aircraft carrier as well, the Totenkopf, as well as new Berlin-class missile cruisers, the Magdeburg, Deutschland, Georg Friedrich der Grosse, and Hindenburg.
    • Mod Response: The forces are able to take Zhytomyr and siege Chernihiv, but no major gains have been made in Kiev yet.
  • Flag of the United StatesUnited States of America: After Germany decided to come to the Negotiating Table, bringing the rest there also, (Might i mind kicking and screaming [Canada]) Most American citizens rejoice as they see near victory. Due to Canadian forces continuing the war, directly defying the Armistice in place, we launch an assault on Seattle, pulling all forces from Canada, as there are no troops there for some reason, and also with more men in reserve, the four million troops are now going up against a much larger force of 5.6 million, and then we assault the city. [Mod Response Required on Battle] We also send small light divisions across the border into Canada in order to occupy key cities and WMD facilities. [Mod Response Required on Military Action]
    • Nigerian Dip: We request 500 Abram tanks, it doesn't matter if they are the older type. In return, we will give you 1.5 Billion USD, or three million dollars per tank.
      • USA: We give you them free of charge. We also ask if you would like to buy the plans to our new tank for 1.5 Billion USD
      • Nigerian Dip: Agreed.
    • Mod Response: The assault on Seattle is successful, with heavy casualties on both sides and extreme civilian losses. The forces entering Canada are able to occupy some territories but meet resistance from police and patriot groups.
  • Flag of Mexico-0 Mexico: Our pilots for our twenty MiG-29Ms have been trained (we wish to thank Namibia for the advisers they sent us). Two of the aircraft were stationed at Campo Militar Numero Uno, Mexico City, while the rest were stationed in Colombia. Our active military personnel has risen to 390,000, but it is not enough. Activation of the reserves is being considered. Since, the mods neglected to respond to my mod response request, we will just assume that the Peru-Bolivian towns, Flor de Agosto and Caballococha, were successfully captured and that we were able to get as far as Ibarra and Nueva Loja in the Ecuador campaign with little casualties. With Flor de Agosto and Caballococha under Mexican and Colombian hands, we initiate phase one of the invasion of the Peru-Bolivian Empire. Two platoons move to capture the small Peru-Bolivian town of Vidal. The rest of the force at Flor de Agosto move down the Putumayo River and reinforce the invasion force at Caballococha. With Venezuelan reinforcements, we move up the Amazon River to the Peru-Bolivian city of Iquitos. A joint Mexican, Colombian, and Venezuelan naval and aerial bombardment of Iquitos has been initiated. [Mod response needed: Is the bombardment successful] An aerial bombardment of the Amazon Rain Forest has been initiated with napalm bombs being dropped at areas where enemy troops are likely hiding at. While all of that is going on, with Venezuelan reinforcements, we move in to capture and liberate the Ecuadorian towns/cities of Ibarra and Nueva Loja. The Peru-Bolivian Empire is starting to show signs of depleted oil reserves, as fully functional vehicles (both military and civilian) are being found abandoned on the side and middle of roads with empty gas tanks (the military vehicles found are seized). [Mod response needed: are the towns/cities successfully liberated] [Secret] We propose to Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, and Colombia of a joint naval blockade and bombardment of the Peru-Bolivian Empire [End Secret] In other news, we politely decline the idea to Brazil of having one united Latin American nation, and reorganizing the Latin American Coalition. It is nothing personal, it is just that such an idea is unfeasible and would create a lack of political independence, and the Latin American Coalition is perfectly stable. We again offer to act as an intermediary between the United States and Canada, and we offer Mexico City as a place for peace talks (since Canada already accepted the offer last year, the United States only needs to respond). [Mod, Brazilian, Latin American Coalition, and United States responses needed]
    • Mod Response: With the Peru-Bolivian Empire entering decline, all assaults are successful and the Latin American Coalition begin mobilizing battleships and marine craft to catalyze the fall of the Peru-Bolivian Empire.
    • Mexican reply: With Ibarra and Nueva Loja liberated, humanitarian aid is brought to the impoverished citizens. We, with Colombia and Venezuela, continue to push deeper into Ecuador. Infantry river barges unload at Iquitos to initiate the capture of the city.
  • Canada: We tell the U.S. that we still had troops fighting you because you were invading us. We promise to not take them across the border, and sadly, we withdraw troops from the Pacific Confederation. We unveil our secret project: an EMP shield. We start to equip CRF-02's with them. Our citizens are unsure about the future, with an increasingly imperialist U.S. who will not stop even with generous peace offerings. We ask the U.S. for an armistice. [Player response needed] We ask all the other nations for help if they say no. [Mod/Player response needed] In a televised speech by our president: "The U.S. had scoffed at imperialism years ago, and now here they are, committing one of the worst sins, in their minds. They invade a strictly neutral nation, that they had given independence. Even though we had invaded that same nation, we realised that what we were doing was wrong. The U.S. will not stop when they take us. They want the world, and yet they say they are anti-imperialist. Even worse, a lot of canadians are half americans, and vice versa. We are pitting brothers against brothers, cousins against cousins, fathers against sons, and friends against friends. I hope that the U.S. will see the horrid things they are doing and stop. That is all. Thank you, and good night."
    • Mod Response: The United Arab Communist Republics offer their services should the United States decline as they want to begin spreading communism by taking out the very symbol of capitalism.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: It has been reported that many members of the Verkhovna Rada have been killed by Communist and Separatists revolutionaries.
    • CommunistUkraineFlag Ukrainian Communists: We are very thrilled with the successful invasion and capture of the cities of Odesa, Kherson, Mykolayiv, Voznesens'k, Uman, and Nikopol; and begin spreading the invasion of the entire Odessa Oblast, Kherson Oblast, Mykolaiv Oblast, Cherkasy Oblast, and Dnipropetrovsk Oblast with 2.7 million supporters and soldiers, along with captured three fighter jets, two tanks, and one mobile artillery machines to use against them to capture the regions. [Secret] To begin making uprisings in the Armed Forces District, we hack into their civilian television networks and broadcast propaganda to rally more support and cause uprisings, along with smuggling almost 1.4 tons of weapons into the district to supply the communist rebels there (MOD RESPONSE NEEDED) [Secret]. We begin forming the basic forms of government since we seem to be the leading rebellion in order for control over the full country.
    • Ensign of the Ukrainian Ground Forces Ukrainian Armed Forces: We welcome the support of the German Empire and begin using this advantage against the Communists. We begin an invasion of the northern disputed territory of the supposed Zhytomyr Oblast to begin heading towards the former capital of Kiev [Mod Response NEEDED]. Since, if we reach the capital first and capture it, it would be a major advantage to us in the civil war. Unfortunately, we have had some reports of Communists uprisings and attempt to suppress them at once.
    • UkrainianSeparatistsFlag Ukrainian Separatists: We declare our independence as Novorossiya, and claim the entire Donbass region as our territory. We are currently not looking for a fight with the communists or the armed forces, and begin building up defenses along the border for defensive purposes only for the time being. So far Donetsk is our proclaimed capital.
    • Mod Response: The communists living in West Ukraine are outnumbered by the military and are crushed, although they manage to cause chaos and help damage supplies and organization. Some isolated groups continue resisting from the countryside, along with a few Romanian and Hungarian nationalists. The Ukrainian Armed Forces, with assistance from the advancing German East Army are able to retake Zhytomyr but are beaten back at Kiev by unexpected resistance.
  • Flag of Mozambique Mozambique: We divert 200,000 troops to the northern provinces to take care of the rebellions up in the northern provinces. The other 130,000 will be positioned in and around Maputo to protect it from invasion from the rebel forces and/or our Communist neighbors surrounding us {Mod Response Needed]. We enforce martial law across the entire country. With Namibia along with most other nations of Africa supporting a Mozambican constitutional monarchy, King Alvarez announces a 10-year plan to turn Mozambique into a constitutional monarchy, starting with forming a Parliament.
    • Mozambican Republicans: We are happy with Namibia's offer to install a constitutional monarchy, which means that the king is still a king, but stripped of powers. This basically still upholds the Republican ideal, and we begin using our recruits, currently at 69,000, to fight the other rebels and aid the king.
    • Mozambican Jihadists: We now number at 79,000, after recruiting a number of people, we use 65,000 of then to try to take the city of Nacala [Mod Response Needed], while the remaining 14,000 begin seizing, raiding and burning smaller towns and villages[Mod response Needed]. We proclaim the Caliphate of Al-Afriqia, with our leader, Muhammad Abu Bakr al-Afriqia as Caliph. This is followed by forcing the entire populace of Nampula to convert to Islam or die, this leads to about 16,000 killed. We begin staging suicide bomb attacks in the major cities of Mozambique, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe and South Africa [Mod Response Needed on the Success of Said Attacks]
    • Mozambican Communists: Our numbers have increased dramatically, now numbering 90,000, and we attempt to seize small towns and villages in the area surrounding Tete [Mod Response Needed]. We proclaim the People's Republic of Mozambique, and demolish many buildings in the center of the city of Tete to build an area, modelled on Tiananmen Square in Beijing.
    • Mozambican Fascists: We attempt to seize the Zambezi Delta [Mod Response Needed], and we recruit more troops, so we now number 87,000. We begin heavy militarization.
    • Mod Response: Nacala is successfully captured by the Jihadists, with he burning, raiding, and seizing of villages very successful. Suicide attacks in Mozambique, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe and South Africa cause minor panic and disarray, with government officials confused. Tete is seized by the Mozambican Communists. The Zambezi Delta is met with small resistance, however, the Fascists are able to capture it.
  • Flag of Romania Romania: We send more 1000 troops to Iaşi, and heavily defend it. Demonstrations are occured in streets of Bucharest, with demonstrants state that Romania should take back its former territory from Ukraine. Seeing sea level rises up, we start to reclamate sea across Constanţa County (We don't care about Tulcea --which is very affected with this-- because they are under Ukrainian control). Dam of Danube river is built to in Romanian-Ukrainian border. Dams will be used to control flood, alongside from irrigation and water supply. Numbers of immigrants from Ukraine keep increasing, with total of 880,000 immigrants (50% of them are former Romanian citizens or Romanian diaspora; 35% of them are Moldovans). In case of this, we start to build residences, mainly in Cluj-Napoca and Craiova. But, most of immigrants choose to reside with their families, who are still reside in Romania and are our citizens. We grant (back) Romanian citizenship to immigrants who wants it. We continue build economy, by increasing productions of agriculture and mining. We start to use back Constanţa port as port for trading, as war is over. Construction of A19 motorway in Cluj-Napoca is completed, and we will open the motorway next year. More maglev roads are being built in Timişoara (P5), Craiova (P7), and Iaşi (P6). Dragăn continues to sell Maglev vehicles. 650 Maglev vehicles are sold. More types of futuristic cars, like flying cars are planned to be produce by Dragăn. Romanian government also start set routes for flying cars, which is proposed to be used only for public use. Dragăn also starts to produce maglev bus. More railways are built, some of them are high-speed rail from Bucharest to Timişoara and Timişoara to Cluj-Napoca. We continue space program, with construction of main part of rocket is being completed, we believe that first Romanian man will reach moon for the first time in near future. Romanian Space Agency reports that a Romanian astronaut are sent to International Space Station. We schedule to launch our third satelite, named Colos next year. In military, we continue to strengthen our military, focusing on upgrade technology of military equipment. We recruit more 6000 people.
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: We release our prisoners and return them to their home countries, we ask for a memorial in Lisbon every year for the Australian and Portuguese soldiers lost there[mod response needed] We begin construction of a new skyscraper called Benjamin tower and start our own space program. We ask to join NASA[mod response needed] we begin to work on new mining drills and ask Alpine confederation for the design of their mining laser and will pay ten billion Australian dollars for it[player response needed] We institute new gun laws and open new trade routes
    • Mod Response: Portugal considers the option and agrees on the condition that Australia pays for the expenses. Your request to join NASA has to be approved by the United States.
      • USA Response: We decline, as this is a project only for the US.
    • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation Dip: We accept this trade and invite Australia into our joint space program with Romania. [Australian Response Needed]
      • Australian response: We accept.
  • Flag of the United StatesUnited States of America (Turn Cont.): We reveal our new designs for Military vehicles, which are already under construction and we should see 600 ea. of these every year. We also have created Elements 119-124 using a particle collider. These elements are highly unstable, except, for element 124, which means that we might have hit the theorized Island of Stability. We have successfully purchased out land back from Canada along with the Maritimes for three trillion dollars. (I have proof here:
    Screenshot 2017-03-25 at 11.33.02 AM

    proof of purchase

    • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation Dip: We ask the United States for a joint program to discover heavier elements and to work on the military vehicles, as we have invented a supermaterial which would be ideal for a project like this. [United States Response Needed]
  • Iceland: We condemn American actions in the Pacific Confederation, and tell the Pacific Confederation that they can evacuate their citizens here. (Mod response) We also ask England if we can hold a referendum to see if Farøe Islands want to join us (player response).
  • Canada: Seeing that the U.S. is no longer our enemy, we ask them for a military alliance. We also start work on our spaceship launch station, CAF- Kelowna.
  • Flag of BrazilBrazil: We heed the advice of Mexico and Push further into Peru and Bolivia.[Mod response on battle]. We would like to integrate Peru and Bolivia into Brazil while Freeing Paraguay and Ecuador which was Invaded by them. We ask Mexico's stance on this.[Mexico response needed]. We say to Argentina that we don't want another war to erupt in South America so we ask for an Brazil-Argentinean Treaty of Friendship and A military Alliance.[Argentina response needed]. We are glad that the Peace Conference is going strong. We ask for a joint Scientific research with Romania,Alpine Confederation and Argentina.[Player response needed]. We also plan to Expand our Space Organization.
    • Argentinian Diplomacy: We accept Brazil's proposals and immediately begin to organize for the treaty and military alliance. We will also gladly accept a joint scientific research community for the betterment of both parties involved.
    • Mod Response: The push is successful in take most of the eastern parts of the empire, however, many powerful individuals have been moved into the mountains, while the Peru-Bolivian soldiers continue to fight.
    • Mexican Diplomacy: We are very supportive of liberating Paraguay and Ecuador, and restoring their governments. Our stance on what to do with the Peru-Bolivian Empire is to dissolve the nation and government, militarily occupy and rule it until it stabilizes, restore Peru and Bolivia as independent nations, and establish pacifist governments in those two nations. We are against the idea of annexing them. However, we as Mexico are willing to make compromises.
    • Alpine Diplomacy: We agree to the joint research program.
  • Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia: The government seeks to strengthen ties with Iran under the guise of economic cooperation. [Secret] Namibia advises Iran to get an alliance or mutual defense pact with Israel, saying that Israel isn't Communist and is fairly powerful compared to its neighbors. Iran could also seek British help. Namibia tells Iran our intentions are genuine as we are surrounded by Communist countries. [End Secret] [Mod Response Needed]. The government launches a space program and encourages people to set up private companies. The government asks Mozambique to allow Namibian troops in to help suppress the other rebels. [Secret] The Namibian ambassador advise the Royalists and Republicans to try to get the Jihadists, Communists, and Facists to fight each other. [End Secret]. The armed forces and private companies offer to sell arms to Nigeria. [Player Response Needed]. The Alpine Ambassador approached the Alpine Confederation with a request for Namibian companies to help supply materials for the lunar mining program, as well as joint cooperation between the two countries' space programs. [Player Response Needed].
    • Mod Response: Iran denies an alliance with Israel.
    • Nigeria: We agree to purchase some arms.
    • Mozambique Dip: We allow Namibian troops to come into Mozambique to help quell these rebellions. [Secret] Both King Alvarez Kasanje and the Republican leader, Luis Alejandro Mpemba agree to this approach to encourage fighting among the Communist, Jihadist and Fascist factions, but do not know how they will get this to happen. The King asks the Namibian President to hold talks in the Namibian capital of Windhoek to address the issue and the resolving of the 2nd Mozambican Civil War [Namib Response Needed] [End Secret]
  • US Update: We ask Texas, California, Louisiana, and Florida to re-join the union peacefully. [Mod Response Required]
    • Mod Response: California and Texas decide to remain seceded, while Louisiana and Florida will cede back to the US.

Mod Event: The Berlin Conference continues. A ceasefire is created between Angola, Zambia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, ending the final conflict in Africa that was a part of World War III. The Chinese civil war ends, with the provinces of Xinjiang and Tibet seceding from the Republic of China and becoming independent nations. The Russian civil war has slowed down for the moment, but small uprisings and protests occur, with many wanting to secede a state from Russia. Peru-Bolivian Empire continues to destabilize due to Brazil's aggression, with many waiting for its expected collapse. Greenland continues its nuclear program, but un-mobilize their nuclear stockpile for the time being. Sea level risings slow down, and with many scientists believing that the sea level rising was scientific proof of global warming, however, many religious people believe that the sea level rising is the coming of "Judgment Day". Maratha Empire begins to show signs of turmoil, as uprisings begin to occur in their occupied territories, specifically in Pakistan and Myanmar.

  • 1232 United Korea: We continue to participate in the Berlin Conference. The Kingdom of Papua New Guinea is almost nearly finished being set up, and we begin the process of creating the Kingdom of Hawaii, which we will jointly share with the United States.
    • Flag of the korean namhae aka philippines by kyuzoaoi-d5jsgjj Kingdom of The Philippines: We continue our plan of self-sufficiency. King Kim Jong-chul begins to pass various laws that will remove former laws from the [former] Republic of The Philippines and making them more comfortable for the current Kingdom civilians. The factories are finished being set up, and being mass production of house-hold goods as well as modern weaponry. Using the data that United Korea received from the Alpine Confederation about Quantum computer development, we begin investing in the technology to create a Quantum computer as to further develop our nation and to use them for space-related missions. The first Quantum computer in the Philippines is scheduled to be finished in 2044.
  • Nihon Shogunate Rebels: we recruit members, and our current amount of members is 140,560. We attempt to seize the area listed on the map. [mod response needed]
    2017-03-26 23.01.12
    • Mod Response: Although seized in the beginning, the Japanese forces attack and defeat most of the rebels. Many are placed within large prisons.
  • New Zealand: We decide to use the time after the war to attempt to become a world power. We start major infrastructure projects all over the country, including a large bridge to connect the north and South islands. We request to enter a space program, preferably the Alpine confederation - Romanian - Australian one. Our current prime minister Jacinda Arden announces that the next election will take place in 2043.
  • 3rdfrenchempire French State: We begin pursuing nuclear armament, erecting some uranium mines in our newly found African colonies. Our manpower is still rising, now at 23 million people, but all drafts will end when we hit 25 million soldiers. Despite that, everyone in the military at the time will be forced to stay for at least five more years once the draft ends. We also drop a good ol' 800,000 soldiers into Madagascar, which came from Mayotte and Réunion. We attempt to constrict the Malagasies by taking their coast and begin the fight for air superiority. Considering how weak Madagascar is, and how strong we are, it should be easy. [Mod Response]. French soldiers are also on the look out for the Malagasy president, who may try to escape by areas that aren't as patrolled as others.
    • Mod Response: Madagascar is taken, however, small protests begin to surface in Madagascar. The Malagasy President is found getting on a boat, and is apprehended by French soldiers.
      • French Response: Once the Malagasy president was apprehended and sent into prison, he was executed soon after and a video of this execution is put on billboards that were newly built by French workers all across the island, along with a message after it - 'From France, with love.'
  • Canada: CAF-Kelowna is finished, and we launch an ion-propulsion rocket to the moon, planting our flag. Citizen morale is very high, and our three Valkyries that we had started production have finished, but with modifications that allow them to make drones and deploy them. We begin a massive project, the leveling of the rockies. We also send a rocket to the asteroid belt, equipped with 20 drones modified with mining lasers. We claim a small section of the asteroid belt, and begin work on a small space station there. A new president is elected, the son of the previous president. After the election, economists predict the economy will rise by about 7% per year. We also begin ferrying materials to the moon, to start construction of a space base there.
    • Mod Response: Implausible | You have three more chances to be plausible, or you will lose your country. 
  • ACR: we surrender. We have been fighting many resistance forces for a long time, and we finally surrender to an Islamic extremist group claiming ties to ISIS. Their tactics of using small "desert tanks" has proved to be too much. We flee, asking any countries if they can support us. [Mod+Player response]
    • Mod Response: ISIS has already been defeated.
    • I know, but they claimed allegiance to ISIS ... did I say they were connected AT ALL?
    • "Islamic extremist group claiming ties to ISIS" hinting that they have ties with ISIS even though ISIS is eradicated.
  • ISA: many reforms are passed, including switching to capitalism. We start putting out propaganda to (ssecret) british yemen (end secret) oman, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, and Israel.
  • Mod Response: You can only play as one nation Falconis.
    • Basically im doing wat AllThingsCombined did with Ukraine so i am only playing one nation.
    • What country is ISA a part of? Arab Communist Republic?
  • Flag of the German Empire German Empire: With the Berlin Conference ongoing we begin reforming our armed forces. A new battle armor is issued to all Imperial Army troops, the M2040 armor. In addition the German war ministry announces the completion of the Leopard-3 main battle tank as the successor to the outdated Leopard-2, along with a Leopard-4 super-heavy tank. We announce that we will sell off our remaining 4300 Leopard-2 tanks to other countries that are wanting to buy them. We first offer our Pact of Steel allies of Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Russia, Portugal, Vietnam, and India some of these tanks. [Mod Response] Meanwhile, we begin mass production of the Leopard-3A and announce that will be available for sale in 2041. Germany also develops the PzH 3000 self-propelled howitzer as heavy artillery. The Luftwaffe receives an additional 80 Eurofighter Typhoons in order to replace the fighters it lost during WWIII, as the air force was strained and took very heavy losses. That is only the first batch and in 2040 another 80 fighters will be built. Our navy is getting additional four Berlin-class missile cruisers which are under construction and some 30 destroyers and corvettes. However, all of these orders are being carried out of the course of several years as the wartime economy is returned to normal peacetime status. We begin focusing also on rebuilding damaged infrastructure in our new territories.
    • Mod Response: Vietnam buys 500, Croatia buys 220, Bulgaria and Portugal buy 150, India buys 120, and Russia buys 90. The Kingdom of Italy buys 60.
    • Korean Diplomacy: We will decline this offer.
    • Nigerian Dip: We will purchase 510 Leopard-2s.
  • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We launch a satellite to the Moon to scout a suitable area for our lunar mining facility, and have settled for a location in the Mare Serenetatis, apparently rich in metal oxides and rumored to contain a large deposit of chromium, which we have yet to confirm. The lunar mining project, named Project Steel Sky, will be the first space operation involving a quantum computer working on site. The Life Project begins in Africa, Europe and Oceania as tensions die down with the end of World War III.  WIP
  • Canadian Space Agency: We are almost done CAF-Kelowna and begin research on suitable rocket types.
  • Flag of Mexico-0 Mexico: With Ibarra and Nueva Loja back in Ecuadorian hands, we, along with Colombia and Venezuela, continue to push deeper into Ecuador. Using the Pan-American Highway, Mexican, Colombian, and Venezuelan troops arrive at the Ecuadorian capital, Quito in under four days. A light aerial and artillery bombardment is launched, and after ten minutes of bombardment, we push into Quito. [Mod response needed: How far do we push into Quito; is it successfully liberated] Quito and Guayaquil are the only Peru-Bolivian strongholds left in Ecuador. [Secret] We ask Australia if they will launch an amphibious assault on Guayaquil using the 45,000 troops they sent to help. We and Venezuela will provide air support. If they succeed in liberating Guayaquil, The Peru-Bolivian Empire will essentially be off of Ecuadorian soil [End Secret] Eastern Ecuador is essentially liberated. While that is going on, the assault on Iquitos has been bogged down by heavy resistance (mostly from civilians). We were only able to advance 200 meters into Iquitos from the barges. However, the defenders are impoverished, as they have no running water or power, very little food, very little military supplies, and essentially no fuel for their vehicles. With artillery and aerial support, our troops advance around seven meters per hour with attacker to defender casualty rates being 1:10. The Brigada de Fusileros Paracaidistas (Parachute Rifle Brigade, BFP) is brought in to support the invasion, with the 1st and 3rd Parachute Rifle Battalions descending from the sky, with the goal of capturing the Coronel FAP Francisco Secada Vignetta International Airport in Iquitos. [Mod response needed: Do the paratroopers successfully land and capture the airport] In other news, our recruitment numbers have been basically stagnant, and moving in to a total war footing is being debated in the Congress of the Union. [Secret] Our navy and our amphibious troops are ready. We tell the Latin American Coalition to have their navies and amphibious forces ready by 2040, for it will be the year that we end the Peru-Bolivian Empire [End Secret] [Mod response needed (secret: Latin American Coalition and Australian responses needed)]
    • Australian Response: We agree and have two Valkyries standing by.
    • Argentinian Diplomatic Response: [SECRET: (We begrudgingly accept, and, using our military reforms, begin preparation to end the Peru-Bolivian Aggression forever. END OF SECRET]
    • Mod Response: Quito is liberated, and the airport in Iquitos is successfully captured. [Secret] The Latin American Coalition has readied their navies and their armed forces, and remain on high alert [End Secret].
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: Along with Colombian troops we send the VS Melbourne, six frigates, 200,000 troops and five bomber planes to invade northern Peru so we can try to cause the Peru Bolivian empire to collapse [mod response needed] We start working on our space station the Australian space station Adelaide. We start to put more controls on Valkyries as we have calculated they can fly into space we send the design to our database and start tests
    • Mod Response: The Peru-Bolivian Empire become more damaged, with many high leaders beginning to hide in the mountains while the soldiers continue to fight. Although the Peru-Bolivian Empire does not collapse, many of its soldiers are either wounded or dead.
  • Flag of the Republic of China (1912-1928).svgRepublic of China: We begin rebuilding and re-recruiting after the Civil War. However, the military is only 75% of its former size. With the country weakened, we place most of our remaining military along our land borders, as we fear invasion. (Secret) We start designing our own sky ships called "Silver Dragon", designed to be quicker and cheaper to manufacture than Valkyries but less efficient. they will be half the size as a Valkyrie, and only have three-quarters the gun power, but will be much lighter more manoeuvrable. the designs are estimated to be complete and ready to head to manufacturing by 2041. (End Secret)
  • Saudi Arabia: We request to join Great Britain's alliance, (GB Response Required) We threaten Bahrain and Qatar, "join us or die". We start to take money from our education budget fund our military and health. (Secret) We start to build spy networks in all neighbouring countries. We start to build a Warmongerer Ship called Bellum,to be completed by 2043 (end Secret)
  • Uzbek flag Uzbekistan: We begin implementing a conscription to help our military grow again and return to its status as the "biggest and strongest of Central Asia", which it as lost to Kazakhstan. Our 4th and glorious president, Zakir Hamrayev, goes on diplomatic missions to Kyrgyztan and Tajikistan. Our great President offer them an alliance, as the power of Afghanistan, Kazakhstan and China is a great menace for them due to their low population. Only Uzbekistan, with close to 70,000 troops, can hope to protect the Kyrgyz and Tajik. As such, we offer the formation of a military alliance which would unite the three countries army in a single force of defense, with President Hamrayev at its head. [Mod answer needed] In wait for what will obviously be an affirmative answer, troops are massively moved on the frontier with Kyrgyztan and Tajikistan.
    • Mod Response: Kyrgyztan and Tajikistan agree to an alliance, however, they remain skeptical about the idea of a foreign leader leading their military, and do wish for them to respectively command their own armies, not one nation commanding theirs.


Mod Event: The Maratha Empire gets plunged into a large-scale civil war, as Pakistani and Myanmar protesters begin to use weaponry against the police and the National Security Guard of the Empire. The Tibetan Empire is established in the recent seceded state of Tibet from the Republic of China, and Xinjiang continues writing its constitution. The Russian Civil War begins to come about again, as massive riots within both Moscow and Krasnoyarsk has left multiple police officers and rioters either dead or severely wounded. The Peru-Bolivian empire continues to fight its front, but soldiers begin to show signs of submission. Rumors about Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and the northern parts of Lithuania conjoining into a supernation begin to circle around the news, but nothing remains official. Serbia annexes Kosovo and Montenegro, while Croatia annexes Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bulgaria annexes Macedonia. Greece remains divided and occupied by various countries.

  • Flag of the German Empire Germany: As the Berlin Conference continues the federal election is held throughout the Kaiserreich, for the first time in a decade. Not surprisingly, the anti-war Free Democratic Party gets the most votes, but only leading over the AfDTuL coalition by a small margin. The party advocates ending the war, reforming the military, and rebuilding infrastructure in Germany's new lands. The Imperial German Army continues to be reformed and upgraded. The demobilization process is complete and the military is down to a peacetime strength of 800,000 men, although this will be increased to 1.2 million within a few years. The Luftwaffe and Kaiserlich Marine are both gaining new ships and aircraft. Having sold off a portion of our old Leopard-2 tanks, we continue selling them, offering the Leopard-2 also to Chad, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, Swaziland, Lesotho, Angola, Gabon, Bahrain, Qatar, the UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Indonesia, Thailand, the Peru-Bolivian Empire, and others. [Mod Response] Germany also offers the Ukrainian military some Leopard-2 tanks. [Player Response] We continue producing a number of Leopard-3 main battle tanks and Leopard-4 super-heavy tanks, but these are in smaller numbers as the full orders will be delivered over a period of years. Construction of new infrastructure damaged during the war on our territories continues. The German government seeks closer ties with our Balkan allies of Bulgaria, Croatia, and Serbia, informing them that if the Pact is dissolved as a result of the Berlin Conference we will still be strong allies. We offer each of them a German Military Mission in their country to help train and otherwise improve their militaries, which we know took heavy casualties during the first invasion of Greece. Our forces in Ukraine prepare to launch a counteroffensive against the communists at Kiev as they defend from the assault on Zhytomyr. [Mod Response]
    • Mod Response: The Iraqi Arab Communist Republic buys 500, Peru-Bolivian Empire buys 300, Thailand buys 250, Angola buys 230, Sierra Leone buys 200, Qatar buys 150, Tibetan Empire buys 100, and the People's Republic of Xinjiang buys 90.
  • 1232 United Korea: We continue our participation within the Berlin Conference. We continue to develop our country, and announce that we have finished the development of the former North Korea's land, after roughly 15 years of development and rebuilding of the cities that were damaged. President Kim Ju-ae re-organizes and restructures the entire military. The military conscription is ended, with the military standing at 650,000 troops and the reserve being established at 700,000. We begin construction of a what will be a spacecraft that will have the potential to carry Korean settlers to Mars to set up a colony. This will take roughly nine years in the making, and a total of two years to be able to get the colonizers on Mars to set up this colony. The spacecraft, entitled 부패, will be a joint operation between United Korea and its respective Kingdoms. We ask the space companies Space X, The Alpine Confederation, and JAXA if they can join this operation, due to its size and the potential capabilities for humanity [Mod/Alpine Response Needed]. We begin to look into the former North Korean mines, and begin to re-use the mines there to better the economy and to create more jobs for the populace. (Secret) We begin construction of robotic soldiers. We will finish the first soldier by 2047, and once we have figured out any bugs within its programming, we will begin mass production of it to reduce casualties within new conflicts as well as to be able to win more conflicts (End Secret).
      • Mod Response: SpaceX accepts the offer, having commercialised travel to low earth orbit. JAXA remains unresponsive at the moment.
      • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We accept the proposal.
    • Flag of the korean namhae aka philippines by kyuzoaoi-d5jsgjj Kingdom of The Philippines: We begin massive rebuilding of any infrastructure that was destroyed as a result of World War III. We continue development of the Quantum Computer.
    • Papua Kingdom of Papua New Guinea: Kim Yo-jong is elected as Queen of the Kingdom. She gives a speech about how the Kingdom of Papua New Guinea will be better than the former countries Commonwealth ties. We begin reconstruction of infrastructures lost during World War III, and begin large mining projects as to help pay for the new materials for the re-building process. Our military currently stands at 56,000.
  • Flag of Canada Canada: We have finished CAF-Kelowna, and have finished research on rockets, deciding that a plasma propulsion rocket would be most efficient. We start to work one this rocket design and will have four ready by 2042. We also start modifying our drones to be able to survive the harsh conditions of space, and equip them with drills and solar panels. We start to make our Valkyries space ready, and we launch one to the outer atmosphere, where construction of a Canadian space station, the CSA-Gold-1 begins. It will be habitable by 2041, and finished by 2044. We also begin work on a ten-mile high spaceship launch pad at CAF-Kelowna. This would reduce the cost of getting ships in the air by a massive amount. It will be finished by 2050. We also begin major infrastructure projects across the country, using the money the U.S. gave us. We begin plans to launch to the moon and Mars. We report high immigration levels, most likely from the warming temperature down south.
    • Mod Response: Implausible. (In order from top to bottom) It takes a more than three years to fully develop a plasma propulsion rocket. The Space Valkyrie cannot be made space-ready nor usable in space in one year. A space station would take longer than four years to fully complete, and Canada currently does not have the economy to do that. What warming temperatures? Although hinted at, the temperature in Discord has not increased dramatically enough for people to start moving northward. This is you second warning to be plausible. You have two more warnings, and if you continue to be implausible after receiving those final two warnings, then you will be kicked from Discord. 
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine:
    • CommunistUkraineFlag Ukrainian Communists: We decide at this time that the separatists in eastern Ukraine is not a threat at this time, and focus all of our man power to the Armed Forces. With the chaos ravaging the west, we take this opportunity and begin a full frontal invasion of the Armed Forces' territory with almost three million of our soldiers armed with weapons that we have stolen from the Ukrainian Army. The bulk of our armed forces are sent to Zhytomyr to take the city, [Secret] We make it look like that we are sending most of our soldiers to the city of Zhytomyr, but begin a massive 2.7 million surprise invasion of Vinnytsia, also relying on their destroyed supplies [MOD RESPONSE NEEDED] [Secret].
      • Mod Response: Vinnytsia is captured quickly as there was a very small military presence in the region. Zhytomyr turns into a war-zone, but the Armed Forces finally win against the Communists in Zhytomyr.
    • Ensign of the Ukrainian Ground Forces Ukrainian Armed Forces: Our forces begin to weaken with the destruction of supplies in many of our taken cities. We seem to believe that the Communists will attack the city of Zhytomyr, so we send about 375,842 of our best soldiers there, and send only 5672 to Vinnytsia. We are also having trouble in the west, with many rebelling against our rule in the former territory of Moldova (mostly in Chisinau), and other territories in former Romanian territory, so we begin sending 475,000 to Moldova and another 35,972 to the Romanian territories [Mod Response needed].
      • Mod Response: The rebellions in Moldova escalate with military troops coming in, and many civilians turn to violence as a means. The rebels begin using various weaponry of automatic rifles and pitchforks to attack the soldiers, and the region turns into chaos as houses begin to be set on fire. The rebellions within the Romanian territory cause similar disruptions, however, many civilians seek a more peaceful resolution, while radicals continue disturbance and violence against the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
    • CommuistFlagofMacedonia People's Republic of Macedonia: With our recent formation as result of the Berlin Conference, we demand that all nations around us recognize our sovereignty. We declare our capital as Thessaloniki, along with beginning to draw the Oblasts around the country, which will be officially decided next year. Until our constitution is written and an election is held, Alejandra Kokinos has been declared interim General Secretary. She has publicly expressed interest in running for General Secretary when the election is held. As history persists, she might be the first woman who serves as General Secretary of a communist nation.
  • Flag of Romania Romania: We continue on building rocket, which is expected to be completed next year. We announce that Ion Alexandrescu will be our astronaut to fly to the Moon, and also will be first Romanian to reach the Moon. We launch satelite, Colos which is proposed to technology research, and. We start to develop our own quantum computer, and ask Alpine Confederation for support [Players Response Needed]. We continue build infrastructure, with Maglev roads are built in Timişoara (P5), Iaşi (P6), and Craiova (P7). Another maglev roads are built between Constanţa and Bucharest (N2), Timişoara and Cluj Napoca (N3), Bucharest Area (P8, P10), Cluj area (P9, P11), and Constanţa (P12). Resorts and islands are built in Timişoara, making the city looks like Dubai in 2010s with less skyscrapers. Drağan expands trading of its products to Slovakia, and we ask them to jointly build maglev roads (along with Alpine Confederation) [Mod Response Needed]. Number of immigrants from Ukraine is slowly decreased, although Civil War in Ukraine seems to be more chaotic. Reported, 150,000 immigrants (mostly Romanians and Moldovans) from Ukraine have entered Romania last year. In military, we continue develop technology for military. We add equipments like drones and jets. We ask Alpine Confederation and Slovakia to form Central European Regional Cooperation, this organization will be similar to former EU, but focusing on economy proposal [Players/Mod Response Needed].
  • Flag of the Republic of China (1912-1928).svgRepublic of China: Xie Yating is elected over the previous president, Jiang Bao, in the chinese presidential election. We are attempting to build relationships and increase trading with other countries. [Player/Mod response needed]  We also begin reasearching and constructing an entirelly under-water military base in the pacific ocean. Construction should be complete by 2055.
    • German Diplomacy: We offer to improve relations with China now that your communist government is gone and offer a special trade agreement to increase economic ties and help the Chinese economy recover from the years of civil war.
      • Chinese Diplomacy: We are intrigued by this trade agreement and wish to hear more.
    • Korean Diplomacy: We would like to improve relations between our countries, as they have been in turmoil the past decade. We offer a trade deal, as well as non-aggression pact between our nations.
  • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We launch the colony components from the Innsbruck launching stations as part of the Project Steel Sky, landing them in the Mare Serenetatis, awaiting assembly, with the flight plan guided by our prototype quantum computer. The landing is a success, paving the future of quantum computing and lunar mining. We begin recruitment and training of on site staff for the mining facility, and plan to send them along with their Romanian counterparts to the Moon in 2041 earliest. The Life Project continues in Europe, Asia and Oceania, and the Project begins in certain stable areas of Africa. Our experts predict we will hit the end of Moore's Law in 2050, and all nations should brace for the coming computing revolution. In other news, we explore the island of stability in the elements, which has revealed to be elements 125 onwards. We ask to work with the United States with the exploration of new elements. [US Response Needed]
  • Flag of NigeriaNigeria: Industries and used to their fullest extent. The Solar Energy program begins, to prepare us for the post oil age. We also announce our peaceful nuclear program, to build energy facilities. We have purchased 500 Abrams Tanks, 500 Leopar-2 tanks, and a number of arms from Namibia. Seeing that, the Nigerian Arms Industry begins. An advanced tactical assault rifle begins production, as well as Anti Tank and Anti Aircraft Grenade launchers. Considering the fact that we have worked out a deal with the US to get their new tank, plans are made for a tank factory, to produce modern tanks, the "Make in Nigeria" program. There are plans by 2050 to create an indigenous fighter jet, the F27 Buhari. Global warming is taking its toll, so we start building defenses around coastal cities. Meanwhile, all the investments in cities are moved to the cities that are inland, and a mass migration occurs. Kano vision 2060 is announced, as plan to turn Kano is to a very modern city.
    • Rogue Nigerian Jihadis: Lacking the means to fight the Nigerian government, just like the Isis fighters of old, they fly to areas to wage Jihad. They join Ansar al Deen, and fly to Afghanistan, where they will then wage Jihad in Pakistan, to fight off the Maratha devils. Some also fly to India directly, where they go to Bangladesh to wage Jihad against the Maratha.
    • Nigerian Secret Fascists: Joseph Abioye plans to restore Nigeria as a fascist dicatorship, and plans to declare himself Oba (Emperor) of Nigeria and unify West Africa using the latest technology.
    • Nigerian Communists: The Communist Party is quite active, and is legal. It already has 1/6th of parliament. However, they do not know of the Nigerian fascists.
  • Flag of the United States United States of America: With a heavy heart we Declare War on Canada, after Nuclear Weapons Development, Threats of Nuclear and Conventional Warfare, and to settle the disputed areas of Columbia and the Alaska Panhandle. We call upon our allies in Great Britain, Korea, and Brazil to help us in the fight against this tyrannical dictatorship that continues to threaten war. If you want war. You shall have war. We ready our new Army for war once again. We have realized that the only way yo make true peace is through war. We also forcibly abolish the free Associations of Texas and California, occupying them and re-integrating them into the union, splitting them up as to make them smaller and more equal to the other states in population. We occupy our former free Associations quickly as we had yet to withdraw troops and due to them not expecting it. The election is heated, as Former North Carolina Senator Ryan Kiehlmeier (I'm allowed to have dreams, too, you know) and former New York Governor Henry Trump battle it out in the General Election. Currently Kiehlmeier is winning in the early voting, but nothing is decided yet.
    • Korean Diplomacy: We will help in the invasion, but ask Germany if this will change United Korea's status in the Pact of Steel [German Response Needed].
    • German Diplomacy: Our ambassador in Seoul informs the Korean government that we will give our approval to this as Canada has always been more of an ally of convenience for us, and that the Berlin Conference might result in the Pact being dissolved or replaced anyway.
  • Flag of BrazilBrazil: We accept the request of our allies USA and we send 200,000 soldiers and heavy Machinery to help them on their invasion of Canada. We Ask our allies to Create a new Alliance for a better and safer world. We ask our allies USA, Great Britain, Korea and Alpine Confederation join the new alliance also known as APCO (Atlantic-Pacific Cooperation Organization).[Players response needed]. We ask our allies to back us on the integration of Peru-Bolivian Empire with Brazil.[Player response needed]. We also ask Mexico to approve this as we are close and we'll handle them properly.[Mexico response needed]. We also ask for joint space research between the APCO. We also ask for the New Tanks created by US as it will help us.[US response needed]
    • USA Response: We accept.
    • Korean Diplomacy: We will accept, but make clear that we are still a member of the Pact of Steel.
    • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We respectfully decline the offer for an fully fledged alliance, but will join as an economic partner as our armed neutrality allows.
    • Mexican Diplomacy: We are honestly opposed to the idea of annexing the Peru-Bolivian Empire, however, we are willing to make compromises.
  • Flag of MozambiqueMozambique: We continue fighting the Communist, Fascist and Jihadist Rebels in Northern Mozambique with 70,000 troops each, hoping to retake some of the land back [Mod Response Needed]. Meanwhile, the change to a constitutional monarchy is continued by an upcoming election of the Prime Minister, with two candidates, Luis Alejandro Mpemba (leader of the Republican faction, promises technological and developmental superiority over all Africa), and Leon Nyusi (son of former President Fillipe Nyusi, promises high military strength and more wealth).