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This map game is an Active Map Game.

I want to try to make this the longest map game, ever.


There isn't much of a backstory to this map game. However, it should be mentioned that this will be focused on what is happening currently. This Map Game takes place in 2017, and continues from that point. Play as any country you would like and the main goal is to survive the longest.

Rules/ Important Information

General Rules

  • No implausibilities, after four warnings, your nation will be taken away, and become available to others. If you don't want this happens to you, please do some research about your nation.
  • No swearing in-game, but it is allowed in comments.
  • Every 20 years will be archived.
  • Each turn will be one year; Once 2050 is reached, each turn will be two years; Once 2100 is reached, each turn will be five years.
  • No Racial Slurs are allowed.
  • Turns are added once most of the nations have added a turn, and all Mod and Player responses are done.
  • If you're country ends up being defeated, you can continue to play by playing as a different nation.
  • There is a max of 1 post per turn, unless a mod event happens.

Warfare Rules.

  • Chances for winning a successful invasion/war against a country in their homeland is 50%.
  • War is declared after a formal Declaration of War is announced, however, it takes a year to begin invading.
  • If a country chooses to do an unannounced invasion, their chances of winning are increased to 75%, but the chances of another country intervening plus a rebellion occurring are also increased to 75%.

Nuclear Strike Rules

  • Nuclear weapons are allowed to be created once a nation has played for five-plus years, and there is a max of 15 allowed to be created each year.
  • Using a nuclear weapon on a location can cause global outrage; Neighboring countries have the possibility to invade your country, to gain control of the nuclear weapons.

Moderator Rules and Regulations

  • Mod's may not decide what happens within another country unless they have permission from the other country's player.
  • Head Mod's ruling overrides any ruling.
  • Mod's may create mod events, as long as it is plausible.

Nation Switching and Interaction

  • You may only switch your nation once, and it must be a decision made by three mods to allow it to happen.
  • Any player versus player conflict will be no different from a player versus NPC conflict.
  • Players may switch to another nation if their nation is defeated.



Collapsed/Changed Nations

Nations whom have collapsed/changed over the course of Discord.

  • Flag of Syria Syria (Collapsed in 2019)
    • Liwa Ahfad Saladin variant opposition flag.svg Sunnistan (Formed in 2019, then invaded and annexed by Turkish Empire)
    • Flag of Kurdistan Kurdistan (Formed in 2019)
    • Caliphate of Turkey Islamic People's Caliphate (Formed in 2019 | Collapsed in 2025)
  • Flag of North Korea.svg-0 North Korea (Collapsed in 2024 | Land Given to the formal South Korea; current United Korea)
  • 170px-Flag of Switzerland (Pantone).svg Switzerland (Con-joined into current Alpine Confederation)
    • 255px-Flag of Austria.svg Austria (Con-joined into current Alpine Confederation)
    • 2000px-Flag of Liechtenstein.svg Liechtenstein (Con-joined into current Alpine Confederation)
    • Flag of Hungary Hungary (Con-joined into current Alpine Confederation)
    • Flag of Slovenia Slovenia (Con-joined into current Alpine Confederation)
  • Flag of the Republic of Texas Texas (Seceded from the United States of America in 2032)
  • Images-2 California Republic (Seceded from the United States of America)
  • Flag of the Pacific Ocean Pacific Confederation (Seceded from the United States of America Annexed by Canada, Bought by United States)
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg-0 People's Republic of China (Collapsed in 2029)
    • Flag of the Republic of China (1912-1928).svg (New) Republic of China (Replaced the People's Republic of China in 2030)
    • 255px-Flag of the Republic of China.svg Taiwan (Con-joined into the "new" Republic of China)
  • Flag of Belgium Belgium (invaded and annexed by Germany in 2029)
  • Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands (invaded and annexed by Germany in 2029)
  • Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg (invaded and annexed by Germany in 2029)
  • Flag of Denmark Denmark (invaded and annexed by Germany in 2031)
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden (invaded and annexed by Germany in 2031)
  • Flag of East Africa East African Federation (Formed in 2031)
    • Flag of Kenya.svg Kenya (Con-joined into EAF)
    • Flag of Uganda Uganda (Con-joined into EAF)
    • Flag of Burundi.svg Burundi (Con-joined into EAF)
    • Flag of Rwanda Rwanda (Con-joined into EAF)
  • Flag of Lesotho.svg Lesotho (Invaded and annexed by South Africa in 2031)
  • Flag of Swaziland Swaziland (Invaded and annexed by South Africa in 2031)
  • Flag of Cambodia Cambodia (Invaded and annexed by Vietnam in 2031)
  • Flag of Laos Laos (Invaded and annexed by Vietnam in 2031)
  • A0851225 Yemen (invaded and annexed by Somalia in 2031)
  • Flag of Moldova Moldova (Invaded and annexed by Ukraine in 2031)
  • Flag of Norway Norway (Invaded and annexed by Germany in 2032)
  • Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic (Invaded and annexed by Germany in 2032)
  • Flag of Poland Poland (Invaded and annexed by Germany and Russia in 2033)
    • Flag of Prussia (1892-1918) Prussian Empire (Formed after Poland collapses in 2033)
  • Flag of Sudan Sudan (Merged with Egypt)
    • Flag of South Sudan South Sudan (Invaded and annexed by Sudan in 2031)
  • Flag of Belarus Belarus (Merged with Russia)
  • Flag of Nepal Nepal (Invaded and illegally occupied by India in 2032)
  • Flag of Bhutan Bhutan (Invaded and illegally occupied by India in 2032)
  • Flag of Bangladesh Bangladesh (Invaded and annexed by India in 2032)
  • Flag of Pakistan Pakistan (Invaded with a Casus belli and annexed by India in 2033)
  • Flag of Myanmar Myanmar (Invaded and annexed by India in 2035)
  • Flag of Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea (Invaded and annexed by United Korea in 2033)
  • Micronesia flag Federated States of Micronesia (Invaded by United Korea in 2035)
  • Flag of Mamluk dynasty Libya-Tunisia (Formed in 2033)
    • Flag of Libya Libya (Con-joined into Libya-Tunisia)
    • Flag of Tunisia Tunisia (Con-joined into Libya-Tunisia)
  • Flag of the Peru-Bolivian Confederation Peru-Bolivian Empire (Formed in 2034)
    • Flag of Peru.svg Peru (Con-joined into Peru-Bolivian Empire)
    • Flag of Bolivia Bolivia (Con-joined into Peru-Bolivian Empire)
    • Flag of Ecuador Ecuador (Invaded by the Peru-Bolivian Empire in 2036)
  • Flag of Yemen Somalian Yemen (Invaded and occupied by Great Britain in 2032)
  • Flag of the Faroe Islands Faroe Island (Merged with Great Britain)


(You do not have to upload a map for your country if you are unable to. You can also play as a revolutionary group within a country of your choosing.)

NPC-Mod Controlled Countries:

  • Flag of Russia.svg-0 Russian Federation
  • Flag of the Republic of China (1912-1928).svg (New) Republic of China


  • Head Mod/ Creator/ Map Mod: Solace

Mod Application

Need more mods. Add yourself to the list, describe why you want to be a mod, and you may be chosen to become a mod :D

  • TGamer15 Why?: cause im on lots and can put mod responses
    • Solace Response: Right now, there are too many Pact of Steel members on the mod list, and because I think that you will personally be biased with you mod responses.
  • US 118 Star Flag NewHorizons a.k.a Ryan Here! Pacific Union Flag: I have lots of experience and will not make biased mod responses. We also don't have any Allied mods (might be wrong.) but either way, we need more allied mods as to balance the playing field.


Additional Pages

Pages that are part of the Discord (Map Game) cannon.


Ukrainian Civil War

Who do you support in the Ukrainian Civil War?

The poll was created at 03:36 on March 22, 2017, and so far 17 people voted.

United Korea Election

United Korean 2038 Election

The poll was created at 23:34 on March 20, 2017, and so far 15 people voted.



Mod Event: The Arab Communist Republic begins to expand its influence across the Arabian Peninsula. Mongolia gains a lot of territory in its conflict over the year, and now establishes the Neo Mongolian Khanate. Russia begins to fall apart, as the Siberian and Transcaucasian rebels gain ground in the biggest revolution since 1917. ASEAN wishes to come to a compromise in Southeast Asia, and offers peace to Pact of Steel members militarily present in the area. Oil and coal are being used up at a much faster rate thanks to the war, and supplies are starting to slowly drop. The Peru-Bolivian Empire have almost completely invaded Paraguay, and looking towards Colombian invasion next. Several rebel states in Transcaucasia join the Allies, mostly due to concerns over Turkish invasion, as does Armenia and Azerbaijan. There is a coup in Nigeria, establishing an imperialistic state, set to join the Pact of Steel. Finnish advancement begins to slow in the North, but not before the invasion and establishment of the state of Petrograd, with St. Petersburg as the capital.

  • Flag of Brazil Brazil: We condemn the invasions of the Peru-Bolivian Empire and say if you continue the invasions for any longer we'll invade you. In this time of crisis where the entire sovereignty of Latin America is at stake, we ask all the remaining countries to join us in this quest for bringing down the Imperialist nation .[Mod Response Needed]. Our president has said in a press conference, "Dear citizens of Latin America, I am ashamed to say that the imperialist bastards have declared war on us. We need to unite to bring down a dangerous enemy. If we are united we will accomplish anything, this is to you my Latin American friends." We request Falkland Islands from GB and in return we'll join your alliance against the rogue PoS [GB response needed]. We condemn all the nations that are in PoS saying that you're all imperialist idiots who want land. Our entry into the allies will mean an advantage in the war, beware. We also want alliances with Romania, Alpine Federation, Pacific Confederation, ASEAN Countries, and Australia.[Mod/Player response needed].
    • Romanian Diplomacy: We politely decline your offer for alliance, as we are neutral nation.
    • Australian Diplomacy: We agree to the alliance due to the power of the pact of steel and Peru-Bolivian empire.
    • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We respectfully decline, stating we are permanently neutral.
    • Mod Response: Chile, Uruguay, Guyana and Suriname join the Latin American Coalition. The nations of ASEAN accept the offer for alliance, and guarantee support in the conflict against the Peru-Bolivian Empire.
    • Flag of Mexico-0 Mexico: While we were not requested, we are one of the nations that helped form the Latin American Coalition. We will help you to the best of our abilities. There are already two brigades of Mexican marines already on Brazilian soil helping.
    • Pacif confed. Dip: we accsept, and formally declare war on canada due to the occupation of Seattle.
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: With more people conscripting every year we start advanced training courses in Melbourne and Sydney towards the top students of the classes there. Many air force bases such as Pierce in Perth are increased in size for more planes. We invade Lisbon with 300 000 troops and the VS-Melbourne while 435 000 troops with the VS-Stirling and 16 bomber planes push North of Portugal to capture any remaining cities if all this succeeds we should have control of all of portugal[mod response needed]. We warn Colombia of the Peru-Bolivian empire preparing to attack them next and offer to send the VS-Endeavour and 20 000 troops for support[mod response needed]. We begin to construct 2 new Valkyries.
    • Mod Response: Portugal has expanded significantly into Iberia since your last invasion. The invasion force doesn't gain much ground, and remaining ground troops are repelled by a Portugese offensive against taken territory. Colombia accepts the offer and prepares a landing sector for the Valkyrie.
  • Flag of JapanJapan: we become allies with Korea and propose a act that Korean and Japanese troops cant enter each other's contries and then we join the Pact of Steel [Germany Response]. we then stay away from any other contries, but spies on Australia.
    • German Diplomacy: We accept Japan's request to join the Pact, but we will leave you to work out the details with Korea with its government.
  • Flag of MozambiqueMozambique: We continue cracking down on people involved in the genocide, with 600,000 people suspected to be involved in the genocide being temporarily detained in detention camps. We also pass a new law that will allow us to wiretap every single phone and electronic device in the entire country, scouring for links to the genocide. There have been huge protests in the northern provinces, with one protest in Nampala almost escalating into a riot, with the 45,000-odd protestors shouting "DOWN WITH THE KING" and "LONG LIVE DEMOCRACY" and throwing stones at local police. Other protests call for a nationalist Mozambique, others advocate fascism, still others endorse communism. Even more problems ensue, as Zimbabweans, Malawians and Muslims are murdering Catholic Mozambicans for "revenge", and King Enrique has avoided 5 assassination attempts already. The King declares a State of Emergency, and sends the entire army to patrol all areas of the country and stop the chaos. (Secret) We tell the army to torture the detained, as well as murder anybody with ties to either side of the genocide. (End Secret)
  • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We continue the newly named Maglev Integration Projects. Roads in Liechtenstein are almost completely repaved. Major cities across the nation have Maglev roads, and Maglev vehicles are being sold. The new Maglev cars have been proven to be extremely efficient, and road accidents have been cut down by 30% since the introduction of the Maglev Integration Projects. We begin to become less reliant on fossil fuels. We begin a space program, with a launchpad 10 kilometers from Innsbruck. It is formally known as the ALPine aeronautic and astropHysics Administration, or ALPHA. We begin developing the technology for lunar mining.
    • Secret Afghan plans: Taking advantage towards the Alpine confederation's neutrality in the war, and the fact that Islam is the fastest growing Religion in the European Alpine nations, Ansar al Deen's head in Afghanistan links with several Wahhabis in the Alpine Confederation via internet and forms a chapter. Ansar al Deen has just gotten its first European Chapter, and intends to expand across Europe.
  • 1232 United Korea: We decide that we will pull ourselves out of World War III completely, which is why our nation had been very quiet last year. We would still like to be a member of the Pact of Steel, but for trading instead of military [Player/Mod Response Needed]. Before we fully pull out of World War III, we will continue to take the Philippines and Papua New Guinea, as they remain our last large conquest. We send our entire air force of 30 F-16 Fighting Falcon's to bombard all of the remaining hold outs of the Philippines and Papua New Guinea, and then 40,000 troops will arrive via our navy to eliminate remaining troops and to overthrow the government, effectively putting Papua New Guinea's and Philippines under our control [Mod Response Needed]. We finally finish our Valkyrie, entitled VS-Moonlight. We begin construction of another one, which is scheduled to be finished in 2045. Its working title is "Rising Sun". Although we will leave World War III after our conquest of Philippines and Papua New Guinea, we still will hold a very large military presence within the Korean Peninsula and our current occupation of the countries of whom we have control over. Currently, 324,000 troops are being moved to our occupied zones of Philippines and Papua New Guinea, with around 400,000 troops staying within the Korean Peninsula itself. With the British Commonwealth having ended a few years ago, we send 12,000 troops to invade and annex the main islands of Samoa, not American Samoa [Mod Response Needed]. Due to the continuation of World War III and Korea's involvement in it, the scheduled election will take place next year, with the Worker's Party having a 23% approval rating and the Democratic Party having 77%
    • Mod Response: The Philippines and Papua New Guinea, already weakened, quickly fall, with their governments signing a capitulation while some isolated bands of soldiers and armed citizens continue to fight.
    • German Diplomacy: The German ambassador in Seoul demands to know why Korea is pulling out of the war. Although, secretly, the German General Staff acknowledges that it does not mean much to Germany due to the Koreans not being involved in the war in Europe.
    • Korean Diplomacy: The unfavorable view towards the Worker's Party of United Korea has brought fear that the party will dissolve upon its possible loss in the upcoming elections. However, depending on how the elections go will decide our fate in World War III.
  • Afghanistan1919 Afghanistan: Roads are built to connect the many cities in villages and mountains, though many of these are dirt roads. Military Industrial Complexes open up with Marathan help, produces MCIWS rifles and Anti aircraft rockets and Anti tank weapons. The five year plan for industrialization continues. Military is increased to 250,000 standing, and 300,000 reserves, plus 150,000 militia.  The democratically elected Emir continues his funding of the Ansar al Deen insurgent group.
    • Ansar al Deen (Afghan spies): The Tajik branch organizes a peaceful protest in Dushanbe. All across Central Asia, the Ansar al Deen members stockpile on arms. Protests occur in Turkmenistan. A protest is done in Tashkent. No violent attacks occur yet. However, not much is done with the Kazakhstan branch. Meanwhile in Saudi Arabia, Ansar al Deen has contacted the members of the Al Saud family and beings their plan to restore the Al Saud family to power. They quickly begin stockpiling rockets and assault rifles, no attacks are done yet. A peaceful protest is done in Ridyadh. Opium is pouring money into this group. Radio "Free Afriqia", "Free Misr", and "Free Anatolia" continue operation.
  • Flag of Mexico-0 Mexico: We have had enough of the Peru-Bolivian Empire. With our military ready, we declare war on the Peru-Bolivian Empire. We call upon the Latin American coalition to follow suit. We ask if the U.S., Canada, and Texas will assist us, citing the economic threat the Peru-Bolivian Empire presents. We immediately raise our DEFCON level to DEFCON 3. War factories have been opened in almost every major city, with our shipyards being put into full swing. Recruiting campaigns have been initiated with their success rate reaching up to forty percent. As of right now, we have 375,000 active personnel in our army with 100,000 in active reserves. Our military has been deployed in Colombia to serve alongside the Colombian military. With the Colombian military, we have begun a massive artillery and aerial bombardment of the Peruvian cities/towns of Flor de Agosto and Caballococha, with Colombian river barges being built and deployed on the Amazon and Putumayo Rivers to transport infantry across to occupy the towns. [Mod Response needed: Are the artillery and aerial bombardments successful] (Secret: We also deploy our military that at the Colombian towns/cities of Ipiales and San Miguel to prepare for a Mexican-Colombian joint operation to liberate Ecuador, while all of that is going on, we prepare our amphibious force (a corps) for an amphibious invasion of Callao, Peru-Bolivia. We ask Australia, if the 45,000 troops they sent to help will help us in the planned amphibious invasion. We ask Brazil and Chile if they will assist us with the naval operations in the amphibious invasion, with Brazil to use their aircraft carrier to provide air support. in the amphibious invasion. End Secret) [Mod, Latin American Coalition, United States, Canada, Texas (Secret: Australian, Chilean, and Brazilian) response needed]
    • Mod Response: The bombardments are a success, destroying strategic points in the cities. Brazil and Chile agree to assist in the invasion, and secretly deploy their troops while distracting Peru-Bolivia with a small offensive in the southeast.
  • Flag of Canada Canada: Seeing that we are imperialist we do not want to declare war on the peru-bolivian empire. But we will declare war on them when we are done with the pacific confederation. We send 4 million troops, 1 million CWD-02's across the border into the pacific confederation, and try to take seattle. and we bring our pacific naval fleet in and the pontoon to bomb cities. We also drop EMP's into major pac confed cities to kill the power and lower morale. across the border into the pacific confederation, and try to take seattle. [Mod response needed] (mr. mod, this better be me taking seattle, i got 4 MILLION troops and 1 million war drones and emps and missiles everywhere. and ryan cant attack me because they arent protectorates anymore :D) In other news, we continue our nuclear bomb making, set a immigration limit at 4 million a year, and release the CWD-03. It has 2 rocket launchers, a minigun, targeting systems, and can suicide when critically damaged. Our population reaches 70 million. We are 25% done working on our top secret project. The calgary tower finishes. We refuse to export oil to any PoS enemies, and make neutrals pay more for oil.
    • Mod Response: Seattle is quickly taken, due to there not being a lot of military presence within the area.
  • Flag of the German Empire German Empire: With the rebellion in the fatherland quieting down, we continue our operations but also crack down on the remaining rebels. Due to the war and the rebellion, the 2035 federal elections have been postponed by the Emperor, and will occur at some later date. We work to restore the economy and logistics to keep everything running smoothly on the home front. Meanwhile, our 700,000 troops continue to push into Italy. Our 400,000 men in Bulgaria advance further south and attack the Turkish forces, while the Luftwaffe bombs their positions. The German Navy assaults the Turkish coastal cities, including Izmir, to cause as much destruction and confusion as possible. Meanwhile we demand that the government of Greece surrenders, as their military has been practically destroyed and they have little land left. Our 200,000 troops continue to invade Bosnia as well. Our 600,000 troops continue to invade the Baltics and Finland, concentrating especially on the latter, attacking the country from all sides. We also intervene in Russia, sending 450,000 troops from the homeland into central Russia to support the current Russian government, and invade Transcaucasia. Meanwhile, the German military launches a force of transports and escorts, as well as air transports from the Luftwaffe, that move troops to North Africa. We land about 380,000 troops in Libya-Tunisia for an invasion, with most of the landings happening in Tripoli, Sirte, Benghazi, and Tunis. [Mod Response]
    • Flag of Germany Free Republic of Germany: The rebels are now down to an estimated 400,000 supporters and fighters, while the nationalist groups are down to 250,000 throughout the German occupied territories. We continue to hold out in the cities we have control over, although the republican government was forced to evacuate Munich as the city was completely retaken by the imperial government.
    • Mod Response: Finland begins to lose slightly, but the increase of civilians whom want to join the military increases in Finland, and soon another stalemate occurs. The Baltic State Lithuania falls due to German and Russian conjoined forces fighting and deteriorating Lithuania's military. Latvia and Estonia begin to conscript as many women and men they are able to to defend against Germany. Georgia is able to defend against the German forces successfully. Armenia and Azerbaijan join the Anti-Germany Coalition. The Russian government thanks Germany, however, they warn Germany that "although Russia might seem to be winning the fight, it had been finished before it started". Libya-Tunisia, having prepared their military very strongly, are able to primarily stop the German Empire's forces, but lose Tripoli. Bulgaria is successfully defend, with the Turkish Empire losing main control over Bulgaria. The destruction of various ports around the Turkish Empire seem to not bother them very much, however, they declare war on the German Empire, but do not side with the Anti-Germany Coalition.
  • Flag of Romania Romania: We hold election, Union Democratic Party wins the election by 67% votes. We continue build infrastructure, and now focusing on rural area. We start construction of A18 in Cluj-Napoca, and it is expected to be completed in 2039. We start to build maglev roads in Bucharest (P1), and our automobile manufacturer, Drăgan starts to produce Maglev cars, and cars will be sold in next year, as the road is completed. We ask Alpine Confederation if we can jointly build Maglev roads to connect two nations from Debrecen to Cluj-Napoca [Player Response Needed]. We continue our space program, and speed construction of space port up, we hope the spaceport can be used next year. We also start to make project for building rocket, and plan to send man to the moon, making it will be first Romanian man to reach the moon. We also continue recruitment for astronasut, and continue to train them. Meanwhile in military, there are no significant changes, but we start to upgrade its technology. We tell all schools to oblige student to implement literacy program by reading books every day, especially sciences books. With this program, we hope our literacy rate increased.
    • United Peace Movement: We continue peace campaign, and hold peaceful demonstrations in London, Los Angeles, New York City, Sydney, Seoul, Toronto, and Berlin, they demand for peace. Estimated, we have 4.7 million members and it continues increasing. We also establish new branches in London, Rio de Janeiro, Chicago, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Kinshasa, Accra, Dakar, Tokyo, Sydney, Jakarta, and Dubai.
    • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We agree to the proposal.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: While travelling to the Verkhovna Rada for a conference on Communist Activism in the country, President Kyrylenko is shot multiple times by a woman who jumped out of the crowd and began firing at random in his direction. Both him and his Prime Minister were shot and are both taken to the local hospital.
    Український бунт (Ukraine riots compilation)05:05

    Український бунт (Ukraine riots compilation)

    Riots across Kiev after the shooting of President Kyrylenko and his Prime Minister

    About 2 hours later, both President Kyrylenko and his Prime Minister are declared dead from multiple gunshot wounds. The woman who had been almost torn apart by bystanders at the scene declares that she works for the terrorist organization "Ukrainian Communist Movement", in which their supporters later back up this fact. The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada (Vlad Basara) becomes the acting-president and is hidden in the Verkhovna Rada building until it is safe. Still chaos erupts in Kiev, as many rise up in rebellion against the government in favor of the communists, along with not knowing where the acting president. Almost 375,800 people gather in downtown Kiev in protests and rebellion, and soon the city is in 
    Violent video Ukraine rioters brutally beat police, storm local admin building-004:33

    Violent video Ukraine rioters brutally beat police, storm local admin building-0

    Ukrainian rioters invade the Verkhovna Rada.

    chaos. Almost 75,760 people invade the Verkhovna Rada and it is reported that the Acting President is Missing in Action, and the building is soon set ablaze. The Presidential Residence is also burned to the ground by protesters. Police and military forces try their best to control the situation but with no leader, they are no beginning to turn against each other. Many think that the military is planning on taking over the government, but so far nothing but destruction.
    • German Diplomacy: The German ambassador in Kiev condemns this violent coup and asks Berlin for protection. The Imperial Government decides that with Russia and Ukraine, our principle allies in Eastern Europe, both collapsing it is a good time to implement the Mitteleuropa plan from the Foreign Office's Colonial Department. As part of this, we withdraw 300,000 troops from Italy and transport them into Ukraine, ostensibly to restore order and return power to the legitimate Ukrainian authorities, as well as to crush the communists. We also begin withdrawing out 200,000 from Greece and sending them back to the Fatherland, as well as our remaining forces in Italy, believing that the Italian royalists can hold their territory on their own due to the Italian government's weakened state. These might also be sent into Russia, Ukraine, Finland and the Baltics.
    • Pacific Federation: We implement a new federal government, replacing our confederation. As well, Aegir to harras the Canadian fleets.
  • Flag of the United StatesUnited States of America: We pledge allegiance to The Allies, and begin a revitalization of War Plan Crimson, a part of War Plan Red. We start with aerial bombardment of major Canadian Cities, as most of their major cities and even capital. We say that we will leave the war only with a concession of British Columbia, Alaska, Maine, Yukon, and The Maritimes. [Canada Response Needed] We begin a naval Blockade of Halifax to stop major shipments to Canada.
  • 3rdfrenchempire French State: Conscription begins en masse. We now have over 18 million soldiers. We push more into Algeria and help out the Spanish Nationalists and Italian Royalists. Our old space program is restarted, with 155 billion USD in funding each year, with plans to establish a Lunar mining base. The military has nearly 780 billion USD for funding each year, and railguns have been completely researched, with them being produced en masse, like our conscriptions at least 30% of our soldiers have them.


Mod Event: In an unprecedented move, Libya-Tunisia and Algeria begin a massive invasion into Northern Italy to push back the Royalists. Supported by Italy, they liberate Tuscany. Russia loses large portions of land in Siberia to Krasnoyarsk, Yakutia, Tuva, Kamchatka and Primorsky, as well as the Neo Mongolian Khanate. Kazakhstan is next on the list of Neo Mongolia's Christmas presents, and forces are already being moved over to the border. Tuva is promised some land in Kazakhstan as well. Nigeria was beginning to invade Western Africa, but it descended into civil war which is won by a fascist movement. A communist coup in Jordan and Iraq, orchestrated by the Arab Communist Republic results in the formation of the Jordanian Arab Communist Republic and the Iraqi Arab Communist Republic, better known as the JACR and IACR. The Arab Communist Republic begins spreading communist propaganda to Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait. Finland and Karelia begin a liberation of Scandinavia, while Petrograd holds off the invading Russians and Germans. Tripoli is retaken by Libya-Tunisia after a long offensive involving desert tactics and rat bombs. Sea levels rise 2 inches.

  • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We begin reformations of the education system to include new views on environmental sciences and magnetism, as well as promoting rational thinking and tolerance. We begin to be more tolerant religiously and racially. We have now repaved 50% of the nation's roads, and see an increase in Maglev vehicle sales. We have reached our quota for the Life Project in North America and South America, and seeing eventual peace in Asia, we begin collecting data from Asia. We launch two weather satellites into orbit, and ask to work with Romania to establish a lunar mining post. [Romanian Response Needed]
    • Romanian Diplomacy: We accept.
  • Flag of Romania Romania: We continue our project on economy and infrastructure. Our GDP per capita is $34,300, ranked 7th in Europe, behind Alpine Confederation, Great Britain, Iceland, German Empire, France, Russia. It is expected to overtake Russia and France, if the war continues. We start to build high security in Ukrainian-Romanian border, as effect from Communist riots. Iaşi is heavily secured with 12,000 troops and 35,000 police personnels secure the city. We report that many Ukrainian citizens (mostly Moldovans and Romanians) immigrate to our nation, then we state that we will accept any immigrants, especially our lost family (Romanians) and our brother (Moldovans). ±500,000 Ukrainian immigrants are coming to Romania this year. In react of Communist riots in Kiev and assasination of President and Prime Minister of Ukraine, Vasile Petrescu condemns this, saying that "What happened in Ukraine is unacceptable and totally against peace." We start to build military, with 15,000 people are recruited into Armed Forces. We also continue do research on military technology. Military factories are built, and start producing tanks, artillery, and aircrafts. We also continue focusing on economy and infrastructure, construction of Maglev roads in Bucharest (P1) are finished with length of 7.8 km. A19 is still under construction, with progress of 55%, meanwhile we start constructions of A21. We start construction of maglev roads to connect Debrecen and Cluj Napoca (N1), Cluj-Napoca (P3), and more routes in Bucharest (P2, P4). Dragăn starts to sold Maglev vehicles, and usage of Maglev vehicle is proved efficient. Construction of space port is finished, and we start to use the space port with launch our second satelites, Goliat II. We continue building rocket and start to select astronauts and train them.
  • Japan: We now will commence Operation Fugu [Korea Response] on a second note some assains will be in Austrlia we will also test the torpedoes [Mod Response].
States of the German Empire

States of Germany proper

  • Flag of the German Empire German Empire: In response to the recent collapse of Russia and Ukraine, we send about 400,000 troops into Russia and 300,000 to Ukraine to restore order. Our main goal is to give power back to the pro-German governments, but if that fails, then German troops are to occupy those areas. With our intervention in Italy, Spain, and Greece over, we also pull our remaining 200,000 troops from Bosnia. As a result, the 400,000 German troops in Bulgaria are currently the only German forces in the Balkans, and they are on an offensive against the Turks in Bulgaria. The German Imperial armed forces have 1.1 million soldiers deployed outside of Germany currently. The German Emperor states in a speech that we will be willing to sign peace agreements with the Allies and end the war in exchange for the recognition of Germany's territorial acquisitions. [Player Response] We continue to integrate the conquered territories, particularly Czechia and Poland, making German the official language. We begin fixing and upgrading infrastructure in our cities, particularly those damaged during the recent domestic rebellions. The Imperial Chancellor, Beatrix von Storch, announces her intention to step down as soon as the war is over and a federal election can be held (originally it was supposed to happen in 2035). We begin reorganizing our administrative divisions to include the conquered territories as well. The Kingdom of Norway, Kingdom of Denmark, and Kingdom of Sweden are made states of the German Empire, like Prussia, Bavaria, and Wurttemburg. Luxembourg is Grand Duchy, while the Netherlands and Belgium are upgraded to kingdom status. Polish lands become part of the Kingdom of Prussia while Czechia becomes an Imperial Territory. We encourage German families to have more children and say that those who have five or more will be exempt from paying most taxes.
    • Flag of Germany German Democrats: The failure of the uprising and the fall of the self-proclaimed republican government in Munich has caused the movement to go back underground. Greatly weakened, the resistance groups are down to an estimated 200,000 members throughout Germany, while exact figures on nationalists is unknown.
    • Mod Response: Italian Republicans, Spain, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Latvia, and Estonia agree to sign peace agreements with Germany, saying that they are tired of the war. However, we still need responses from Great Britain and Australia [Players Response Needed].
    • United Peace Movement's Response: We are very happy after German Empire announced for peace talks. Members of UPM celebrates this, with "#VictoryforPeace" becomes worldwide trending topic.
    • Ukrainian Response: With our civil war ongoing, both the Communists and the Armed Forces decide on one representative team for both factions to represent Ukraine at the peace conference and ask that the territory gained in Romania, and Moldova be awarded to the former Ukrainian Government and when the Civil War is over it will be merged with the victor.
  • Australian response: We agree to the peace movement
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: After hearing about the Lisbon Counterattack we leave 100 000 troops with the Spanish to try and defend the southern line and push 400 000 troops and 20 tanks to Madrid and Barcelona[mod response needed] (secret) We begin designing Chemical weapons just in case things get out of hand and the Portuguese become to strong for us(end secret) We begin working on upgrades for the Valkyrie such as shielding technology which would be finished by 2043.
    • Mod Response: Australian advances are not significant as Portuguese air raids and strategic defenses repel the invasion to Madrid and Barcelona. However on the Spanish front, more significant advancements are made.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: With the complete chaos and destruction, Kiev falls into total anarchy. It was reported that during the civilian invasion of the Verkhovna Rada, the Acting President and many members of the Rada were pulled out of the building and killed. Now with no direction from the capital, the country begins to fall apart with rebellions being reported from across the land. Pro-Russians separatists begin taking territory

    Territory over Ukraine

    once more, demanding independence, Communist revolutionaries in major cities across the country, mostly in the southern countryside, and what is left of the Ukrainian military in the west attempting to take back control of the country. At this time, no current form of government controls the country and is a major fight for power; along with the Communist revolutionaries having an upper hand with over 6.7 million people support system.
    • CommunistUkraineFlag Ukrainian Communists: We are not sorry for the shooting of Ukraine's President and Prime Minister as they were useless and did absolutely nothing to help the people of the country...only themselves. We will help the people, we will not leave anybody behind, a Communist Ukraine will be fair and democratic. We begin rallying our supporters from across the country (mostly in big cities), and tell them to rise up and take major cities by force; we tell them to begin attacking Vylkove, Odesa, Kherson, Mykolayiv, Voznesens'k, Uman, Kirovohrad, Vinnytsya, Nikopol [Mod Response needed]. We can already tell that the region of Moldova will be the most heaviest of battle between the military and us. Still, we tell our supporters to rise up in Chişinău, Tiraspol, and Bălţi in the Moldova territory [Mod Response needed]. Unbenounst to the world, we have been secretly supplying our supporters with weapons to help fight against the government. We also do continues raids across captured territory to find weapons and spies from other factions.
    • MilitaryFlagofUkraine Ukrainian Military: With the collapse of the government and the total anarchy of the country, we decide to take control of the country and stabilize it...ourselves. We have lost many of our weapons to the Communists, so we use whatever weapons that we have to secure land in the west first, by attempting to take the cities of Ratne, Rivne, L'viv, Stryy, Khust, Ternopil, Volodymyr-Volyns'kyy, Ivano-Frankivs'k, Chernivtsi, and Vinnytsya [Mod Response needed]
    • UkrainianSeparatistsFlag Ukrainian Separatists: With the collapse, we take this opportunity to rise up and take our independence back! We begin to rise up and attempt to take the entire Donbass region and major cities inside the region [Mod Response needed].
    • Mod Response: The Ukrainian communists succeed in their uprisings in most places except for Kirovohrad, Vinnytsya, and Vylkove. The armed forces succeed in stabilizing most of its cities as well. Also some towns in former Romanian territory are taken over by Romanian nationalists, those who were citizens of Romania or Moldova before Ukraine captured that land. They are in favor of reuniting with Romania. However, they are not very many of them.
  • Flag of CanadaCanada: We are sad that our best ally, the US, has decided to invade us. However, we will not cede them the territories, seeing that their demands are far too great. But, we will give them the bottom half of maine, and the top right quarter of alaska as a peace offering. [U.S Response needed] We are thinking of pulling out of the war, but we will still supply resources to the PoS. We are still working on our population. Seeing that we have captured the capital of the pacific confederation, we tell their leaders that we only want the west half of washington state. As another peace offering, we also state in the treaty that oregon will be ceded back to the US. We also tell the U.S that if they still want to fight, and want absolute war, we will stop shipping oil to them and get all the other OPEC nations to stop shipping as well. We continue development of the northern provinces and alaska.
  • Flag of Mexico-0 Mexico: Our twenty MiG-29Ms that we purchased from Namibia have finally arrived. With help from Namibia advisers, training for pilots has been initiated. We wish to thank Namibia for selling us and helping us train for these aircraft. We will start retiring our older aircraft once the war with the Peru-Bolivian Empire is over. Speaking of war, with our artillery and aerial bombardments of Flor de Agosto and Caballococha having ceased, the infantry barges move across the Putumayo and Amazon Rivers to capture the towns. While this is going on, the joint Mexican-Colombian campaign to liberate Ecuador has been initiated with hundreds of thousands of infantry, thousands of land vehicles (mostly AFVs and APCs), and hundreds of aircraft moving into Ecuador. [Secret: The amphibious invasion Callao has been called off due to insufficient numbers, so a naval bombardment and blockade of Callao with Brazil and Chile has been proposed instead [End Secret] [Mod response needed: Are Flor de Agosto and Caballococha successfully captured, how far do we push into Ecuador, and is the proposal for the blockade and bombardment of Callao accepted by Brazil and Chile] Recruiting campaigns are still being launched, but not enough people are volunteering. We are considering moving into a total war footing if the war does not end by 2040. Hopefully, more people will start enlisting. [Mod response needed: does the rate of people enlisting increase] In other news, we offer to act as an intermediary between the U.S. and Canada. We offer to set up Mexico City as a location for peace talks. [Mod, U.S., and Canadian response needed]
    • Canadian dip: We accept Mexico's offer of using Mexico City as a place for peace talks, and hope the U.S will do the same.
    • Mexican Reply: If the U.S. responds with a yes, accommodations, that will be fully paid for by the government, will be made for the diplomats. Peace talks will be held in the National Palace, and constant contact will be kept with the embassies.
  • Flag of Great Britain Great Britain: Taking some time from the war, it is announced Yemen has stabilized, and for the first time, people are coming to The location instead of leaving it. We begin to build large skyscrapers and energy efficient buildings in Ta'izz and Sana'a, as well as, to a lesser extent, in Aden. We begin to establish more Electricity Stations for Electrical Cars in the Isles, beginning to phase out Fossil Fuels within the area. We have now finished integrating the Isle of Man and Faroe Islands into Great Britain as Constituent Countries, as well as being 80% through integrating Yemen into the nation. The Republicans are not preferred by many due to their stupid actions, and after a referendum, 61% favour the monarchy, and 39% favour the Republic. The Kingdom is reinstalled, however, a new royal family is chosen, descended from a Belgian family, and Atanas I is coronated.
  • 1232 United Korea: In a surprise and erratic election, Kim Ju-ae of the Worker's Party of United Korea becomes the President of United Korea with 82% of the vote, becoming one of the highest in Korean history. Her first act as President is seceded the state of China that has remained under our control since the Second Chinese revolution began LiaoningJilinTianjin , and Shandong Provinces] [Mod Response Needed]. She begins to set up a new government rule in the Philippines and Papua New Guinea, since they are now under complete rule. Their new governments will be decided next year. We launch an invasion upon the Solomon Islands with 60,000 troops and 3 naval ships delivering them, and then blocking the ports to stop trade and anybody leaving the island [Mod Response Needed]. With the Germany Empire looking to end the war and begin peace conferences, President Kim Ju-ae announces: "The war may be over in Europe, but it will not be over in Korea until we have complete dominance over the Pacific and Asia". Upon saying this, our conscription total reaches 1,050,000 troops. (Secret) We still continue our nuclear program, with our stockpile currently at 20 nuclear bombs (End Secret).
    • Mod Response: China accepts the returned provinces. The Soloman Islands quickly surrender as they have no military of their own, and the police is unable to put up much resistance.
  • Flag of MozambiqueMozambique: The country falls into disorder, as King Enrique Kasanje was assassinated by a Communist sympathizer of Zimbabwean descent on 9 March 2038. His son and heir, King Alvarez Kasanje takes over power, and reveals the secrets of the Mozambican government under the previous King, including the government's role in the genocide (for example, King Enrique's concentration camps and the encouragement of atrocities against Zimbabweans, Malawians and Muslims), its nuclear bomb, and its amassing of troops on the Zimbabwean border. He promises a more moderate role, and the concentration camps are officially dismantled, the nuclear bomb is to be kept in a secret facility in Sofala Province and not to be used unless for last-resort self-defense during or after nuclear war, and an order is sent for all soldiers to pull back from Zimbabwe and defend Maputo. However, the Republican, Fascist, Communist and Islamic revolutionary forces do not believe King Alvarez's message, and begin to rebel.
    • Mozambican Republicans: We rise up in a 58,000 strong army, and we attempt to seize the city of Pemba {Mod Response Needed]. We are determined to oust the Kasanjes from power, and request the help of the Namibian people to restore democracy in Mozambique [Namib Response Needed].
      • Namibian Dip.: We propose a compromise between the monarchy and the Republicans to install a constitutional monarchy with the Kasanjes as technical head of state but really a figurehead (the monarch retains technical power, but it must pass through a vote through the democratic government). [Player Response Needed].
    • Mozambican Islamic Jihadists: Riled up by broadcasts of "Radio Free Afriqia", 34,000 devout Muslims rise up in the city of Nampula, and we attempt to take the city [Mod Response Needed]. We begin murdering Christian Mozambicans, and call for Muslims in other nations with a large Muslim minority, like Tanzania and Kenya, to join them in the quest for jihad in Africa [Mod Response Needed]
    • Mozambican Fascists: We rise up in the city of Quelimane, and number 47,000. We attempt to take the city [Mod Response Needed]. We, mostly comprised of supporters of the recently deceased King Enrique Kasanje, continue the genocide on the bounds of King Enrique.
    • Mozambican Communists: In the city of Tete, 51,000 Communist Mozambicans unite in the hope of establishing a People's Republic in Mozambique, and our first step is to take the city of Tete [Mod Response Needed] . We ask our comrades Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Malawi to help us in this quest [Mod Response Needed].
    • Mod Response: The republicans, fascists, jihadists, and communists all succeed in capturing their objectives. So far other African governments hesitate to get involved with any of the factions, choosing to let the people of Mozambique sort out their own affairs.
  • Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia: [Secret] The government gives the Pacific Confederation a small bit of money, and encourage our companies to sell equipment to the Pacific Confederation at a discount. One of the companies offers EMP weaponry to counter Canadian drones. A uranium mine is opened in the desert, and the mined uranium being used to build nuclear weaponry. [End Secret]. The armed forces undergo a retraining reform lasting until 2042, implementing a new method of operations for modern warfare, including an emphasis on Auftragstaktik, having senior officers assigning objectives and junior officers achieving them on their own initiative. Attention is drawn to the general unrest in Mozambique. In response, a spy network is established in Mozambique to keep track of events in the country, and the government calls on its neighbors for a military response to help the legitimate monarch, saying "Islamic Jihadists and Fascists are people we don't want in Africa." [Mod Response Needed]. Many Namibian citizens are fleeing Mozambique, and the Namibian government asks the Mozambican government to help get Namibians back to Namibia. [Player Response Needed]. Construction of a hyperloop system between Walvis Bay, Swakopmund, Lüderitz, Windhoek, Grootfontein, Keetmanshoop, and Katima Mulilo, but it is designed for cargo as the population is not entirely trusting of hyperloops, and the technological shock would be great. The government asks the Alpine Confederation for help. [Player Response Needed]. The government begins to fund renewable fuel research and encourages businesses to do the same. A Namibian company, Namibian Armor Inc., run by a group of decendants of Israeli immigrants, creates the NAIT-1, based on the British Centurion and South African Oliphant design, but modified. Currently it is sold in small numbers to foreign militaries. The country declares an embargo on Peru-Bolivian Empire and declares its support for the rest of Latin America.
    • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We acknowledge their request and send some engineers to help.
      • Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia: Considering Alpine experience on hyperloops and the required size and environment the hyperloop system will operate in, the hyperloop system will open in 2041.
    • Mozambique Dip: King Alvarez Kasanje assures the Namibian populace that we are trying to quell this unrest, and we will help Namibians who want to return to Namibia.
  • 3rdfrenchempire French State: We ramp up railgun production, with ~45-50% of our soldiers having one each. Research begins on a more portable railgun, nicknamed Project Atlas. We also ramp up conscription once again, and now have 20,500,000 people in the military. We begin a new renewed push through Algeria with 3,000,000 soldiers [MR Needed]. 1,500,000 soldiers are also tossed into Mauritania, with hopes of capturing Noukachott [MR Needed]. And, once more, 750,000 soldiers are thrown into Libya-Tunisia. They help the Germans currently stationed there and whatnot. We also ask Germany to buy some of our railguns and reverse engineer them [German Response].
    • German Diplomacy: We take the railgun schematics and also thank France for its troops in Libya-Tunisia. We inform the French that we will continue to support them even after our pulling out of the war.
    • Canadian dip: We say yes to mexico's offer of using mexico city for peace talks, and hope that the U.S will say the same. We also pull out of the Pacific confederation and end the war. (we had talked about that earlier so no response seems needed)
    • Mod Response: Algeria is finally taken, however, rebellions become more frequent in Algeria, with protests not wanting to be under French rule again. Nouakchott is captured, but like Algeria, many protests and rebellions occur due to them not wanting to be under French ruling again.
  • Flag of BrazilBrazil:As per the instructions given by Mexico we invade The Peru Bolivian Empire with all our Soldiers.We sincerely apologize to Mexico and Ask for a new Military Alliance. Also after the war we propose a united Latin America under one flag.The Devastation caused by the war is far too great for one country alone. But if all of us stand together we'll get out of this war.We ask Mexico to support us in the unification of Latin America under 1 Flag.[Mexico response needed].
  • Flag of the United States United States of America: We tell Canada that despite the Pact of Steel's major military might, We have something that is even Greater, a larger nuclear arsenal than all of yours put together. We also launch our plan. Ottawa and Toronto are taken quickly due to close proximity to the border and due to that American nationalism has enlarged our army just like in World War II. We also invade the Pacific Confederation from the West and East, due to our Pacific Fleet in Guam and the Marianas. We begin an invasion of Micronesia to liberate it from Korean Control, and The Pacific Confed seems to have forgotten about the Military bases we have inside of you due to you being under Free Association with us, and you having not nullified the treaty. ADMIT IT. THE PACIFIC CONFED. CANNOT SURVIVE AGAINST ME
    • Mod Response: The invasion of the Pacific Confederation is somewhat successful, however, due to Canada's presence within the area, Washington and Oregon are turned into war-zones. Canada wins the fight, due to Canada having 4,000,000 troops within the location. The liberation of Micronesia is partially successful. Ottawa and Toronto are quickly taken, due to Canada not having a very large military within those cities in particular.
    • Canadian dip: We tell all major oil producing countries to not to ship to the U.S. [Mod and player responses needed] We stop shipping oil to the U.S and destroy the U.S bound pipelines. We begin a even wider reaching conscription, and start maximum production on war drones, which we send 10 million of, our whole stock, to the Ottawa-Toronto area to combat the US. [Mod response needed]
      • Mod Response: Several nations decide not to follow through with your proposals, as the US is a trading giant and do not want a blow to their economy. The US intercepts most of the drones, having more experience with them than any other nation, mainly using EMPs to take down drones.
      • Canadian dip: We tell the U.S that they have made a wrong move, and bring all our citizens inside our nuclear bunkers, and prepare our nukes for launch. We will only call them off if you stop the invasion of us and the Pacific Confederation. [Player response needed] We also ask the Pacific Confederation if we could airlift your citizens into our nuclear bunkers in case the U.S nukes you.
  • Japan: we begin building ginat torpedos to take down non Pact of Steel Warships we then hold an election [Mod response after poll] the nominies are Yugita Makhitaro and Haru Cahn Makhitaro is the Yang Party and Cahn is the Yin Party.
  • Nigeria: A coup occurs agaisnt the Fascist government. Free elections are held. Muhammed Buhari's son, Yusuf Buhari, has become president. Nigeria distances itself from both the Pact of Steel and the Allies, seeing them as both imperialist blocs. Rebuilding after the less than one year civil war begins. The anti corruption campaign begins, with many ministers being imprisoned for corruption. Industries like Oil and mining are mobilized to their fullest extent, meanwhile we jumpstart our solar energy program for the post oil age. Self sufficiency is encouraged, and a military factory will begin production. T72 Tanks are studied copied, and JF17 fighter are to begin production eventually. *SECRET: A Democratic Pan African state is being planned, and this involves the overthrow of some of Africa's most powerful dictators. (End Secret). Nigeria announces to the world its peaceful and anti imperialist stance. The peaceful nuclear program, made to sustain the country post oil age, begins.


Mod Event: The preparations for the 2039 Berlin Conference are fully underway, marking a new era of peace (or not). The world is keeping close watch on the North American region as Canada unleashes nuclear threats towards the United States. Revolution ignites in the streets of Algiers and Nouakchott as anti French rebels try to kick out French forces in Algeria and Mauritania. The Peru-Bolivian Empire begins to show signs of destabilization. The Neo Mongolian Khanate and Kazakhstan are in heated conflict as the Mongolian war machine has been reignited. Australia and New Zealand have a change of flags. The world is slowly looking towards alternative energy sources as reserves begin to slowly drain. Sea levels rise another 6 centimeters, sparking concern in meteorogical and earth science departments in institutions worldwide. The Omani Arab Communist Republic is established. Iran begins to show concern over the looming communistic threat next door.

  • Flag of GB Great Britain: Yemen finally becomes a constituent nation of Great Britain. The King, currently Working as an Absolute Monarchy, declares our split from the allies, seeing the war is over. Our top scientists have noticed the sea level rise has sharply quickened, and is going at an unimaginable rate. We prepare for the worst, and most of the Nuclear Weapons are transferred to a secret location in Yemen. With London flooding badly, along with the other major cities, we declare Ta'izz the capital of Great Britain. We begin building the Royal Palace, and moving all the top officials, including Astanas I. People are assured they do not have to evacuate, however many choose to flee to Yemen. We ask Alpine Confederation for a cooperation agreement and we would like to commence Scientific Work with them (Alpine Response Needed). WIP
    • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation Dip: We accept the proposal.
  • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation: We begin researching lunar mining technology, and develop a laser mining system, as well as a regolith purification system. We begin development of the EM Drive which will be launched to the Moon, carrying all the equipment. The MIP is 75% complete, and the highway connecting Debrecen and Oradea is finished. We continue the Life Project in Asia, and begin preparations for collecting samples in Europe. We have made major advancements in our quantum computing program, AQuatIC II, the descendant of the first AQuatIC. We begin working on a way to slow down global warming, and the snow on the Alps is receding alarmingly fast. We construct another fusion plant in Maribor.
    • Nigerian Dip: We request 500 Leopard II a8 tanks
      • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation Dip: We accept the trade deal and begin production.
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey: We want to be allies with Georgia and Azerbaijan [Mod Response Needed].We don't want war and we promise that we will cover your back in the war times.We expect the same from you.
    • ​Mod Response: Although wary at first, Georgia and Azerbaijan agree to be allies, furthering relations for the first time.
  • Flag of Iceland Iceland: We condemn the current treaty, claiming it is immoral and that the united states is accepting gemany's claim just to annex more land, and the American surprise invasion was uncalled for. A space mission is planned for 2043, aimed at scanning the surface of titan. We request of great Britain to give us the Aegir plans [PLAYER RESPONSE NEEDED]. (Btw im falconis, since pc is dieing, im playing as this one)
  • Flag of Nigeria.svg Nigeria: Rebuilding continues. Industries are used to their fullest extent, and corruption is clamped down on. Yusuf Buhari approval rating is at 69%. The Solar energy industry begins. Roads are cities are rebuilt. Our peaceful nuclear program begins. A factory is being built so that in three years Nigeria may be able to produce its own tanks and armored cars. There is also chatter of a aircraft industry and a space program. Yusuf Buhari makes it clear his intention for democracy and Pan Africanism. Pan Africa unity propaganda is spread all across the region and even outside, creating an ideology called Buharism. Scamming is made illegal. Nigeria vision 2060 commences, a vision to make Nigeria a great power. Nigeria is strictly neutral after the anti fascist coup. We request 500 Leopard II A8 Tanks from the Alpine confederation. A serious threat has arose. Seeing that the sea level has rose, we move our capital to Kano, away from the rising sea levels. Defense against the rising sea levels like walls around cities begin consturction. 
    • German Diplomacy: Hearing of Nigeria's inquiry to the Swiss, we inform them that our industries are overstocked with weapons as a result of WW3 and are willing to sell you those 500 Leopard 2 tanks. In addition we are willing to sell additional weapons.
    • Nigerian Dip: We quickly pay for these tanks.
  • 1232 United Korea: We set up a kingdom in the Philippines. We participate in the 2039 Berlin Conference. Civilians and parades flood the streets due to the possible end of World War III.
    • Flag of the korean namhae aka philippines by kyuzoaoi-d5jsgjj Kingdom of The Philippines: King Kim Jong-chul addresses the new Kingdom of The Philippines, "I promise to fix previous issues with the former Republic and too make the Philippines a more prosperous and powerful nation. I know some civilian groups did not want this to occur, however, change is needed for a country to develop and become a better place for civilians and foreigners alike". A new military campaign is launched, with the official troop count currently at 90,000. Development on infrastructure is increased. Eco-friendly factories are established on the islands of Mindanao and Luzon, while large farms are established on the island of Visayas, to improve self-sufficiency in the Philippines.
  • Flag of the German Empire German Empire: With the peace conference underway in our capital, the Emperor announces to the German people that long war will soon end. However, no demobilization order is given yet for the armed forces, just in case. Imperial Chancellor Beatrix von Storch announces her retirement now that it is virtually over, and Prince Karl Wilhelm of Baden is appointed Interim Chancellor by the Emperor until elections will be held next year. Currently all troops are holding their positions, with the exception of some that were sent into Russia and Ukraine. We deploy 50,000 troops into Ukraine to help the Ukrainian military, and begin invading Kiev Oblast, Zhytomyr Oblast, and Chernihiv Oblast. [Mod Response] The Imperial War Ministry annouces that the total casualties sustained by German troops over the last eight years are 1,774,392 killed and wounded out of the total 5,000,000 troops that were in the military at the beginning of the war. That leaves our current standing army at 3,225,608 men, with another 10,000,000 able-bodied men on alert to be called up if needed, since the war is still technically going and the Emperor and the War Cabinet have not given the demobilization order. We encourage German families to reproduce and have more kids with tax cuts for those that do, and we encourage Germanization of former independent countries. No matter how the peace negotiations go Germany intends to keep her rightful Lebensraum and so the acquired territories are further integrated into the Kaiserreich. All children in the new states are required to learn German, alongside their native language, which will eventually be phased out entirely. Meanwhile, plans are made for conscription after the war and citizens of these lands will also be subject to it. An extensive reform of the German Imperial Army will occur after the war. Infrastructure improvements are also made, especially in those territories where there were battles and extensive structural damage. The German Navy and Air Force, having taken significant losses, are being replenished with the construction of new aircraft and ships beginning. We begin building out first aircraft carrier as well, the Totenkopf, as well as new Berlin-class missile cruisers, the Magdeburg, Deutschland, Georg Friedrich der Grosse, and Hindenburg.
    • Mod Response: The forces are able to take Zhytomyr and siege Chernihiv, but no major gains have been made in Kiev yet.
  • Flag of the United StatesUnited States of America: After Germany decided to come to the Negotiating Table, bringing the rest there also, (Might i mind kicking and screaming [Canada]) Most American citizens rejoice as they see near victory. Due to Canadian forces continuing the war, directly defying the Armistice in place, we launch an assault on Seattle, pulling all forces from Canada, as there are no troops there for some reason, and also with more men in reserve, the 4 million troops are now going up against a much larger force of 5.6 million, and then we assault the city. [Mod Response Required on Battle] We also send small light divisions across the border into Canada in order to occupy key cities and WMD facilities. [Mod Response Required on Military Action]
    • Nigerian Dip: We request 500 Abram tanks, it doesnt matter if they are the older type. In return, we will give you 1.5 Billion USD, or 3 million dollars per tank.
      • USA: We give you them free of charge. We also ask if you would like to buy the plans to our new tank for 1.5 Billion USD
      • Nigerian Dip: Agreed.
    • Mod Response: The assault on Seattle is successful, with heavy casualties on both sides and extreme civilian losses. The forces entering Canada are able to occupy some territories but meet resistance from police and patriot groups.
  • Flag of Mexico-0 Mexico: Our pilots for our twenty MiG-29Ms have been trained (we wish to thank Namibia for the advisers they sent us). Two of the aircraft were stationed at Campo Militar No. 1, Mexico City, while the rest were stationed in Colombia. Our active military personnel has risen to 390,000, but it is not enough. Activation of the reserves is being considered. Since, the mods neglected to respond to my mod response request, we will just assume that the Peru-Bolivian towns, Flor de Agosto and Caballococha, were successfully captured and that we were able to get as far as Ibarra and Nueva Loja in the Ecuador campaign with little casualties. With Flor de Agosto and Caballococha under Mexican and Colombian hands, we initiate phase one of the invasion of the Peru-Bolivian Empire. Two platoons move to capture the small Peru-Bolivian town of Vidal. The rest of the force at Flor de Agosto move down the Putumayo River and reinforce the invasion force at Caballococha. With Venezuelan reinforcements, we move up the Amazon River to the Peru-Bolivian city of Iquitos. A joint Mexican, Colombian, and Venezuelan naval and aerial bombardment of Iquitos has been initiated. [Mod response needed: Is the bombardment successful] An aerial bombardment of the Amazon Rain Forest has been initiated with napalm bombs being dropped at areas where enemy troops are likely hiding at. While all of that is going on, with Venezuelan reinforcements, we move in to capture and liberate the Ecuadorian towns/cities of Ibarra and Nueva Loja. The Peru-Bolivian Empire is starting to show signs of depleted oil reserves, as fully functional vehicles (both military and civilian) are being found abandoned on the side and middle of roads with empty gas tanks (the military vehicles found are seized). [Mod response needed: are the towns/cities successfully liberated] [Secret] We propose to Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, and Colombia of a joint naval blockade and bombardment of the Peru-Bolivian Empire [End Secret] In other news, we politely decline the idea to Brazil of having one united Latin American nation, and reorganizing the Latin American Coalition. It is nothing personal, it is just that such an idea is unfeasible and would create a lack of political independence, and the Latin American Coalition is perfectly stable. We again offer to act as an intermediary between the United States and Canada, and we offer Mexico City as a place for peace talks (since Canada already accepted the offer last year, the United States only needs to respond). [Mod, Brazilian, Latin American Coalition, and United States responses needed]
    • Mod Response: With the Peru-Bolivian Empire entering decline, all assaults are successful and the Latin American Coalition begin mobilizing battleships and marine craft to catalyze the fall of the Peru-Bolivian Empire.
    • Mexican reply: With Ibarra and Nueva Loja liberated, humanitarian aid is brought to the impoverished citizens. We, with Colombia and Venezuela, continue to push deeper into Ecuador. Infantry river barges unload at Iquitos to initiate the capture of the city.
  • Canada: We tell the U.S that we still had troops fighting you because you were invading us. We promise to not take them across the border, and sadly, we withdraw troops from the Pacific Confederation. We unveil our secret project: an EMP shield. We start to equip CRF-02's with them. Our citizens are unsure about the future, with an increasingly imperialist U.S who will not stop even with generous peace offerings. We ask the U.S for an armistice. [Player response needed] We ask all the other nations for help if they say no. [Mod/Player response needed] In a televised speech by our president: "The U.S. had scoffed at imperialism years ago, and now here they are, committing one of the worst sins, in their minds. They invade a strictly neutral nation, that they had given independence. Even though we had invaded that same nation, we realised that what we were doing was wrong. The U.S will not stop when they take us. They want the world, and yet they say they are anti-imperialist. Even worse, a lot of canadians are half americans, and vice versa. We are pitting brothers against brothers, cousins against cousins, fathers against sons, and friends against friends. I hope that the U.S will see the horrid things they are doing and stop. That is all. Thank you, and good night."
    • Mod Response: The United Arab Communist Republics offer their services should the United States decline as they want to begin spreading communism by taking out the very symbol of capitalism.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: It has been reported that many members of the Verkhovna Rada have been killed by Communist and Separatists revolutionaries.
    • CommunistUkraineFlag Ukrainian Communists: We are very thrilled with the successful invasion and capture of the cities of Odesa, Kherson, Mykolayiv, Voznesens'k, Uman, and Nikopol; and begin spreading the invasion of the entire Odessa Oblast, Kherson Oblast, Mykolaiv Oblast, Cherkasy Oblast, and Dnipropetrovsk Oblast with 2.7 million supporters and soldiers, along with captured 3 fighter jets, 2 tanks, and 1 mobile artillery machines to use against them to capture the regions. [Secret] To begin making uprisings in the Armed Forces District, we hack into their civilian television networks and broadcast propaganda to rally more support and cause uprisings, along with smuggling almost 1.4 tons of weapons into the district to supply the communist rebels there (MOD RESPONSE NEEDED) [Secret]. We begin forming the basic forms of government since we seem to be the leading rebellion in order for control over the full country.
    • Ensign of the Ukrainian Ground Forces Ukrainian Armed Forces: We welcome the support of the German Empire and begin using this advantage against the Communists. We begin an invasion of the northern disputed territory of the supposed Zhytomyr Oblast to begin heading towards the former capital of Kiev [Mod Response NEEDED]. Since, if we reach the capital first and capture it, it would be a major advantage to us in the civil war. Unfortunately, we have had some reports of Communists uprisings and attempt to suppress them at once.
    • UkrainianSeparatistsFlag Ukrainian Separatists: We declare our independence as Novorossiya, and claim the entire Donbass region as our territory. We are currently not looking for a fight with the communists or the armed forces, and begin building up defenses along the border for defensive purposes only for the time being. So far Donetsk is our proclaimed capital.
    • Mod Response: The communists living in West Ukraine are outnumbered by the military and are crushed, although they manage to cause chaos and help damage supplies and organization. Some isolated groups continue resisting from the countryside, along with a few Romanian and Hungarian nationalists. The Ukrainian Armed Forces, with assistance from the advancing German East Army are able to retake Zhytomyr but are beaten back at Kiev by unexpected resistance.
  • Flag of Mozambique Mozambique: We divert 200,000 troops to the northern provinces to take care of the rebellions up in the northern provinces. The other 130,000 will be positioned in and around Maputo to protect it from invasion from the rebel forces and/or our Communist neighbors surrounding us {Mod Response Needed]. We enforce martial law across the entire country. With Namibia along with most other nations of Africa supporting a Mozambican constitutional monarchy, King Alvarez announces a 10-year plan to turn Mozambique into a constitutional monarchy, starting with forming a Parliament.
    • Mozambican Republicans: We are happy with Namibia's offer to install a constitutional monarchy, which means that the king is still a king, but stripped of powers. This basically still upholds the Republican ideal, and we begin using our recruits, currently at 69,000, to fight the other rebels and aid the king.
    • Mozambican Jihadists: We now number at 79,000, after recruiting a number of people, we use 65,000 of then to try and take the city of Nacala [Mod Response Needed], while the remaining 14,000 begin seizing, raiding and burning smaller towns and villages[Mod response Needed]. We proclaim the Caliphate of Al-Afriqia, with our leader, Muhammad Abu Bakr al-Afriqia as Caliph. This is followed by forcing the entire populace of Nampula to convert to Islam or die, this leads to about 16,000 killed. We begin staging suicide bomb attacks in the major cities of Mozambique, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe and South Africa [Mod Response Needed on the Success of Said Attacks]
    • Mozambican Communists: Our numbers have increased dramatically, now numbering 90,000, and we attempt to seize small towns and villages in the area surrounding Tete [Mod Response Needed]. We proclaim the People's Republic of Mozambique, and demolish many buildings in the center of the city of Tete to build an area, modelled on Tiananmen Square in Beijing.
    • Mozambican Fascists: We attempt to seize the Zambezi Delta [Mod Response Needed], and we recruit more troops, so we now number 87,000. We begin heavy militarization.
    • Mod Response: Nacala is successfully captured by the Jihadists, with he burning, raiding, and seizing of villages very successful. Suicide attacks in Mozambique, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe and South Africa cause minor panic and disarray, with government officials confused. Tete is seized by the Mozambican Communists. The Zambezi Delta is met with small resistance, however, the Fascists are able to capture it.
  • Flag of Romania Romania: We send more 1,000 troops to Iaşi, and heavily defend it. Demonstrations are occured in streets of Bucharest, with demonstrants state that Romania should take back its former territory from Ukraine. Seeing sea level rises up, we start to reclamate sea across Constanţa County (We don't care about Tulcea --which is very affected with this-- because they are under Ukrainian control). Dam of Danube river is built to in Romanian-Ukrainian border. Dams will be used to control flood, alongside from irrigation and water supply. Numbers of immigrants from Ukraine keep increasing, with total of 880,000 immigrants (50% of them are former Romanian citizens or Romanian diaspora; 35% of them are Moldovans). In case of this, we start to build residences, mainly in Cluj-Napoca and Craiova. But, most of immigrants choose to reside with their families, who are still reside in Romania and are our citizens. We grant (back) Romanian citizenship to immigrants who wants it. We continue build economy, by increasing productions of agriculture and mining. We start to use back Constanţa port as port for trading, as war is over. Construction of A19 motorway in Cluj-Napoca is completed, and we will open the motorway next year. More maglev roads are being built in Timişoara (P5), Craiova (P7), and Iaşi (P6). Dragăn continues to sell Maglev vehicles. 650 Maglev vehicles are sold. More types of futuristic cars, like flying cars are planned to be produce by Dragăn. Romanian government also start set routes for flying cars, which is proposed to be used only for public use. Dragăn also starts to produce maglev bus. More railways are built, some of them are high-speed rail from Bucharest to Timişoara and Timişoara to Cluj-Napoca. We continue space program, with construction of main part of rocket is being completed, we believe that first Romanian man will reach moon for the first time in near future. Romanian Space Agency reports that a Romanian astronaut are sent to International Space Station. We schedule to launch our third satelite, named Colos next year. In military, we continue to strengthen our military, focusing on upgrade technology of military equipment. We recruit more 6,000 people.
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: We release our prisoners and return them to their home countries, we ask for a memorial in Lisbon every year for the Australian and Portuguese soldiers lost there[mod response needed] We begin construction of a new skyscraper called Benjamin tower and start our own space program. We ask to join NASA[mod response needed] we begin to work on new mining drills and ask Alpine confederation for the design of their mining laser and will pay 10 billion Australian dollars for it[player response needed] We institute new gun laws and open new trade routes
    • Mod Response: Portugal considers the option and agrees on the condition that Australia pays for the expenses. Your request to join NASA has to be approved by the United States.
      • USA Response: We decline, as this is a project only for the US.
    • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation Dip: We accept this trade and invite Australia into our joint space program with Romania. [Australian Response Needed]

Australian response: We accept

  • Flag of the United StatesUnited States of America (Turn Cont.): We reveal our new designs for Military vehicles, which are already under construction and we should see 600 ea. of these every year. We also have created Elements 119-124 using a particle collider. These elements are highly unstable, except, for element 124, which means that we might have hit the theorized Island of Stability. We have successfully purchased out land back from Canada along with the Maritimes for 3 Trillion dollars. (I have proof here:
    Screenshot 2017-03-25 at 11.33.02 AM

    proof of purchase

    • Flag of Alpine ConfederationAlpine Confederation Dip: We ask the United States for a joint program to discover heavier elements and to work on the military vehicles, as we have invented a supermaterial which would be ideal for a project like this. [United States Response Needed]
    • Iceland: We condemn American actions in the Pacific Confederation, and tell th pacific Confederation that they can evacuate their citizens here. (Mod response) we also ask England if we can hold a referendum to see if Farøe islands want to join us (player response).
    • Canadian dip: Seeing that the U.S is no longer our enemy, we ask them for a military alliance. We also start work on our spaceship launch station, CAF- Kelowna.
  • Flag of BrazilBrazil:We heed the advice of Mexico and Push further into Peru and Bolivia.[Mod response on battle].We would like to integrate Peru and Bolivia into Brazil while Freeing Paraguay and Ecuador which was Invaded by them.we ask Mexico's stance on this.[Mexico response needed].We say to Argentina that we don't want another war to erupt in South America so we ask for an Brazil-Argentinean Treaty of Friendship and A military Alliance.[Argentina response needed]. We are glad that the Peace Conference is going strong. We ask for a joint Scientific research with Romania,Alpine Confederation and Argentina.[Player response needed].We also plan on Expanding our Space Organization.
    • Argentinian Diplomacy: We accept Brazil's proposals and immediately begin to organize for the treaty and military alliance. We will also gladly accept a joint scientific research community for the betterment of both parties involved.
    • Mod Response: The push is successful in take most of the eastern parts of the empire, however, many powerful individuals have been moved into the mountains, while the Peru-Bolivian soldiers continue to fight.
    • Mexican Diplomacy: We are very supportive of liberating Paraguay and Ecuador, and restoring their governments. Our stance on what to do with the Peru-Bolivian Empire is to dissolve the nation and government, militarily occupy and rule it until it stabilizes, restore Peru and Bolivia as independent nations, and establish pacifist governments in those two nations. We are against the idea of annexing them. However, we as Mexico are willing to make compromises.
  • Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia: The government seeks to strengthen ties with Iran under the guise of economic cooperation. [Secret] Namibia advises Iran to get an alliance or mutual defense pact with Israel, saying that Israel isn't Communist and is fairly powerful compared to its neighbors. Iran could also seek British help. Namibia tells Iran our intentions are genuine as we are surrounded by Communist countries. [End Secret] [Mod Response Needed]. The government launches a space program and encourages people to set up private companies. The government asks Mozambique to allow Namibian troops in to help suppress the other rebels. [Secret] The Namibian ambassador advise the Royalists and Republicans to try to get the Jihadists, Communists, and Facists to fight each other. [End Secret]. The armed forces and private companies offer to sell arms to Nigeria. [Player Response Needed]. The Alpine Ambassador approached the Alpine Confederation with a request for Namibian companies to help supply materials for the lunar mining program, as well as joint cooperation between the two countries' space programs. [Player Response Needed].
    • Mod Response: Iran denies an alliance with Israel.
    • Nigeria: We agree to purchase some arms.
  • US Update: We ask Texas, California, Louisiana, and Florida to re-join the union peacefully. [Mod Response Required]
    • Mod Response: California and Texas decide to remain seceded, while Louisiana and Florida will cede back to the US.

Mod Event: The Berlin Conference continues. A ceasefire is created between Angola, Zambia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, ending the final conflict in Africa that was a part of World War III. The Chinese civil war ends, with the provinces of Xinjiang and Tibet seceding from the Republic of China and becoming independent nations. The Russian civil war has slowed down for the moment, but small uprisings and protests occur, with many wanting to secede a state from Russia. Peru-Bolivian Empire continues to destabilize due to Brazil's aggression, with many waiting for it's expected collapse. Greenland continues it's nuclear program, but un-mobilize their nuclear stockpile for the time being. Sea level risings slow down, and with many scientists believing that the sea level rising was scientific proof of global warming, however, many religious people believe that the sea level rising is the coming of "Judgement day". Maratha Empire begins to show signs of turmoil, as uprisings begin to occur in their occupied territories, specifically in Pakistan and Myanmar.

  • 1232 United Korea: We continue to participate in the Berlin Conference. The Kingdom of Papua New Guinea is almost near finished being set up, and we begin the process of creating the Kingdom of Hawaii, of which we will jointly share with the United States.
    • Flag of the korean namhae aka philippines by kyuzoaoi-d5jsgjj Kingdom of The Philippines: We continue our plan of self-sufficiency. King Kim Jong-chul begins to pass various laws that will remove former laws from the [former] Republic of The Philippines and making them more comfortable for the current Kingdom civilians. The factories are finished being set up, and being mass production of house-hold goods as well as modern weaponry. Using the data that United Korea received from the Alpine Confederation about Quantum computer development, we begin investing in the technology to create a Quantum computer as to further develop our nation and to use them for space-related missions. The first Quantum computer in the Philippines is scheduled to be finished in 2044.
  • Nihon Shogunate Rebels: we recruit members, and our current amount of members is 140,560. We attempt to seize the area listed on the map. [mod response needed]
    2017-03-26 23.01.12
    • Mod Response: Although seized in the beginning, the Japanese forces attack and defeat most of the rebels. Many are placed within large prisons.
  • New Zealand: We decide to use the time after the war to attempt to become a world power. We start major infrastructure projects all over the country, including a large bridge to connect the north and South islands. We request to enter a space program, preferably the Alpine confederation - Romanian - Australian one. Our current prime minister Jacinda Arden announces that the next election will take place in 2043.
  • 3rdfrenchempire French State: We begin pursuing nuclear armament, erecting some uranium mines in our newly found African colonies. Our manpower is still rising, now at 23,000,000 people, but all drafts will end when we hit 25,000,000 soldiers. Despite that, everyone in the military at the time will be forced to stay for at least five more years once the draft ends. We also drop a good ol' 800,000 soldiers into Madagascar, which came from Mayotte and Réunion. We attempt to constrict the Malagasies by taking their coast and begin the fight for air superiority. Considering how weak Madagascar is, and how strong we are, it should be easy. [Mod Response]. French soldiers are also on the look out for the Malagasy president, who may try to escape by areas that aren't as patrolled as others.
    • Mod Response: Madagascar is taken, however, small protests begin to surface in Madagascar. The Malagasy President is found getting on a boat, and is apprehended by French soldiers.
      • French Response: Once the Malagasy president was apprehended and sent into prison, he was executed soon after and a video of this execution is put on billboards that were newly built by French workers all across the island, along with a message after it - 'From France, with love.'
  • Canada: CAF-Kelowna is finished, and we launch an ion-propulsion rocket to the moon, planting our flag. Citizen morale is very high, and our 3 valkyries that we had started production have finished, but with modifications that allow them to make drones and deploy them. We begin a massive project, the leveling of the rockies. We also send a rocket to the asteroid belt, equipped with 20 drones modified with mining lasers. We claim a small section of the asteroid belt, and begin work on a small space station there. A new president is elected, the son of the previous president. After the election, economists predict the economy will rise by about 7% per year. We also begin ferrying materials to the moon, to start construction of a space base there.
    • Mod Response: Implausible | You have three more chances to be plausible, or you will lose your country. 

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